Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 177

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Chapter 177 – Slimes Resting Place


The crossing of the Sorel Mountains by Grande was generally uneventful and carried out extremely quickly. On the way, we were almost attacked by a Wyvern that found an unfamiliar object flying in the sky, but when Grande threatened it while releasing her magic power, it fled, apparently scattering various objects. Wyverns… maybe it’s just my imagination, but I think Wyverns have a certain bite-dog smell to them.

The most common is that they are not a match for the average person, but when a person gets strong enough, they can kick them to the curb… They are conveniently presented as a moderately strong enemy… They are also good for loot and are treated as treats from the middle stage… Pitiful.

Well, let’s leave the unlucky Wyvern behind.

We landed in a forest near Merinesburg and headed for Lime and the others’ sleeping place on foot. In case you’re wondering, I had Grande put on a robe that covered her entire body.

It would be a big problem if a hunter or adventurer who had the misfortune to enter the forest saw Grande’s figure as it was. The other party. Because I would have to shut their mouths, it’s called “dead men tell no tales.”

“So this is where the Slimes sleep.”

Grande mutters as she looks at the cave that opens its mouth behind a large rock. Grande’s sensitive nose already detected the unpleasant smell, which may be why she is frowning somewhat.

“It’s only at the entrance. It only smells faintly at the Slimes sleeping place.”

“I can already smell it. I’ll be patient; it’s all right.”

Once we get to the section under the jurisdiction of Lime and others, there is almost no bad smell, but we have to pass through what looks like a normal sewer to get there, so it smells pretty bad.

We continue through the cave for a while and eventually enter the sewers.

“…It stinks.”

“Be patient.”

I proceeded down the sewer, pulling Grande’s free hand, who was teary-eyed, holding her nose with her strong hand. I had a torch in my other hand, so both hands were completely occupied, but there was no danger at all because the big rats and other things that came out ran away at full speed the moment they saw Grande. The instincts of monsters are not to be underestimated.

Then we crossed the sewer area and entered the territory of Lime and the others. The smell is much better now that we are here. Grande still looks uncomfortable, but she no longer seems to be in a constant teary-eyed state as she was before.

“Hmm, this is the territory of the Slimes… hmm?”

As if noticing something, Grande turned her gaze toward the back of the dark underground canal. It seems as if she is on the lookout for something…?


“Eh, what are you scared of?”

I think there is some kind of strange sound approaching from the back. No, when I say strange things happen in this place, there are only three causes. It must be one of those three.

I put my hand on Grande’s shoulder to hold her as she tries to move forward, and I step forward and hold up the torch. It would be less dangerous for me than for Grande. Whoever of the three of them comes, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle them.


“Ah, that’s…”




A thick, light blue slime rushed in, covering the underground canal. This shade was definitely Lime, but the volume and mass were not good. What if we were to be hit by it with such force?

“G-Grande! Run ― Whoaaa!?”


Pop! I was so taken in by the light blue Slime that came rushing in that I couldn’t see above or below. I felt like a load of laundry thrown into a washing machine. The irresistible and violent stream of water… Slime flow? I am at the mercy and unable to do anything about it. I mean, seriously, aren’t you doing laundry? I feel like my whole body is being licked and rubbed. I mean, it’s painful! You’re suffocating me!

“Let him go, you idiot! Kosuke is choking to death!”

“Aah, I’ll get him back!”

I was almost gone when Grande rescued me. Then, she chased away Lime, that was extending her tentacle-like body with her sharp claws and strong tail.

“I-I’m saved!”

“Are you sure it’s alright? This one.”

“Maybe… It’s been a long time, Lime.”

“Hey, Kosuke, long time no see? How are you?”

“I’m good, but Lime’s about to make me not good.”

“I’m sorry.”

Lime becomes small, shoulders slumped. No, wait. Just a moment ago, I think she had enough volume to cover the entire canal, and now she’s as big as Grande in an instant. Isn’t it actually incredibly high density, Lime?

“If you’re sorry, I won’t be mad at you anymore. Grande, please forgive her. Also, thanks for saving my life.”

“If Kosuke says so, that’s good. You should be sorry, Slime.”

“Ugh, I got it.”

Perhaps regretting her mistake, Lime nodded honestly at Grande’s words.




“I’m glad you’re here. You look good.”

“I’m sorry that Lime caused such a disturbance-nodesu.”

Grande and I rode Lime for a while. We had arrived at Lime’s sleeping place. The red Slime, Beth, and the green Slime, Poizo, were already waiting for us, and the familiar magic light was shining brightly in the room.

“It’s been a long time. How have you been?”

“Of course. We’re neither sick nor injured.”

“It’s more comfortable now that the saint no longer turns her hand to pour oil into the underground water supply and set it on fire, you know-nodesu?”

Beth, a slender red slime with sharp eyes and a winning look, smiles, and Poizo, a loose-fitting green slime with somewhat sleepy, jittery eyes, says something subtly violent. Come to think of it; she said something like that before. I’ve heard of being anointed with oil and set on fire, being shot with magic, and so on.

“That was quick… Lime, a little monopoly isn’t a good idea.”

“I am sure it is Kosuke’s decision. There was no one better suited to come over here anyway than Kosuke. But it was too soon. Lime, you’re not fair-nodesu.”

“Just a little more?”

Lime, who had picked us up and brought us to the room, was still serving as a chair for Grande and me. Before, it was just me, so it was as big as a thing that ruins people, but this time it was big enough for Grande to relax in. Big. Or rather, the whole Lime is huge. I’m using the lower half as a sofa or bed, but the upper half is the size of a giant. It’s bigger than Shumel. The thing against my back is also huge. This is a new sensation. Well, it’s a slime, so it doesn’t matter how big it is.

“It’s comfortable to sleep on…”

Grande is about to be sunk by the Lime Sofa as soon as possible. Even the grand dragon is captivated by… Lime, what a terrifying girl.

“I don’t need to tell you how I got over here, now, do I?”

“That, of course.”

“We know all about the Liberation Army’s dealings with the saint-nanodesu.”

“I can’t help but wonder what it would be like from a security standpoint, but… in the meantime, Lime and the others are on our side… right?”

“We are on the side of Her Highness Sylphiel?”

“Yes, that’s right. The Liberation Army is under the command of Her Highness Sylphiel, and we, the Royal Kingsguard, are definitely on Her Highness’ side.”

“It’s a little late for that-nanodesu.”


I nodded to Lime and the others but still gave them a brief rundown.

“That’s why I’ll let her know I’m already over here at the early afternoon meeting, and we’ll set up a time to meet and make contact with Ellen.”

“I understand. I’ll be here until then.”

“That’s the plan. I’ll be in your care again.”

“Yes, we will take care of you.”

“Everything is at your disposal-nodesu.”

“Please go easy on me.”

Because you guys are literally bottomless! If I talk about as much as they want, I will dry up 100%. All three of them know this, so they will go easy on me to a certain extent.

“Tell me about this…?”

Lime tilted her head as she looked at Grande, who was completely asleep. Come to think of it; they shouldn’t know too many details.

“She’s a Grand Dragon named Grande. Though it may not look like it.”

“So she’s a dragon. It’s certainly a magical force worthy of the name ‘dragon.'”

“Hmm, not a good match?”

“Right. It’s just not a good match for us-nodesu.”

“Is that so? I’d appreciate it if you could get along.”

“I don’t mean that we are incompatible, but rather that we are incompatible when we fight. Even with the three of us, we might have a hard time.”

“Is that so?”

Grande doesn’t seem to be good with Melty. As I recall, with a three-man team, Lime and the others could beat Melty, right?

“None of our attacks seem to work on Grande-san. On the contrary, many of Grande-san’s attacks seem to work on us-nodesu.”

“We can handle Melty. But we can’t do it with Grande.”

“I see.”

They’re subtly triangulating. Melty has enough offensive power to pass through Grande’s defense, but her own defense is weak, and she will lose if she is trapped by Lime and the others. Grande is not hurt by Lime and the others’ attacks but loses when Melty’s attack pulls out her defenses. Lime and the others can hardly be defeated by Melty’s attacks, but they are defeated by Grande’s overwhelming magical power. It seems to be like that.

“I wonder if Melty’s magic attack will also defeat Lime and the others?”

“It’s possible, but if we catch her by surprise or whatever, with a single blow, we can win, so we have a chance to win. But with Grande, surprise or no surprise, our attack will not get through, so there is no way to win.”

“On the contrary, Grande’s attacks probably won’t hit Melty. She will probably avoid all of them, and then she will beat Grande to a pulp-nanodesu.”


I remember when Grande lost to Melty. It was definitely a one-sided beatdown.

“So Melty is the best overall, with a winning record against both Lime and Grande?”

“She’s a kind of monster, you know? The name “demon species” is not just for show-nodesu.”

“From my point of view, everyone is a cloud I can’t seem to compete with…”

I don’t think I can beat not only Melty, Grande, Lime and the others, but also Sylphy, Ms. Zamir, Sir Leonard, Isla, Shumel and the other demon girls, and Danan and the others if I try to do it right.

If they don’t take me seriously and blow me up in a trap, I’m sure I could win, but saying I could win by surprise is not something to brag about.

“Kosuke, you don’t know that either, do you?”

“I guess so. Kosuke is also afraid to fight properly. You never know what might pop up.”

“It’s best to strike first and beat them to the punch. You haven’t trained in a long time, have you-nodesu?”

“No, I’ll pass.”

What is so sad that I have to do such a violent thing as soon as we meet again? What’s more, it’s the one where I’m the one who gets beat up and hurt. I refuse to go through with it.

“I’ve brought you a lot of souvenirs, so let’s enjoy them.”

“Gizma’s meat?”

“What did you bring?”

“I’m curious about the souvenirs-nodesu.”

At any rate, Lime has requested Gizma’s meat, so I give her a chunk. Of course, I give it to Beth and Poizo as well. For them, a piece of raw Gizma meat big enough to hold is like a candy bar.

“I have almost everything, but I don’t know what Lime and the others would like.”

As I say this, I put out barrels of honey wine, sweet snacks, preserved block cookies, and other food, as well as gold and silver accessories that probably won’t interest them, and artificial flowers, beautiful cloth, rugs like rug mats, and other things that could be used for interior decoration, such as perfumes and scent bags that were sold in Erichburg.

“So tasty!”

Lime seems to like the food and pulls and shivers as she picks at various items. She especially seems to enjoy sweet snacks and honey wine. Does she have a sweet tooth?

“These things are nice.”

Beth seemed to like the beautiful fabrics, rugs, and artificial flowers and immediately began decorating the room.

“Fumufumu… hohoho.”

Poizo seemed to like the perfume and scent bags, taking the contents of the perfume bottles and scent bags into her body and looking interested in them. Lime likes food, Beth likes fashionable items, and Poizo likes perfume and medicinal herbs.

“Yum yum.”

Before long, Grande is up and eating the sweet food with satisfaction. When did she… Well, I guess she was a little hungry after flying over the Sorel Mountains. Let’s serve her some burgers, too, shall we?

So I arrived in Merinesburg and spent a leisurely time until it was time for the communication meeting between Ellen and the Liberation Army.


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  1. [it’s called “dead men tell no tales.”] ohoho? I like that he consider that.

    [I felt like a load of laundry thrown into a washing machine] we all feel like this about life…

    [ don’t think I can beat not only Melty, Grande, Lime and the others, but also Sylphy, Ms. Zamir, Sir Leonard, Isla, Shumel and the other demon girls, and Danan and the others if I try to do it right.]
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  2. “They’re subtly triangulating.”
    Lots of words to explain what is a tactical rock-paper-scissors relationship like with pikemen, crossbowmen and cavalry in medieval strategy games.


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