Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


The Scharm family was a great family that ruled the north for generations. Not only did they produce a queen, but many of the prime ministers who supported the reign of the Grantz were also from the Scharm family. Even when the Krone family was still in power, it had a strong voice and was able to compete with the influence of the Krone family. Even in modern times, the head of the family, Gils, was still the prime minister, and his sister had been welcomed as the second queen. However, the second queen was killed in an attack on the rear palace, and Gils, the head of the house of Scharm, was killed by an assassin’s blade. This, in turn, led to the loss of the prime minister’s position to the Kelheit family, another of the five great nobles, and the family lost the hearts of the people and even the trust of the nobles. In this emergency situation, the Scharm family asked Selene, the second prince of the Grantz, for help. However, since Selene was under medical treatment, he could not move as quickly as he would have liked to and thus they fell behind the Bromell family. The decline of the Scharm family could not be stopped. The Scharm family was not as vigorous as it had been in the past, and the growing power of the Bromell family had deepened the rift between the two, and they were on the verge of war.

The castle of the Scharm family was called “White Silver Castle,” and as its name suggested, it was a beautiful castle with a strong presence in the center of the city. The various structures that line the streets around the castle were covered with snow, and the castle was highly regarded by both the city itself and others as a castle that stood out in a world of white and silver.

Today, there were no tourists in town, and soldiers were walking the streets, giving off a disturbing atmosphere. The soldiers’ faces were tense, and those who sensed the troubled atmosphere were confined to their homes.

The castle was in a flurry of activity in contrast to the streets that had lost attractiveness. Both civilian and military officials were running around in the corridors, and the soldiers’ expressions were somewhat restless. In the midst of all this, an aide to the second prince Selene was walking.

He was Helma von Heimdall, the eldest son of the Heimdall family. Like his father, who was one of the five great generals, he was a man of valor, interesting but honest, and was trusted by the soldiers. Reaching the throne room at a brisk pace, he hurriedly opened the door.

“This is Helma. Is Selene-sama here?”

“I am here.”

Helma looked around, and the lord of the castle was sitting on his throne with his hands raised. His sister, Proditos von Heimdall, was standing by his side.

“Brother, has something worrisome happened that you are in such a hurry?”

Helma did not reply to his sister, but as he approached the throne, he got down on one knee and bowed his head.

“Selene-sama, a quick horse has arrived from Mellaren.”

Selene involuntarily leaned forward at Helma’s breathless words. Proditos also straightened her posture and turned serious eyes on her brother. Perhaps anticipating what her brother was about to say, Proditos’ expression was somewhat stiff.

“According to a letter from my father, General Hermes, a group of ‘monsters’ led by the Marked Tribe has begun their invasion of the wall.”

“…I don’t see how we can afford to send reinforcements.”

Selene dropped his shoulders and leaned back against the backrest, his brow furrowed in distress.

“No, rather, we must send soldiers to the wall as soon as possible… Did Hermes write anything about that?”

“Yes, don’t worry, you can do as you please over here. He wishes the second prince Selene good luck in his war.”

Hermes’ bullish attitude could be felt. Selene smiled bitterly. He wondered how he felt about writing the letter. He would want reinforcements, and he was probably trying not to make the situation look grim.

But it was a needless concern that had the opposite effect.

“Hermes is still the same. Helma, I also heard that the forces of the Bromell family are matched in strength. Can’t we send some soldiers, even if only a few?”

“…We can’t. The difference in strength between the two houses is far from equal. If we reduce the number of troops further, the small and medium-sized nobles will certainly side with the Bromell family. Reducing the number of troops would be a very dangerous situation.”

“Then… I suppose the only way to save Mellaren is to fight an early battle.”

“Yes, I think it is better to avoid a siege; we have no choice but to go for it. If we only buy time, there is no problem, but that increases the possibility that the Spirit Wall will be destroyed.”

“We can’t ignore the Bromell family even if it means looking back on the past… but we also don’t want to see the Spirit Wall collapse either. It’s a difficult problem because no matter which side we prioritize, the only thing that awaits us is destruction.”

“Reinforcements from the central will also be difficult. The Vanir Three Kingdoms in the south seem to be making a lot of noise.”

When Herma said this, it was his sister Proditos who responded.

“The long-eared race has started to move here; they seem to be as nasty as ever.”

“South and west, I don’t think there’s much leeway anywhere… but to go after the Grantz at the same time makes me wonder if they’re in cahoots behind our backs. The only thing to do is to hope that Liz and Rosa will be able to help in this regard. Our role is to restore stability to the north as quickly as possible, and we don’t have the luxury of sending in reinforcements.”

But once again, it was a difficult road.

After winning the decisive battle against the Bromell family, they would rush to the Spirit Wall with reinforcements. There was no guarantee that the Spirit Wall would be safe until then.

But even if they put more emphasis on the Spirit Wall, the Bromell family would acquire the White Silver Castle, and the Scharm family would be destroyed. This would not satisfy the nobles who are siding with the Scharm family. Nowadays, it was rare to find patriotic nobles who would fight for their country even if they lost their homes.

“I know this is a harsh thing to say, but until the matter is settled with the Bromell family, they will have to endure this.”

Holding his beloved sword, Kanshou and Bakuya in his hand, Selene began to walk on the red carpet in the center of the throne room.


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“There is no time to waste. Let’s depart now.”

Proditos and Helma, following behind him, listen without saying a word.

“The Bromell family and the nobles who followed him will regret what they did to us.”

Selene licked his lips and smiled with delight.




With the sun at its back, a bird swam in the blue sky.

Swaying in the wind and flying gracefully, they had always been the envy of those living on the ground.

Now that the fires of war were spreading across the continent, this feeling was even stronger.

As if to ridicule such people, flocks of birds disappeared into the clouds in the eastern sky.

Unlike the birds, which change their habitat according to the seasons, the people living on the ground have been designated a place of peace and tranquility.

One of them was a huge city called the Great Imperial Capital.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was the most prosperous city on the central continent in terms of population density, economy, and culture. The name of the city was Cladius. It was proof of the history of the Great Grantz Empire and the pride of the Grantz people. The huge city, famous as the capital of a thousand years since the first emperor Altius, was filled with an active atmosphere even if there was unrest on the continent. Even so, anxiety was growing day by day, and people’s faces were gloomy. The central street leading from the main gate of the Imperial Capital, a place normally filled with people, was filled with soldiers. The banner flying was the “lion” emblem of the first emperor of the Grantz, and beside it was the emblem of the Kelheit family.

The commander’s carriage was running in the middle of the group. Inside the carriage was the acting head of the Kelheit family, Miste Cagliara Rosa von Kelheit, Prime Minister of the Grand Grantz Empire. Two civilian assistants were also on board, along with a large amount of documents.

“The economy will continue to move regardless of the war. At the same time, we must negotiate with other countries and find a landing place for the conflicts that frequently occur in various regions.”

Rosa looked over the letters that had arrived from all over the world and thought to herself.

“I don’t think we have a choice. The highest commander of the Grantz is Prime Minister Rosa, now that Her Imperial Highness Celia Estrella is off to the west.”

“But… when things happen so many times in a row, it’s tempting to complain.”

The Bromell family rebellion in the north. The Spirit Wall was where the ‘monsters’ became more active. In the southern part of the continent, the Vanir Three Kingdoms began marching toward the Grantz, and the Free Peoples responded to them.

The series of uprisings that began with the invasion of Felzen by the Six Kingdoms was expanding the flames of war across the continent. Rosa had therefore issued a great command to the nobles in each region, but she didn’t know how many would respond. Few nobles were unscathed by the battles so far. Some of the nobles who could not judge how dangerous the current situation was, may be reluctant to send out their troops.

Even if the history of Grantz was unraveled, this was the first time that the nation had faced a crisis of existence or extinction. There had been several critical situations, but never had so many things happened at the same time as in this case. Rosa, who said so herself, did not really feel that much of a sense of crisis, probably because it did not seem realistic to her. The same was probably true for the soldiers. The disappearance of the Grantz, which had reigned over the central continent for a thousand years, was a factor of the distance between the site of the disaster and the actual situation. It was hard to imagine the disappearance of something that had been taken for granted. Rosa, too, felt that the report on the paper alone was somewhat imaginary. Perhaps she would have to see it with her own eyes in order to believe it.

“I lack the ability to see what lies ahead. This must be the limit of my ability. I am not able to hold the position of prime minister.”

“That is not true…”

Rosa shook her head, restraining the civil servant with her hand as he tried to deny it.

“No, it’s okay. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that at a time like this.”

Rosa smiled a self-mocking smile and stopped looking through the documents again.

“Hmm, this report….. is well-written. Who is this from?”

“It was written by the daughter of the Loing family, I believe.”

“Oh… the girl they say didn’t resemble her grandfather…”

Trei Freen von Loing. He was a man who was one of the five generals in charge of protecting the southern part of the Grantz. He was a great sinner who, along with Stobel, led a rebellion and was complicit in the death of the Grantz Emperor Greyheit. The Loing family had banished him earlier, and above all, the family escaped punishment for concealing the emperor’s death. They lost their place in the south after the fall of their authority, but they were now under the protection of Margrave Grinda since they were quick to take up with Liz’s camp.

“It is true that she has no talent as a military officer, but her talent as a civilian officer is outstanding among her age group. I am looking forward to her future.”

“Oh… that’s a happy thing. I hope that she will continue to grow up without any change.”

For that reason, they must overcome the current crisis and rebuild the Grantz.

Liz, who once had no faction, had now grown up as the first in the line of succession to the throne, abolishing Stobel, who was considered to be the next emperor. No one could have imagined this. She was still a tiny sprout, but she was certainly on her way to the throne. Like her, some young people had emerged. Therefore, the time of generational change would surely come.

The rise and fall, it was not just nations. It was the same for people.

Rosa, however, was not pessimistic. If they were excellent, if they were capable of supporting the country, she would gladly hand over the prime minister’s position to them, even if it were now.

“For the sake of the vassals who will support the future, we must first win. And how are the nobles of the east―the nobles under my Kelheit family―doing?”

“The leading nobles are General Robert and General Weiss, who led the Fifth Imperial Army to the south, according to the report.”

“I see they have finally moved…”

General Weiss was one of the five generals in charge of protecting the east.

After winning single combat with General Robert a few years ago, she was recognized by the previous emperor, Greyheit, as one of the Five Great Generals and was placed in one of the seats. However, she was a free-spirited woman who did whatever she pleased, and despite being in an important position, she refused to obey any of the emperor’s orders, saying that it was too much trouble. Although this would normally have been tantamount to mortal sin, Greyheit had also given her special treatment, so no one could blame her for her actions. Since it was unusual for Greyheit to show mercy to anyone who crossed him, even to a nobleman, there were rumors that General Weiss might be his illegitimate daughter.

However, Rosa can assure that this was not the case.

Since Greyhight had taken Liz’s mother as his wife, his previous fondness for women had disappeared.

Otherwise, there would have been no ‘five-year spring’ period.

With this background, she was worried about what she would do if she were told that she was not in the mood this time either, but it seems that she had no choice but to stay put in the face of such a major national event.

“This might make up for the shortfall of the main force being sent out to the west.”

The Vanir Three Kingdoms, led by the long-eared race, and the Free Peoples, made up of halflings, were coming up from the south with great vigor. And then there was the Muzuk family, the great noble family of the south, which was an element of uneasiness. There was also information that the Grand Duchy of Drall, a major power in the west, was also in league with the Vanir Three Kingdoms.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it was difficult to say that the Grantz were in a position to compete, but even so, the presence of the Five Great Generals played an important role in checking and controlling them. In addition to this, the First Imperial Army led by Rosa and the Fifth Imperial Army led by General Weiss would create great power.

“Once the battle between Liz and the Six Kingdoms is over, the Grand Duchy of Drall will be completely silenced.”

The elite “Golden Lion Knights” of the First Imperial Army, the Second Imperial Army, and the Fourth Imperial Army were following Liz.

A victory by the main forces over the Six Kingdoms would be a threat to the Grand Duchy of Drall, which would not be able to make any rash moves.

“I feel that the Grand Duchy of Drall is being too cautious and is not making the right move at the right time… but we are grateful for that.”

But if they showed an opening, they would bite. Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It was no different for friendly countries. The Levering Kingdom, ruled by the demons that was their ally, the Republic of Steichen, whose parliament was made up of beastmen with strong physical capabilities, and the ‘slave state’ at the southern end of the country, the Principality of Lichtine, were also friendly nations. The title of “friend” was unacceptable for those who ran the country.

“The only thing the Grantz need to survive is victory.”

Everyone was fighting desperately for the survival of the nation. The sister who went west must feel the same way as Rosa. No―anyone who lived in Grantz had the same feeling in their hearts.

Rosa exhaled and regained her spirit, imagining her sister, who would be fighting desperately.

“Come to think of it… we didn’t find Cerberus until the very end.”

Suddenly, she remembered the presence of the white wolf that had always been by Liz’s side. She had been searching for her all the way until she left the capital but had never been able to find her. She wondered whether she should inform Liz, but Rosa decided to keep it a secret. She did not want to cause Liz any unnecessary trouble.

“I don’t think anything happened to Cerberus alone. but…”

The search for Cerberus was left to the soldiers left at the mansion and the maidservants, but she could only hope that Cerberus would emerge with a more relaxed face after this battle was over.

“For now, let’s leave Cerberus in the back of my mind. We are now heading for a land ruled by the cunning Vetu.”

Vetu, the head of the Muzuk family. She had no idea what he was up to. She knew that he was doing many things behind the scenes, but she never caught him by the tail, and he was still sitting in his stronghold, Sunspear. In every way, he was a superior opponent to Rosa, but even so, neither Rosa nor Vetu would stand idly by.

“I’ve already taken steps. Vetu… your days are numbered.”

She had taken every precaution to prepare for the coming confrontation.

Everything was in place, but there was still a hint of uneasiness. The other party was the head of the Muzuk family.

To distract herself, Rosa turned her eyes to the window.

The sky was blue and far away, with white clouds swimming in the distance, shining bright and clear.


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