Maseki Gurume – Vol 8 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Battle of Heim

Part 1


As Ain drove his horse, Logas drove his horse toward Heim’s army as well. The commanders of both sides returned, and the battlefield was suddenly abuzz.

The Ishtalika side gradually advanced their huge crossbow and brought Heim’s royal capital within range.


Dill rode his horse to greet the returning Ain and approached him. His face was bright and cheerful, but there was a lightness to it as if he was making fun of him.


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“What’s that look? What’s wrong?”

It is rare to see Dill grinning. Ain was so taken aback that he asked Dill.

“That was a splendid speech. As you can see, the morale of the knights is at an all-time high.”

“Oh… yeah. I’m glad to hear that, but… what’s with your face? What’s wrong?”

Dill spoke with a smile that had a hint of something in it, but the reason for it was still unresolved.

When Ain asked the question for the second time, the face that seemed to be teasing him smiled calmly. Looking around, the knights around him are also laughing.

“No, there is no problem. I just felt that Ain-sama’s feelings for Krone-sama were beautiful.”


“Come on! Let’s move, too! Cavalry, forward!”

Dill, whose expression had begun to relax, uttered the command with gestures as he spoke the reason and moved on to attack the royal capital of Heim.

Ain heard his voice and nodded, crossing his arms on his horse.

“I see. Yes.”

This must be it. He heard it.

He had meant to say the last words so that only Logas could hear them, but somehow, his voice must have reached them on the wind.

He never thought he would feel embarrassed on this battlefield…

Looking up at the sky, Ain slapped his cheek and looked at Dill, who was continuing his instructions nearby.

“When the battle is over, I’ll make sure to keep him quiet.”

Objectively speaking, there was no doubt that it would be a beautiful story.

However, he decided to avoid the extreme embarrassment for now and changed his mind with a sigh for what seemed like the umpteenth time.

So much for the time to relieve tension.

From here on, the war was on.

…A moment after Ain was about to pull out his sword with a renewed mind.

From a distant direction… the port town of Roundheart, just as it had appeared that night, the second princess Olivia’s ship was faintly sounding its whistle.


Then, without any warning, there was a resounding crash and a ground shaking that shook the battlefield. A shockwave that made Heim’s army momentarily stop moving as a whole rushed across the battlefield.

“It was a tremendous shock, wasn’t it? Chris must have fired the main weapon of the Princess Olivia.”

The battleship on which Chris, who was on a separate mission, was a ship exclusively for royalty.

The Princess Olivia was ridden to this location by Chris, who was acting separately, because the Leviathan, the sea dragon ship, was used for Ain’s transportation.

Smoke rising above the port town of Roundheart and the scattering of extremely colored light evidence of the use of the magic stone’s power. Ain was surprised by the impact, which was more than he had imagined.

The same shock and tremors as before also hit the surrounding area.

(It’s not just one shot, it’s a series of main cannons firing in rapid succession.)

The main weapon of the Ishtalika battleship far exceeds the power of the dreadnought that was brought to this place.

The reason was that a huge body like a battleship could carry a huge weapon that emphasized power.

“We can’t lose either.”

Hearing Ain’s voice, Dill nodded.

They must not miss the chance that brought Heim’s army to panic.

Tightening his grip on the reins of his horse, Ain drew his sword and announced the signal to advance.


◇ ◇ ◇


The time goes back before Ain’s speech.

The Ishtalika fleet arrived in the immediate vicinity of the port town of Roundheart.

The Heim soldiers who were waiting for them were confronted by the Princess Olivia, a ship exclusively for royalty, the Leviathan, a sea dragon ship that had just joined the fleet, and the fleet that was advancing on both wings of the two ships.

“There is no sign of civilians, as was feared. Perhaps they have taken refuge somewhere, just like the people of the royal capital.”

Chris, who was on deck, was told this by a royal knight, who was also on deck, watching from next to her.


…And even so.

“Ain-sama. I can’t help but feel a connection I would rather not feel, to be on this ship and visit this town!” 

After the royal knight left, she shook her golden thread hair in the sea breeze and muttered.

Her gaze fell on a mansion at the far end of the main street.

The Roundheart family was punished by confiscation of their lands after the secret pact with Ishtalika was broken, and that mansion no longer belonged to Logas.

Even so, it was still the mansion where Ain spent his childhood, and to Chris, it was a symbol of hatred.

Chris felt a pang of discomfort in her chest just looking at the house, but she urged herself to calm down.

“Anyone, how are the knights on the other battleships doing?”

“No delay, ma’am. One call, and we’ll be ashore in no time.”

“Then it’s time to get moving,” She said coldly to the knight who had come as she observed Ain’s birthplace.

“Then I’ll make the road leading to the capital first.”

“…What do you mean?”

“If we continue on the road in the center of the town, there is a single mansion that is an eyesore. …Without it, we can go straight to Ain-sama.”

The knight looked in the direction Chris was looking and noticed the mansion.

“Get ready. I’m going to release the “Saint’s Mercy” toward that town.”

“I see, the main weapon from the very first shot?”

“That’s right. The Princess Olivia’s main gun weapon may not be able to deliver a broadside blow, but its linear wave power is superior to that of the White King’s main weapon. It is perfect for this situation.”

It would destroy that annoying mansion, and it would also create a way to get to Ain. It was the best move she could have made.

“There may be enemy soldiers worth capturing if that is alright with you?”

“We went there to settle the matter. We don’t need to get prisoners of war. Rather, if there are enemy soldiers worth capturing, cut them down on this battlefield.”


“After the main weapon by Princess Olivia, the surrounding fleet will open fire as well.”

“Understood. Then we will move on to the preparations.”

After seeing the knight off to the wheelhouse, Chris looked further away from the mansion. 

The direction was where the royal capital of Heim stood, which was the battlefield when the separate unit led by Ain arrived.


I am dissatisfied. It is already a tremendous dissatisfaction, said Chris. As an elf, her eyesight was incomparably better than that of an ordinary person. But she couldn’t really see the person she’s after, and all she knew was that there were two opposing armies.

“──Can’t see… can’t hear…”

Despite being on the battlefield, she looked sullen and felt terribly disappointed that she was not in the vicinity of the royal capital.

Perhaps there was a war speech going on right now.

No matter how hard she tried to strain her eyes or put her hands over her ears to pick up the sound, neither Ain’s figure nor his voice could reach her.

“Hah… can’t see, can’t hear, can’t reach Ain-sama’s voice…..”

As she sharpened her five senses, unable to give up, she suddenly thought.


A feeling of elation, like a warrior’s tremor, overtook her whole body, and she almost bowed her head on the spot at the presence of Ain, which made her feel as if he was there with her or not. She had the illusion that Ain himself was right in front of her, and she checked her surroundings. For a moment, a strong feeling of presence rushed through the wind, even though there was no sign of him.

──What was that?

──Did you hear the voice of the crown prince?

The knights were also immersed in the same sensation.

And then, from the direction of the army of Ishtalika, the loudest shouts of the day went up.

The strange feeling Chris had just experienced lasted only a few seconds, and she came to her senses, mouthed the word “All right,” and turned her mind back to the situation at hand.

That must have been because the war speech was over.

“We, too, must move.”

Then Chris raised her right arm and signaled to the crew in the wheelhouse.

The energy of the magic stone was condensed into the main weapon of the Princess Olivia, which boasts of its beautifully huge body. The sound of purple electricity rushing through the air was heard, and the ship itself vibrated.

The light emitted by the spiraling energy was filled with a dazzle similar to the waves that were emitted when the Tower of Wisdom went out of control the other day, taking away the surrounding sound and creating a silent wind on the sea.

Chris pulled out her rapier and thrust it into the deck to support herself.

No matter how many times Chris may have experienced the power of the main weapon of the Princess Olivia class, she did not have many chances to do so. No matter how much she called it training, it was not realistic to think about the cost of each shot.

“On my signal.”

The sound of the whistle rings out loudly, signaling the other battleships.


A light rhythm, like the gentle tinkling of a bell, sounded.

Ring… Ring…

The tone, which seemed to reach the sky, was so pure that it almost washed over the heart. It was due to this unique sound that Princess Olivia’s main weapon was named “Saint’s Mercy.”

It was also the name used to honor Olivia herself, who was renowned as a saint.


The echoing tone stopped, and the area fell silent.

“Show them your majesty!”

As soon as Chris finished saying that, the space around the main weapon was distorted.

…Compared to the main weapon fired by Lily in Euro, Princess Olivia’s main weapon was very quiet. This was because it did not spread damage like a rallying cry but simply directed its authority to the designated path. The manner in which the blow, which had become a ray of light, made no noise without rudeness was reminiscent of the ladylike Olivia’s gestures, but its destructive power was something else.

The energy released in a straight line destroyed the surrounding buildings, eventually sucking them in.

Finally, the energy burst, scattering the debris that had been sucked in and sending a glow high into the sky.

It was then that a roar rang out, shaking the earth. Any being touched by the light of the ruptured energy was literally annihilated.

There were very few things left. All that remained was rubble that had turned to dust.

Naturally, there were also enemy soldiers who had escaped damage. But then, mercilessly, other battleships bombarded the area.

“The way is clear.”

Chris said and walked out, jumping off the ship and standing on the ground. The smell of burning mixed in with the sea breeze was in her nose, but she didn’t care.

At some point, the front of the battleship opened, and knights on horseback trickled into the port town of Roundheart.

Chris took the white horse from the royal knight, and when mounted, she pointed her rapier toward the road leading to the royal capital.

“──Ain-sama, I will be with you shortly.”

After placing her hand on the magic stone dedicated to him, she gripped the reins tightly.

“Generally speaking, even though it’s an operation, it’s not right that I’m not there with you as your escort…! I’ll definitely, definitely, I’ll be selfish later on!”

Chris grumbled, but she caught sight of the enemy forces that had appeared outside the port town of Roundheart and spurred her horse into a gallop.

She rode through the port town of Roundheart with a look of pride on her face, and just as she reached the road leading to the royal capital.

“Kill the barbarians of Ishtalika!”

“Don’t let them desecrate our holy land! Strike down as many Ishtalikans as you can!”

The soldiers of Heim shouted to inspire themselves.

The opponents were those who had been fleeing like spiders before the power of the main weapon. They seemed to have realized that the main weapon’s attack could not reach this far, and now they were waiting for it. Chris’s eyes, which had no emotion left in them at all, were polished, and a moment later, a rapier as sharp as her eyes was about to be pulled out──.”


Suddenly, a voice calling out to Chris arrives from the direction behind. The one who dexterously weaved his way between the enemy soldiers and approached, avoiding them, was the royal knight of Ishtalika.

“You were not with me. Why are you here?”

She recognized the face of the royal knight. But this time, he was not on a mission with Chris. Chris noticed this and waited for the next words, wondering.

“I’m here to deliver a message from His Excellency the Marshal!”


“Yes! Pardon me for being on horseback, but I don’t have much time, so I’ll report to you as it is! Earlier, Lloyd-sama told me that he was going to──”

What was being said was Lloyd’s plan.

The royal knight informed Chris that they wanted to fight with her and the other knights in order to face Edward.

When Chris heard this, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Lloyd-sama was completely beaten…”

Lloyd was the man who is called the strongest knight in Ishtalika, and no one doubted his reputation. 

However, Chris acted calmly. She knew that nothing good would come from being upset at this point.

“I understand. Then I’ll head there as soon as possible.”

An obstacle to joining Ain appeared.

Normally, she would have felt more grumpy. But when it came to an opponent that Lloyd couldn’t even handle, she couldn’t afford to think about such things.

──A moving wall.

The army commanded by Chris can be aptly described in one word.

The difference in strength was so great that even a young child could see it, and just as Ain couldn’t think straight, Chris couldn’t understand the red fox’s purpose either.

The soldiers of Heim were simply being overrun and were not strong enough to be an enemy of Ishtalika.

The level of skill and even the weaponry were not suitable for the battle. 

“──There they are!”

In this place where many of Heim’s soldiers and the forces of Ishtalika were mixed together, Chris saw a conspicuous group of people, different from the army that Ain seemed to be leading.

Among them, she spotted a figure that looked like Lloyd, although she could not confirm the details of his appearance.

“We’re going to reinforce the marshal! Line up the crossbows on the flanks and attack the enemy soldiers as we advance!”

After uttering a few more formation instructions, the Ishtalika’s army changed shape.

After interlocking with each other in such a way as to give the illusion of being a single organism, they followed Chris, who started running and rode their horses toward the army led by Lloyd.


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