Shinwa Densetsu No Eiyuu No Isekaitan – Vol 8 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Mixed Feelings

Part 1


May 24th, 1026th year of the imperial calendar.

A time when the sparks of war continued to smolder in various parts of the world.

No one could afford to be a stranger anymore. But that did not mean that ordinary people had the power to solve the problem. People continued to wait, tormented by the devil’s conception, to see when the flames would spread across the central continent. There was nothing else they could do but spend their days in a state of fear and anxiety, worrying about tomorrow.

Perhaps because of this, the number of pilgrims visiting the small country of Baum exploded over the past two years.

Those who wished for the safety of their sons and husbands who had gone to war, those worried about the future that was shrouded in darkness, and even the chief ministers of neighboring countries came to visit the “Spirit King’s Temple” with large amounts of gold coins in their hands, seeking spirit talismans in preparation for the days to come.

Although the small country of Baum was overflowing with such people, there was only one town in the country.

It was a medium-sized city called Natoa, spread out in a gentle basin. In the center of the city, filled with pilgrims, a white box-shaped temple radiates majesty.

A room in the temple radiates a divine radiance.

A gentle breeze blew into the room through the open window. A glance at a nearby bookshelf revealed only old, yellowed books. Still, there was no dust on the shelves, as if they had been well cleaned.

This was the room that Hiro used when he stopped by the small country of Baum when he was re-summoned, and it was also the place that he used as his room a thousand years ago. The interior was the same as it was then. Two flags were hung by the window, as they had been for a thousand years.

One was a white flag with a scale-balance on it. The other was a black flag with a dragon holding a silver and white sword.


A voice leaked from an old office desk ― a place occupied by a pile of books.

(According to Claudia… the second prince’s power has weakened, and the northern nobility was in danger of falling apart, but I guess the attack of two years ago is still lingering.)

Two years ago, the center of the Great Grantz Empire ― the Imperial Palace Venetian was attacked by bandits.

It was said that Prime Minister Gils fell victim to a deadly blade, and the second prince was also seriously wounded.

Hiro heard that Prime Minister Gils’ funeral was held with great pomp and grandeur. The second prince did not attend the funeral and returned to his home base in the North to recuperate.

(Loss of authority due to loss of power… people fall in an instant.)

The loss of the two great leaders who wielded immense power in the North shattered the solidly-connected unity of the Northern nobility.

(The future of the North will be rough. It is easy for us, but for the Grantz, it is a problem they cannot overlook.)

Still, nothing could be done at the heart of the Great Grantz Empire. The reason was that while the Central and Western regions were exhausted by repeated wars, the North remained quiet, unruffled, and continued to build up its strength. In times of war, it was said that the number of troops that could be mobilized exceeds 200,000.

(Even though there is no unity, the power is still strong… and if you make a bad move, it will cause a large commotion, like poking a bee’s hive.)

Hiro stroked his chin in annoyance, then stood up and approached the bookshelf.

“As I recall…”

In everything, there must be a slow and steady pace. In history, war, politics, and even diplomacy, if you slack too much, you will be caught underfoot; too much haste and you will be caught off guard.

In other words, if the past situation in the North were loose, the current situation in the North would be sudden.

(If this is the case, what will come to the North after this is a surprising calmness ― a slackening of the situation. And then, the final one will be sudden.)

This was by no means a natural phenomenon. No one could have done such a big thing without someone or something having an agenda.

Hiro was convinced that this was the work of the “Black Death Village” in all probability.

(What they are aiming for is control of the North… or perhaps something beyond the collapse of the Great Grantz Empire.)

Hiro picked up a book.

It describes the events related to the “Spirit Wall,” a huge wall built in the northern part of Grantz.

(The Red-Haired Emperor… the “Black Death Village”… and then Liz’s mother.)

Hiro was about to continue reading the book when a strange sight appeared in his vision, and he stopped turning the pages. His eyes, which had been on the book, drifted to the side and focused on the bed.

A woman was sleeping, breathing peacefully.

The sunlight filling the room made her brown skin glisten with night sweats.

“I wonder if Hugin is not having trouble sleeping… with her equipment attached again.”

Because of her work, she wore her own equipment, which was specially modified with light equipment to allow her to move lightly and with agility. Because of this, there are many parts of her skin exposed. However, she exudes a healthy beauty, perhaps due to her muscularity without a hint of sex appeal.

Hugin, who was brimming with such charm, was a strong woman who came to serve Hiro after the civil war that broke out two years ago in the Principality of Lichtine filled with twists and turns.

She was currently extremely busy with her brother as a liaison with intelligence agents in various countries, but when she had a spare moment, she visited Hiro’s room and took rest.

“What are you doing here…?”

And it was not to the sleeping Hugin that Hiro called out.

It was to Luca, who was poking Hugin’s cheek with wholehearted devotion.

“…As I thought, she looks a lot like Eagle. The same is true for this defenseless, strong-willed cheek. Could it be that Hugin is the reincarnation of Eagle…?”

“…The ages do not match, though, do they?”

Hiro expresses his doubts, but Luca pinches Hugin’s cheek without blinking.

“Fufu, kufufufu, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle.”

Once Luca entered her own world, no voice could reach her. This was something Hiro had learned over the past two years. If she was disturbed, she would go crazy and come back to reap your life.

“…..Well, do it in moderation.”

Having given up trying to persuade her, Hiro decided to leave Luca alone and returned to his seat with a book in hand.

Then, as if by coincidence, the door to the room rang out with a heavy tone.

“I’m coming in.”

Without waiting for a reply, Ghada entered.

He was the superior officer of Hugin, who was sleeping on Hiro’s bed, and he was also one of those who joined Hiro’s camp after the civil war in the Principality of Lichtine. In his hand, which he silently held out to Hiro, was a letter.

“Who sent you this letter?”

When Hiro asked, Ghada just shrugged his shoulders and handed the letter to him.

He is a taciturn man by nature, but such a lack of response is unusual.

With a quizzical look on his face, Hiro decided to check the contents of the letter.

The sender is one of the spies who are conducting espionage activities in various countries and is undercover in the Principality of Lichtine.

“Oh, the Principality of Lichtine is gathering troops on the border with the Grantz Empire, huh?”

“The number is 30,000 ― it is a good number. I would say that most of them will be made up of slaves. I don’t know what they will do, though.”

Hiro’s brow wrinkles as Ghada emphasizes slaves.

He was once a man who led a rebellion in the Principality of Lichtine to free the slaves.

It was not surprising that he has feelings about the Principality of Lichtine, which has not abolished slavery… but it seems that rather than being concerned about the treatment of slaves, he abhors their behavior.

Hiro could have asked him why, but he was not the kind of man who puts his personal feelings first, so it would be better to wait until he speaks up on his own. Hiro decided to proceed with the main issue.

“What do you think they mean by making a move at this time of the year?”

“It must be because of the famine. It hasn’t rained in the Principality of Lichtine since the beginning of this year. Without water in their own country, they have no choice but to buy it from other countries or take it away.”

Water was the lifeline of a desert country. Buying water from other countries does not mean crops will grow. If the water source is cut off, the country will inevitably perish. It was said that looting was rampant in the oases scattered throughout the Principality of Lichtine.

“I see…”

Here, Hiro guessed the reason for the impatience on Ghada’s face.

If they didn’t have water, they could just take it – after all, the Principality of Lichtine was probably targeting the northern part of the country, which was handed over to the Great Grantz Empire two years ago. There was a village where a girl named Mirue lives, who was carried by Ghada as the figurehead of the emancipation army.

The village was located on the border between the Great Grantz Empire and the Principality of Lichtine, and if war broke out, it would surely be involved. Ghada must probably try to avoid that.

(To be honest… I don’t want to intervene in the affairs of Lichtine and Grantz right now.)

For two years, the Great Grantz Empire has been focusing its strength inward, not outward.

Rosa, who had taken the position of Prime Minister, first punished the noble lords who had committed injustice.

She took away some of their property, confiscated their territories, reverted their titles, and many of the nobles were unable to endure the harsh punishments and fell into poverty. Naturally, there was not a little opposition, but by punishing the tyrannical nobles, Rosa succeeded in gaining the support of the people, who were depressed by the repeated wars, and she pushed forward with reforms using forceful methods.

However, Hiro expected that this, too, will be the end of the road.

(It’s about time they had a chance to show their power inside and outside the country… If that was the Principality of Lichtine, there was no more affordable opponent. I’d dare to leave things alone here.)

If Grantz and Lichtine start a war, Mirue’s safety can no longer be guaranteed. It was also unknown what kind of action Ghada would take if she were in danger.

(Above all, I am also indebted to Mirue’s father in no small way…)

Although he wanted to save them, he felt it was appropriate to leave them alone, given the national situation.

“Excuse me. Is big brother Ghada here?”

A new visitor appeared in the room. He was a strong-looking man with scars all over his face. His muscular body shows no refinement or elegance but was rather rough. He was a young man with an air of a bandit or pirate that fit him well.

His name was Munin. He used to be the right-hand man of Ghada and a second-in-command in the Emancipation Army.

Incidentally, he was also the brother of Hugin, who was sleeping on the bed.

Ghada looked back over his shoulder with doubt plastered on his face.

“I didn’t hear you were coming back. Is something wrong?”

Munin was hiding in the Steichen Republic. He rounded up and returned to his post without reporting it to his superior ― Ghada, which might mean that some kind of problem had occurred.

“I thought about writing a report, but I thought it would be quicker to ask for instructions directly… since the matter was related to His Majesty’s government, after all.”

Munin looked as if he had something stuck in his back teeth, and then he looked at Luca and showed an air of concern. Munin reacted strangely, to which Hiro nodded nonchalantly. It didn’t matter if Luca heard it. She was not interested in Hiro’s personal affairs but only in his life.

“It doesn’t matter anyway. Can you tell me?”

“So, then… you may be aware that the Steichen Republic is divided into two warring factions.”

The Steichen Republic was ruled and administered by the Senate.

The two major forces in the Republic are the Nidavellir faction, which was led by the “Dwarves,” and the Jotunheim faction, which was led by the “Beastman.”

At the time of Hiro’s re-summoning, the supreme chairman of the Senate had died, and the Steichen Republic was in turmoil over the question of succession.

“It was said that the Jotunheim faction was likely to win, but I have heard that the Nidavellir faction is beginning to make a comeback here. I also hear that the surrounding countries are panicking because of this unexpected turn of events.”

Those who did not doubt the victory of the Jotunheim faction had not made any offer to the Nidavellir faction. This has not been a good thing for the Jotunheim faction, and the story goes that many panicked countries are now visiting the Nidavellir faction to curry favor with them.

“Well, the dualistic diplomacy of the neighboring countries is appalling, but there is a reason why the Nidavellir faction has apparently been able to regain power.”

“Besides the money and armaments that each country is providing?”

“That’s one reason, but there is a story that the leader of the Nidavellir faction, a man named Utgarde, is a descendant of the first emperor of the Great Grantz Empire.”

Hiro was a little surprised by Munin’s words but immediately shook his head.

“That’s not true. If it were true, there would have been rumors long before now. If that were the case, the Steichen Republic would have been his by now ― too weak to be a reason. I think it’s nothing more than a rumor with no roots.”

Although Hiro denies it, Munin looks at him as if something serious was going on.

“That’s the thing, isn’t it? I also confirmed that Utgarde, to prove that he is a descendant, is in possession of the necklace of the first emperor, which is a magnificent article decorated with lions in gold and silver. The first emperor’s seal was also engraved on it.”

Munin was not a man who would lie. Hiro knew this well. If he confirmed it, there was a good chance that the necklace was genuine.

“…The first emperor’s necklace, that would certainly prove that the necklace is of his blood. It’s not something that would be sold in other countries.”

Still, Hiro thought it was odd. With such a trump card in his possession, he was curious as to why he made it public only after he was cornered.

( Using the necklace to… lure. If so, I wonder if it’s Liz.)

If the other party’s purpose was to kill Hiro, he should claim to be a descendant of the “Second Emperor.”

(But when he lured Liz to the Steichen Republic…)

The purpose was not known. But there was no doubt that someone or something was behind the Nidavellir faction.

That said, pondering this here and now will not yield an answer. Hiro made up his mind as he adjusted the position of his mask.

“Munin, I will increase the number of spies in the Steichen Republic to about thirty… yes, about thirty.”

“…T-thirty people?”

“Yeah, it’s mostly for intelligence… and possibly different assignments.”

“I understand.”

From Munin, who bowed his head, Hiro shifted his gaze to Ghada.

“I want you to prepare three thousand horsemen. I also need to pass through Margrave Grinda’s territory, so could you get permission for me to do so?”

“Principality of Lichtine… No, you’re going to cross over and head for the Steichen Republic.”

“Yeah, if the Principality of Lichtine wants to block my progress, I will not tolerate it. If they try to interfere, I will kick out the Lichtine forces that are gathering along the border with the Grantz.”

Hiro smiled wryly, and Ghada gave a small laugh.

“I understand. I will get things ready right away.”

Seeing Ghada off to the outside of the room, Hiro stopped as he was about to open a book.

He noticed Munin, who was still in the room, approaching the bed.

“What is my sister doing in Your Majesty’s room?”

Munin tried to wake Hugin up, but somehow his body was blown away.

“Gahah, guh… fueeh?”

Crashing into the wall, Munin crawled on the floor, his eyes wide with a look of incomprehension. In front of Munin’s eyes, a woman was smiling with her mouth hanging open.

“You bandit scum, disturbing the sleep of sweet Eagle… Do you want me to kill you?”

“Eh…? Eagle, who? Luca-neesan, what do you mean ― hyii!”

Luca’s foot swung down with a force that shattered the floor, causing Munin to jump back from the spot with tears in his eyes.

“…You should not run away from me. I’ll scatter your bodily fluids all over the place.”

Luca laughed at him, and Hiro looked away from them and down at his book.

(No need to stop them. Munin wouldn’t die…)

Compared to the old Luca, who used to treat others as if they were pebbles, she had made some progress, and taking an interest in others was a good trend for the future.


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