Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243 – The Purpose of the Diplomatic Missions


“Now, Kirilovich-dono, I believe you told us that you traveled all the way to Merinard to establish friendship and goodwill with the Kingdom of Merinard.”

“Yes, that is correct.”

In the reception room where Qubi was taken away by the Harpies, I proceeded to talk with Kirilovich. He looked very pale, but it must have been my imagination.

“Let’s let bygones be bygones for now regarding the Varyag Empire’s maneuvering against us. We both agree not to mention it to each other in the future, right?”

“Haha… I’d like to ask you to return him to me just in case. He’s a personnel entrusted to me, after all.”

“I understand that. I promise not to kill him and give him back to you when the time is right.”

“It would be regrettable if he were to be rendered useless, so please be considerate of that as well.”

“I understand. So, you said that the purpose of your visit was to promote goodwill and friendship, but can you tell us what exactly you have in mind? There is a vast territory of the Holy Kingdom between the Kingdom of Merinard and the Varyag Empire and the Great Plains of Amagara, which is a disputed territory between the Holy Kingdom and the Varyag Empire. It would take about half a year to travel one way if one were to avoid these areas.”

Sylphy’s words made sense to me. This is a world where there are no large passenger planes that can fly long distances in a single day while carrying large amounts of luggage, or even trucks that travel overland. In this world, trade is either by horse-drawn carriage or by ship. However, there is no sea in the kingdom of Merinard. In other words, the means of trade are limited to foot or carriage. It would be difficult for countries at such a distance to trade directly with each other, and even if they exchanged information, it would take half a year for the information to reach them. It is hard to imagine that it would be easy to establish a friendship.

Of course, if Grande’s flight capabilities and air boards for transportation become widely used, this will not be the case, but for now, we do not intend to have Grande work for us to communicate with the Varyag Empire, nor can we afford to turn our air boards over to them, nor do we intend to provide them with any technology.

“For the time being, we are wondering if we could have a diplomat here in Merinesburg.”

“Diplomats? What will this diplomat be doing here in Merinesburg?”

“Basically, they will be in charge of collecting and analyzing information and communicating it to the home country. They are also in charge of passing on information brought by our country to you.”

“That would mean that it would be a secret agent placed in the open, wouldn’t it?”

“Some people call diplomats honorable spies. But there are advantages for you too, of course. We have very good eyes and ears.”

“…I see.”

That would mean that information about the Holy Kingdom obtained by Varyag Empire intelligence could be passed on to us via diplomats.

The Merinard Kingdom, which has excellent scouts, is sufficient to gather information on the front lines, but we have no way to gather information on the political and economic movements of the Holy Kingdom’s home country. Even if we sent a secret spy, the main personnel of the Liberation Army, which forms the core of the Merinard Kingdom, are mostly subhumans. I think that eventually, the human personnel will increase, but I don’t know how many years that will be, and it will take even longer to be able to obtain accurate and highly important information.

“Hmm… what do you think?”

“Me? I’m hardly a participant in these forums, and I’m not sure I’m the best person to give an opinion.”

“No problem, let’s hear your honest opinion.”


I am not so sure that we actually need the eyes and ears of the Varyag Empire. Of course, such information would give us a great advantage in knowing the movements of the Holy Kingdom, but at least at the present time, we have enough power to rush in and destroy the enemy if they appear on the front line without such information.

However, from a political and economic point of view, it is useful to secure a line with the Varyag Empire. They are a major power that divides its power in this continent along with the Holy Kingdoms. Naturally, they have great political influence internationally as well. The fact that a diplomat from such a large country is staying in the new Merinard Kingdom is proof that the new Merinard Kingdom is powerful enough for the Varyag Empire to decide that it is necessary to have a diplomat.

This would be a factor that would make people from other countries who visited Merinesburg take notice of it. It would be a great help to the international recognition of the new Merinard Kingdom as a legitimate state, which the Liberation Army and its head, Sylphy, have re-established.

“…That’s what I think. Therefore, I think we should be positive about the diplomat’s stay.”

“I see. What about you, Melty?”

“I think Kosuke-san has pretty much said it all. In addition, I think it is necessary to show the Varyag Empire that we, or rather Kosuke-san, have power.”

“I think it is dangerous. It could provoke the Varyag Empire to abduct or assassinate him.”

Sir Leonard is cautious about Melty’s opinion. There is indeed a danger like that.

“We can deal with that by taking good care of our own personal security. For the time being, I, Grande-san, and Zamir-san should always be at Kosuke-san’s side. Also, I think that it would be very difficult for assassination, let alone kidnapping.”

“What about the proven track record?”

“As long as Kosuke-san doesn’t do anything to reveal all the contents, it should be fine.”

“I regret it.”

As long as I didn’t do what I did when I was kidnapped by Qubi before, which was to throw out all the weapons and materials, I should be able to manage. In fact, even then, I could have escaped with brick blocks, stone blocks, tools, and weapons.

“Um, speaking so blatantly in front of me, the diplomatic envoy, is…”


“Nothing. Yes.”

Wasn’t it your shitty fox that did that? Kirilovich, who had been shot dead by the three women with eyes that said that raised both hands in total surrender. Pitiful.

“Kosuke has already said so, and we will positively consider accepting the diplomats. We can’t make an immediate decision on the spot, so please wait a few days to hear back from us. In the meantime, we will make arrangements for your lodging and meals, so in the meantime, please relax in the castle and recover from your travels.”

“Yes, thank you for your kindness.”




The delegation from the Varyag Empire led by Kirilovich then stayed at a mansion located near the royal castle. The mansion was the residence of a nobleman of the Holy Kingdom who had fled in the night just before the Liberation Army invaded Merinesburg, and the property was seized after the Liberation Army occupied Merinesburg. Once it is decided to accept diplomats from the Varyag Empire, the mansion is scheduled to become an embassy as it is.

Incidentally, the mansion’s grounds are completely visible from the royal castle. In other words, if something were to happen, we could set up a cannon in the castle and bombard it with as much fire as we wanted. It might even be possible for the gunners to snipe with their rifles. Well, that doesn’t matter now. It is not important.

“It’s delicious, Kosuke-sama. Next time, please let me try your food.”


I was invited to dinner by Seraphita-san since I hadn’t been back in a while, and we were going to have a junk food party with food from my inventory, but… Seraphita-san was clinging to me. What’s going on? On top of being so blatantly clingy, she also spoiled me immensely. What is this? Why is this happening? What the hell am I supposed to do?

“She must have been lonely.”

Grande said as she looked at us and ate her hamburger. Thanks for your calm opinion. But even if she was lonely, why was she doing this? I mean, there’s something wrong with that.





I hear envious voices, surprised murmurs, and dumbfounded blurts from the four Elven princess sisters, including Sylphy. There was one person who cursed at me, but I let it slide.


“As expected.”

I can understand Melty’s twitchy smile, but I don’t understand what Isla’s “as expected” means. What kind of thing is that?

“I think this kind of thing is all kinds of awkward.”

When I said this to Seraphita-san, who was clinging to me tightly and pampering me, she had tears in her eyes.

“You don’t like it?”

She said something like that.

“No, it’s not that I dislike it.”

“That’s glad to hear.”

Seraphita-san pulled back her tears and gave me a radiant smile. Haha, you can curse my weak will as much as you want. But this is impossible. A man who could push her away with this would have to be a very cold-blooded man or something.

“What in the world is going on here…?”

“We’re the ones who want to know.”

“You’re not using some kind of dubious drug, are you?”

“I swear to Heaven, Earth, and God, I’m not.”

I think this requires full-fledged counseling. No matter how much my achievement is working, this is crazy. I don’t know Seraphita-san in-depth, but I don’t think she is the kind of person who behaves like this without any consideration of other people’s eyes. Otherwise, I think there must be some external factor.


“From a magic standpoint, I don’t see any anomalies that seem abnormal. I don’t sense any magic working in the ornaments you wear. It’s normal.”

“No wayyy… Driada-san?”

“Yes, what is it?”

Driada-san, who had an envious look on her face, mends her expression and smiles. No, why are you envious too?

“Do you have any idea about the ecology of Elves? You know, the kind of thing they say beastman have.”

“Is it a mating season?”

“Oh, I tried to make it vague!”

“Well, I’ve never heard of Elves having a mating season, but…”

“I don’t remember hearing that from the elders of the Black Forest either.”

Driada-san and Sylphy deny my guess. So, what else…?



Lime appeared from somewhere. You don’t have to feel like you shouldn’t come out until you’re called; you can just stay as normal, okay?

“Seraphita-san and Poizo have been in contact recently, haven’t they?”

“Hmm? I don’t know.”


“I don’t know. But Poizo seemed to be having a lot of fun lately.”


Poizo didn’t come out when I called her. It was as if the culprit was obvious.

“Lime, Beth, go get Poizo. I may have to give her a little serious discipline.”

“Okay. But you’ll have to treat Lime and the others later, okay?”

“I got it.”

The next day, Poizo, who had been captured by Lime and Beth, confessed that Seraphita-san had consulted with her and prescribed her “a medicine which makes people honest.” Since it was said that the effects of the medicine would wear off faster than making the antidote―or the neutralizer, I ended up spending three days being snuggled with Seraphita-san, who had become a bit mentally young.

After the effects wore off, Seraphita-san came to her senses and stayed in her room for about a week.


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  1. having a diplomat this early is highly disadvantageous. the kingdom of merinard is in a state of War and vulnerability. they are still trying to retake the lands from the holy kingdom. what kosuke said is true but its still far off.

    they should first win the war against the holy kingdom to firmly establish their power then the diplomatic talks to other countries will come after. winning against 20,000 is useless when their overall strength depends on a stupid MC like kosuke.


    1. The thing is he already has a mass production line for light and heavy weaponry for guns and whatnot, so by that standard, the Merinard kingdom is at a level to combat, and bea the holy empire. The major fact is he has the nostalgic faction under his wing and can usurp the holy empire from down under. Another thing is that Kouske can now solely focus his efforts towards mining and has a steady production line for fire arms and explosive devices. So it’s safe to say majority of the army Kouske is providing for is well equipped for most enemies. Not to mention the grenade launcher that Kouske has.

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      1. that is why they need to keep kosuke existence be vague and explicit as possible since the Merinard Kingdom heavily depends on him. they still arent at the level where they could manufacture guns and ammo on their own. they all rely on kousuke’s power, and given the nature of his power he is still very much vulnerable. a well trained assassin or a high level adventurer could easily kidnap him or take him out.

        sylphy could easily behead him before he could take out one of his guns. who is to say that there isnt any warrior who is on par with her?

        letting in spies on their camp would be stupid since they are still at warring times.

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  2. “However, there is no sea in the kingdom of Merinard.”

    Huh, a landlocked country. Must be extremely exotic for a Japanese. At least the climate there shouldn’t be very humid, which also implies considerably big jumps in temperature both between day and night / summer and winter.


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