Maseki Gurume – Vol 8 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Part 2


“──For that! It is my loyalty to answer! My chivalry!”

He struck the void, and the scenery around him cracked like glass. A huge sword appears from there and goes under his hand.

He holds the sword as if spreading his arms.

“This old man! All of this, down to the tips of my fingernails! I offer it to you as a sword!”

He declared in a rage.

“Lloyd-sama! Our shoulders!”

“Now! Quickly!”

Having borrowed a shoulder from the royal knights, Lloyd looked up and saw a man standing in front of him.

Lloyd had not been able to see him before when he and Ain went to the Demon Lord’s castle. But even so, he could tell.

“Don’t tell me you are…?”

Startled, Lloyd raised his head and finally looked up at the man standing there to protect him.

It was the first time he had seen him, but the name immediately came to mind.

This man──This man’s name is──.


“The deputy commander of the Black Knight, Marco. I am here by order of my lord.”


He replied and took a step forward, while Edward took a step back.

“What a strange vitality, but it is not chic to trace it back to its roots. For now, I will simply bask in the supreme joy of being able to fulfill my duty.”

His voice was full of joy.

His brave steps were full of vitality, and Edward, who was supposed to be strengthened, retreated backward unceremoniously.

Holding the huge sword in his hand, he held it in front of his eyes.

And then, he passes the word.

The streaks that spread through his body are dyed reddish-black… and he speaks in a dignified and high voice.

“O foul beast that opposes my lord! All shall fade away into the mist! The sword of kings proclaims it!”

On the other hand, Edward.

“Marco… no, you armor bastard…! Armor bastaaarrddd!”

He held his spear to the side to prevent it, but the cobblestones crumbled beneath his feet, and his legs sank.

His cheeks, which were supposed to be dyed in a joyful color, were already sweating with a devilish spirit.

“Why are you here? Why!?”

“Is there a knight who will not answer his lord’s call? I am overflowing at the thought of being able to kill the hateful beast right now!”

This was the highlight of the show, that’s all.

Not to mention the fluidity of his sword fights, his strength also surpassed Edward’s.

The knight hiding in the Demon Lord’s castle was this strong. Lloyd blinked repeatedly at this figure, which was far beyond his imagination.

“Are you that Marco-sama, whom Ain-sama met in the Demon Lord’s castle?”

“This is not the time to talk! You must have someone to protect! Go to the port town as quickly as you can!”

“B… but! Ain-sama!”

“Leave him to us and run quickly! Go outside and run to the port town with your companions!”

Lloyd, who assumed his companion referred to the knights, was told by Marco.

“I’ve also told that man with the fancy clothes to leave it to us and run away quickly!”

There is no doubt about it. It must be Majolica.

Lloyd was glad to know that it was Majolica who should be heading to the royal castle with Ain.

Then he stood up, turned around, and called out to the royal knights.

“Do not let this opportunity pass you by. We will retreat to the port town of Roundheart.”

“Yes, sir!”


“Well, you two! This way, please!”

The destination is the port town of Roundheart.

The group decided to retreat, taking Marco’s word for it. They bowed deeply as they left and retreated with Harley and Reel.

“I am filled with gratitude. You have allowed me to end what is left of our relationship. Hmm, what’s the matter with you, beast? You’ve lost your swagger.”

“Whose fault is it…? You armor bastaaaaaaard!”

“Oh, you’re yelling again. You’re acting like a little boy.”

“Shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Just shut up… shut uuuupppp!”

Continuing his harsh attacks, Edward, now a self-proclaimed Demon King──used his enhanced body to its fullest and thrust his spear at Marco with a devilish look on his face.

But Marco, on the receiving end, was very calm.

“You should remember this well. Recall how you could not stand before me without that female fox.”

“Shut your mouth! Don’t you dare to talk to me like you’re superior to me after your defeat!”

“Don’t misunderstand this. You did not defeat me. The only person I lost to is none other than Ain-sama alone.”

Marco changed his stance. His grip had increased to a level beyond human understanding, and he shook off Edward’s spear with annoyance.

“Think back. You have never won a fight with me in the past. Even if it is the power you have obtained by overreaching yourself, you are not even close to the real Demon King, let alone me right now!”

Edward’s body collapsed strongly as he was swatted away so easily.

“Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppp!”

…But the ending was so quick and easy.

The difference in power, was this the result of a real difference in strength? Marco raised his sword and swung it down at a speed that Edward didn’t even realize he had been cut.

Edward’s chest was sliced deeply and widely.

Bright red blood gushed out like a fountain.

“Oh… Ah…!”

“Before your face is a royal sword. It is no match for a beast like you.”

“Gu, ah… gaahh… You can’t even shed a tear… you flawed being, Ah…!”

He ridiculed the body of the armor.

This body is not all flawed, either. If I cannot shed a tear, then it is a blessing. I don’t need to show up in disgrace in front of my lord.”

With these words, the loyal knight strode on.

“──But perhaps it is a flaw that I cannot shed a tear for my lord.”

He carried a huge sword on his shoulder to spell the end for those of the beastly hand that spread in Heim.


◇ ◇ ◇


In a different place, in the port town of Roundheart.

In a room of the Sea Dragon Leviathan, Lily was receiving a report with a grave expression on her face.

“Christina-sama is in stable condition. She should wake up in a few hours.”

The face of the healer who had come to report the situation showed no sign of clearing up.

“But not for the guard Dill. …It is possible to maintain life support for a few days, but…”

“…What happens after those few days?”

“As soon as we return to the home country, we can call up someone through the guild who can handle healing magic. But I can’t say anything at this time.”

“You mean we can only pray?”

The healer nodded.

Then Lily sat down on the chair with a look of contentment, mouthed a word of thanks, and turned her head down.

The healer, perhaps sensing Lily’s state of mind, quietly left the room.

Tears welled up in Lily’s eyes as she looked on in frustration.

“It’s a war. I knew it was understandable… but it’s not if you can divide it up…”

As she did this, she noticed a buzz outside the room.


Rather than bustling, hectic would be a better word. Standing up painfully, Lily ran out into the connecting passageway.


She went down the connecting passageway and entered the wheelhouse.

“What happened?”

She asked in a panic.

“Good, I was just about to call for you!”

“So tell me what happened!”

“We don’t know! It seems that some kind of giant monster has appeared in the sea, and it seems to be taking a distance from us and holding itself up as if threatening us…!”

“A giant monster….?”

Then, Lily approached the window to check it out, and then she violently opened it and jumped onto the streamlined roof.

“How about Princess Olivia? And the other battleships?”

Lily asked the royal knight, who was there, bathed in the sea breeze.

“All the ships are in an intercept position, and if something appears, we will attack immediately.”

But even if they try to deal with it, there is nothing they can do if the monster is waiting for them in the sea.

How should this be handled…? As Lily began to think about it with a troubled look on her face.


As if mocking Lily and Ishtalika, the monster suddenly appeared on the sea’s surface. Splashing seawater far into the air, it opened its mouth wide and intimidated everyone with its massive body.

It stretched out its long, thick limbs and looked at Leviathan with gaping, wiggling eyes.

“K… Kraken…? B-but the size…?”

Lily was puzzled. The Kraken that appeared was not just an ordinary Kraken.

Its thick, grotesque limbs are so long that they could envelop the giant battleship Leviathan.

In addition, its head was also huge and intimidating, and it was terrifying to behold.

“The Leviathan can fight even sea dragons, and here we also have the Princess Olivia. But the size of this thing is…”

It soon became clear that it was not going to be easy.

The Kraken that appeared was far larger than the adult sea dragon that appeared in Magna.

Its body, which was probably more than twice the size of the sea dragons of that time, emphasized the danger it posed.

“Lily-sama! We must deal with it quickly, or else our people, who are currently engaged in a battle, will be killed!”

“I know! I’ll think about it quickly…!”

The trouble with giant monsters lies in their physical strength.

It is sturdy, resilient to beatings, and full of vitality.

Where should they start?

──Just when she was wondering what to do, she heard the sound of a single footstep.


“A cigar, huh? Sorry, I’ll take one.”


It was sudden.

Without a single notice… a man appeared.

He took a cigar from the baffled royal knight’s pocket and lit it with a snap of his fingers.

The smell of burning emanates from his fingers, indicating that he lit it by force.

He also had a handsome appearance.

His silver hair was as shiny as a jewel.


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“Y-you are…!”

As Lily endured the pain in her body and was about to pull the dagger out of her pocket.

The man who appeared was calm and collected and moved behind Lily.

He moved around her with his amazing maneuvers, held Lily’s hand gently, and said words that no one had ever imagined.

“It’s a weakness of those who use dark weapons. If there is any discomfort in the body, the movements of the body deteriorate like that of a baby. It’s proof that one-sided training is not enough.”

He sent his reasoned advice to Lily without concern for her current situation.

Then, with Lily beside him, who was breaking out in a cold sweat, he stepped forward and said.

“I checked midway, but your marshal is on his way here in a hurry. So leave this octopus and the evil spirits of the mountains and rivers in town to me, and you guys get ready to return to the country.”

“As I said! Who are you?”

“The leader of the Black Knights and the father of the king you worship.”


A single word that is incomprehensible to Lily and the royal knights──.

After that, he walked out with pride and approached the Kraken that had appeared nearby.


“There you go. You should listen to your ancestors.”


This time, looking around to see who it was, there standing before them was a beautiful woman whom they had never seen before.

The lady’s jet-black hair was flowing, and she was smiling endlessly and glamorously.

She was dressed in a robe as jet-black as her hair, but with the unevenness that emerged, it would be difficult to find a man who was not intrigued by her.

Who in the world was she?

Lily and the royal knights tried to ask again.

“Just be quiet and wait.”

As soon as they heard her voice, they all lost their physical freedom.

Their bodies were not heavy, but they could not lift their legs. It was as if their brains were under the illusion that they were not allowed to lift their legs.

When she saw that Lily and the others had stopped moving, she moved forward after the man.

“How are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“You understand it. We don’t have a lot of time right now.”

“That doesn’t sound like you, Misty. A sea dragon of this size might have been a bit of trouble, but──that’s just an octopus.”

The man, Ramza, shook his head in response.

“It’s nothing to worry about. It’s already done.”

Misty looked up at the sky and saw a slice in the spreading clouds.

“…Tell me that from the beginning.”

The giant Kraken was soon split in half from the top of its head. The body sank into the deep sea, robbing Lily and the others of their words.


But Lily, who had been roughly called out, seemed to be distracted.


“We’ll take care of the rest of the fight. We’ll get off the ship and take care of it.”

“What do you──W-wait!?”

Without waiting for a reply, the two jumped from the deck toward the sea.

They didn’t appear to have sunk into the sea and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


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