Maseki Gurume – Vol 7 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – Mysterious Creature And Ain’s Sword

Part 1


It was late autumn when the mornings and evenings were getting colder, and the first frost was observed a short distance away from the royal capital in the late afternoon of a day, ten days after the disturbance in Euro.

In a particularly large meeting room in the royal castle.

“──Now, let me explain-nya.”

The person who stood up and spoke with a document in one hand was Katima.

The other party was the leading nobles who reside in the royal capital. Ain and Sylvird were sitting right next to Katima.

“The creature that appeared in Euro the other day was not a monster-nya. The magic stone was connected to the organs of its body, but there was no core. So when the magic in the stone was exhausted, it should have died out at the same time-nya.”

“Katima, what is it then?”

“The details are still under investigation-nya, but I think it is safe to say that it is an artificially created creature-nya.”

“It looks somewhat fearsome.”

“I will report back after the investigation-nya. …By the way, calling it the creature in question or the mysterious creature is too ambiguous, so I call it half monster.”

“Very well, we shall call it by that term as well.”

The story of the half-monster would be told at a later date when new information was available.

But Ain was alone and quietly thinking about it. The characteristics of the creature called “half-monster” reminded him of what he had seen in Sith Mill.

(They look just like the different species I saw in that scenery.)

He was referring to the agitated different species that seemed to have lost their senses after having black magic stones implanted near their collarbones, the ones who cruelly took the lives of the army led by the first king, Gail.

“Make no mistake; the half monsters are different from the monsters that attacked the port city of Magna-nya.”

Although they were similar in that they were creatures that had been led astray by something and had lost their senses.

“To put it simply, there are three examples: the half monster, the monster that attacked the port city Magna, and the Wyvern that Viscount Sage had with him-nya, but other than the half monster, the other two probably contain the same technique-nya.”

However, regarding the half monster, Ain was confident that it was an existence that had never been seen before.

Hearing this, Ain and Sylvird looked at each other and thought the same thing.

(It means what the chief of Elves said.)

If all of them were committed by the Red Fox, it would give credence to the words of the Elven Chief that the Red Fox was not monolithic.

Then, what about the enemy soldiers Ain saw in the sanctuary and shrine of Sith Mill?

They were similar to the three examples in that they had lost their minds, but the soldiers were not monsters but were all of a different species. Then they might be closer to half monsters, based on the fact that they had brought about changes in their biological bodies.

As he recalled these things.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Your Majesty.”

Warren, who arrived late to the meeting, spoke up.

“I have gathered all the information and will now explain the situation to you.”

In his hand was a bundle of papers, thicker than Katima had been holding. It was prepared based on the information Warren had gathered to date and summarized the current situation in Heim.

He took his seat and opened his mouth.

“The situation in the war south of Birdland continues to be a stalemate.”

There was no question as to why the army of Heim, which is said to be the best on that continent, was in a stalemate south of Birdland.

“As might be expected of a merchant town, the region’s wealth was as plentiful as Heim’s. The number of adventurers employed by the city was inferior to Heim’s army in terms of numbers but not in terms of quality. Despite the fact that Heim was led by the great general Logas, it appears that they are fighting an uphill battle.”


“Frankly speaking, my impression is that even if they could manage to defeat Birdland, it would take them several years to have the strength to take on Rockdam.”

It was reckless to take on two countries.

Unlike before, Birdland’s growing presence was probably a factor.

Money was power. The merchants’ wealth not only allowed them to hire powerful adventurers but also to provide them with food and even powerful equipment to withstand defensive battles.

“However, there is a disturbing development. We have not been able to find out the details, but there has been a flurry of activity in Heim’s home country. There is no doubt that there is a… hidden agenda.”

“And there is no sign of an invasion of the deserted Euro?”

“Not entirely, but we can only observe them from a distance.”

Either they have decided that there was no great profit in taking Euro now, or they were ignoring it in order to concentrate on Birdland and Rockdam.

“There is one more thing I need to tell you today.”

Warren cleared his throat and straightened his composure.

“Edward, the personal knight of Duke Amour, who is under our protection in the capital, was discovered just the other day in a garrison near Heim.”

Sylvird’s eyes widened, as did those of the nobles. The nobles, in particular, had not yet been told of the existence of the Red Fox ── and they were astounded as to how that man could be found.

“…..I’ll have to tell everyone about the Red Fox sooner or later.”

In a low voice that only Ain, who was sitting next to him, could hear, Sylvird spoke of his vision for the future.


──As the meeting ended and the nobles were leaving the room.

“The half-monster is definitely related to the Red Fox, Grandfather.”

“I agree, but what is the matter with you all of a sudden?”

“I have seen a scene of beings similar to half monsters fighting at the back of the shrine of Sith Mill. Since His Majesty the First was fighting, I think it is safe to assume that the Red Fox is the opponent.”

“I understand. I will inform everyone later.”

It was not bad to be sure. But, even if he knew that it was the Red Fox, he believed that having an element of certainty would come in handy someday.

“And Ain, I hope you haven’t forgotten what you have planned for the rest of the day.”

“Oh, I remember! I’m going to see Mouton-san!”

Warren approached him, smiling like a good-natured old man.

“I’m sure Mouton-dono will look into it properly.”

“Yes, he will. It is the sword that was transformed by the trials of His Majesty the First, after all.”

“Of course I know that! The same thing was said to me this morning by Krone and Chris!”

Ain stood up and put his hand on the hilt of the black sword at his waist.

“I’ve got two people waiting for me, so I’m off.”

Sylvird saw him off as usual as he walked away.

Warren, on the other hand, looked at him with nostalgic eyes.


◇ ◇ ◇


Ain, Krone, and Chris.

After the meeting, the three of them left the castle and went to the Mouton mansion, which stood in a prime location near the castle. A huge furnace was adjacent to the workshop that could be recognized even from outside, and smoke could be seen rising from the chimney even today.

As they stood in front of the door to knock, they heard a voice from inside the workshop.

“You stupid bird! Why are you wasting my materials!”

“Ma…Master! It’s you who told me to process this material!”

“Aaah? ──Oh, if you look at it carefully, it is true! You’re a good worker, Ememe!”

“Thank you very much!”

It’s the usual strangely high-spirited exchange of words.

“I wonder if all Dwarves are energetic people.”

“I’ve seen many Dwarves, but I’ve rarely seen anyone as energetic as Mouton-san.”

“What about the Harpies, then?”

“I think Ememe-san is more lovely than most of the other Harpies.”

Ain nodded his head in agreement, lightly denied by the two people he had taken with him.

The sun was going to set if they just stood in front of the door. Just to be sure, he opened his notebook and double-checked to make sure that today was the correct day to visit. 

“It’s so strangely crowded, I thought I might have picked the wrong day for me to come, but it turned out to be no problem. …Oh, the end of my notebook has been cut off.”

“You’ve been using it for a long time now, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, maybe I need to buy a new one soon.”

After checking the state of his notebook, he knocks lightly on the door. 

Soon a hurried voice arrived from inside the workshop, followed by the door being opened.

“We have been waiting for you!”

Ememe, who was still flying in the air, welcomed them.

From inside the workshop, Mouton’s boisterous voice could be heard, “I’ve been waiting!” urging the three people to go inside. The workshop was still a mess today, but the swords randomly propped up on the wall confirmed Mouton’s reputation as a skilled blacksmith.

“I’m glad you’ve come, Your Highness. Well, there’s no point in standing around talking. So sit down for the time being. Ememe! Tea, tea! Bring enough to fill the tea kettle!”

“Leave it to me! I’m good at making it overflow!”

It was nothing to brag about or puff your chest, but Ememe flew away in a fluffy, carefree manner.


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