I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Part 2


A few days after the shopping trip with Lexia-san and the others.

Thanks to Kaori’s efforts to talk to Tsukasa-san about the transfer and to follow up on the procedures, it was officially decided that Lexia-san and Luna would be studying at our school.

After that, just as with Yuti, Lexia-san and Luna also acquired the [Language Comprehension] skill under Kaori’s guidance before they started their school life.

As for speaking the language, apparently due to the effects of the [Doorway to Another World], it was not a problem from the start, so all they had to do was to learn to read and write.

Thinking about it, I tried to find out more about the door before Lexia-san and Luna came to visit, but I put it off until later. I need to look into it properly eventually.

And so the preparations proceeded smoothly, and finally, it was the first day of their study abroad program.


At first, Lexia was ready to study in the same class as Yuuya, but because of her age, she ended up in middle school. She cried and ended up in the same class as Yuti.

On the other hand, Luna, being the same age as Yuuya, was placed in the same class as him.

“No fair, no fair, no fair! I want to be in the same class as Yuuya-sama too!”

“Hmph… you’d better give up like a grown-up.”

“Mukiii! Why is Luna in the same class as Yuuya-sama?”

“That’s because we are the same age. Oops, that means Lexia is going to be my junior.”


After being teased a bunch, Lexia looked seriously frustrated, but in the end, she managed to swallow the reality of the situation and found her own satisfaction.

“…This can’t be helped. Besides, being a junior means that… Yes! I can call Yuuya-sama Yuuya-senpai! That’s just great!”

Lexia was positive to no end.

After this agonizing rebuttal, the two students decided to go to their classes, and it was their first day of school.

“Hi, everyone. Take your seats!”

Yanagi-sensei, who had been assigned as Yuti’s and Lexia’s homeroom teacher, asked the students to sit down in a calm tone.

“Before we start homeroom, I’d like to introduce you to a foreign student who will be joining us today.”


Yuti’s classmates were astonished at the completely unexpected situation.

“A foreign exchange student! I wonder what kind of student it is?”

“I wonder if the foreign student will have different hair color like Yuti-san…”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

While each student was looking forward to the discussion, Yuti’s friend Haruna called out to Yuti in an excited tone.

“Hey, hey! Sensei said it was a foreign exchange student! As a fellow foreigner, are you curious about it too, Yuti-san?”

“Hmm? Negative. I already know.”

“Eh? D-do you already know the person who is coming today?”


“What kind of──”

“Yes, come in then!”

The moment Haruna was about to ask Yuti a series of questions, a female student came into the classroom after receiving a signal from Yanagi-sensei.

That student had beautiful overflowing blonde hair and clear azure eyes, and the Ousei Academy uniform fits her well.

Seeing such a student──Lexia, Yuti’s class fell silent.

Overwhelmed by Lexia’s presence, the silence continued, and Lexia bowed gracefully without seeming to mind it.

“Nice to meet you. I am Lexia von Arcelia. There is still a lot I don’t know about this country, but I look forward to learning with you.”

Then, raising her head, Lexia added as if remembering something.


“Ah, also! Yuuya-sama, who is in high school, is my fiancée! Best regards to you♪”



The class froze at the words told so casually.

And then──.


A loud voice echoed through the middle school building.




“Hmm!? W-what’s that? It seems like a terrible misunderstanding just occurred somewhere…”

Today is Lexia-san and Luna’s first day of study in Japan.

At least, there seemed to be no information about Lexia-san and Luna in the high school yet, and as the morning hours passed by as usual, I was struck by a strange chill.

While I was twisting my neck because I had no idea what the chill was, Sawada-sensei entered the class.

“Alright, I’d like to start homeroom, but there’s actually a new transfer student coming into this class.”


“By the way, the transfer student is a foreigner and an exchange student as well.”


The sudden information about the foreign student caused a stir in the class.

“T-transfer student…”

“How can I put it? There seems to be a lot happening since Yuuya-kun…?”

“I was surprised at the time of Merl-san’s arrival.”

“I wonder what kind of student is coming?”

“It’s a foreigner, isn’t it? It’s rare──and so was Merl-san.”

While everyone was speculating about the new student they had not seen yet, Merl tilted her head.

“Is it rare to have a transfer student?”

“Hmm… it is certainly rare.”

In most cases, students move from one school to another for family reasons, but I think it is unusual for high school students to transfer to another school. Unlike junior high school, each school will have its own examinations.

However, this time, rather than the rarity of the transfer students themselves, everyone seems to be surprised by the fact that transfer students are coming to this class in succession.

Normally, the classes would have been divided into more separate classes, but Kaori must have been very considerate and put everyone in the same class.

“By the way, it’s someone Merl knows, too, you know?”

“Eh, is that so?”

As we were talking in this way, Sawada-sensei clapped her hands.

“Yes, yes, calm down. I can’t introduce the foreign student to you until then, can I? Now, you can come in.”


“──Excuse me.”


Prompted by Sawada-sensei, a female student entered the room.

The girl with shining silver hair had an interesting appearance and was beautifully dressed in the uniform of Ousei Academy.

The whole class fell silent at the sight of this somewhat unrealistic beauty.

Without paying any attention to the state of the class, the girl──Luna, opened her mouth.

“I’m Luna. I’m new to all of this, but I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Yes, so Luna will be studying with you in this class from today, and I hope you’ll be ready for it.”


“Hey, kids? I know Luna is beautiful, and you’re admiring her, but it’s time for you to come back to reality.”


“Good grief… Right, let’s decide where Luna’s seat should be… You can sit next to Merl. Look, there’s the blue-haired girl over there.”

“I understand.”

Aside from me knowing about Luna’s transfer, Merl is surprised to see her.

Luna walked over to us and whispered quietly.

“Yuuya, Merl. Take care of me from now on, okay?”


I don’t know what will happen now, but I can only give a wry smile.




“Lu-Luna-san! What country is Luna-san from?”

“Wow, your skin is so beautiful…”

“Hey, hey, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Have you decided what club you’re going to join?”


After homeroom was over and it was time for a break, many students came to Luna to ask her questions.

Luna faltered under the pressure of her classmates, not expecting them to be so interested in her.

Luna had been living her life as an assassin… and now she was being overwhelmed by other high school students of her age.

It might be very confusing for her, but this change in the environment could be a very good thing.

While I was thinking about this after observing Luna, Ryo and the others came over.

“Whew… our class often gets people who stand out in some way, doesn’t it?”

“T-that’s right. The first is Yuuya-kun, and then Merl-san and Luna-san…”

“Are we that conspicuous?”

“No, you’re really conspicuous.”

As for me, I just want to live my life in peace, but that’s not always possible, and as a result, I’ve been involved in many events and troubles.

However, unlike in the past, I don’t feel uncomfortable about this, so I’m enjoying my life as it is for what it’s worth.

Then Luna finally couldn’t stand the pressure of everyone and turned her gaze toward me.

“Yu-Yuuya! Help me!”



I had not told anyone in the class that Luna and I knew each other, although I had not been hiding it, so Luna’s words startled everyone in the class.

Kaede then asked the question that represented everyone’s doubts.

“C-could it be that… Yuuya-kun and Luna-san are acquaintances…?”

“Um… well, yes… I guess.”

“Yes. I’m staying at Yuuya’s house.”

“Hey, Luna-san!”


The whole class screamed at Luna’s words.

Sheesh… this is the same thing that also happened with Yuti…!

I don’t have anything to hide, but the fact that Luna is living in my house is enough information to cause misunderstandings.

In fact, everyone seemed to have started making all sorts of assumptions, and it got noisy.

“Yu-Yuuya-kun? What does it mean that Luna-san is staying with you?”

“You see… Luna is currently staying at my house, or so to say…”

“What kind of connection do you have?”

“…I-it just happened…?”

“Is that too harsh an excuse…?”

Rin gave me a puzzled look when I managed to squeeze out an answer.

That being said, I can’t talk about the other world and have no way to explain it.

Then, Luna dropped another bomb, wondering what she would think when she saw Kaede’s astonished look.


“By the way, Yuuya and I have quite a deep relationship.”


“D-d-d-d-deep relationship!?”


Why do you talk in such a confusing way?

It’s true that we trained together in the Great Devil’s Nest in the other world, but you don’t have to say it like that…!

When I looked at Kaede, it seemed as if her soul had been drained from her mouth, as if she had been burned out, but everyone else’s reaction was different.

“A-as expected of Yuuya-kun… I didn’t know you had already made a move on Luna-san…”

“Well… It can’t be helped if it’s Yuuya; I guess it’s understandable…”

“‘Kuh! I’m so jealous… For you to have such a deep relationship with a beautiful silver-haired girl!”

“Um, it’s a misunderstanding! Everyone has misunderstood me!”

I desperately tried my best to speak up and clear up everyone’s misunderstandings.

Perhaps it was because of this that by the end of the break, everyone seemed convinced that Luna and I didn’t have that kind of relationship.

In the end it was only that some people, such as Kaede, still seem to have doubts about it…

“I-I’m tired…”

“Mm… you don’t have to deny it so desperately, do you? It’s really hurting me too.”

“Oh, I-I’m sorry! But it would be a problem for Luna if such misunderstandings were to occur.”

I don’t know what she meant by that comment, but it must have been a nuisance to Luna if someone thought of her as my lover.

“…That low self-esteem is really Yuuya’s bad point.”


“It’s nothing. Anyway! Since Yuya is the senior here. You’re going to teach me a lot, okay?”


──The class became lively again after welcoming Luna as a foreign exchange student.




Homeroom was over, and it was time to go home.

Just as we were about to leave, Sawada-sensei announced something to the class as if she had just recalled something.

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Recently, there have been some suspicious incidents here and there in the vicinity of the school, so be careful not to get involved. If you do encounter anything suspicious, be sure to call your teacher, okay?”

“Suspicious incidents?”

I twist my head, not knowing what she is talking about, and Yukine tells me.

“…Recently, there have been some strange incidents in the city, such as buildings being damaged and things that were supposed to be there disappearing. Have you heard about it?”

“I-I’ve never heard of that before. But that means there’s someone who did it… and it was done by that suspicious person, right?”

“…I think so too, but they haven’t come up with any evidence. The area that was also damaged had surveillance cameras installed, but nothing was caught on camera, and yet only things were stolen.”

“T-that kind of thing… can’t be true…”

How can something be stolen and the surveillance cameras don’t even show the culprit?

No way, you’re saying it’s the work of a ghost?

Then Merl thought the same thing and denied it with an impatient look.

“I-I can’t believe in such an unscientific existence. There is no such thing as a… ghost…!”

Merl may want to deny the existence of ghosts, but both Merl and I have encountered real ones in the amusement park’s haunted house. I was really surprised at that time…

Well, there are people from the other world and aliens, so it’s not so much of a surprise if you think about it calmly.

As I involuntarily look away, Yukine turns her gaze toward me.

“…So, I’m going to investigate this mysterious phenomenon… what do you think?”

“M-mysterious phenomenon? And you’re looking into it?”

“…Since it’s a big deal, why don’t you and Merl-san and Luna-san join me and look into it together?”

“M-me too!?”

“Hmm… that’s fine, but why me too?”

Luna has not yet become that close to Yukine, so she seems to be questioning the fact that she was invited.

“…Since you live in the same house as Yuuya, I was wondering if it would be better for us to work together. Besides, in order to investigate this mysterious phenomenon, we will look around various places in the city, and Luna-san probably doesn’t know that much about this city yet, so I’ll serve as your guide as well.”

“I-I see.”

It is true that Luna has only been in this world for a short period.

In that sense, I was grateful that we could look around the city together, regardless of whether or not we seriously investigate the mysterious phenomenon.

“If that’s what you mean, I’d be grateful too. However, may I invite someone else to join us?”

“Ah, Lexia-san?”

“Yes. …It would be very noisy if she found out that I left her and went out with you.”


I could easily imagine Lexia-san complaining about it, and I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile.

Yukine nodded to Luna’s words.

“…It’s okay, anyway, let’s call on others, and we can all look around the city together.”

In this way, Yukine called out to various people, and as a result, the usual group of people, such as Kaede, Rin, Ryo, and Shingo-kun, gathered together.


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