Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 10 Chapter 5 Part 6

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Part 6


The air was stagnant, and the sky began to cloud over again. It was not because of the changing weather.

The entrance to the Fierte Palace―with the stench of corpses in the air―was the only place that had a different kind of atmosphere. There were three men confronting each other in a strange silence. Two of them stood with hoods covering their bare faces, glaring at a single man.

And Hiro, wearing a mask, gripped his black sword as the wind tossed his white coat, staring at them without emotion.

The first to make a move―a man who introduced himself as Hydra.

“It’s been a long time. God of War… or should I say Black Dragon King now?”

Every word he spoke was imbued with a hatred that could not be concealed. The air he wore was distorted and weird, like a miasma. But Hiro seemed calm and easygoing as if he was catching up with a friend after a long time.

“You can call me whatever you like… but I’m amazed you found me.”

“…I could feel your presence, which I have not been able to detect for a long time.”

It was when Hiro healed Skaaha’s wounds. At that time, Hiro used the power of the Wind Emperor and the Black Princess Camellia. This must have temporarily brought to the surface the presence that existed during the God of War era.

“You did a good job of deceiving us in the battle against the Six Kingdoms.”

“Otherwise, you would not have shown up. I don’t like it when people sneak around behind my back.”

A play for that purpose. In order to disturb the situation, Eagle’s principle stone was used to temporarily contain the power of the Black Princess Camellia. This was also to make it disappear from the Black Death Village so that they would appear on the stage.

The plan worked―the attack on the Imperial Palace of Grantz brought them to the foreground with great fanfare.

“It seems you were doing something behind the scenes next, though.”

“You can rest assured. I don’t intend to do anything as insidious as you people.”

With a provocative smile, Hiro put his black sword on his shoulder and pointed at Hydra.

“It’s a difficult one, isn’t it? Because of the loss of your eyes, you can not see me, and because you have no magic stone, it is difficult for you to even feel my presence―frustrating, isn’t it? You knew I was alive, but you didn’t know where I was.”

Hydra’s feet sank. He seemed to have resisted the urge to leap at Hiro.

Snorting and shaking his hands, he pulled off his hood, his dry lips parting to bare his teeth.

“Do you remember the indelible wound you inflicted on me?”

He pressed his fingers hard against the hollowed, missing eyes, and his teeth gritted with intense hatred.

“Yes, I remember it well. I remember that wound on your forehead, too. I gave them to you.”

He didn’t look apologetic. Rather, his laughter was carried on the wind. Hydra’s body trembled at this attitude of Hiro.

“The time has finally come for me to take revenge on you. Are you ready?”

When those words, and their meaning, are misunderstood, everything changes.

The smile had disappeared from Hiro’s face.

“That should be my line.”

The frozen expression on his face was filled with emptiness. An enormous amount of high energy was spawned from his standing body. The air was trembling. It cried out in terror. The wind stopped as if fleeing, and the grass and flowers on the ground rapidly shriveled.


“――Are you ready for that?”


The wind was blowing away. For a moment, Hydra probably didn’t understand what Hiro said.

Hydra looked stunned. Then, as he gradually came to understand the meaning of the words, he exploded in anger.

“You’re just no better than me! You’re a fake!”

Hydra shouted. All reason was smeared with rage, and he turned to face Hiro.

But it was stopped by another of the Twelve Demon Lords, known as Ladon.

“Hydra, calm down. He taking you along with his flow.”

“I know… I know that!”

He could not stop the overflowing rage. The magic power hidden within Hydra was beginning to run amok as he stomped on the ground. As if to appeal to him to lash out quickly, the power was pouring into Hydra.

Hiro, pointing at him, bent his finger and provoked him.

“The Twelve Demon Lords――Hydra, right? I will torture to the point that you will wish to die once more.”

“…You bastard――”

“Cry and beg in vain. Unlike that day, there is no help for you.”

As soon as he said this, Hiro’s figure withered away.

Ladon sensed the danger and moved away, but Hydra was running on the ground in anger.

When Hiro appeared in front of him, he bent down.

“Don’t let your eyes glaze over. You―have you forgotten that you lost to me?”

He slammed a palm strike with tremendous destructive power into Hydra’s abdomen. Hydra bent over with a groan, and Hiro grabbed him by the chest and pulled him close.

“I’ll deal with you later.”

With Hydra on his back, Hiro slammed him to the ground with a powerful slam.


All the air in his lungs was expelled.

Hiro slammed his heel into Hydra’s solar plexus―caught Ladon out of the corner of his eye, and kicked him to the ground. Seeing Hiro approaching, Ladon drew his dagger and snarled at the air in a flash―perhaps anticipating that his own attack would cut through the air. Ladon takes a half step to the side.

At the same time that Hiro avoided the attack, he twisted his body to use the momentum of the attack to deliver a second blow, but the second blow was also unsuccessful, as Hiro held him behind the elbow.

At the moment when the two stopped moving, Hiro’s hand was clutching a cloudy principle stone.

“I want to try something.”

Hiro’s fingers, pointed like blades, pierced through Ladon’s chest. When he pulled out his arm, a large amount of blood gushed out of Ladon’s chest. The principle stone was gone from Hiro’s reddened hand.


Ladon knelt on the ground, his expression showing his confusion and incomprehension.

Ladon tried to stand up but fell on his buttocks.

“Y-you bastard… what are you doing…?”

“…I let the principle stone take your magic into it. I’m relieved to see it’s working.”

Hiro observes him as he wipes the blood stuck to his arm with Ladon’s hood.

“Then you can sit there and watch your compatriot die.”

Coolly passing Ladon’s hate-filled gaze, Hiro reached out his hand into the empty space.

A crack appeared in the space, and a sword with a tremendous light appeared.

It was once called the “hero’s” sword.

Even though it has slaughtered many enemies, the sword’s sharpness is so sharp that it is never stained with blood.

The beautiful shining white and silver sword continued to gleam without ever becoming cloudy, even on the hellish battlefield.

The king’s sword saved a country that was about to fall into ruin and conquered the surrounding countries.

A thousand years have passed since then, and the legendary sword was buried in the long history and called the lost sword.

However, the legend never faded away. It became a myth and continued to mark eternity.

The second emperor of the Great Grantz Empire, Herdt Rei Schwarz von Grantz.

In his lore, it was written.

“There is a sword wielded by the twin black kings who manipulate heaven, earth, and people. It is an invincible sword that will surely bring him victory.”

The blade and hilt were pure white as if covered in snow, without a speck of dirt. The blade shone like a myriad of twinkling stars and boasted a sharp cutting edge.


It was called the most beautiful of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword――the “Heavenly Emperor.”


It had not been used for three years. Therefore, the “Heavenly Emperor” shone with an intense light on the world as if to express joy.

An enormous torrent of power―rushing through the earth, blowing through the sky, and making its presence known to the world.

The change comes to Hiro’s clothes as well. The Black Princess Camellia had begun to turn black due to the extraction of the principle stone.

Clutching the “Heavenly Emperor” in his right hand and the “Dark Emperor” in his left, Hiro looked down at Ladon with a stern expression on his face.

“Hate me, hate me so much you want to kill me, don’t be distracted by others. Keep aiming only at me.”

Hiro’s head turned to the side―a little further away―to Hydra, who was shaking with astonishment.

He took a step forward, his feet facing him. Two steps forward, and Hydra backed away.

He could not withstand the intimidation that Hiro radiated. The martial arts boasted enough heat to scorch the air.

“There are many observers here today. Let me show you one thing, the power of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword.”


Hydra stood there stunned, saying nothing.

“The Five Emperor of the Spirit Sword is said to be made up of five strikes.”

When Hiro stomped his foot, it signaled the beginning of countless cracks behind him.

“The sword of origin, the “Heavenly Emperor,” is a vessel.”

Weapons appeared one after another through the cracks―each one a special weapon with the power of a spirit. To manufacture them, a special stone called “spirit stone” was required, which was one of the rarest ores that could only be produced by spirits.

The spirits liked clean water and very rarely produced crystals that contained their own characteristics.

Three to seven spirit stones were discovered every year in the territory of the Great Grantz Empire.

That was a large number in the vast land of Grantz.

In the modern era, only the royal family or those who were related to them were allowed to possess the “spirit stones,” whose rarity and value increased year by year.

And yet, there are so many of them floating in the sky.

The sight was so breathtaking that one could have mistaken it for a dream rather than being taken aback.

“The mighty sword “Thunder Emperor” pours out its power.”

A tremendous sound shook the atmosphere.

The two swords in Hiro’s hands shook their blade crests and became filled with fierce majesty. The countless spirit weapons floating in the air were also infused with fierce power.

As if screaming that they could not endure, some of the spirit weapons shattered as if they were about to explode.

The shattered fragments scattered like snowflakes, reflecting the sunlight and creating a silvery-white world around Hiro.

“The sword of vitality, “Wind Emperor,” amplifies the power.”

The sword flew as the wind blew and lightning flashed.

In the midst of the mass of spirit weapons raining down, Hydra took evasive action.

“Damn it―what the hell is that?”

Hydra’s arm, leg, and cheek were slashed, but he desperately defends his vital points.

He intelligently flashed back with his dagger, but in the face of the spirit weapon infused with the power of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword, the mere gains were like toys, easily broken from the base.

But the storm of tyranny would not pass. Blades rained down on the earth like a storm to suffocate Hydra.

In the face of the merciless attacks, Hydra continued to evade with brilliant footwork.

At times, he used his magic to alter the trajectory, and when he rolled up to the ground, he protected himself with a wall of earth, but the threat would not go away forever.

“The sword of blockade “Ice Emperor” controls sealing.”

The spirit weapon was thrust into the ground, and the frozen air overflowed and froze the surroundings.

The area where the spirit weapon existed was now all within Hiro’s attack range. If the target was within sight, the spirit weapon would continue to aim at the prey in order to kill it.

And the prey understood. It kept dodging, running away, and finally―standing still.

It was reminded that all of these actions were futile.

Such hesitation could cost him his life. He would learn firsthand the horror of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword.

If the target stopped, the cold air of the “Ice Emperor” would capture the target and freeze the lower half of Hydra’s body in an instant.

Hydra’s legs were blocked, and he struggled to get to his feet, but Hiro leaped before he had a chance to do anything.

“The sword of demise, the “Flame Emperor,” destroys everything.”

In front of Hydra’s eyes, Hiro’s arms were crossed. In his hands were the “Heavenly Emperor” and the “Dark Emperor.”

With tremendous speed, his arms spread out…

“You fake―my livestock will take revenge on you.”

“I look forward to it.”

Two sharp blades struck Hydra in the neck, splattering blood.

Hiro watched with narrowed eyes as the head soared into the sky, spattering blood.

“As I thought… the Five Swords need to be together to achieve full power.”

The Five Emperor of the Spirit Swords―only when all five swords are in place would it show its power.

There was no point in just possessing one, two, three, or four swords.

The first emperor of the Great Grantz Empire, Altius, taught this to Hiro in a battle a thousand years ago.

Even a young man so loved by spirits and so full of talent and wisdom could not kill a God with only four swords.

“Hydra, you were strong enough.”

Hiro grabbed the fallen head in a chaotic manner.

The blood was sprayed onto the ground, and the flowers and grass were dyed a single color.

“Well, it looks like he escaped with the principle stone.”

Hiro looked at the place where Ladon had been, but there was no one there but a pool of blood.

Hiro nodded and looked up at the sky again.

The sky was clear, and the birds were flying comfortably against the clouds.

“The rest is whether or not you ‘saw’ me.”

Hiro muttered――,


――The gates of the Fierte Palace were blown off.


Part of the iron gate melted and fell with great force, gouging out the ground and shooting through the walls of the Fierte Palace, sending up a plume of white smoke.

The smell of burning tickled his nose, and the atmosphere began to rise more rapidly than before.

Greif’s soldiers were making noise. They were busy screaming and yelling.

And the Black Princess Camellia, who had changed from white to black, reacted to the commotion and shook the robe’s hem as if to show her alarm. Hiro held the Dark Emperor in his left hand, thrust it into the ground, removed his mask, and turned his golden eyes toward the entrance.

There, he saw…

“Liz, it’s been a long time.”

A red-haired girl was standing there, her whole body covered in blue flames, gushing out an immense divine power.


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