Maseki Gurume – Vol 7 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Part 2


As the sun began to set, debris from the Magic City of Ist arrived at the castle. This was requested by Katima, who had ordered it to find out how contaminated it was.

Hearing this, Ain had an idea and was walking around the castle.

(Maybe I can be of some help.)

The destination is Katima’s underground laboratory, where the debris was brought in.


When he arrived, he stood in front of the door and knocked.


Hearing the reply, Ain says.

“It’s me. Can I come in?”

“Yes, you may do as you please-nya.”

“Sorry to bother you… Oh, is that the debris that arrived from Ist?”

As soon as he entered the lab, he found the debris in a huge glass case. It was really just plain debris and looked as if it had been carried straight from a private house or something that had collapsed.


Ain got a little more enthusiastic and moved closer.

Katima, who had been investigating using a spectacle-shaped magic tool, turned around. 

“What do you want to do-nya?”

“Umu, for now, I want to ask you about the situation of magic pollution.”

“It is more serious than I thought-nya. It will be uninhabitable for decades, and it will be difficult to decontaminate the area-nya…”

The amount of damage in Ishtalika would be unthinkable.

Katima, as a royalty, had a saddened look on her face.

But Ain was different. With strong eyes that had not yet lost hope, he reached for the glass case, hoping it would work.

“Nya-nya-nya! That’s danger… I see-nya, if it’s Ain-nya, maybe…”

The lid of the glass case opened easily, and Ain was immediately pleased as he held up his hand. The Toxin Decomposition EX was triggered on its own, easily purifying the contaminated debris.

The reaction reflected on the glasses-type magic tool was fine.

It has recovered to the point where it could be held using bare hands.

“I’m going to go to Ist.”

With this power, he was convinced that he could save Ishtalika.

“Yes-nya… with Ain’s power, it will only take a few days… a day to decontaminate it…!”

“That’s why I should be the one to go. There are a lot of people in need.”

And he wanted to go as soon as possible.

“If I don’t get there soon, as Katima-san said, the contamination will spread. It will spread according to the intensity of the contamination.”

“Nya-nyaa… that’s right-nya.”

“What are the chances of another outburst?”

“The safety system is so well designed that there is no possibility of a second outburst-nya. The furnace has already been shut down and cannot be operated in the first place-nya! The liquefied magic stone must have already solidified-nya!”

The question was how to persuade Sylvird.

Due to Heim’s state, Ishtalika was not in normal times and was on alert. And it hasn’t been that long since the summer incident in the port city of Magna.

(…It will be okay, I’m sure Grandfather will forgive me.)

The last time he could even go to Sith Mill.

…His grandfather must still be in the main conference room.

“I want to take the debris to the main conference room.”

“Oh? You want to show it off in front of everyone to convince my father-nya?”

“Correct. So, can I take it with me?”

“I’ll lend you one of my extra cases-nya.”

Ain quickly finished getting ready and lifted the case containing the debris.

He ran out of the basement laboratory and ran up the stairs with a sprint.


The meeting was still going on, even after dark.

There were many things to be done before the historic upheaval that had been going on since the founding of the country.

Then, Ain suddenly appeared, carrying a pile of rubble. It was only natural that he would attract attention. Without saying a word, he placed it on the oval table placed in the center of the room and looked at Sylvird.

“No way, Ain, my lord.”

“Grandfather, I will need a moment of your time.”

He said this without saying anything and without waiting for a reply.

He opened the case lid and lifted it in front of the nobles.

“Acting like this in front of everyone makes me nostalgic.”

Ain muttered, and everyone who heard him laughed.

This scene was just like that day. Ain picked up a magic stone placed in the party hall and absorbed it, recalling the day when the stone was made to resemble white silver.

“This is the rubble that arrived from Ist. It was contaminated by magic, but my power has proven capable of purifying it.”

Then, Katima spoke,

“I have also confirmed it-nya.”

The nobles were persuaded and rustled.

──What in the world kind of power was that?

There were several voices of surprise, but most of them were pleased with the fact that Ain’s visit to the Magic City of Ist would bring the solution closer. It was impossible not to be pleased with the fact that, regardless of the damage, if they could decontaminate the area, they would be able to immediately begin reconstruction work.

However, Sylvird, who was also interested in the project, had one doubt.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult to decontaminate the entire city?”

Toxin Decomposition EX was a skill that could be described as taking root in the air.

When Ain was young and could not control it, he even inhaled Chris’s magic stone through the air’s magic power. But this was a close distance, and Sylvird was concerned that it would be a different story if it were the whole city.

But actually, Katima had an idea.

“Outside the Tower of Wisdom, there is a large pipe for the distribution of magic power!”

Katima’s words reminded Ain of the pipes that were branching out and stretching all over the Ist.

If the Toxin Decomposition EX was exercised in the main body of those pipes, it would certainly be theoretically possible to decontaminate the entire city.

“However, wouldn’t it be difficult to decontaminate land containing private homes?”

“No problem-nya. After a few hours of decontamination by Ain, the contamination level will surely be reduced to an acceptable level, or at least to a level that even we can easily handle-nya.”

The problem was safety.

Just when they were wondering what to do, Lloyd, who had been standing behind Sylvird, quickly stepped forward and spoke up.

“I’ll come too.”

“Umu, that sounds like a good idea.”

“No, I want Lloyd-san to stay with my grandfather.”

The immediate denial upset Lloyd.

“Mm, why is that? Am I not good enough?”

“The reason is that my grandfather and the others are at the castle. I don’t want to have the marshal, Lloyd-san, away from the castle when something goes wrong.”

“…I see, Ain-sama is right.”

Lloyd felt dependable and squinted at the now stronger Ain.

“I’d feel a lot better if Lloyd-san and Warren-san were at the castle, so I could go to Ist in peace.”

“I agree, but unfortunately, Warren is away from the castle. He left the royal capital after noon for a ship docked in the port city of Magna.”

Ain, who hadn’t heard of this before, blinked quickly.

“The body of one of our “Shadow” and the corpse of the half-monsters were identified. He also said that he would check the defense systems of the cities along the way, in addition, to see if any of the neighboring cities were prepared to receive those who had lost their homes in the Ist.”

The fact that he, the prime minister, was going to do this in person told one how urgent the situation was.

“He will return to the royal capital tomorrow evening. He will return to the port on the ship that holds the bodies.”

“I understand. Then, as for my going to Ist──”

“I can’t agree to it wholeheartedly, but I have no choice.”


The moment Ain’s face lit up with joy, there was a stop sign.

Sylvird, who still had some things to confirm, asked Katima.

“How do you get to the Tower of Wisdom?”

“Fortunately, the tracks are still alive-nya. With the royal water train, the magic pollution is nothing to worry about-nya. It is safe as long as you don’t go outside-nya.”

“Ain can destroy the royal water train as he pleases. You can use it as you like.”

A lot of money was invested in the development and maintenance of the royal water train, but if it could achieve the decontamination in a short time, it would be a small price to pay.

“I shall proceed, but what equipment should I bring?”

“I recommend special work clothes or equipment made from powerful monster materials-nya.”

“Grandfather, I would like to go there as soon as possible.”

“I understand. Lloyd, find some royal knights and prepare their equipment. We don’t want to be stingy with our resources.”

“I will ask Chris and Dill to accompany me, so please equip them as well!”

“Hahaha, don’t worry! Their equipment is excellent enough!”

Finally, hope began to sprout.

The heavy atmosphere in the large conference room gradually dissipated, and people began to share their expectations for Ain.

Then Katima giggled, and with a huff, she recalled in a low voice so that the nobles would not hear her.

“Nya? Since the members are the same as when we went to Ist before-nya. That means it’s okay for me to go there as well…”

“No, you can’t. You will be staying at home.”


Her voice, which was somehow so weak, sadly echoed in Ain’s ears.


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