Shinwa Densetsu No Eiyuu No Isekaitan – Vol 7 Chapter 4 Part 9

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Part 9


“Chief of Staff Aura! The enemy’s momentum is unstoppable!”

In the main camp of the Grantz Empire, the staff members were shouting out a cry that was similar to a scream. Whenever a report arrived from the messenger of each unit, the staff members lose color from their expressions.

“…..I know.”

Aura, who had been watching the battlefield, dismounted and stared at the miniature map of the battlefield spread out on the desk. Moving her eyes busily, she moved the pieces around and sorted out the current situation in her mind.

The large hole that had been opened in the central army of the Grantz could not be filled.

Liz seemed to have done her best to reduce their numbers and was unable to reduce the enemy’s momentum. However, since the main army of the Six Kingdoms had not been able to break through the second line, the problem at hand would be the protruding enemy forces.

“There is still a reserve army waiting in the rear.”

“Rather than moving the reserves, shouldn’t we move the main camp further back?”

“Well, the more cards we have, the better. The war may not be over today, and we should save our reserves for later.”

Aura nodded to the staff members who were voicing their opinions.

“What is the status of the armies?”

Aura ignored the previous opinions and tilted her head.

“O-on the contrary… we must first deal with the crisis approaching the main camp…”

“What’s the status of the war?”

With her unmistakable gaze, Aura asked again, and the staff members gasped. When the staff members did not respond, Aura’s shoulders slumped, and she pointed to one of them.

“What’s the war situation?”

“…The Grantz right army is in control, and the Grantz left army has entered a state of battle.”

It’s not the most up-to-date information, so the situation will probably be different now, but it shouldn’t be that different. The two wings of the Six Kingdoms originally existed in order to make them lose their walls.

In other words ― a decoy.

It’s a prerequisite to winning, but if it’s difficult, they’ve taken on the mission of prolonging the battle.

“As I suspected, the opponent was trying to break through the center.”

Aura’s prediction was not wrong, as the right and left armies of the Grantz are separated from the central army, and the main army of the Six Kingdoms has been biting the central army.

Above all, Aura knew that the other side would not use encirclement and annihilation tactics.

The enemy also knew that the Grantz would rely on their superiority in numbers to use encirclement and annihilation tactics.

That is why they made such blatant advances. They reduced the number of the Grantz central army and made the walls thicker.

In preparation for other cases where the enemy would be wary, they would reverse the deep psychology and set up a reverse encirclement to induce the enemy to break through the center.

They were given the opportunity so that they would not hesitate so that they would not feel uncomfortable in their thinking.

This is how the current situation came to be.

So far, things were going according to plan, although there were some unplanned events.

It was time to make the next move.

“Activate the next move.”

This move was not really necessary, as the situation was such that they could win if they proceeded straightforwardly.

The Grantz Empire is ahead of the Six Kingdoms in terms of military strength.

In the current situation, winning is the natural outcome, so that would not be a spectacular war result for Liz.

The real test for this battle is to leave behind a result that will surprise the surrounding countries.

“We will end this battle with the least amount of damage.”

Aura took out a piece of “letter paper” from her cuff.


NyX Translation


This was the last letter that Hiro had left in the saddle of the swift dragon. She didn’t realize it was addressed to Liz and regretted reading the contents.

However, as she continued to read it, she was relieved that it had not fallen into Liz’s hands.

It was a letter that listed Hiro’s origins and the many plans he had left behind. She stopped reading the part about his origins halfway through and cut it out for safekeeping.

She concluded that Liz’s mental state would not be able to take it in.

In fact, that decision was not wrong.

When Aura showed Liz the part of the letter that contained the plan, she was terribly upset and was afraid to read it. So Aura decided to keep the clipped part until the time came, although she did not know when that would be.

And then…

(I won’t let Hiro’s plan go to waste.)

That was what she and Liz had decided. They would make good use of what he had left them.

“Flag Bearer.”

The staff members tightened their faces when they saw the coat of arms flag raised at Aura’s signal.

The staff, who had been in such a hurry, became as fearless as the warriors of the past. It was as if a person had changed.

No ― now that they have seen the flag, they have to change.

It was a flag that would never be raised again.

The silver and white sword floating in the jet-black darkness, the dragon roaring in the sky.

It was the “divine flag” of the man who was once feared as the “God of War.”

A horn was blown so loudly that it filled the entire battlefield. Even as the oxygen in his lungs was being expelled, a heroic tone was played that never faded.

“Everyone, listen up.”

Aura’s words caused the staff to stand still.

“We’re going to make our move.”

This is a critical moment, and they will do everything in their power to seize victory.

“First, we must destroy the enemy forces approaching the main camp.”

“It’s too dangerous to leave them on the loose any longer.”


In fact, the situation is not so dire as to be a crisis.

The enemy troops are indeed trying to penetrate the second line at a terrifying speed, but the third line is waiting ahead of them. Certainly, considering the momentum, they might reach the main camp, but from Aura’s point of view, it was only a minor problem that she could deal with.

It was unplanned, but it was not unexpected.

“So, should we move the reserves?”

“No, it will be Her Majesty Queen Claudia.”

“Are you sure you only want the Levering Kingdom Army?”

The staff may want to ask whether they can stop the enemy troops.

Even Liz could not stop them. She could understand their anxiety, but on the other hand, the fact that Liz had missed them meant that the strong were still with her.

If that’s the case, it would be more reliable to leave it to the Levering Kingdom army, which has a lot of actual battle experience against the Six Kingdoms, even though they are tired from repeated battles.

There were other political implications as well.

The Levering Kingdom’s army has contributed a great deal to this war. If they were left to rot in the rear, the surrounding countries might criticize the Grantz Empire for being too narrow-minded to let the Levering Kingdom take the credit.

It’s a big debt to owe ostensibly, but it’s also a big debt to the Levering Kingdom, which is despised as a vassal state for its diplomacy.

“Signal the Levering Kingdom army.”

Aura pulls out the spirit weapon on her hip and points its tip at the flag bearer. She watched as the flag of the Levering Kingdom was raised, and then Aura sent instructions to the staff.

“Next, notify all units; this is the critical moment, do not leave your position. Stop the enemy’s advance with all your might.”


The staff began to rush around.

One by one, messages were sent out to each unit.


Aura looked around the noisy main camp when she suddenly turned on her heel and looked behind her.

The flag of the Levering Kingdom army was fluttering as if to show Aura a reply.

This country is ruled by a “demon race” that once ruled the central continent but was driven to the northern edge. They live in a land of extreme cold, and some even call them criminals locked up in prison.

When Aura saw Her Majesty Queen Claudia, she was amazed that there could be such a beautiful woman. And despite her appearance, Aura was impressed by her innocence that did not hide her inner cunning that she showed at the military council and when she caught a glimpse of the fervor of ambition that lurked there.

“Aura-sama! Smoke is billowing from behind the main camp of the Six Kingdoms!”

When Aura recognized the figure of the staff member who was informing her of the unusual situation on the battlefield, she cut off her thoughts and looked up at the sky far to the west.

Black smoke rises into the sky and shakes violently as if to convey its will.

Aura shuddered. She covered her mouth with her long sleeves and opened her eyes. She knew she would never be able to see them again.

She had also given up the idea that she would ever be able to see their bravery with her own eyes.

“…..Thank goodness.”

In the Felzen region, the survival of the “Imperial Black Knights” was confirmed. This is something that was written in Hiro’s letter.

There is a man named Rach de Fairtra in the Felzen region.

He was the captain of the guard when the Felzen royal family was still alive and well, and he was the second-in-command of the liberation army led by Skaaha. It was the day before yesterday that the Imperial Black Knights were reported to have crossed the Felzen region, although the number is unknown due to his guidance ― an event that could be called good news in the midst of a series of bad news.

However, it is also true that it was difficult to handle.

The historical defeat in the Felzen region, the great blunder of the capture of the third prince Blutar by the enemy, and the fact that they survived without dying could be seen as a disgrace in the military state of the Grantz Empire. This is the reason why the “Imperial Black Knights” have been hiding underground with the help of Rach, hoping to find a place to die.

However, Hiro had written a letter explaining the importance of them.

They are looking for an opportunity for revenge, and they have never escaped.

Please give them that opportunity, it was Hiro’s wish.

(Many possibilities… options were left by Hiro.)

When Aura learned of Hiro’s thoughts and felt the bliss and excitement in her heart, she felt fear coiling deep within her.

She wondered how far he had been looking, and when Aura realized Hiro’s military strategy of reading the future, she felt fear bordering on awe.

If this situation had been created by him, it was truly an act of God. He has completely overstepped his bounds as a human being.

(But… I’ll definitely go beyond.)

Since she was given the name “War Maiden,” she was not allowed to give up or break.

She wanted to look at the scenery he was looking at.

The twin black hero-king dreamed of an unprecedented feat; what did he want to accomplish beyond that?

(Surely there is the truth there.)

She raised her spirit weapon with just that thought in her mind.

“The time has come for all reserve forces to be notified, now divert the battlefield and crush the main army of the Six Kingdoms.”

Slowly, she lowered her arm and pointed her cutting edge at the black smoke flowing far to the west.

“All troops are notified. Victory is at hand, but do not underestimate it. Give it your all.”

The staff members saw the shadow of a young man in the girl’s brave command. Their eyes burned as they gazed up at the sky, a simmering desire deeply rooted in the tranquility.

As if ashamed of their panic, they wiped the corners of their eyes, which were blotted with tears.

“O Spirit King, Great Father, praise our king’s greatness.”

One by one, the staff members fell to one knee and hung their heads.

“Our king’s justice pierces the blue heavens, our king’s majesty pierces the earth, our king’s trajectory splits the ocean, and his mighty deeds illuminate the three thousand worlds.”

While the world was shaking with noise, only here, as if time had stopped, an isolated silence began to flow.

Seeing the staff members bowing their heads, Aura put her hand on her chest and as she uttered the last words.

“Give honorable combat to the God of War.”

“As you wish.”

Equally, quietly, wildly, and with a firm fighting spirit, the staff members stood up.


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