Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 10 Chapter 5 Part 4

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Part 4


“They really came, huh…?”

With her eyes shining with admiration, Skadi turned her gaze to the shadows of the army that had appeared at the rear.

She dexterously stood up on the back of her horse and looked around at the shadows with her hand on her forehead.

“Isn’t that little fellow amazing?”

She had heard from Aura that the enemy would ambush them from the rear.

But she never thought they would really come. Everyone thought that Azel had been abandoned. However, Skadi revealed her joy that this would relieve her frustration.

“Haha, I wet my pillow with tears when they told me to wait in the back, but I guess it is worth the wait.”

Seeing the size of the dust cloud that was gradually approaching, Skadi’s smile grew deeper and deeper.

One of her aides pulled a horse up to her.

“Nee-san! We’re ready when you are!”

There was a smile on his face as well. It was like an innocent child being given a new toy.

But at her aide’s words, Skadi waved her hand.

“No, no, we haven’t received a message from that little fellow yet.”

“Why shouldn’t we? They are already here. We can kick the crap out of those puny long-eared people if we just charge right into them!”

She grabbed the head of the noisy aide and lifted it up. The huge body of the beastman was lifted lightly in the air.

“Oh.. shut up. Who are you talking to?”

The horse of the aide was shaking its head around because of the sudden loss of weight from its back. Smiling at this, Skadi let out a yawn.

“Fuwahh, well… I think so, too. That little fellow said that it’s important to find out when it’s time to do something, and since we are here to help, we have no choice but to do what they say.”

The horse of the aide began to walk in search of its master. Skadi opened her hand and released the head of the aide.

Then, with the horse gone, the aide’s buttocks hit the ground hard, drawn by gravity.


After taking one look at the slumped aide, Skadi looked ahead again.

“From the size of the dust cloud, I’d say there are about 20,000 of them.”

The number of the Steichen Republic was 5,000, and if the estimate was not wrong, that’s quite a gap in strength.

The only other force that had taken up position behind the main Grantz camp was the “Raven Army” of the small country of Baum, but Aura said that they would not be moved as much as possible during the military council.

Skadi guessed that they would be anxious to completely get rid of the main camp’s walls.

“But why can’t we just go on?”

They couldn’t wait to fight. Looking toward the main Grantz camp, Skadi saw a horseman riding toward their camp from that direction. The man on horseback was wearing the armor of the Grantz army, and Skadi’s eyes were shining brightly.

“Messenger! It is a messenger! Is Skadi-sama here?”

“I am here~!”

Waving her hand cheerfully, Grantz’s messenger pulls up on his horse.

“The Chief of the General Staff has sent a message. As soon as the flag is up, charge towards the enemy in the rear and destroy them.”

It was a very simple order. But if she had one complaint, it was that…

“…Are we still waiting?”

The messenger gasped at the sharp gaze. The temperature dropped a little due to the murderous intent released by Skadi.

The messenger was horrified to have that directed at him.

He moved to turn his head to get away from her, but Skadi’s hand reached out to him faster than that. The messenger closed her eyes tightly as if prepared to die.

“…Nee-san! The flag is up!”

Saved―when the messenger opened his eyes with a look of relief, Skadi was running far ahead of him. The messenger rolled his eyes.

The speed of the horse was one thing, but what kind of physique did she have? She was standing on her horse, arms outstretched, facing the oncoming enemy forces.

“You people! You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and you’ve got a lot of resentment! Now is the time to get rid of it and take your fill of the bait that’s right in front of you!”

Skadi’s clear voice rang out through the army of the Republic of Steichen.

The sight of those dressed like bandits, raising their weapons and shouting was terrifying enough to chill the heart.

“Follow Nee-san, you bastards!”

Followed by the roar of horseshoes as they raised their roars across the battlefield, the army of the Republic of Steichen chased after Skadi at once.

Feeling the heat of the battle at her back, Skadi could sense the wind in the air.

“This is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Since entering Azel, Skadi had not been able to participate in a single battle. She cursed the Six Kingdoms for their lack of guts. But now, they had given Skadi and her troops exactly what they wanted.

Then they must return the favor.

They must do everything in their power, hunt down their enemies, turn the ground red, and celebrate their deaths.

Skadi, who had attached the claw from her waist to her hand, kicked the horse’s back the moment it passed the horsemen from the enemy’s advance force.


Three vertical lines were etched on the face of the soldier who was startled by Skadi floating in midair. As soon as the blood spurted out, Skadi jumped onto her next prey. The enemy soldiers who died one after another in front of the lightweight woman crashed to the ground.

Those who were lucky enough to escape Skadi’s attack were chewing on their happiness for just a moment before being blown away by the overwhelming crashing force of the Steichen Republic Army that came from the front.

“One of them got away from us! Don’t let any of them escape!”

Like hungry beasts, they relentlessly pursued any living enemy soldiers they found, rampaging across the battlefield with a look of their own.

“Hahaha, Nee-san! Finally, we can fight like a beastman!”

The aide was laughing as he rode alongside Skadi, who was back on her beloved horse.

“Don’t let your guard down. We’re up against those insidious long-eared people, and if we’re not careful, we could die.”

As Skadi warned him, her aide raised his spear with both hands.

“Bring it――!?”

She grabbed the aide by the collar, but an arrow had pierced his head, and he was dead.

“Good grief, it is as I said… I’ll avenge you, so sleep tight.”

She let go of the collar of her aide. He disappeared from the horse and quickly disappeared into the dust behind her.

“Don’t think that you can be safe by messing with my lovely kids.”

A large number of arrows flew at her. The insidiousness of the long-eared people was emphasized by the fact that they did not hesitate to kill the horses, even though there were still some of their allies on horseback. This only increased Skadi’s anger.

“That’s why I don’t like the long-eared people. They talk about their iron will and other cool stuff, but they’re nothing more than killers of their own kind.”

Skadi flicked away an oncoming arrow, disappeared from the horse again, and plunged into the midst of the enemy bowmen.

Stab, stab, stab. Without allowing them to grunt or scream, Skadi simply thrusts a single blow at the enemies in front of her. Corpses piled up on the path that Skadi took.

Nor were there any weaklings among her men who would be frightened by an arrow.

They swung their swords even while arrows pierce their arms, they kicked even when their thighs were pierced, and they continued to kill their enemies with all their might as long as they were alive.

The beastman smiled as they killed their enemies, bathed in their own blood and looked like fiends, and the calm and collected long-eared people were painted with fear on their faces.



A scream was heard from the rear of the enemy army. However, the situation could not be confirmed from here.

Not knowing what had happened, Skadi began slaughtering the enemy soldiers again, knowing that she could find out if she went to the rear.

“Nee-san! From behind the mixed forces of Urpeth, Tigris, and Scorpius, the “Imperial Black Knights,” “Golden Lion Knights,” and “Knight of Roses” launched a surprise attack. I heard that they succeeded!”

Hearing this report from Steichen soldier, Skadi nodded her head in understanding as she snapped the neck of a long-eared man.

“Oh, so that’s why there’s so much noise?”

After piercing the chest of an approaching enemy soldier with her claw, Skadi turned her attention to the main camp of the Grantz.

“She seems like a real military strategist. Even though she’s so small, she’s amazing.”

Beyond her admiration, she felt a surge of respect. The reason for telling Steichen’s army to wait was probably to lure the combined forces of the three countries deeper.

And while they were eagerly trying to defeat Steichen’s army, the elite troops of the Five Imperial Armies, the pride of the Great Grantz Empire, surprised them from the rear of the army.

The chief of general staff of the Great Grantz Empire had come up with a brilliant plan.

Oddly enough, it was the same strategy that the mixed forces of the three countries had tried to use against Grantz.

“The irony is not so bad. It would be a shame to leave her with the humans.”

She’d like to take her back to the Steichen Republic.

It was such an exhilarating measure.

“It’s so much more effective against the insidious long-eared people.”

With a heartrending feeling in her heart, Skadi vowed to kill many of the long-eared people in return for their kindness.

As Skadi continued to push her way through the walls of the long-eared people, she soon became aware of something strange.

“Again… it’s not all about my sweet kids.”

The number of fallen Steichen soldiers was beginning to outnumber the number of enemy soldiers.

The morale of Steichen’s troops was not a problem.

It was still swelling. She began to wonder if it was because of the difference in strength, but the advantage of numbers must have been crushed by the surprise attack of the elite of the Five Emperors Army in the rear.

If so, why were there more corpses of the beastman than――,

“Haha, that’s good!”

After all, there was an enemy who showed overwhelming prowess against the strong beastman.

“Where are you? Where are you?”

While cutting down the enemy soldiers who stood before her, Skadi strode around the battlefield in search of the strongman.

Then she found a strange space where her allies were clumped together.

Seeing the desperate expressions on the faces of her lovely subordinates, Skadi exploded with joy and kicked the ground.

“You guys get out of my way!”

Leaping higher and higher, Skadi saw a long-eared man below her.

The presence he gave off was superb, the atmosphere he wore was brilliant, and above all, his overwhelming fighting power sent a shiver down Skadi’s spine.

“I’ll take it from here!”

With both arms outstretched to the limit of their joint range of motion, she concentrated all her strength into her back muscles and exploded them at once.

The firepower instantly expanded the muscles, and Skadi tightened both arms as hard as she could as if she were hugging her enemy.

Normally―shattered flesh and blood would have rained down from the sky.

“…..That’s good.”

Skadi licked the blood dripping from her cheek with her tongue, and her whole body gushed with joy at having finally met a worthy adversary.

Around her, Steichen’s soldiers kept their distance and began to hunt enemies in the area so as not to disturb Skadi.

“Disgusting… It smells like a beast!”

The man who said this was the long-eared man who had scratched Skadi’s cheek.

In his right hand, he was clutching a moon ring the size of a bracelet.

Without lowering her guard, Skadi looked at the weapon he was holding and realized that it was no ordinary weapon.

Then, as if noticing her gaze, the eyes of the long-eared man turn to Skadi.

“A beastman woman is really an eyesore!”

The man’s arm blurred, and the moon ring in his hand vanished.

Facing the oncoming threat, Skadi joyfully leaped forward with her shoulders and charged.

“You fool, you didn’t even measure your opponent’s strength―rushing in is not valor!”

Hearing the disappointed laughter, Skadi popped the approaching circle moon ring. But it splits into two pieces.

Twisting her head, she avoided one piece and knocked the other one off with all her might.

“Oh, you have two pieces on top of each other. I was a little surprised.”

“I see… but it’s a close call.”

Skadi felt something approaching from behind her and jumped to the side. But the pain was so intense that she tripped and fell to the ground.

“What’s the matter…?”

When she looked at her leg, she saw that her thigh had been roughly gouged out.

Skadi frowned suspiciously, thinking she had avoided the attack, but the sound of a man laughing caught her attention, and she turned her gaze in that direction.

“I was surprised that you managed to avoid one of the Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords, the Hourin Moon, even though you had never seen it before.” [T/n: 法輪 / Hourin is originally a wheel-like weapon used to destroy the evils of mankind in Buddhism.]

“As I thought, that’s one of the world’s five great treasure weapons… I may have underestimated you a little.”

She realized that this was not a simple enemy.

She would have to change her mind. Skadi stood up, limping.

“For a lowly beast, I commend you for dodging that one. But it looks like there won’t be the next time.”

He threw the Hourin Moon again. Compared to the previous one, it was so slow that it made her yawn.

“My name is Malam Inar. Even for a beast, wouldn’t you at least like to know the name of the person who killed you?”

“I’m glad to hear it… I haven’t had a good opponent in a long time, and I was hoping to at least remember your name when I killed you.”

Skadi avoided the Hourin Moon with a broad smile.

She was having a lot of fun.

A bloody battle, a fight to the death, a long-awaited and much-anticipated opponent.

She couldn’t help but enjoy it. The gouged thighs were no longer on her mind.

All she could think about was how to cook and eat the food that had appeared before her.

“You don’t have to remember my name.”

Skadi kicked down the distance in an instant with a florid smile like a maiden in love.

“But you know――Mad Claw, just remember this child’s name.”

Skadi raised her claws, which were beginning to turn black, high in the air and swung them wide.

“This child is my pride and joy!”


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