Shinwa Densetsu No Eiyuu No Isekaitan – Vol 8 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – News from the Wind

Part 1


Steichen Republic ― Trillheim, Jotunheim Territory.

It was just after dawn when the morning mist had yet to clear, and a great number of soldiers were lined up at the main gate of Trillheim.

They were the soldiers that the senators of the Jotunheim faction had called in from all over the region in preparation for the decisive battle against the Nidavellir faction. They were a diverse array of people of all kinds of armor and race, all of them fearless in their anticipation of the future as they awaited the word of their departure for battle.

Some of them had suffered severe torture by the elected army. Some had had family members killed and wished for revenge; some had decided to join because they were concerned about oppression, some were seeking advancement, and the army lacked any semblance of unity.

However, the passion that wells up in their hearts may not be strong, but it is overflowing with a spirit that more than makes up for it.

A short distance away from Jotunheim’s army, the forces of the Great Grantz Empire were forming a line. Liz was at the head of an army of 5,000 men, including 2,000 Order of the Rose, which is said to be one of the finest soldiers in the Fourth Imperial Army, and 3,000 Grantz’s cavalrymen lent by the Muzuk family.

Next to her was Tris, mounted, and on the ground, Cerberus was scratching her neck with her hind legs.

Then a man arrived.

“Her Highness Celia Estrella, I am sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Brutus.”

This man, Brutus, who saluted her with a Grantz-style salute, was introduced to her by Vetu, the head of the Muzuk family. Liz felt uncomfortable with the man’s slender physique and somewhat graceful appearance.

“Do you have a title?”

“No, ma’am.”

The answer was immediate. There was no change in his expression. There was no indication that he was lying.

Still unable to shake off the strange feeling of discomfort, Liz asked him a series of questions.

“Do you have any siblings?”

“I have no parents or siblings. They were killed by bandits about two years ago. I lost my house, my farm, everything at that time.”

The fire of vengeance burned deep in Brutus’ eyes. Liz felt as if it were directed at her, and she felt her whole body militate.

“But, Lord Vetu picked me up when I was on the street. I feel elated that I can repay that great debt by being of service to Your Highness on this occasion!”

Brutus snorted wildly and gripped the hilt of his sword with a trembling hand as if to suppress his emotions. Then, feeling guilty for bringing up a heartbreaking memory, Liz utters an apology.

“I made you tell me a painful story. Forgive me.”

“No, I hope you don’t mind… But, more importantly, as you have probably heard about this matter, Lord Vetu has asked me to assist Your Highness in any way I can, including showing you the way. May I have your permission to accompany you?”

“Yes, Lord Vetu has told me all about it. So come and join our ranks.”

“I am willing to risk my life to accomplish this mission.”

Someone intervened between them.

“Message to Celia Estrella-dono! This is a message from Skadi-sama. Where is Celia Estrella-dono?”

“Over here!”

Liz responded by raising her hand, and the messenger approached with vigor.

“We will be leaving shortly. Are you ready?”

“No problem. Could you tell Skadi-dono that, please?”

“Yes, definitely.”

The messenger turned his horse around and rode back under Skadi, raising a cloud of dust.


“Yes, Princess, what can I do for you?”

“It’s time to move out. Keep your spirits up. The Grantz Empire is on this side, and we cannot afford the dishonor of defeat.”

“Yes, the morale of the soldiers is perfect. They are not overawed, and I expect they are feeling just the right amount of tension, for this battle is an opportunity to show the power of our Grantz!”

This was a battle that will make the power of the Great Grantz Empire, which had been silent for two years, known to the rest of the world once again. The other countries knew that the ground of the Great Grantz Empire was shaking due to the deaths of the imperial family members with the right to succeed to the throne one after another in battle. Furthermore, after the announcement to the world that the emperor had fallen ill in order to conceal his death, the other countries began to target the territory of the Grantz Empire aggressively. One of the reasons why the other countries were still standing by and not moving was because of the misinformation and false reports that have been spread by a series of incidents that occurred in the Great Grantz Empire. In order to keep a check on such foreign countries, a defeat was unacceptable. Above all, they must bring victory to Jotunheim in order to defeat the intentions of Vetu, who was aiming for power.

When Liz’s red eyes flashed with a hint of supremacy, a horn was blown.

Unlike Grantz’s style, it was high-pitched. A shout of enthusiasm was also released from the Jotunheim army. Their exploding emotions split the air to the point of irritating the skin as they launched a loud sound that pierced through the clouds.

Liz took several deep breaths to calm her mind as she listened to the raging sound that echoed far and wide. Then, with a sideways glance, she saw Jotunheim’s army moving.


She gave the order, vigorously drew the “Flame Emperor” from its sheath.

As soon as Liz made her move, the Grantz soldiers moved without a stitch of disruption, quietly, compared to the flamboyant Jotunheim army. But the elation that enveloped them was simmering in the silence.

From now on, they would be heading for Garza, the stronghold of the Nidavellir faction, which was known to be impregnable.

Liz called out to Tris, who was running alongside her.

“Tris, are you nervous? It’s been a long time since you’ve been on the battlefield, hasn’t it?”

“Yes… I’m getting heated up despite all my age.”

Tris laughed, tapping the back of his head in embarrassment.

Liz looks at Tris with concern. Perhaps it was because she had felt the atmosphere of war for the first time in a long time, but she felt that Tris was too preoccupied.

Even so, she could not tell him not to be reckless.

She had known Tris for a long time and was familiar with his personality.

“Don’t take credit away from the young soldiers by being overzealous.”

“That’s… hard to say. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the battlefield.”

Tris muttered sadly with a distant look in his eyes, and his mouth tightened in frustration.

“I was unable to participate in the battle against the Six Kingdoms. That is why I will not compromise this time.”

Two years ago, Tris’s high spirits began to diminish rapidly.

Compared to his peak years, there is a huge difference.

The reason is obvious: old age.

Tris used to be such a strong and tough old soldier that even a bunch of active-duty soldiers could not match him. It is impossible for him to keep up with Liz’s rapid running now.

Liz had witnessed Tris training alone on several occasions.

Still, he was losing strength, and his muscles were getting weaker as the months went by.

That must be what makes him itch. When asked to accompany her on this expedition, Tris has repeatedly wished with ghastly expressions on his face that she would take him along, even if it meant staying at the back of the line.

This continued until the day before they left when Liz finally relented and allowed Tris to accompany them.

It would be nice if this battle could restore his confidence, but Liz thought it wouldl be no match for him.

The other side was an army of mainly “Dwarves.” It would be a difficult opponent for Tris, who was beginning to show signs of decline among the “Humans.” Tris smiled wryly as if he could sense that Liz was thinking like that.

“Princess, there is no need to hesitate. Treat me as you would any other soldier. I know very well that I am useless to you now.”

Being old, he is no longer a match for standing and fighting next to Liz. But that doesn’t mean he can’t fight.

“I am a third-ranked military officer and lack the experience and rank to live as a commander.”

In Tris’ case, rank and treatment were out of proportion.

Although he is a close associate of Liz, who is considered to be the next emperor, his rank is that of a third-grade military officer. This discrepancy makes the 500- and 1,000-banner chiefs, who are higher in rank than Tris, shrink away from him. Therefore, he could not be assigned as a unit commander, nor could he stand and fight next to Liz because of his old age. That said, he was not a self-serving man who wanted to use Liz’s power to advance his career.

“I was prepared for this. I don’t care if I can’t be on the front line.”

Tris drew the sword at his waist. He must have never missed a day of cleaning it.

Not a speck of dirt, not a chip on the blade, reflecting the sun’s rays as it poured down to the earth.

“I leave everything to your decision, Your Highness.”

Although Liz did not want to see a timid Tris, there was nothing she could do to stop time for him.

No one can resist. Only God can stop the flow of time.

“I understand.”

Liz nodded emphatically to Tris and looked forward.

Despite her feelings, the sky was clear, and the hot sun was shining.


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