Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 10 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Part 4


The headquarters of the Bromell family, one of the three northern families, was located one hundred cells (300 km) east of “White Silver Castle.”

Its name was Log―one of the great cities of the North, and until a few years ago, it was prosperous enough to be the envy of other countries.

However, due to the recent prosperity of the Levering Kingdom, the split in support of the northern leader Sharm family, the loss of trust in the second prince of Grantz, and a series of other unfortunate events, accompanied by the continued progress of the sixth princess of Grantz, the economy of the north began to show signs of stagnation.

The effect was felt throughout the entire northern region, and the town of Log was no exception, with the merchants’ feet naturally wandering away and a gloomy atmosphere as if they had sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

In the center of Log, “Himinbjörg Castle” was standing proudly.

The land was covered in perpetual snow, and a blizzard that ravaged the sky had closed in on the world.

It was an unsuitable place for human habitation, yet it was considered one of the largest cities in the surrounding area. The reason for this was that it was one of the key points. It was a key location because it was in charge of suppressing the Levering Kingdom to the east.

The lord was Typhoeus von Bromell. He was the current head of the Bromell family, one of the three major northern families.

He was not in the lord’s room but was standing comfortably on a dewlap covered by a snowstorm, holding a silver cup in his hand. The mead that filled his silver cup was frozen and covered with snow.

But Typhoeus showed no sign of concern, and with a nonchalant expression on his face, he looked at only one thing.

“My Lord…”

A voice rang out from behind Typhoeus with the sound of him kneeling on the spot, stepping on the snow.

Not seeming surprised, Typhoeus shook his head to shake off the drowsiness, and the silver cup stuck to his hand―he pulled it off along with the skin of his hand and threw it from the dewlap to the ground.

“Ladon, what’s wrong?”

“The northern continent’s Steel King’s head will be delivered to you soon.”

“Oh… it’s early.”

“After a thousand years, he will probably weaken. He was always suppressing volcanic eruptions, and his strength must have been exhausted.”

“Losers don’t get to choose where they live.”

The northern continent, which the “dwarves” have designated as their permanent home, was home to many active volcanoes that erupted on a daily basis, and the land covered by volcanic eruptions was not a habitable environment for human habitation.

However, Mount Vias, located in the center of the northern continent, was the only place where human habitation was possible. At the foot of Mount Vias, there is a large city built by “dwarves” who were driven away by “humans” a thousand years ago.

Now that they have cut off communication with other races and established their own culture, they have become a paradise for the “dwarves” and a place where they could live in peace.

But this peace was only possible as long as the eruption of Mount Vias was kept at bay by the power of the “Steel King.”

“Even my lovely children are unable to leave the southern archipelago, and now they have forgotten even their own long-cherished wishes and spend all their time-fighting.”

A thousand years ago, the “human race” won the war against the “demon tribe” and gained control of the central continent.

This led to the persecution of other races by those who had become arrogant.

The era of the Third Emperor Grantz was the most disastrous.

He showed no mercy to his own people, as well as to other races.

“He was too much like his father. He also had a fragile heart.”

Upon his accession to the throne, the Third Emperor Grantz began his invasions of neighboring countries.

The countries that had no way to stop the rampaging lion that suddenly launched an invasion were defeated. Of course, there is also a “human” force that opposes the invasion.

These were the descendants of the “Five Black Heavenly Generals” who, together with the “God of War,” laid the foundation of the Grantz.

However, they were powerless in the face of such mighty power and were all disposed of.

Defeated, they moved west with the survivors in search of a new heaven and a new earth. However, the pursuit did not stop, and they were driven to the edge.

Even their own people were subjected to horrendous treatment.

Other races left the central continent to avoid conflict with the “human race.”

If they had remained on the central continent, they would have been subjected to a history of persecution like the Levering Kingdom.

“They really danced the way we wanted them to. When I heard that he was so overwhelmed with shame that he committed suicide in the end, I was disappointed. His father was a man who never wavered in any way.”

“The human heart is a fragile thing. It is easy to be seduced by sweet talk and easily shattered.”

“But they are not weak, just fragile. No matter what time of year it is, the “human race” has always been strong―they have survived through many crises.”

The blizzard intensified, freezing the walls and easily blowing out the bonfires.

Even if there was a fireplace, it would be unbearable for a human being to live in an extremely cold place.

Even so, the “humans” did not want to leave the land, and they continued to try to adapt to the incomprehensible.

When the sun rose at dawn again today, people would greet each other with smiles on their faces as if there had never been a snowstorm.

“That is why I am afraid. I feel the fear that everything I have built up will come to nothing.”

The growth that fascinated the boy a thousand years ago―a part of the miracle that “human beings” had wrought―was terrifying.

“I had never regretted so much as I made the error that occurred just before I almost grasped the heavens. Never did I think that a little boy would exceed my expectations.”

The change brought about by a single fruit has tampered with the eternal history created by the gods.

The ordinary became rare, the commonplace became extraordinary, the commoner became great, and man became a living god.

“On that day, I learned that the desires of man cannot be measured.”

“That is why… why… the Lord chose the path of endurance.”

To avoid repeating the mistake, they prepared carefully. He has concentrated only on weakening the Grantz under the surface.

Approaching the edge of the dewlap, Typhoeus reaches out into the empty space.

The blizzard blocked his view, and he could see nothing. But there is always something beyond.

Cladius, the great imperial capital, the ideal city of the “human race,” the city of a thousand years where the victor reigns.


“The great plan of the millennium will soon be fulfilled.”


The Imperial Palace Venetian, a living witness to the glory of history, was ablaze, and the Imperial Capital of Cladius, which had been perfected as a city over many years, crumbled in an instant.

The “human race” that strutted around the central continent, with its own face, was sure to bring despair to the faces of the people.

The overwhelming sensation would draw in the pleasure, and the excitement would never cool down―chaos would strike, and the world would once again be flooded with the dead.

“The world will once again be flooded with the dead. One of the Five Demon Emperor’s Swords, “Creation Demon,” has passed into the hands of a new owner.”

“How is Hydra?”

“He seems to be in a state of tension, but I think he’s generally fine. But since the source of his power is vengeance… I wonder if he will be able to keep his cool in the face of him.”

“Ladon, I know it’s early days since you came back, but go to Hydra once more and lend him a hand.”

“Yes, sir.”

Typhoeus opened his arms to catch the strong wind and closed his eyelids to listen carefully.

“The Grantz is starting to move deeper to the west. The south will be noisy soon. Let my children, trapped in the “Spirit Wall,” raise a smoke signal.”

“Yes, let chaos break out in the world, for a new era is dawning!”

“Give me the heads of the kings of the nations, and the Grantz will be destroyed in an instant.”

When he opened his eyelids, the sky was unchanged. Only a blizzard was raging.

And yet, believing that there was something there, Typhoeus reached out his hand.

“When the sun floats in the darkness―the world will come to an end.”


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