Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 10 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Nameless

Part 1


October 24th, 1026th year of the imperial calendar.

Natua was the only city in the small country of Baum.

In the center of the city, there was a box-shaped temple where the Spirit King resided, called the Spirit King Temple.

“The Spirit King once bestowed the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword to save the human race from the oppressive rule of the demon race.

The end result was the birth of the Great Grantz Empire, and the first emperor, Altius, led the human race to the point of dominating the central continent.

Because of this, the Spirit King continued to be revered by the human race as a god.

Therefore, people from all over the world flocked to Natua every day to receive his blessings, and the city developed and flourished to the present day.

Although Baum was a small country, it was feared by neighboring countries because of its great power―the Spirit King.

Its influence extended to the Great Grantz Empire. Therefore, when the kings of neighboring countries had a dispute with the Great Grantz Empire, they often asked for arbitration from the small country of Baum. The nobles and lords of each country often paid courtesy visits to the princess shrine maiden, who was the only one who could communicate with the Spirit King.

She was currently in the basement of the Spirit King’s Temple.

In front of the princess shrine maiden’s eyes was a huge door.

It was crafted a thousand years ago by a master of the dwarf race.

When the door was opened, a huge space appeared. This space was used as an underground warehouse and was filled with the precious items of the small country of Baum.

Spirit weapons, spirit armor, and spirit stones―precious items that would be enough to make any other country jump up and down their throats.

The country had been broken into by bandits more than once or twice. However, they could not steal anything, and the treasures were protected by the princess shrine maiden, who had the “clairvoyant eye,” an eye that could see everything.

However, the princess shrine maiden had been extremely busy recently, going to the Great Grantz Empire and touring various towns and villages as much as time allows.

A smile appeared on the princess shrine maiden’s lips as she looked around after visiting the underground warehouse after a long absence.


――There was nothing there.


Only the princess shrine maiden’s footsteps echoed in the underground warehouse.

All the spirit equipment that had been there in such large quantities had been carried out without a trace.

She picked up a piece of spirit stone that had hit her toe and looked around again.

The only thing that appeared in the princess shrine maiden’s eyes was an empty space, no matter how much she checked.

“…I see.”

The woman nodded her head in understanding and turned on her heel to leave the underground warehouse.

She walked up the stairs and into a familiar marble hallway and called out to the shrine maiden knight on guard duty.

“Have you seen Ghada-dono?”

“He was walking along the north corridor just now.”

“Thank you.”

With a small bow of her head, the princess shrine maiden started to walk, clicking her heels.

If one were sensitive to the slightest change, to the subtleties of emotion, one would have noticed a hint of anger mixed in there.

However, the shrine maiden knight did not seem to notice and returned to patrol.

Proceeding in silence, the princess shrine maiden passed through a dimly lit passageway and arrived at the sanctuary of the Spirit King’s Temple.

Birds chirping, streams murmuring, the wind blowing, trees rustling.

The overflowing nature clung to the princess shrine maiden’s heart in an attempt to soothe it, but she brushed it away with her hand in a careless manner to indicate her rejection. Her gaze fell on a large man, his back to her.

The man has purple skin, characteristic of his race, and the strength to swing his log-like arms so that wind pressure alone could blow a person’s head off. However, the way he looked so kind as he shared a small piece of bread with a squirrel was so far removed from the characteristics of the demon race as told in the history of the world.

“What are you doing here, Ghada-sama?”

The princess shrine maiden called out, and Ghada sat up, placing the bread on the ground. At his feet, squirrels were happily playing with each other, sharing the bread.

“I wanted to talk to Princess Shrine Maiden for a while.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I also wanted to ask Ghada-sama something.”

“If so, let’s hear it first, for I’m always ready to talk about mine.”

Ghada said and urged the princess shrine maiden on.

“The spirit weapons were missing from the storage room. Could it have been you people?”

The princess shrine maiden said with a stronger tone, but Ghada did not seem to feel anything in particular and nodded frankly without any sign of agitation.

“I borrowed them for a while.”

“You mean, you’ll return it to me?”

The princess shrine maiden confirmed with a dubious look, and Ghada nodded and crossed his arms as if it were natural.

“Yes, that is why the one-eyed dragon built a factory in the east of Natua.”

In preparation for the coming days, Hiro built a factory east of Natua to manufacture weapons.

“It looks like it took a lot of hard work, but we still managed to get it done in time.”

Taking advantage of the civil war in the Republic of Steichen, Hiro obtained manpower and craftsmen and next obtained a mining lease from the Principality of Lichtine, with whom he had a cooperative relationship.

He also secured manpower and funds from the Great Grantz Empire and had ore brought in from the Levering Kingdom under the guise of importing tea leaves.

“I have heard about it. His Majesty the Black Dragon King explained it to me directly.”

“That’s good. It saves a lot of unnecessary talk.”

Ghada lifted one hand to his shoulder and showed exaggerated delight.

“The spirit stones in the basement warehouse have been moved there. In two or three years or so, we should be able to return the weapons and armor that were in the basement warehouse.”

“I don’t mean to say that it will be returned… but the spirit stones originally belonged to the Spirit King’s Temple.”

The princess shrine maiden looked at Ghada with a puzzled look on her face.

But Ghada’s attitude remained the same. He explained the circumstances in a matter-of-fact manner without a trace of apology.

“It’s urgent. The one-eyed dragon wanted me to apologize.”

“No, an apology is not necessary. If the king of the small country of Baum had deemed it necessary, I would have been happy for you to carry it with you at your leisure.”

“Then why were you looking for me?”

“If it is the work of bandits, we must investigate at once…”

The woman smiled reassuringly in the middle of her speech, which contained a bit of lamentation.

“But I’m glad. I’m glad you were honest with me, so I didn’t have to make a big deal out of it.”

“I am sorry for causing you unnecessary trouble. I apologize on behalf of the one-eyed dragon.”

The words exchanged between the two had no substance. They were full of blankness and continued to engage in a strange exchange of words as if they were trying to find each other’s guts.

“But then, where did you take all that spirit equipment?”

A question. The man standing in front of her changed his expression completely when she casually said these words.

The corners of his mouth turned up in joy as if he were a ferocious beast with his favorite food in front of him.

“Can’t you see it with your ‘eyes’?”

For a moment, the princess shrine maiden rolled her eyes, perhaps not understanding Ghada’s question.

Eventually, perhaps realizing what it meant, she turned her face down and shook her shoulders.


The princess shrine maiden laughed as she put the back of her hand to her mouth in a mischievous manner.

“Fufufu… Indeed, Ghada-sama is right. I have heard this for nothing.”

After laughing for a moment, the princess shrine maiden looked at Ghada with a fresh smile.

Her motherly smile, beloved by Baum’s people, was charming.

However, when Ghada set his eyes on her, his body stiffened, and he sat down shallowly.

Then, the squirrels that had been playing with each other under his feet darted into the grass and leaves at once.

Seeing Ghada’s unusual attitude, the princess shrine maiden narrowed her eyes even further.

“Now that the mystery has been solved, I will leave you now.”

She was about to bow her head, but Ghada stopped her by pointing his hand at her.

“Oh, Princess Shrine Maiden. I still have a few questions I would like to ask you?”

“Oh… I see. You can ask me anything.”

The princess shrine maiden tilts her head and looks at Ghada, mixing a somewhat troublesome air.

“While you were out visiting Grantz, the one-eyed dragon revealed a lot of things to me.”


“No, I was really surprised. I even laughed and wondered if it was a joke.”

Ghada continued to speak, provocatively and intimidatingly, to the princess shrine maiden, who listened to him silently.

“The one-eyed dragon is the God of War of a thousand years ago, and anyone would have laughed if they were told that he was the same person.”

“Did you believe such a ridiculous story?”

“Of course, I believed it. But it was not out of personal feelings because I trust the one-eyed dragon.”

Drawing on the memory of his own arrival on the central continent, Ghada chose his words slowly as if to check the princess shrine maiden’s reaction.

“I have had a similar experience. I was summoned to the central continent by the power of the Faceless King when I was still a holder of the Demon Creator.”

At that time, he met Mirue, who had been assaulted by a slave trader, and through her kindness, he came to know the warmth of people.

In order to repay the kind-hearted girl, Ghada set up the Slave Liberation Army, incorporated the Hugin and Munin siblings, who were leaders of bandits, and went on a rampage in the Principality of Lichtine.

The result was a crushing defeat with the emergence of Hiro.

At that time, the Demon Creator gave up on him―or rather, he was forcibly removed from his position by the Faceless King.

“The scale may be different, but I thought it was no big deal for the Spirit King, who is also one of the “Five Great Heavenly Kings,” to summon a resident of a different world.”

For what reason Hiro was chosen? Who knew?

But Ghada thought that the choice was the right one.

Because of him, the human race had gained freedom and was now the most prosperous race on the central continent.

“And it seems that the one-eyed dragon learnt of my existence through a letter from the emperor. But who was it that informed the emperor?”

That person was right in front of Ghada’s eyes.

An existence that even the emperor of the Great Grantz Empire could not ignore.

There was only one person on the central continent with such immense influence who could influence an absolute ruler.

“I have clairvoyance, and Ghada-sama is a pure-blooded ‘demon.’ It would be easy for me to detect you if you appeared in the midst of a ‘human race’ like Lichtine.”

He had expected her to remain silent, but when she unexpectedly gave an honest answer, he made his next move with a dubious air.

“In short, I was a pawn, wasn’t I? I was used as a pawn to test the one-eyed dragon’s ability.”

“…I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Really? The one-eyed dragon said. He was helped by the Princess Shrine Maiden at first.”

It was with the princess shrine maiden’s help that he regained his memory of when he was the God of War, and it was thanks to her that he obtained the Black Princess Camellia and was recognized as a descendant of the God of War and it was also thanks to her that he was able to influence the emperor of the Great Grantz Empire and increase Hiro’s prestige.

“But after he became the fourth prince―after he attained a certain status, Princess Shrine Maiden interfered less and less, I heard.”

“…..What do you mean?”

“Princess Shrine Maiden, you must be the enemy.”

Ghada then grabbed the hilt of the great sword on his back, pulled it out at once, and pointed the tip at the princess shrine maiden.


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“No, should I say First Princess Frey Stryer von Grantz?”


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