Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 – It’s Not Easy To Take A Country


Now, it will still be some time before the Holy Kingdom army that we drove away returns to its home country, and the Holy Kingdom contacts us. In the meantime, we, the Merinard Liberation Army, must make preparations to launch the new Merinard Kingdom. It is not a simple task.

First of all, the Holy Kingdom’s military forces and the local guards formed by the Holy Kingdom’s military forces are currently maintaining security in the Kingdom of Merinard. According to what I have heard, the guards are in charge of security inside the city, and the Holy Kingdom Army is in charge of security outside the city. In addition, it seems that political governance is often handled by the head of the Adol religion. It is said that a high-ranking clergyman is appointed to a certain large city and is given control over the villages around the city. Is this a form of governance unique to a religious state?

Whatever the case may be, if the country is to be a nation, it must first provide security to its citizens and prevent them from starving. Regardless of the circumstances, it is impossible to solve the problem by eliminating the current system with violence. Especially since there are dangerous monsters and thieves in this world. Everywhere you go, violence rules the world.

“It is imperative to build an information network using the golem communicator, a warning network using the harpies, and a defense network using the mobility of the air boards.”

“We also need to review the location of the forts and more efficiently deploy our forces. The development of the new golem communicator for wide-area communication was completed, wasn’t it?”

Melty added to Sylphy’s statement and turned the conversation to Isla.

“Hmm. The development of communication base equipment that can handle multiple communications at the same time has been completed. If it is combined with a magic wave amplifier that expands the communication range, it is possible to build a vast communication network while covering a wide area. However, Kosuke’s help is needed for mass production in a short period. It takes time to build the cores.”

“We also need Kosuke’s help to relocate the fort and to increase agricultural production capacity. Besides, it would be better to have Kosuke’s help to increase the production of air boards and to strengthen our border defenses.”

“I would also like his help to exterminate the country’s Adol mainline forces. My eyes that can discern the truth will be enough to eliminate the evil priests, but to awaken the believers whose eyes have been blinded by the lies of the mainstream, it is better to have an apostle of God with us.”

Starting with Isla’s statement, Melty and Ellen also began to insist that my presence was necessary for their activities in various places. Hahaha, I only have one body, even if you say that.

“Can’t you do something like splitting yourself up like Lime-san and the others did?”

“Don’t be unreasonable. When it comes to mass production, I can do it anywhere as long as I have a workbench with me, so I can do it while moving around and before I go to bed. As for the issue of relocating forts, the only way to solve this problem is for me to destroy the existing forts and rebuild them while recovering materials, and as for the local Adol teaching, I think we should proceed with the teaching in the surrounding towns and villages.”

Realistically speaking, I think that is the only way. It might be better to give the people the job of rebuilding the fortress as a public work, but that can wait until later, and the minimum appearance must first be put in place.

“Then I should accompany you on that journey. If we are going to convert people from the mainstream to our sect, it would be better to have both myself, a saint, and Kosuke, an apostle of God, together. We can also find out if the local guards can be trusted.”

Ellen said this without changing her expression, and Sylphy, Isla, and Melty looked disappointed. In fact, they would like to go along with me, but Sylphy, as queen, for the time being, can’t leave Merinesburg that often. The same goes for Melty, who is essentially acting as the prime minister. Meanwhile, Isla is in the process of rebuilding the Court Mages and cannot leave Merinesburg as well as the two of them.

On the other hand, Ellen, who has Archbishop Deckard and High Priestess Katerina, who are capable of taking care of Merinesburg without her presence, is able to accompany me on my journey with confidence.

Incidentally, Archbishop Deckard is watching us discussing over tea from a distance. Is he some kind of grandfather relaxing on the veranda?

Sir Leonard? He’s gone to join the troops monitoring the retreating Holy Kingdom army, which has been flying air boards all morning. He said that Danan was about to arrive at Merinesburg with the rest of the force and that he was going to leave the mission to pack up Merinesburg to Danan. He was a fast-running old man.

“Then the members who would accompany me would be Ellen and Ms. Zamir, a squad or two from the gunners to escort us, and a few Harpies?”

“I think that’s about it. Grande-chan might go with you.”

“She’s so capricious, you know. Even if she doesn’t follow me, she’ll fly in if she wants to see me.”

Even if she accompanies me, I can’t take care of her while I’m driving, and she ends up sleeping in the very back of the air board. If that’s the case, I think she should stay in Merinesburg, where she can eat and sleep, and fly over if she wants to see me. If I tell her the general route I’m going to take, she’ll find me on her own.

“May I interject a little?”

Archbishop Deckard entered the conversation as we were discussing who would accompany me. It would be foolish to disparage his opinion, as he had gained a lot of experience as an archbishop in the Holy Kingdom. Sylphy nodded and encouraged him to speak up.

“I think it would be better to have a clergyman of our sect accompany you, and not just Ellen. If we are going to replace the incompetent’s head, we will need the right people to do it.”

“Hmm… I suppose that’s true.”

“It would be easy to modify the logistics air board in the rear of the vehicle to make it more suitable for transporting personnel. We can use the logistics driver as is.”

Driving an air board requires a certain degree of familiarity. Since we have experienced personnel, there is no reason not to make the best use of them.

“I agree. It would be better to take a good number of civilian officers to assist you… and if so, it would be a good number of people. Melty, how is the appointment of civil servants going?”

“With the support of Eleonora-sama, we are promoting civil servants from former civil servants of the former Merinard Kingdom, guild officials, and other civilians such as merchants in the current Merinesburg. For now, the minimum requirements are to be able to read and write without excesses or deficiencies and to be able to do some calculations. We are also reviewing the continued employment of those who were involved in the administration under the rule of the Holy Kingdom.”

“It seems that many of them have been enjoying the sweet juices under the white pig, and their continued employment is not going so well… It’s absolutely lamentable.”

Ellen shook her head evasively as she said this. It seems that not all of the clergy of the Holy Kingdom’s mainstream are corrupt, but it seems that under corrupt people, corrupt people gather as well. Or perhaps even the decent ones have been corrupted by the influence of those at the top.

“In the meantime, the policy is to make it our urgent task to promote the domestic settlement of the country, and everyone should make preparations. In particular, Melty and Ellen should select personnel to accompany Kosuke. Kosuke, until the personnel are ready, please make preparations for the trip and carry out farmland reform in the suburbs of Merinesburg. Isla, too, will secure the materials needed to build a communications and defense network.”



“Roger that.”

“Hmm, understood.”

“Then, let’s get moving. If anything goes wrong, you should get in touch with each other immediately.”

Sylphy stood up. The other three, including myself, also stood up and began to take action. First, I’ll make a reservation for crafting air board components and core components for the communication base equipment, then I’ll check with Melty about the development plan, and then we’ll proceed with the rezoning within Merinesburg and the agricultural land reform in the nearby farming villages… There’s a lot to do!


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  1. He should make dozens of manufacturing facilities (improved workbenches and such) and keep them in his inventory. This way he would have a big safety margin regarding the time required for crafting suddenly needed supplies. In some games they need to be operated separately, in some others simply having twice as many facilities shortens the production time in half. I wonder how about here.


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