Maseki Gurume – Vol 6 Chapter 9 Part 5

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Part 5


“I’m counting on you. With Chris there, I can fight with peace of mind.”

Chris laughed and said, “You’re getting carried away again.”

Now, until this point, Chris had thought that the reason she could not play vanguard was a matter of compatibility. She was faster than Lloyd with her physical skills, but she felt she was unsuitable because her opponent Gail was even faster than that.

But in fact, that was not the case.

“Since you are my opponent, I can’t go easy on you.”

The black sword Ain raised was covered in vicious cold air, and the divine speed of the sword flash reflected in the moonlight.


A wave of ice hit Gail.

The absolute zero temperature rushed through the cobblestone pavement, which would not end with mere frostbite if it touched him.

But Gail easily handled it.

He dispelled the cold air with his own magic power as if he was taking in a breath.

However, Ain, who had somehow disappeared, appeared behind Gail and unleashed an attack using several illusory hands.

It was an attack that was, as the saying goes, relentless and focused only on destructive power.

Yes, this was the reason why Chris could not play the vanguard. If she was in the front, Ain would injure her as well. That’s why he didn’t want that.

“As expected, even you can at least strike a blow──.”

It was only after this that he realized that he was naive.

Gail dodged the approaching illusory hand by turning his body and cutting it down without hesitation with his sword. He avoided the second one, which came at him from out of sight without looking, and slashed at it with his sword, which he raised cautiously.

The third illusory move was just a hair’s breadth away, and he guided it so that it pierced the cobblestone pavement.


Gail ran up the pierced arm.

When he reached above Ain’s head, he swung his sword without a moment’s hesitation and cut off all remaining illusory hands.

Even as Ain’s face contorted in pain, the silvery-white sword was still closing in on him.

“I won’t let you!”

Chris released a whirlwind that struck Gail’s sword directly. The impact of Gail’s sword almost sliced through Ain’s soft skin, causing him to fall back a few steps.


What a man. Speed, physical strength, skill. Everything was at a height he had never experienced before.

“More… more power.”

A jet-black ball of light enveloped both of Ain’s arms, and what appeared was the dark knight’s gauntlet. As he regained his grip on the black sword, he felt a further rush of power.

“Be the disaster. If not, you won’t be able to win against the disaster itself.”

What is he talking about? Ain could not understand a word Gail said.

“No, I can’t afford to be bothered.”

“Are you all right?”

“Sorry, you saved my life earlier. It seems that the guy was so strong that I had no idea how to handle him.”

“…I guess I wasn’t thinking straight either. For the first time in my life, I have seen someone far stronger than my sister.”

“Even more than that, Celes-san, you say? Indeed, that may be true.”

It is no surprise that he was ahead of Celes, the strongest Elf that even Lloyd could not keep his feet on the ground.

“Let’s keep going.”

With determination in his voice, Ain ran again.

This time, Gail swung his sword to intercept Ain.

“That’s why I wanted to be a disaster.”

After a few words of unintelligible intent, Gail swung his sword, and his surroundings were engulfed in hellfire. The cobblestones dissolved in an instant. The heat was intense, the vapors hurt your lungs with every breath you took.

A wall of fire blocked Ain’s path, though.

“You thought it would stop me?”

Ain was unabashed, swinging his sword as soon as he opened his eyes.

He had a power of his own. It is the power of ice against fire.

However, the cold air that Ain released was pushed away by the heat. He didn’t want to admit it, but there was a difference in power. Even if he became the Demon King, he wouldl not be able to win against the absolute strongman.

Gail swung his sword, and the fire flew in the air.

“I won’t stop!”

Likewise, Ain swung his sword to create an ice dragon, which he had used before in Magna. Two of them, modeled after twin sea dragons, swam, undulated, and raced through the air.

“The way it should be is not light, but darkness.”

The hellfire changed its shape. A fire dragon confronted an ice dragon.

The fire dragon spread its wings wide, dripping with lava, and the ice dragon bared its fangs. The absolute zero temperature, which freezes whatever it is, exploded in the fire.

“…..That’s really outrageous.”

The result was that the hellfire only grew even more powerful.

The magic power that could have snowed the entire port city of Magna easily dissipated into a cloud.

However, Ain was not pessimistic.

“Your Majesty the First, I too will borrow your heart.”

Chris’s gaping winds shook the hellfire from behind him. A path appeared in the wall that had blocked Ain’s path.

“I can reach it!”

Stretching out his arm, he swung his sword to dispel the remaining heat.

There were only a few moments before the scorching heat reached his skin. Ain’s legs were further infused with blood, especially the stronger ones, and each muscle fiber became hotter.

───Finally, they were confronting each other.

And finally, Ain’s sword caught Gail’s head-on.

“Kuh… Ah… Aaaaaahhh!”

Ain didn’t understand the reason. It was more than just being unperturbed.

It was as if he were standing on the edge of the continent of Ishtar and trying to move the continent itself. Everyone who heard this would have laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. But now, Ain felt as if he was about to accomplish such a ridiculous task, and he couldn’t help but laugh with greasy sweat on his face.

“Fall in. Once you fall, that’s when the real fight begins.”

“What in the world have you been doing all this time?”

“If you’re not ready, you’ll just lose it.”

Suddenly, the wind from the hellfire made Gail’s hair stand up.

“──That face.”

He saw a look of sadness, a look of determination that put everything on the line for a glimmer of hope.

Another thing he noticed was that his face looked a lot like his own face in the mirror, and he was speechless.

He didn’t feel bad at the thought of looking so much like someone he admired. In fact, they were blood relatives, and the resemblance was normal.

The only thing he didn’t like was the current situation, which was completely hard to digest.

“If I have to do it all over again, I’d rather fall together.”

Ain’s black sword made a creaking sound.

Unable to withstand the opponent’s physical strength due to the fierce clash, the blade was chipped away, and a dull sound could be heard from the base of the blade.

This black sword was made from the material he received from Marco. Even the sword that easily sliced through the bones of a sea dragon, could it be driven this far?

That’s enough.

Now he understood from the bottom of his heart that Gail was strong.

“I beg you… stop.”

To the difference in strength to the point of uttering a wish. Weakness leaked out at the hopeless difference in strength.

But Ain was mercilessly defeated before Gail’s power.

Again. He was blown away like an insect again, and he closed his eyes in pity.

Just before crashing into the wall, he was able to take a passive stance because of the non-negotiables that remained in his vague consciousness.


He wanted to save Chris at all costs.

He doesn’t know if Sith Mill will be completely back to normal when he gets outside.

But it’s definitely better than if he died out here.

“…Ah… Damn it…”

His whole body screamed in pain. If it weren’t for Chris, who rushed over to help him, he might have given up.

“Are you hurt?”

“…It’s no big deal.”

After strengthening himself, he used the skill Ice Dragon.

While doing this, he creates a thick wall that envelops him so that Gail won’t attack him.

He didn’t seem to stay honest.

But contrary to Ain’s expectations, Gail didn’t seem to move. It was as if he was waiting for Ain to get up and attack.

“I can handle this.”

“You’re lying. You’ve been injured like this.”

“…I’m still okay.”

“No. You can’t endure it any longer.”

Chris held Ain’s hand and looked at him with a benevolent smile.

“That’s enough. Ain-sama shouldn’t be the only one to be forced to do this.”

With that, she stood up and bent her body over, and reached out her hand to Ain.

“Now, please stand up,” she said.

It was a request that is hard to imagine from her usual self, but there was a reason for it.

“His Majesty the First was a great man after all. In addition, he taught me a good word so I could thank him for it.”

“A good word?”

“Yes. I like what he said about being better to fall together.”

Ain stood up, grasping the outstretched hand.

Regardless of how he felt, his whole body ached. He hoped it was just his imagination, but it was not.

“Let’s attack together to the best of our ability.”


When he immediately responded, Chris shook his head.

“That’s all I can do now.”

“I’ll handle it, so Chris needs a little more assistance──.”

She shook her head again and said.

“We’d better fall together, and we need to be ready for that.”

The eyes that stare at him. They are like jewels, and it is almost enchanting just to look at them.

But more than her eyes, her elegance was beautiful.

Ain was shown her rigidity and was ashamed of himself for almost giving up, even for a moment. He slapped his cheeks hard. Then he put up a sincere smile for the first time in a while.

“It seems that I can’t win against His Majesty the First. Chris, I want you to fight to the death with me.”

“Of course. If I can die together with Ain-sama, I’ll be happy.”

“You know, I’m talking about a willingness to die, you know? …It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it, okay?”

“I know! I’m talking about how I feel!”

“I’m glad to hear that. That’s very, very encouraging.”

He realized that the pain in his whole body had eased.

It was probably just from being skinny anyway, Ain thought to himself, and he was able to relax enough to try to think of it that way.

“What do you want to do about the plan?”

“I guess I’ll do everything in my power to give His Majesty the First a good beating.”

“In other words, there is no plan. It might be easier to fight than to think about the details.”

Here, the ice created by Ain shattered.

Gail appeared, sword raised but standing still, waiting to attack.

“I’m coming.”

This time Chris ran ahead.

Ain’s thoughts that he should have thought of a little strategy proved to be unfounded.

(It’s easy to move.)

While Chris gave way to the path he sought, Ain swung his sword, and at the same time, Chris distracted Gail. Even without any interaction, this coordination did not cause the slightest stress.


Ain accepted Gail’s sword fight.

This time he didn’t counter but let the power flow through him.


Not missing a moment’s opportunity, Chris raises her voice and thrusts her rapier.

She was slower than Ain. However, her physical skills, which she had been honing, were superior to his, and she was like the wind with her body movements more than her speed.

She is inexhaustible — fluid, aloof.

It was like watching a graceful dance between the two sword fighters.

Sometimes Gail’s sword slashes the soft skin of one or the other, but she was prepared for that.

It was a trivial matter to those who have given everything for life, and her morale was only boosted by the fact that they were able to avoid it, even if it was only a hair’s breadth away.


Gail quietly swung his sword.

Originally, it was too outlandish to understand what he was talking about, and the silence didn’t bother Ain.

“Here it comes.”

Soon after Ain’s voice was raised, hellfire rose from Gail’s feet.

The chill from the ice dragon’s cold air cannot suppress the hellfire.

But if Chris’s wind was added to it. If it were just before the hellfire soared, it would be enough to deal with it before it had gained momentum.

The first king Gail.

The two accelerate even more in front of the unmistakable hero.

Into light armor and then into clothing.

Reaching up to his hair, Chris’s rapier finally reached his skin.

“Now… Ain-samaaaa!”

The best stance at the best time, he was sure he could deliver the best blow ever now.

This should, at the very least, be able to cross the line.




Their bodies suddenly felt heavy, and they fell to their knees.

Space distorted, and snow of light pours down from far above.

Something inexplicable, a force whose sole purpose was to destroy all things, was directed at them.


He couldn’t speak.

An intense ringing in his ears. He could not breathe.

Even in the midst of all this, Ain almost unconsciously put out his illusory hand and pulled Chris. Forcing her to say something, he put her on his chest and covered themselves with his illusory hand.

“It’s a helpless light, no better than darkness.”

The sound has vanished from the world.

Snow of light.

The atmosphere screams as a ball of light, the largest of its kind, descends to the floor.

The desperate destructive force creates a shockwave with a thunderous roar.

Ain struggled to endure.

“Kuh…. ah… gghh…!”

He gritted his teeth and continued to send magic power throughout his body until he reached his limit.

When this shock was over──.

(Have I survived it?)

He really couldn’t seem to get up anymore. He was at his limit.

Still, he turned his attention to Chris, who was at his chest.

“Hahaha… T-that was amazing…”

There she was, eyes closed, surrendering her body to Ain’s heat.

It was hard to believe that this was ebb and flow.

Ain knew it was her own way of caring, and she knew her body was damaged.

“But you endured it.”



Before he knew it, Chris closed her eyes and didn’t say anything.

There was no apparent trauma. The hand he was holding had a faint pulse, and it was probably her body reaching a breaking point and giving up consciousness.

“I know it’s hard to sleep, but just give me a minute.”

Ain put Chris down and then got up.

“Good thing Mother told me about this.”


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