Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 – Saint’s Complaints


“In the first place. What does it mean to sprinkle powder here and there before you put your hands on me? There is also a dragon-men girl. Moreover, I heard that you have already made a move on her, even though she is someone you met after you met me.”

Ellen, who was in a bad mood to the point where an onomatopoeia “punpun*” could be heard, is lecturing me. Kosuke. I mean, is she already met with Grande face-to-face? [T/n: State of being furious or angry.]

“W-who told you that…?”

“It’s Poizo-san.”

“That evil bubble slime!”

I could see Poizo’s face in my head. The bad news is that I’m in no way a match for the three slime girls, including Poizo, so I can’t retaliate in any way. No, well, it is only Poizo who stirs up the scene by doing this.

“…You haven’t laid a hand on her yet?”

Sylphy gives me a warm, fresh look. Stop, don’t look at me with those eyes.

“Saint, Kosuke can be quite a wimp.”

“I know.”

“Not so much once the first move is made, but you have to push as hard as you can on the first move. You have to repeatedly provoke him to the point of blatant provocation, or you have to push him over the edge yourself.”

“I see…”

Hearing Sylphy’s words, Saint-sama turned her crimson eyes, which were tinged with the light of a lecherousness unworthy of her title.


“T-that’s not it… W-wait! Sylphie!”

“Kosuke, it’s your fault. If you wanted to make a move, you would have had plenty of chances. Don’t make her wait too long.”

“No, you know what? Ellen is the head of the Adol religion in this area, and she’s a saint. I can’t just casually lay my hands on her like that…”

“If you say that, I’m the leader of the Liberation Army and a royal of the former Merinard Kingdom, you know? Isla is a court mage who was called a prodigy of the old Merinard kingdom and the head of the Liberation Army’s magic corps, while Melty has no special title but is a rare demon species with a secret mission to protect the royal family. The Harpies are now the elite who form the core of the Liberation Army’s strength, and even Grande is like the princess of the grand dragons who dwell in the depths of the Black Forest, right?”

I couldn’t even think of anything else to say.

“How do you generally agree to put your hands on them? Should we have a big wedding ceremony? When will that be? Is it after the war with the Holy Kingdom is over, and the country is at peace? Are you just going to neglect it until then?”


“What is it?”

I was at a loss for words and turned my gaze to Ellen, and my eyes met her crimson eyes.

“Um… I think it’s up to Ellen… to decide what to do.”

“You’re weak-willed, aren’t you?”


Ellen’s gaze turned contemptuous, and Sylphy called my name in disgust.

“Because it can’t be helped! I’m too much in awe to touch a beautiful woman like Ellen myself! In the first place, by the standards of my world, it’s extremely inappropriate to touch a number of women! I’ve cracked that ethic since I’ve been here, but it’s still too high a hurdle! The ethics I developed until I reached a good age can’t be changed so easily, you know?”

To begin with, I’m a relatively well-behaved civilian. I’m not the kind of person with good communication skills who plays team games against others. I’m an introvert who prefers to play survival-type games where you have to manage harsh situations with wisdom and skill.

“Well… it’s important to have that kind of ethics in Kosuke’s world, I suppose.”


“But this world has its own ethics.”

Ellen suddenly leaned her weight on me as if she was going to stretch out. Oh, the comfortable weight and softness…!

“That reaction indicates that you’re reasonably honest about your desires… but the barrier that prevents you from crossing the last line looks like a thin film and is unnecessarily sturdy.”

“I know that. That’s what you call being a quiet lecher.”

“Where do you come up with words like that, Saint-sama?”

Also, I think I’m a little bit different from a quiet lecher. I’m not pretending that I’m not interested in sexual matters.

“Anyway, I understand. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for making Ellen wait, and I’ll do something about it as soon as possible…”

“Tonight. I’ll make the arrangements,” said Sylphy.


“Wait, wait, wait. That’s too fast. Isn’t it too early? Can we just relax a little longer?”

“No. You’ll just keep saying that and keep postponing it.

That’s what it means to lose your nerve. I looked at Ellen as if to ask for help, but she was blushing with a blank expression on her face. Her eyes are slightly unfocused. This seems to be no good.

“I mean, seriously, are you sure? About various things.”

“No problem, we’ve already talked about it. We have already handed the scriptures to Archbishop Deckard. All that’s left is for Kosuke to prove himself with a crown of luminosity or something like that after dinner. Ah, this evening, Mother, my sisters, the saint, and the archbishop, and we will gather for dinner. Sorry, but I need you to prepare the meal.”

“Oh, yes.”

Archbishop Deckard… was the name of Ellen’s boss, I think. It was noisy during the day, and he must have arrived at that time. So, when the response was over, Sylphy and Ellen came over to us.

[T/n: I was wrong before, I assumed Archbishop Deckard is a she, but he’s actually a he.]

The reason why she asked me to prepare the meal was to show Archbishop Deckard my power and as a precaution against poisoning him. With the food I serve, there is no fear of poisoning unless I put poison in the food on the spot. The mainstream forces have been cleared out of the castle, but there is no way to guarantee that there will be no leaks.

As I was thinking this, Ellen stood up suddenly and vigorously.

“I’m going to take a bath.”

“Fast. That was fast.”

“As I recall, the mood-enhancing incense was among the items confiscated from the mainstream corrupted priests… Melty-san is in charge of the confiscated items. Perhaps I should consult with Isla-san about it as well.”

“Don’t do it. Just be normal, just be normal!”

Ellen left the room while mumbling something. Aaaaah… seriously, that kind of thing is bad; let’s not do it. Let’s hope for Melty and Isla’s conscience. Is it impossible? I guess it is impossible. If push comes to shove, let’s get Lime to help me. If it is Lime, I’m sure she will do something about it.

“…You are very attentive to the saint, aren’t you?”

This time, Sylphy looks a little dissatisfied. Oh, geez…

“I have to confess I’m feeling a little nervous. It’s not that I’m unstable, but the swings are too big or too extreme…”

“…I can kind of understand that. I feel the same way as I did before I met Kosuke.”

When Sylphy heard my words, she pulled back her disgruntled expression and became serious. It seems that she was not in a serious mood.  

“Before you met me? Did you change so much after you met me…?”

I didn’t know much about Sylphy before she met me, so I can’t really feel it.

“Yeah, I think I have changed. I’ve changed because I’m able to be spoiled by Kosuke like this.”

After saying that, Sylphy leaned over to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I was a little tickled by the touch of her silky silver hair on my cheek.

“I have spent my early adulthood as Sylphiel, the Witch of the Black Forest, with a sense of mission to reclaim the Merinard Kingdom and a desire for vengeance against the Holy Kingdoms. But after meeting Kosuke, I think I have largely regained the state of my mind as just Sylphiel, not as the Witch of the Black Forest.”

“I see.”

I don’t know whether I understand it or not. For me, I don’t know what Sylphy looks like or behaves like as Sylphiel, the Witch of the Black Forest. Oh no, was it that unrelenting tyranny when I was beaten up the first time?

“Surely that was more hardcore than me. I was born with the gift of magic eyes, and I was sold off to the Adol religion by my parents before I could even remember. From what I’ve heard, the inside of the Adol religion is an environment of power and intrigue, a condensation of human ugliness, and on top of that, I’m a beauty. In order to protect my heart, I have been wearing the mask of a saint for a long time.”


“In other words, once you start being spoiled, it is an endless game. I wouldn’t doubt it if you tried to stick to him all the time.”

“What… did you say…?”

Even Sylphy started to get spoiled by me and turned into a toddler. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

“It hurts.”

“What are you thinking about?”

Sylphy, who had figured out what I was thinking and was shivering, pinched my cheek while staring at me with a glare. Sylphy’s face is turning bright red, and it’s very cute.

“But that Ellen… I can’t imagine much.”

Pride and arrogance ─ is that too much to say? Ellen, the funny, expressionless saint with a somewhat pompous attitude, gets spoiled by me more than the deredere Sylphy when she is being spoiled by me? I can’t imagine that at all. Rather, I can only imagine her slightly breaking her expressionless face and stepping on me while raising the corners of her mouth. No doubt she has an S-type attitude.

While I was thinking about this, Sylphy suddenly started pushing me harder and harder. I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t resist and was pushed to the edge of the sofa.


Then Sylphy laid down on the sofa with her head on my lap and made a satisfied sound. What the heck.

“If you gave If-aneesama a lap pillow, don’t you think you should give me one too?”

“That’s right. I’ll even give Sylphy a special pat on the back.”

“Umu. No problem.”

Sylphy, who had her head stroked, sounded satisfied with Grande’s tone of voice. 

And so we spent a short, leisurely time in the royal salon until Melty came to call me to prepare for the dinner.


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