Maseki Gurume – Vol 8 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – With The Royalty


It was late afternoon in the royal capital of Kingsland.

The large fleet of Ishtalika gathered at the harbor was a spectacular sight, but it was all enveloped with a sense of tension.

The reason for this was a threat that approached the capital.

“When the largest of the ships came this way, it must have taken root here because it seemed to be the most nourishing.”

The tree roots were growing in places on the sea heading toward Heim and were getting closer.

“So far, from that far away country to here…”

Lloyd’s eyes widened in surprise as he stood on the deck of the Leviathan and began to give instructions to the various battleships.

“All of you, fire at once! That thing is….. a threat unleashed by the abominable Heim!”

His chest ached.

He was the one who had mentioned Ain as a threat unleashed by Heim. But it had to be stopped.

“It’s okay. Even if you attack all at once, it’s only a scratch to the current Ain-kun.”

“So it is impossible to stop the tree roots?”

“No, Ramza and I are here to stop them.”

The two of them were the most dependable of all. There was no need to be afraid because, according to her, the progress of the tree roots would surely be stopped.

But she also added that time was running out. For in order to stop Ain’s outburst, they did not want to give him even an additional second of time to grow further.

…..If this doesn’t work, things are going to get worse.

…..Even we won’t be able to stop Ain-kun’s outburst.

If they were going to move, they must do it now, as soon as they stop the progress of the tree roots, or they won’t make it in time.

It was difficult to wait for Katima and the others who headed for Ist.

Realizing this, Misty’s hand trembled as she gripped her staff.


Lloyd suddenly raised a loud voice.

Ahead of them, the tree roots had grown to enormous proportions and were about to engulf all the battleships, raging to sink them.

──Misty readied her staff, and Ramza tried to reap it with his greatsword.


Then something unexpected happened before them.

The sky, the sea.

The world shook, and with a thud, a girl landed on Leviathan.

“I’ll do it.”

Both Misty and Ramza recognized that voice. Even in their lifetime, they could not have heard that voice without going back to before the outburst.

As soon as the voice owner raised one hand, she said.

“Just sleep a little longer. We’ll be right there to help you.”

After the gentle voice, a beam of purple light rained down from the sky.

It was a torrent of power that surpassed everything, a force that could not be matched even by the main weapons of a ship dedicated to the royal family.


◇ ◇ ◇


White Knight Castle, in the audience chamber.

Before being severely chastised by Sylvird, Katima, who had returned earlier, was asked to explain what had happened at the Tower of Wisdom.

She had just told them what had happened and that the condition of the two people who had not yet woken up was stable.

Then he heard from the people who had returned from the battleship, and he was surprised to hear from them. It was Misty who told them that they should go immediately to stop Ain’s outburst.

“Don’t punish these children. I’m the one who asked for all this.”

“I don’t understand. Why would Misty-sama ask them to do this?”

“Because I thought there was a chance that Arche could be revived. It was unlikely, but I thought it might be… I also knew that the researcher was a red fox.”

She looked at Katima.

Unbelievable. Neither of them had expected it, even Misty.

It was obvious that it was all to protect Katima and the others, but even Sylvird could not disagree with the words of the first king Gail’s mother, and stopped pursuing the matter.

“Now I am no longer surprised by anything you say.”

There had been so much going on lately, that it was not surprising to hear that Oz had been a red fox.

“Don’t worry about the two injured ones either. The elf girl who was seriously wounded has the blood of Gail and Raviola, so she should wake up soon.”

“Nya… Nya-nya-nya…?”

Then Katima tilted her head.

“Misty-sama’s words sounded like Chris was royalty.”

“Ara, you’re so clever. You’re right.”


Only Sylvird was aware of the fact that the Wernsteins were descended from the first king.

Lloyd, who had returned from the battleship, had never heard of it, nor had Laralua, who was not present at the event.

It was impossible not to be shocked by the information that was suddenly given to them.

“I would have told you, but as you know, I don’t have time. You can ask your father about it later when everyone is present.”

“Nya… understood-nya…”

Unlike Misty, who easily let the shocking fact go, Sylvird was holding his head up, wishing she hadn’t suddenly disclosed this information.

Although it was something that had to be told to everyone sooner or later…

“I’ll tell you when all is said and done, Katima.”

Sylvird couldn’t afford it.

“And you too, Lloyd. Needless to say, you must tell no one else.”


Standing nearby, Arche, who had a loose demeanor for a demon lord, opened her mouth.

“Hey, Ramza-oniichan. Did you really swim?”

Arche suddenly opened her mouth and asked in a distracted tone.

“Yes, I did. I stabbed a big fish with my illusory hand on the way and made it do what I told it to do.”

“You are a fiend.”

“You really do terrible things, don’t you, darling?”

“…You’re so unreasonable.”

The atmosphere of the three people from the demon lord’s camp was very calm. They may be celebrating their first reunion in a long time, but there was no sign of nervousness from them. Even Sylvird and the others, who were watching this scene, gradually calmed down.

“Your Majesty, Arche, may I ask you a question?”

“Hmm. I don’t like to be called Your Majesty.”

“Then, let me call you Arche-sama. I can’t be sure. In the past, Arche-sama was feared as the Succubus of Jealousy.”


“I want you to tell me how you are able to maintain your normality now.”

As the king, as the one who stands at the top of the country. He couldn’t say that he was afraid to ask or that he had no fear of asking.

But, believing in the reports of Ain so far and the fact that she had protected the royal capital just a few minutes ago, he said it as a final confirmation.

“…It’s simple.”

With an enthusiastic voice, Arche went to the face of Sylvird, turned her back, and unbuttoned her dress.

“Look, it’s all thanks to this.”

The exposed backside of Arche showed a deep, yet large, cut mark. This surprised Misty and Ramza, who looked at it with serious eyes.

“It’s a scar from when Gail killed me.”

Having died once, she said, there was no trace of the throbbing dark emotions she had harbored at the time.

“He was kind to me to the end. He only cut between the core and the magic stone so as to not destroy my magic stone.”

Just how much of a story was there? Only the parties concerned, Arche and Gail, knew it.

Sylvird was now struck by the fragile smile of the girl in front of him. He also sensed that she was a king just like him.


“──So this time, I’m going to stop him.”


As she spoke at the end, Arche’s expression was fearless.

As her purple eyes shone, the power gushing through her body overwhelmed those around her.

Even Ramza, who claimed to be the world’s strongest warrior, gasped at the sight of her and noticed the strong determination and feelings she held.

“Even though that woman made me go berserk, I know it was my fault that I caused the Great War. I know it’s not something I can apologize for, but…”

Arche, speaking in a hawkish manner, said in a sincere tone.

“When it’s all over, I’ll take whatever punishment I can get and make amends as best I can.”

So please wait until then. She says this and hides the scar on her back.


◇ ◇ ◇


Krone was the first to wake up.

It was evening when she woke up, and the castle was in a flurry of activity.

She did not know because she was unconscious, but it seemed that she had survived. She was happy to hear that Chris had also survived, but she did not understand the situation.

The person who taught Krone a lot was Misty, who had stopped by her room before her departure.

“I wonder if I could talk to you for a little while?”

“No problem──Misty-sama? You are very close…”

Misty sat down next to Krone, who was sitting up on the bed.

“I can see you better this way.”

“…I understand. So how are Katima-sama and Chris-san doing?”

“The Caith Sith girl is in the basement in her lab. The elf is in her room. As long as she’s resting properly, she’ll wake up soon, don’t worry.”

“That’s glad to hear…”

She was relieved, but not for long. She remembered what Misty had told her.

“Is it true that the Wernsteins have inherited the blood of the first king?”

“Yes, it is true.”

She preferred the simplicity of her reply, which was easy to understand.

Krone exhaled and looked up at the ceiling.

The secret of the Ishtalika royal family, the resurrection of the Demon Lord Arche, and the blood of Wernstein. Too many things happened one after another.

“I was surprised, but strangely enough, I also felt at home. I don’t really know why, but I thought it would be a good thing.”

Although she really didn’t know why it seemed to her that this was the case. But among all of them, Krone seemed to be the one that thought of Ain the most.

“I’d like to ask you one more question. Has the situation changed?”

This was the matter that Misty had mentioned: “if things continue as they are.”

The purpose of going to Ist was to stop Ain’s outburst and to remove the control device in order to strengthen the magic stone cannon, which would become a force to be reckoned with.

However, the situation changed with the resurrection of Arche.

“──We were lucky that Arche came back. Thanks to her, we have another option.”


“Needless to say, having Arche herself here will help us a lot.”

Krone, who was filled with hope and joy, had a look of strength in her eyes.

“Fufu, you really like Ain-kun, don’t you?”

She smiled at Krone.

“No, I don’t.”


This time Misty looked puzzled, and in contrast, Krone’s mind was at ease.

“I love Ain. I can’t express it with the word ‘like,’ I can only see Ain.”

She said this to Misty.

The feelings that she herself had been fostering and nurturing.

To the first king’s mother, strongly.

“──After all, maybe you are like that.”

Krone didn’t understand the meaning of her words.

As Krone was pondering, Misty fished in the pocket of her robe. She pulled out another leather pouch.

“It’s a new good luck charm. I got this from Ain-kun’s room before I came here──Oops, it’s nothing.”

“I heard you say, Ain’s room.”

“No, it’s nothing. Nothing to worry about.”

She would not answer anyway.

Krone gave up and looked at the leather pouch, a new good-luck charm.

The one she had received before going to Ist was Arche’s magic stone, and in light of this, was the one in this leather pouch also a magic stone?

“It’s strange. How was I not affected by Arche-sama’s magic stone when I held it in my hand?”

“I made this leather pouch myself, and I used magic on it. That is the reason why it was safe in your hands.”

Usually, a powerful magic stone requires an appropriate seal or pedestal.

“If it was made by Misty-sama, that’s what it must have been.”

“That’s right. Now, Krone-san. Close your eyes.”

She was probably going to take out the magic stone from the leather pouch and do something with it.

Krone looked anxious, but Misty said.

“I just want to check something. Close your eyes, cup your hands, and hold it there for a moment.”

Although she was curious about what Misty wanted to check, she didn’t want to upset her mood before she went to help Ain afterward. Besides, she didn’t think it would harm her now. So, Krone obeyed the instruction obediently.

“Stay still.”

Although Krone, with her eyes closed, could not see it, what was taken out of the leather pouch was, as expected, a magic stone.

Misty placed it in Krone’s cupped hands and looked at it.

The orange sunlight shining through the window reflected on the pale blue magic stone.

“It looks like a magic stone, but how did it end up in my hand?”

“A secret. Never open your eyes.”

Misty carefully studied Krone’s face and palm.

Occasionally, she wrinkled her brow and looked thoughtful, but Krone, whose eyes were tightly closed, could not tell.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m just wondering what kind of magic stone you put on me.”

“Is that all? No discomfort, no heaviness?”

“…Not a bit.”

She didn’t know the true meaning of the question, but Krone answered seriously.

“Thank you. You can open your eyes now.”

Misty’s last words were heavy, but in addition to her big smile, her voice could not have been in a better mood.

She continued, putting back the object from the palm of Krone’s hand in the leather pouch and tucking it away in her pocket.

“This is a magic stone that you should have. But don’t take it out without permission. It is only a good luck charm, so keep it in your pocket.”

“W-wait! What do you mean?”

“Fufu, that’s a secret too.”

Misty stood up after saying that and headed for the door.

She put her hand on it in a graceful gesture without looking back and left the room without responding to Krone’s voice reaching her back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

She spoke to Ramza, who was outside the room.

“I had her put a magic stone in her hand that I didn’t use magic on, but what the heck. Krone-san didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable.”

“──I see.”

Misty heard Ramza’s voice and nodded back without saying anything.


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