Maseki Gurume – Vol 8 Chapter 4 Part 4

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Part 4


“How did you get that sword…..? As I thought, you are…..”

“…I see. That’s what you mean.”

There is no doubt about it.

The power that Shannon mentioned that she had seen before was that of Gail.

If so, what else is unknown is how often she told Grint not to push himself and how anxious she seemed.

(It was a power that could only be used by His Majesty Gail…? But Shannon says that Grint and His Majesty Gail’s power is different. If that’s the case, then why did he come here and finally use the power of the Heavenly Knight or whatever?)

It’s obvious. There is something flawed about using it, which is why Shannon didn’t let Grint use it until now.

“──I hate it!”

Shannon suddenly hugged her body and fell to her knees, screaming.

“Grint-sama! Please shatter that sword! As soon as possible! Kill him, the one who uses that sword immediately…!”

Obviously, she had something going on with Gail.

Gail’s diary didn’t say why, but it did say that Gail had mentioned that he would never forgive Shannon for what she had done.

“Shannon, what happened with His Majesty the First?”


“And why did you come after me?”

“Annoying….. annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying──annoying! I don’t want to talk about that guy who didn’t help me!”

Her voice was even like a roar. When she looked up, she showed red tears mixed with blood.

She was still shaking, and Grint ran to her and supported her.

“Shannon! What’s wrong?”

Not answering the call of her fiance, she turned cold eyes on Grint.

“Why did Grint-sama come to my side when I told you to kill him as soon as possible?”

“N-no… it was because I was worried about Shannon!”


Then she abruptly stood up.

She brushed off Grint’s arm that was supporting her body and smiled dryly, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t need you to remain in power any longer. So, please tell me. For my sake, Grint-sama, will you kill that man as soon as possible?”

“Y-yes! Of course, I will!”

Shannon spoke kindly after a while to Grint, who answered sincerely.

“If so, I guess this is goodbye.”

A kiss.

The sudden kiss left Grint puzzled, but he immediately embraced Shannon.

Majolica was appalled and taken aback.

But only Ain changed his expression and rushed out.

“Wait! Shannon!”

His god-speed step was so much faster than Chris’s, but──.

The next moment──.

With a roar like a thunderstorm, a wave of silvery magic power that spilled over the entire audience chamber settled on Grint’s body.

(Damn it…!)

Looking behind him with a split-second judgment, Ain grew tree roots so that Majolica and the others would not be affected by it.

“Your Highness!”

“Just stay back! Don’t ever come out!”

The wave pushed Ain into the tree roots and blew him away while saying to the panicked Majolica in a strong voice.

The air was pushed out from his lungs at the same time as the collision, and he was out of breath──.

Still, he turned toward Grint, who should have been at the center of the wave, and gnashed his teeth when he saw Shannon standing unconcerned, and Grint’s whole body enveloped in a blinding light.

“This is….. Shannon…..?”

“Grint-sama. Please, please. Please use that power to kill that man.”

There was a beep, beep sound.

As Grint’s figure was revealed in the light, his entire body was transformed. His skin was transformed as if plastered on, and his eyes turned silver.

The clothes he wore were burned by magic, and the magic mimicked vestments-like garments.

Soon, the golden pattern on his entire body pulsed, and two pairs of wings appeared from his back, shimmering like diamonds.

The sword in his hand was charged with magic power, transforming its entire form into an even larger sword.

“This is amazing.”

His voice was different from before, somewhat mechanical.

It lacked intonation and humanity.


Ain called out to him through the tree roots.

“What kind of being is the Heavenly Knight?”

“There are only a few people who have been able to manifest them, so information is scarce, but it is said that they appeared after the death of His Majesty the First. But I’ve heard that it’s so powerful that it can corrupt the body!”

Ain answered in a small voice, “I understand.”

Considering what was about to happen, he regretted that he should have asked Lloyd and Chris about the Heavenly Knight earlier.

But Dill had told him before.

“The Heavenly Knight is close to self-destructive in some ways… so you might want to ask my father about it at a later date.”

This is probably why Shannon had initially told him not to push himself too hard.

The reason why Shannon transformed Grint into an abandoned pawn now was because the situation has changed.

(Well, you know better than I do.)

She must be well aware of the strength of the first king Gail.

Hence, when she discovered that Ain’s black sword was very similar to Gail’s, she decided to discard Grint.

──All in order to kill Ain.

Even Heim was a pawn to be discarded, all for the sake of killing him, Ain thought.


Ain exhaled deeply and looked at the situation.

Now Grint looked like an angel. Even his clothes, as well as the aura and wings he exudes.

“…Shannon. Did you attack the port town of Magna to prevent me from seeing the information left behind by His Majesty the First?”

“I wonder. What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me.”

“I really don’t know. I don’t even care about that town. It was probably done by my descendants who stayed over there. I have nothing to do with it now.”

The red fox is not a monolith. Remembering this, Ain stopped asking.

“Then again, you really are a different person. Grint.”

Not that he had any sympathy for his brother, who he said killed Dill, but he did seem pathetic.

He was no longer the man he was just a few dozen seconds ago.

To be betrayed by the woman he loved and treated as nothing more than a weapon, Ain could only pity him.

Even now, his skin ached when exposed to the silvery white light from Grint.

“I’ll stop holding back.”

From Ain’s body, it gradually reveals itself from his fingertips.

“I’ve only ever put out the cuirass. I felt that if I tried to take out more than this, I didn’t have enough strength to do so. Maybe I was subconsciously avoiding the danger.”

Dullahan’s armor enveloped Ain as Grint rushed forward, one step and then another.

(Hah… I’m hungry. No good. I should have gotten a few more magic stones.)

Fed up with the hunger caused by the use of power, Ain concentrated harder and harder.

Leaving the tree roots, he stepped forward to near the center of the audience room and opened his mouth.

“I fought seriously at the time of the Sea Dragon and at the time of Marco. But this is the first time I’m being serious now.”

Passing through the range of the cuirass, a black aura extends all the way to his shoulders.

Shannon remembered this as well.

The image of Ramza von Ishtalika, the greatest swordsman of all time, came back to her mind, and she shook her body again and shouted to Grint, who had lost his ego, “Kill him quickly!”

“Aa… aaaah! It’s for Shannon!”

Also, from the shadows at her feet, several black tentacles with dissolving surfaces appeared.

Soon, the full appearance was revealed: a huge mouth covered by several tentacles. It leaped out of Shannon’s shadow and approached Ain with its serpent-like body crawling.


With a dry and furious voice, Grint sprinted faster than ever.

From the point of view of Majolica and the others, it was blindingly divine speed, comparable to the movement of that Chris.

Spreading his wings and closing the distance in a single breath, Grint swung his sword down, cutting through the carpet and shattering the stone floor.

He approached Ain faster than the wind, though, along with ‘something’ that Shannon brought up.

“Grint. This is where it starts.”

The voice of the Demon King, filled with majesty… or perhaps overwhelming dominance, echoed through the audience chamber.

He was wrapped in jet-black armor and held up a black sword.

There was a cut-down ‘something’ lying at his feet, and although it did not die, Grint, who had been repelled, stood at a distance, appalled.

When and at what point did Ain swing his sword? No one here knew, and only Shannon spoke up.

“The ancient undead, which even Named escapes from….. in an instant…..!”

On the other hand, Ain shook his armor slightly. Sweat was on his forehead, and he told them in a calm voice.

“Majolica-san, I want you to take the royal knights and go out of the audience chamber.”

“Wait!? Your Highness?”

“I order you as the crown prince. Leave here quickly.”


In response to Majolica’s protests, Ain continued.

“Consider these words as a royal decree.”

With these words, he startled everyone, including the royal knights.

The royal knights still did not want to leave, but Majolica had no choice but to reply.

“I understand, but I’ll wait at a distance. All of the royal knights should go and search for Chris and Dill.”

The royal decree, however, did not allow Ain to be left alone.

At this point, Ain nodded his head in return as the margin was disappearing.

He wanted to see the end of everyone going away, but as a matter of fact, there was no room left for that either.

(…No, this is no good. This is not a dimension of addition or subtraction.)

The word “overloaded” was the closest he could come to describing the situation.

He could not suppress his overflowing physical strength, and his five heightened senses were still on the rise.

He was convinced that if they continued to fight, Majolica and the others would be in danger.


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