Maseki Gurume – Vol 7 Chapter 10 Part 3

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Part 3


“──Ain-sama! Ain-sama!”

Dill shook Ain’s body just as the sky was turning bright.

This was the first time Ain was woken up by Dill, and he woke up with a fresh feeling.

He saw that there was a light meal on the table next to the bed and brought it up to his mouth. Stretching out, he looked out the window and saw that the ship had already docked and asked.

“Has everything been all right so far?”

“…There have been no problems that would have woken up Ain-sama.”

He said with a hint of implication.

“That means there have been a few problems.”

“On two occasions, we passed a group of sea monsters.”

“That’s more than a little problem. Why didn’t you call me?”

“Well, we kicked them to pieces and went right through them, so they didn’t give us any trouble…”

Even if it was the Sylvird ship White King, it’s impossible to go through a group of monsters while knocking them around.

Hearing that Dill and the others had accomplished this twice, Ain chewed the sandwich in his mouth with a straight face. 

“That’s a great accomplishment, really.”

Now, of course, there was no way that Leviathan, which could not fit in the port of Ishtalika, could fit in the port of Rockdam. As the Leviathan anchors a short distance away, a battleship can be seen approaching under it.

“We will transfer our weapons and materials to that ship, and then we will land at Rockdam.”

“Hmm, that’s fine. Although we’ve had a lot of surprises, I’m glad to have made it here safely.”

“──Well then.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Understood. Ain-sama’s luggage is already taken care of, so please continue on your way.”

As usual, Dill was a man who could do his job well. But when he looked at Dill, he noticed something unusual.

“I wondered if you were wearing a necklace like that.”

A small necklace in the shape of a cat was standing out on Dill’s chest.

“It was given to me by Katima-sama. She said it was a symbol of my being her assistant.”

“Oh, so you’re her assistant. I see, yes, good, good.”

Abandoning all thought, Ain walked quickly toward the door.

“Ain-sama, there seems to be something implied in the way you say it.”

“No, there’s nothing there. Don’t worry. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Now, we must go to Lloyd-san’s quickly.”

Thus, Ishtalika’s reinforcements, including Ain, arrived at Rockdam.

The appearance of Leviathan surprised the knights who had come to Rockdam ahead of them, but Ain’s arrival surprised and excited them even more.

The morale was truly soaring, and the energy of those who were going with him to Birdland was astounding.

The army he was leading were mostly cavalry, and the road that Lloyd had already traversed was smooth and free of obstacles, even with the presence of the big crossbow.


Another night passed, and it was noon the next day.

Ain finally reached the vicinity of Birdland and looked all around the battlefield.

The group was looking down on Birdland from a small hillside, and there was still no sign that Heim’s army had noticed them.

“Ara, geez… it looks like you were right to come in such a hurry, Your Highness.”

The two men were still looking at the small hillside in Birdland, and Heim’s army didn’t seem to have noticed them yet.

“Majolica-dono is right. Ain-sama has made the right decision by rushing here.”

“Yes. I’m really glad I came in such a hurry.”

“…I wonder if that’s the carriage they say releases the supposed miasma. The one they say the fat first prince rides in.”

“No doubt. That is the identity of the disquieting element that Warren-san was talking about.”

In the direction to which Majolica extended his finger, a luxurious carriage was parked on the flat land. Unlike the gold, silver, and jeweled exterior, the air leaking out had a poisonous hue.

It was surrounded by half-monsters escorting it, and a man in a robe was standing there.

(I can manage that much.)

There wasn’t much of a force, and most of them were trying to capture Lloyd’s army in Birdland, it turned out.

“It looks like they have some unique pets with them.”

“A pet with no discipline is just a raging beast. ──Dill.”

“Yes. Whenever Ain-sama orders us to open fire, we will do so.”

“So, Your Highness, what are we going to do?”

“…As you can see, Lloyd-san is being pushed. The soldiers of Heim also look strange, but there are too many half-monsters for them to deal with.”

Ain calmly analyzed the situation on the battlefield and recited them one by one as if to confirm his own thoughts.

“If they could cross the defense line here, even Rockdam will not be able to get away with it. Thanks to Lloyd-san’s persistence here, the current situation remains as it is.”

“Your Highness is right. I don’t think it’s fair to put the blame for these poor results on the marshal’s shoulders.”

“Yeah, that’s why we have to go help him.”

Ain took a few steps forward on his horse and looked back at Dill and Majolica.

Seeing them nodding, Ain smiled with satisfaction.

Then he turned to the knights this time.

The knights’ faces were grim. The number of half-monsters attacking Birdland was more than they had imagined, and combined with the appearance of the Heim soldiers, the impression was that they were immensely distressed by this bizarre scene.

(We can’t go on like this.)

If ordered, the knights would fight heroically. However, it was difficult with the current morale to display their true strength.

“Everyone, look at your comrades next to you.”

In a clear voice that seemed to reach everywhere, Ain spoke to the army he had brought with him. He hoped that the knights would regain some semblance of normalcy.

“Look at the faces of your comrades-in-arms. Look at the armor they wear. All that you see is our pride.”


Quietly and gradually… the sound of the knights thrusting their spears resounds through the air.

──Zap… zap…!

The sound gradually increased, and little by little, the voices overlapped.

Somehow, the high spirits were returning to the faces of the knights.

“Stick out your spears. Swing your swords. Crush the enemy’s body──!”

Finally, Ain pulled out his black sword.

At the same time, the black sword emitted a dazzling light that slowed the half-monster’s movement. But this was not by his own will.

The black sword was shining its own light of its own volition, illuminating this battlefield.

──Ain was surprised.

This is… and the words were uttered spontaneously.




He mouthed the same words as Gail at that time and looked up at the sky.

It is not just snow falling from far above, but the snow of light. When it eventually landed on the ground and exploded in a swarm of spreading half-monsters.

A silvery-white wind rushed across the plain, instantly purifying the miasma around here.

…In the silence that came to the battlefield, Ain raised his black sword high once more.

“Run! Run to our family!”

On the plain overlooking the hills, watching the black waves of Heim’s army.

Standing ahead of everyone else, he rode his horse with an order to the battlefield spreading out below the hills.

Following him, the army of Ain started to run at once. The four crossbows prepared for the attack quickly blew away the surrounding half-monsters.

It was not long before Ain had dispelled the miasma, and soon the miasma generated by the carriages began to drift onto the battlefield. It was thinner than it was before it was purified, but it was still something that must be dealt with immediately.

“…Ara ara, when did he become so kingly?”

“We are so proud of His Highness the Crown Prince, Majolica-dono.”

“I know. But… what was that great power he had just demonstrated…?”

Majolica was bewildered and shaken to the core. 

Seeing the crown prince running on the front lines made him feel that it would be alright if he followed him. The same was true for the army that followed him, all of whom, after seeing the light earlier, had no idea where their morale was going, and it’s only getting stronger.

“Dill! Take charge of the left flank! Keep the enemy away from the rear support force where Varra is! Majolica-san, I want you to drive the enemy on the right wing!”

“W-wait, Your Highness! What about you?”

“The momentum of the crossbow opened up the perimeter of the carriage! I’ll destroy that carriage!”

The only one who had complete resistance to the miasma was Ain.

Seeing that the area around the carriage had been thinned out, Ain ran alone down the center to the carriage.

Soon, mingled with the dust, the miasma gradually poured out.


Dill was about to run up to him, but Ain stopped him.

“It has to be me! So, Dill, I need you to cover me so that the enemy won’t come towards me!”


“It can’t be helped. Don’t push yourself too hard just because you have the Red Jade of the Earth!”

“I know!”

Ain chuckled as he saw Heim’s army panicking.


“Move out of my way!”

With a single slash, he cut down the rat that attacked him from a blind spot and headed straight for the carriage.

Ain, who strangely felt more powerful than usual, was immersed in the sense of satisfaction as if he had become one with Marco’s sword.

He looked around with clear vision, with a mental strength that could be compared to a sense of all-purpose.

…..Where is the commander?

As he searched, the sound of a horn echoed across the battlefield.

“Enemy reinforcements, huh…?”

Lloyd was in danger if he didn’t hurry. He calmed his panicked head.

Then, shaking his head from side to side, he turned his attention only to the carriage. The first thing to do was to destroy the carriage.

Without eliminating the miasma, it was impossible to fight what could be fought.

“…What a disgusting smell!”

The smell, which was similar to the smell of rotten food, reached Ain’s nose.

The scent of dust and miasma was depressing, but with a wrinkle between his brows, he hurried his horse, but there were those who wanted to get to him. 

“Pro, tect, His, Highness!”

“Bring, down, the, barbarian!”

With hushed voices, two coachmen opened their mouths in a peculiar tone. Their expressions were obscured by the deep hoods they wore, but they did not seem like ordinary people.

When Ain appeared at the point where he came in close contact with the carriage, the two coachmen attacked him with their spears.


“For, Heim! For, Heim!”

However, they were no match for Ain.

The one who caught the black sword was defeated by the sharpness of the sword and was cut down along with his spear, while the other one ran out of the line of attack.

He went to the battlefield near the town of Birdland, which was a bit of a letdown from Ain’s point of view.

“…What’s with that guy?”

In order to find out what this coachman was, he approached the cut-down coachman and took off his hood.

…What he found in it was a figure Ain had never imagined.


The coachman must have been an ordinary human being, to begin with.

But inside the hood was the face of a man whose body was half rotten. How he had been transformed was unknown, but it was obvious that it was not humanely possible.

Ain felt sick, but he hurriedly approached the carriage.

Then the miasma was purified and lost its color, and the carriage doors opened on their own. As he peeked inside the carriage, he noticed a figure inside.

The person inside also seemed to have noticed Ain and spoke to him in a pleasant tone.

“…O-oh! What a lovely woman! Come on, come closer!”

“Are you Layfon?”

“I-I…I am the crown prince Layfon. Come on, come here… and take off your clothes!”

“──I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but I’m a man.”

He must be the first prince of Heim, but the breath he breathed out was dark. In addition, Ain noticed that the miasma was leaking out of Layfon’s clothes.

The one who was spreading the miasma was not the carriage but Layfon.

“Ha… hahaha? What are you talking about, i-i-i-i…it’s okay, just come c-c-c-loser… here…!”

Layfon, who called himself the crown prince, took off his clothes.

Ain turned away for a moment, but just before he turned away, he saw something.

It is a round black stone embedded between Layfon’s chest. Thick blood vessels connect to the stone, which occasionally pulsates sinisterly.

“Where did you get that stone?”

“T-t-t-t-t-this was given to me! B-by that noble…! Ah? Who is that noble? M…me? H-h-h-h-hey! Come on, get over here and… take off your clothes!”

“Ah, the red fox.”

He had no sympathy for Layfon, but he felt a little pity for being left to his own devices in this way. Exhaling a deep sigh, Ain slowly entered the carriage and stepped right next to Layfon.

“H…hah…? H-huh?”

When Ain’s sword pierced the stone embedded in Layfon, Layfon stroked the stone with his mouth agape. The black sticky liquid leaked out little by little from the already shattered stone, and Layfon’s body became thinner as it shriveled up.

“Ah──Awaah! …Haahh… ah…”

Seeing Layfon scratch his throat in pain, Ain almost turned his head away as quickly as he could. 

But with steely eyes, he looked at Layfon’s changing appearance. He felt obligated to watch, not to say responsible for turning the blade on him.

“Ka…haahh…. kah… haaaaaahh.”

He became skin and bones, like a mummy, and that was the end of Layfon. The miasma no longer leaked from Layfon, and Ain left the carriage with heavy footsteps.

“──Damn it!”

Ain swung his sword as he exited the carriage, and this time, the carriage was easily cut in half.

The carriage collapsed with a dull thud, and Ain, who was looking down, kicked the ground hard.

Then, Dill rushed up to him with his horse.

“Are you alright? I came here because I was suspicious when I saw a sudden weakening of the enemy army’s movement…”

“The movement weakened… it might be because the half-monsters were strengthened by the miasma.”

Ain, who has thought of a hypothesis, is alone in his conviction. 


At a distance, he turned his eyes to the town of Birdland, where he felt a strong presence. 

That was──.


His eyes were filled with hatred at the sight of his enemy, whom he had finally found. But he noticed someone kneeling in front of Edward and hurriedly returned to his horse.


“We must hurry, Lloyd-san is in danger!”

“Father is…? No way, he’s…!”

At this rate, he would not make it in time.

Lloyd’s body would be pierced immediately, and he would lie there as a lifeless body.

“Something! There has to be something…! What is it…?”

In an agonizing decision, Ain releases a black mist to deceive the eyes of the enemy. It was the fog that Black Huorn possessed to deceive people’s eyes, hoping that it would buy a little time.

Then, unexpectedly, there was a word that snatched his mind.

‘My name is Ain, Ain von Ishtalika. I am the next king of the blood of the rightful Ishtalika and the second of the Ishtalika royal family──.’

──Yes. He’s the second demon king of the Ishtalika royal family.

He recalled what he had said during the battle with Marco and strongly reminded himself that he was also a demon king of the blood of the dryads.

“There’s no way I’m giving up at a place like this… right!”

It would be a lie if he said that he was not in agony, but he certainly put all his strength into his body.

“Bring it to meeeee!”

Just as he did when he protected Chris at Sith Mill when he fought Gail at the deepest part of the shrine.

He strongly envisioned in his heart that the dryad’s power would reach──.


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