I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 4 Part 6

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Part 6


Yuuya and the others were struggling in the vast universe far away from the peaceful time of the Earth, but someone’s voice was suddenly directed at them.

The weight of the voice almost crushed not only me but also Iris-san and Master Usagi just by hearing the voice.

“W-what the heck… is this…!”

If I hadn’t used magic to create a foothold, I would have been knocked off to the edge of the universe… That’s the kind of pressure I felt.

This feeling is very similar to the time when I faced Avis, who became the ultimate perfection of Evil. But the big difference is that the Dragonias have the technology to neutralize Ciel’s attack, which overwhelmed Avis.

In other words, we can’t expect Ciel and the others to defeat him as they did with Avis.

I managed to resist the pressure and looked up to see the Dragoon, the mother ship of the Dragonias, pointing its hull in our direction.

And at the front of the ship, there was a figure of a Dragonia alien.

That Dragonia alien was different from all the other Dragonias we had fought, with magnificent horns and royal-looking clothes.

He looked down at us coldly and continued to speak.

(You… who permitted you to look at me? Kneel down!)


Another pressure was exerted on us.

The pressure was like gravity multiplied by hundreds of times, and such a force continued to be applied from above our heads.

In order to withstand the pressure, I thrust my spear into the foothold I had created with magic.

Then the Dragonia alien in front of us suddenly appeared and smiled with interest.

(Oh? You can withstand the pressure of my words… fine. For your small resistance, you will have the honor of hearing my noble name.)

The Draconia alien said with an attitude of utter arrogance, addressing us, Merl-san’s spaceship, and the planet Amel.

(I am Draco III. I am here to tell you, impudent people… that you may die now.)

“Kuh? [Heavenly Saint Slash]…!”

I had a bad premonition and immediately unleashed the [Heavenly Saint Slash] with all my might.

And the next moment, the Dragoon unleashed a blast at us that was more massive than any bombardment I’ve ever seen!

When my full power strike collided with that blast, it looked like a tense fight for a while, but it couldn’t be completely canceled out, and the huge blast scattered all around.




The impact was so great that even Merl-san’s spaceship, which was far away, had to endure it desperately to avoid being blown away.

In contrast, those of us who received the impact up close were badly damaged.

Me, in particular, had already lost all strength in my body due to the fact that I had exerted all my power to stop the attack.

At such a sight, Draco III once again raised his voice with interest.

(Oh? You blocked a blow from my Dragoon?)

“Kuhah! Hah! Hah!”


Iris-san hurriedly called out to me, but I did not have enough time to respond to her.

I had done everything in my power to intercept the attack, and I had no confidence in my ability to defend myself if the same attack was unleashed again.

Even the [Violent Eating Cleaner], which had sucked up Drade’s attack last time, would not be able to absorb this attack. I was certain because it was that powerful.

I tried to catch my breath before Draco III made his next move, but he continued to ridicule me.

(I could give you the same attack again… but if I give you more despair, you’ll give up on living, won’t you?)


It’s not just the main cannon on the front of the dragon-shaped Dragoon, but the other cannons as well, and the gathered energy was on the same scale as the one that was just released.

This was despair itself.

Even if I could have prevented the first blow, I could not prevent the second.

On top of that, several attacks of the same scale as the previous one were coming at us at the same time, and it was nothing but a nightmare.

Not only me but also Iris-san and Master Usagi could not help but be stunned by the situation.

(It was a bit of amusement, wasn’t it, all of you? Well then… farewell.)

At the same time as Draco III’s words, a volley of cannon was fired simultaneously.

It was at that moment that I realized that there was no way to avoid or prevent it and that… we were going to be wiped out.


The bracelet on my arm began to emit a dazzling light!

A particularly dazzling light enveloped the area, and I closed my eyes.

I closed my eyes and felt the light subside, but when I opened my eyes nervously, I was appalled by the sight before me.

“Wh… wha…!?”

“Contractor in danger ── activation complete. Decisive golem activated.”

A silvery-white giant was standing there.

It had a sophisticated form like that of a knight, with a sword and a shield in its hands, and the shield was sticking out as if to protect us from the bombardment fired by the Dragoon.

Draco III’s eyes widened at the sudden appearance of the mysterious giant.

(No way… A great giant? Where did you get that?)

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what Draco III was talking about, and I didn’t know what this giant was either.

However, this giant was probably Sage-san’s legacy that I inherited from that temple-like place.

Could it be that the exciting concept that Sage-san mentioned that he learned about on Earth was the… giant robot──!?

Iris-san and the others were looking up at the giant as stunned as I was. Eventually they came to their senses and turned their gaze to me.

“W-wait a minute, Yuuya-kun! Does that belong to you, Yuuya-kun?”

“L-looks like it…”

“Looks like it, you say… Where did you get it?”

“Err… it seems like this is Sage-san’s legacy from the temple we stopped at before coming here.”

“No way!”

(…Iris. I know you can’t believe it, but it’s Yuuya we’re talking about. Just give up.)

“What do you mean by that?”

I completely didn’t expect it either!

Indeed, when I opened the door in that temple, I saw a vision of something like a giant falling down on me, but… all that was left in my hand was the bracelet, and I thought it was just my imagination after all.

I never thought that it would appear in this way…

In addition, it perfectly blocked all of the bombardment from the Dragoon.

As I was once again staring at the knight that had appeared in front of me, the knight turned its head towards me as it did so.

“Contractor confirmed. Permission to board granted. Do you wish to board?”

“Eh? I can get in?”

“Affirmative. I’ve just activated the automatic defense system, but I am basically controlled by the contractor.”

“I-I see.”

It looks very cool, but… apparently, it’s something like that famous giant robot that’s so famous that I know it too. S-Sage-san, what are you doing exactly? You’re not going to say that when you came to Earth, you saw those works and just built them for fun, are you?

“But, by the way, I’m a golem that was created as a result of Zenovis, the creator, being exposed to Earth’s subculture. He claimed that I am not a golem, but a robot.”

“It really is!”

I knew that when Sage-san came to Earth, he must have been inspired by the robot-related works he came in contact with there to create this golem.

What are you really doing? Sage-san…

“More importantly, what do you want to do? Would you like to board?”


I suddenly looked at Iris-san and the others, who seemed appalled and watched our exchange, but they nodded vigorously when they noticed my gaze.

“Go ahead, Yuuya-kun! If you don’t use the power of this golem, we won’t be able to get through this tough situation anyway!”

(To be honest, I’m still confused, but… that shouldn’t stop you from getting on… although I really can’t stop being confused…)

“Isn’t it already too late for you? It’s Yuuya-kun, after all. And look at that material. Isn’t that Orichalcum no matter how you look at it? It has the highest physical resistance and magic resistance.”

(Orichalcum? That super rare material?)

“Yeah. It’s like it’s made entirely out of Orichalcum, which makes the word rare seem ridiculous.”

…I’m going to ride this giant knight for now because I’m afraid that I will get even more confused with the additional information if I listen to any more of it.

“Contractor intention confirmed. Transfer.”


Suddenly, a magic circle appeared at my feet, and the next moment I was standing in a strange space.

There were no pilot seats or machines lined up like in a robot animation, but purely wide open space.

However, in front of me was a reflection of the scenery outside, and I could see Draco III, who was more stunned to see this knight than me…

As he looked around, Draco III, who had come to his senses, raised his voice.

(Kukuku… kuhahahaha! After all, I am the one who deserves to be the ruler of the world! I never thought I’d see the legendary great giant here! I will defeat him and make the great giant mine!)

Just as he announced that he would take this knight, the energy began to gather in the Dragoon’s cannons again!

“T-this is bad! What should I do?”

“Please remain calm. You can control this by actually moving your body.”

For the time being, I followed the knight’s words and moved my arms, and the giant moved in sync with me!

As I was impressed by this, a voice called out to me.

“It’s fine that you’re impressed, but are you sure you don’t want to block his attacks?”

“T-that’s right! Um… like this?”

The moment I finished confirming how to move, the Dragoon unleashed an energy cannon!

(You shall bow down to the majesty of my Dragoon! Hahahahahaha!)

As Draco III’s sneer echoed through the air, I swung my sword with the same feeling I always have when I’m wielding the [Omni-Sword].



The knight’s sword easily sliced through the barrage from the Dragoon.

As I was surprised by this, the knight called out to me.

“I am powered by the magic of my contractor. So, taking into account the current amount of magic power of the contractor, the next three minutes should be the limit of activity.”

“Is that so?”

I thought it was some kind of robot, but the activity time is special effects?

But should I think that being able to move such a huge knight for three minutes with only my magic power is amazing? If I think about it normally, my magic power should be depleted in an instant.

Thinking about this, I believed the knight’s words and decided to defeat the Dragoon in front of me before it reached its three-minute activity limit.

Then, Draco III hurriedly gave the order.

(S-shoot! Just keep up the bombardment! Don’t let it get any closer!)

As if in response to Draco III’s words, not only the Dragoon but all the other Dragonia spaceships pointed their cannons in my direction and began to accumulate energy!

But even in the face of this scene, I was not panicked.



Despite being so huge, this knight could move as agilely as I could.

In addition, it seems that if I use the [Holy King’s Authority] or [Holy Evil Creation] together, their effects will be reflected in the knight’s attacks.

As a result, this knight could move around the universe at a ridiculous speed.

The other Dragonia spaceships attacked me one after another as if they were forming a shield, but I didn’t stop.

[Unparalleled War Dance]!”

Even the techniques of the Sword Saint were reflected in the movements of the giant knight, and all the spaceships that approached were cut down.

And finally, I reach the Dragoon.

(Nonsense… Is this the power of the great giant? Why is this power not mine? I-it should be for… meeeeeeee!)

The attack with the largest amount of energy here was unleashed from the front of the Dragoon.

In the face of the mighty attack, I calmly held my sword at the top.

And then──

“──[Heavenly Saint Slash]!”

As I swung down the strike with all my might, the bombardment from the Dragoon was slashed apart, and a sword flash of fierce power approached the Dragoon itself.

(S-stop… This me… losing in a place like thiiiiiissssss!)

Immediately afterward, a huge explosion occurred.

I immediately set up the shield to protect Iris-san and Merl-san’s spaceship and prevent the shockwave from the explosion.

“…Did we win…?”

When the explosions subsided, and I looked beyond my shield, I saw that the Dragonia spaceship fleet had vanished without a trace.


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