Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – Steady Activities


I have a lot of work to do. Although there is a lot to do, they are all basically repetitive tasks. For example, manufacturing various parts is just a matter of making a reservation for crafting and leaving it alone, and the expansion of farmland is a task that has already been done to the point of boredom.

As for the plotting of land, most of the work involves breaking up illegal overcrowded buildings and building neat and orderly standardized housing complexes. What exactly is this?

“It’s time for rezoning! Let’s do it, you bastards!”


W-whoaaa! It’s the Kukakuseri! The Kukakuseri are here!”

The Kukakuseri are a group of troublesome people who raid dirty rooms, whether they are in the middle of doing that “thing” or not, and forcibly remove the “contents” using manpower tactics, destroying the residence without a trace and constructing a completely new residence.

According to the residents.

“They are made up of scary subhuman soldiers, so I can’t complain badly. But I think it’s a good thing that the houses are now clean and nice.”

“It was a holiday, so I was being intimate with my girlfriend, and suddenly they stepped in and threw me outside, naked. I was angry at them for what they were doing, but for some reason, they gave me a big, luxurious bed as a gift.”

“They took all my treasures away from me. They were a bunch of evil people. Crack? People call it junk, but I call it a treasure.”

“I can only thank them for cleaning up my neighbor’s messy room. On a sunny day, it smelled bad, and it was very difficult. I wish my neighbor would have cleaned up his room anyway.”

The residents have been very positive about the project. Is it a good reputation? Let’s just say it was well received. In any case, overcrowded houses that have been added and remodeled in an unregulated manner are extremely dangerous in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other disasters. They also spoil the aesthetics, and nothing good can come out of them. These places can also be breeding grounds for crime, which is why I am out there myself.

Of course, there are other reasons for me to be at the forefront and wield so much power.

“There is nothing to fear. He is a visitor, an apostle of God. And the subhuman soldiers who follow him are our dependable neighbors, too.”

“There are alms of clean cloths and freshly baked bread in the square over there.”

Behind us, the Adol clergy followed us in our tyranny (?), telling people that I was an apostle of God, and then they would win them over with charity.

Are you sure you want to advertise my existence and uniqueness in such a big way? If that were the case, the message would have reached the wrong people before Qubi escaped, and since I intend to become a symbol of the new Adol religion together with Ellen, it is impossible for me to hide. The common view of the new Merinard Kingdom and the new Adol religion is that if they didn’t hide it anyway, it would be more beneficial to make a show of our presence and use it to their advantage.

Also, I have added a new task to my life cycle: performing a miracle at the cathedral in Merinesburg.

Not that there is anything to it in terms of content. I am dressed in shiny clerical robes, healing the believers who are left seriously disabled due to broken bones or other traumatic injuries with “holy cloths and braces” taken out of thin air, healing the seriously ill or seriously wounded with “divine elixirs” taken out of thin air, giving alms by making large amounts of bread and clean cloths appear out of thin air, and so on.

Needless to say, it is all the work of inventory, splints, and various potions. I’ve been called a magician and a housebreaker, along with the reputation of being an apostle of God who gives healing, but I don’t care about the details.

The driving force behind these steady activities is the medicinal herb garden I created in the castle courtyard and the farmland for the castle siege. From the medicinal herbs and crops that can be harvested there, they produce medicines and food for use in clerical activities (?), as well as medicines and food for the castle.

I was also helping to cultivate neighboring farms and teaching air board driving lessons, but I was busy in my own way.

“An envoy from the Dragonis mountain kingdom?”

“Oh, yes. He came to seek an audience with Kosuke, the dragon’s companion, and Grande, the dragon, and to establish diplomatic relations with the newly born Merinard Kingdom. When he arrived in Erichburg and heard that Kosuke, Grande, and I were in Merinesburg and not Elichburg, he left immediately for Merinesburg.”

“Hmm… so it will be weeks before he arrives? I guess I’ll have already left for Merinesburg by then.”

Right now, Danan is in the middle of sweeping the Holy Kingdom forces in the territory of the Kingdom of Merinard with the Liberation Army and Adol clergy. It’s not really a cleanup but more of a recommendation for surrender.

He is going around with Adol clergymen to inform them that the subjugation army that was captured the other day has been wiped out and has retreated, and he is urging them to surrender on the condition that if they surrender quietly, he will take care of their families and their retreat back to their home country.

The soldiers of the Holy Kingdom’s army were not all mainstream, and among those who were drafted and organized in the territory of the Kingdom of Merinard, there were some who secretly had a relationship with subhumans.

In fact, it seems that in some places, the Holy Kingdom is in control only at the top, and there are areas where the oppression of subhumans is not so severe. These are the places where the human soldiers of the Merinard Kingdom who had split off from the subhumans heading for the Black Forest in the past and went into hiding in the territory of the Merinard Kingdom were hiding out.

In those places, the movement to join us, the liberation army that defeated Merinesburg, and the Holy Kingdom’s army―in other words, the newborn Merinard Kingdom―is accelerating. It seems that emissaries from such places have recently been visiting the castle, and depending on the recipient, Sylphy, Melty, Driada-san, who was already socializing in the former Merinard Kingdom, and Seraphita-san, the former queen, are also responding to their requests.

Oops, I got off track.

If they are traveling by carriage, let alone by air board, it is highly likely that the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom’s envoys will arrive in Merinesburg while I am going around with Ellen to even out the land that Danan has exposed. Maybe Grande will be in Merinesburg, but I probably won’t be.

“No, they’ve taken the wyvern to Erichburg. They will arrive here tomorrow at the earliest.”

“A wyvern. I didn’t know you could ride a wyvern.”

“I’ve never seen one in person, but I’ve heard that when they’re raised from eggs, they can be very friendly.”

“Oh, I see. It’s like an imprinting process.”

It is said that birds recognize their parents as soon as they see them after hatching. I don’t know if all birds are like that or not. Wyverns, which are thought to be oviparous, may have a similar habit.

“But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do when they say ‘worship you.'”

“Hmm… I suppose you could ask my mother.”

“Mother, you mean Seraphita-san…?”

Sylphy’s expression clouds over as if she sensed something from my words.

“I want Kosuke to get along with my mother as well…”

“N-no, I think it’s probably okay for us to get along.”

I’m just worried that we might get along too well. I didn’t feel like I was being popular with people since I came to this world, and the other day I noticed what I thought might be the cause of it.

It’s not something I’m trying to do, and I struggled to see if I could turn off the achievement options after that, but it seems I can’t do that, and it didn’t work.

The effect of the achievement seems to have a pinpoint effect on Seraphita-san in particular, so I’d rather refrain from contact with her if possible. No matter how beautiful she is, she’s Sylphy’s mother, a widow who just lost her husband… and I’m sure she’s a tremendous beauty.

“Is that so? I’m glad to hear that.”

Sylphy smiles as if relieved by my words. Stop it. That smile that says it comes from pure joy works on me. I don’t think it’s my fault, but I feel so guilty.

If I had to say who’s to blame, I’d say it’s definitely the fun-loving bastard who brought me into this world and is granting me achievements just for the fun of it. I have no way to complain, though.

“I’ll just ask Seraphita-san. Unh.”

“Do that. I don’t have time to go and ask Mother myself.”

Saying that, Sylphy let out a sigh. She has lunch break with me at the cafeteria right now, but after the meal, she is going to be stuck in her office for the rest of the day. She has a lot of things to do as the next queen. I’d like to help her out, but Melty, who is working with Sylphy on the paperwork, is ten times more powerful than I am, so I’d only be getting in the way.

“I’ll go to Seraphita-san’s after dinner and ask her about it.”

“Yeah. I’ll give you a heads up.”

Saying this, Sylphy called one of the maid-servants who was serving us and told her to tell Seraphita-san that I would ask her after lunch. It is this move that unknowingly cuts off my retreat. Hahaha, Sylphy is so cute!

Let’s hope nothing is going on. Yeah.


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