Maseki Gurume – Vol 7 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


“It’s safe at this point!”

By the pier lined with battleships.

The knights and civilian officials were in the final stages of guiding the evacuation. The surviving people of Euro looked back as they proceeded up the ramp and were heartbroken to see the castle on fire.

As the commander in charge of the situation, Lily was right next to them, checking on the whole situation and calling out to a calm Elena.

“Elena-sama was curious about our presence in Euro, wasn’t she? But this all happened by chance. To tell you the truth, we were only sent to bring the members of the Augusto family to Ishtalika.”

“…You mean regarding the assassination?”

“That’s right. So I arrived a few hours ago. I was going to go to Heim with a lot of excitement, but those creatures suddenly appeared and quickly took over the castle town. That means we don’t really know what’s going on either. I mean, why Elena-sama and the others were in such a danger zone.”

“A lot was going on our side, too. When we came to Euro, we found that the castle town was in chaos, and then we found out that Ishtalika’s fleet was safe and sound…”

“But it’s strange. Why did the prince and Elena-sama have to come all the way here?”

“It is difficult to explain; it was difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. It was all a desperate measure.”


Lily tilted her head in a nonchalant manner. On the other hand, Elena hesitated for her next words.

She looked up at the war-tinted sky and prepared for a battle of wits with the mysterious girl in front of her.

“Where is Edward-dono?”

“And what would you do after asking me that?”

“I would like you to help me if you can. About the assassination fiasco in Heim.”

“Then you should ask Duke Amour.”

“I know. And where is he?”

“He is already on board. By the way, he hasn’t been hurt at all, so don’t worry.”

Tigre wakes up at this moment.

“Where am I…?”

He was lying on the pier, relieved to find Elena by his side.

“Ooooh, I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”

Lily, who had been talking to Elena, approached Tigre, who had just raised his upper body, and crouched down in front of him.

“My name is Lily.”

“I know. How could I forget the woman who used to sneak into our country?”

“Oh! Thank you for your assistance at that time! …Then, since I’ve saved your life, can I ask you a question?”

“…Do what you want.”

It was an unexpectedly honest and wise decision.

“Coming to Euro with no way to distinguish between friend and foe means that you left Heim halfway to escape, right?”

“What if I say yes?”

“Shall we make a deal then?”

Unexpected words. But it was what he expected to hear.

“Don’t you want me to save Elena-sama and all your important subordinates?”

Perhaps these were the words Tigre wanted to hear the most. As if biting the bait, Tigre nodded his head with serious eyes. It was so effortless, with no tricks at all.

Rather, he showed his weak eyes and clung to her.

“Please. I don’t mind, so please protect the lives of these people.”

Lily was surprised that the prince would bow to her.

“What do you have to offer us? Show me the advantages of helping a prince of a hostile nation.”

Tigre, who had bowed down, was still strong-minded.

Upon hearing this, Tigre immediately responds with the words he has been thinking about.

“I want to respond in every way I can.”

Elena was about to follow him in bowing.

She didn’t ask for his forgiveness, but she was going to beg to help him as well.

But she stopped when she saw Lily smiling happily at her.

“Yes! I received your pledge! I received your pledge! Pledge! Then let’s go inside the ship right away!”

“Hey, Lily! What the heck was that?”

“Yes, yes, we’re going into the ship; let’s get the hell out of here and back to Ishtalika!”

Lily, who was going her own way, was taking all the initiative.

But now that she helped them, it was a trivial matter.

“Oh, Elena-sama! I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Edward-san, who you wanted to see. ──── it seems that he has been missing for a few days now.”

The two from Heim said nothing, just hung their heads in anticipation.


After entering the battleship, the three of them headed for the command center.

In the room, which was plain and unadorned and specialized in issuing commands, a civilian officer stepped up to the three people standing by the window.

“We have completed the negotiations with Duke Amour. As a token of our sympathy, we will pay a portion of the damage. Please see here for your signature of approval.”

“All right. Then get the main weapon ready.”


“H-hey! What in the world do you mean, preparing the main weapon?”

“It’s no big deal. That mysterious creature is hiding everywhere in the town, so we’re just going to kill them all at once.”

Elena, who had heard that they were negotiating with Duke Amour, guessed.

“You’re going to destroy the whole town, aren’t you?”

“You guessed right. It was only a small part of what attacked Elena-sama and the others, and if it exists in such large quantities, there is no other way to get rid of it.”

Soon, the center of the battleship opens to reveal a huge cylinder.

“It is the main weapon that we were planning to launch into the port city of Roundheart later that day, depending on the outcome of the meeting.”

The huge cylinder has a design on it that Tigre and the others could not read.

The exterior was bronze in color and had no other characteristics except that it was a metal cylinder. There were several muscular steel frames supporting the perimeter.

The tip of the cylinder gradually took on a reddish-purple glow.

The crests were also emitting light.

“Three ships will fire at the same time. 3──2──1…”

Hearing the numbers counted, the crew began to operate.

Lily’s instructions seem to have reached the other battleships, and all three ships operate simultaneously.


With the last word as a signal, the main weapons of the three ships were fired.

“…This… is…!”

The words that leaked out naturally expressed Tigre’s state of mind.

The main weapons fired at once set out to destroy the castle town of Euro.

As the waves spread out in an arc, the impact spread as if the air were exploding. It looked as if the blast had destroyed it, but it also looked as if it had disintegrated into particles.

What was frightening is that it struck all at once within an area that could circumscribe the entire town without a problem.

The blue, green, or purple glow of the light seemed like a divine punishment triggered by the wrath of God. Purple lightning flashed everywhere in the collapsed castle town, and steam drifted like water dripping on hot iron.

In this instant, there was no trace of the castle town, and the prosperity it had enjoyed up until yesterday was reduced to nothing.

“The main weapon is also known as a magic stone cannon. It explodes the magic power of the magic stone and shoots it in any direction. Although they have recently been developed in smaller sizes, they still cannot match the scale of a battleship. However, the cost of a single shot is ridiculous, so we don’t want to use it too often.”

The town of Euro was not small.

In terms of size, it was about the same or a little larger than the port town of Roundheart.

Within just a few seconds, the town of Euro was reduced to rubble.

The only thing they could do was be horrified, and it was inevitable that they were lost for words.

“Lily-sama, we are now on our way to the royal capital, Kingsland.”

The civil official called out.

“Yes, we must return home with care.”

Her eyes were no longer on the castle town.

Instead, her eyes were on the city of Ishtalika, which lay far ahead, and her mind raced with recollections of events that had been unexpected.

Tigre did not leave the window.

He looked out at sea without moving a single step until they arrived at the capital of Ishtalika.


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