Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Part 2


Sunspear, a large city in the south of the Great Grantz Empire. At present, an army of about 60,000 men had gathered there. The army, which had gathered from all over the region, were flying the banner of their respective homelands, but half of them were proudly displaying the emblematic banner of an eastern noble family. Their lord was in a golden palace in the center of Sunspear. Perhaps because there were more important people than usual, the palace was heavily guarded. The number of soldiers constantly patrolling the corridor would have made it difficult for even a rat to sneak in. In one of the rooms guarded by the soldiers, the commanders of the armies assembled in Sunspear were gathered.

“Why don’t you know the number of the Vanir Three Kingdoms?”

Robert von Gracchus, the former great general of the eastern nobility, said with a hint of irritation. His sharp gaze was fixed on Vetu, the head of the Muzuk family, which united the southern nobles.

“They have divided their army into several divisions and are marching to the Grand Duchy of Drall from various directions. We still don’t know how many there are.”

“Do you at least have an estimate?”

“Yes, I have an estimate. More than 100,000 are certain. And to add to that, it seems that 30,000 free peoples have invaded the territory of the Steichen Republic.”

“We can leave it to the Steichen Republic to deal with the barbarians. They are a nation of brigands born of their own misfortunes.”

“General Robert, you will be in for a world of pain if you underestimate them. The free people are equipped with the latest equipment with support from the Vanir Three Kingdoms. They number more than 30,000, and they are not just bandits.”

Besides, Vetu continued.

“The Steichen Republic is still recovering from the wounds of the recent civil war. Moreover, the Supreme Chancellor Skadi, to whom they should look for instructions, is far to the west―in the Six Kingdoms. In other words, they are likely to stay in their own territory, protected by a high wall, and let the free peoples pass them by.”

“Then we can intercept them in Sunspear. That is why we have come so far south in the first place.”

“It won’t be that easy.”

“Excuse me?”

“I noticed one disconcerting thing while watching the movements of the Vanir Three Kingdoms.”

When Vetu said this, Liz’s uncle, Margrave Grinda, who was also present, nodded.

“It seems likely that the Vanir Three Kingdoms will avalanche into the center of the Grantz as it is.”

Vetu showed some surprise at the prediction of Grinda.

“As expected of the uncle of Her Highness Celia Estrella. You have a wonderful insight.”

After clapping his hands, Vetu placed the pieces on the map on his desk.

“The Vanir Three Kingdoms have divided their forces into several groups, probably in order to disturb us. They may be planning to attack from the south and destroy the central part of the empire, the great imperial capital.”

“If that is the case, we should cooperate with Prime Minister Rosa and launch a pincer attack. No matter how large the army is, if it is surrounded, not only will its strength be reduced by half, but its morale will also decline, and some will begin to surrender.”

When Robert said confidently, Vetu laughed at him, seemingly trying to get on his nerves.

“But what I mentioned earlier is becoming more important.”

“The free peoples, huh…?”

It was General Weiss. Vetu, puzzled by her first words, admitted it matter-of-factly.

“That’s right. If the free peoples target our rear, the encirclement will fail.”

With his mouth bent into a grimace of annoyance, Vetu lifted both shoulders as if in resignation.

“Just because the Three Vanir Kingdoms are aiming for the central doesn’t mean we can’t go after them and empty Sunspear. If we don’t keep a certain amount of force here, the Grantz will collapse starting from the south due to the attack of the free peoples. But as I said earlier, if the Vanir Three Kingdoms act in a way that we do not expect, the central will collapse completely.”

The First Imperial Army, led by Prime Minister Rosa, has only about 40,000 troops. Even if all the troops gathered in the south were added together, it would not reach 100,000. Even if the Vanir Three Kingdoms outnumber them, it was not a gap that cannot be filled by factors such as morale and skill level. However, not only was the current military strength of the Vanir Three Kingdoms unknown, but even the course they would take was also unknown. If they knew which direction they were going to attack, the central or south, it would be possible to divide up their forces, but with the current lack of information, such a decision would be disastrous.

“We are at a standstill. We have sent many spies to the Grand Duchy of Drall, but we have not received any promising information on whether they are coming to the south or going to the central.”

“If we spread out our forces in the dark, there is a possibility that they will be defeated individually.”

When Weiss said this, Vetu affirmed it with a worried look on his face.

“That’s exactly right. The fate of the Grantz will be determined by where we place our emphasis, in the central or in the south.”

“The situation in the north is also a matter of concern.”

Everyone nodded in agreement to the words of Margrave Grinda.

Everyone knew that the Bromell family was showing disturbing movements in the north. They also understood that the “Spirit Wall” was also in a critical situation. However, they could not move. If they sent forces to the north, the south would collapse. Therefore, after defeating the Vanir Three Kingdoms―that would be the next step, but that, too, would be difficult. All of them were exhausted from repeated wars. Both the east and the south would have to make great sacrifices in this battle. Conquering the Bromell family there could lead to a joint defeat. Therefore, if the second prince Selene were safe, he would overlook the Bromell family, even if it was the Bromell family that was in control behind the scenes.

“We will have no choice but to let the second prince Selene endure. If they are still fighting after we have defeated the Vanir Three Kingdoms, it is possible that we could rush in to reinforce them.”

The chances of that happening were slim.

It was precisely because of the short-term battle and the chance of victory that the Bromell family moved at this time.

“Even if the second prince Selene were to lose, the Bromell family wouldn’t be able to execute him, and the rest would depend on negotiations. After that, the north can be dealt with any way it wants, as long as it is negotiated. So it seems to me that our priority should be to tackle the problem at hand, don’t you agree?”

No one denied General Robert’s words. First of all, there was no room in the south to worry about whether or not they could win against the Vanir Three Kingdoms, and there was no room in the north to worry about the south.

“Thanks to Prime Minister Rosa’s advance preparations, we still have time. Let’s try to gather information to the limit and hold another military meeting.”

Anything more than this would have been a theoretical exercise. It was necessary to gather more information. Everyone agreed with Vetu’s opinion and got up from their seats.

Weiss, accompanied by Robert, left the room and handed him a letter.

“Take this to Prime Minister Rosa.”

“I understand. I will send a fast horse immediately.”

Robert leaves at a brisk pace. Weiss then recognized Vetu walking in front of her and called out.

“Lord Muzuk. I would like to ask you a few questions.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Do you know the first princess?”

Weiss’ question made Vetu frown, but after a pause, he shook his head slightly.

“…..I know the story of how she was sent to the Spirit Temple in the small country of Baum immediately after her birth.”

“Why was she entrusted to the small country of Baum, and what was the reason?”

“Hmm… Come to think of it, what was it―ah, yes. I heard that because she was sickly and weak, she was entrusted to the “Spirit King’s Temple,” relying on the power of the Spirit King.”

A newborn baby was given away by the Grantz family, which has excellent physicians. Moreover, there was no way that a sickly baby would be able to endure the journey to the small country of Baum. That was why they could not understand it. And the nobles, including Vetu, were convinced of it.

“Lord Muzuk, there is no need to deceive. You are a wise man, and I am sure you know the truth. The truth hidden in there―I am sure you have investigated it.”

Weiss slowly opened her mouth as she checked Vetu’s reaction.

“The small country of Baum was founded by the “God of War,” but if you combine the reason for the birth of their predecessor, the people of the beginning, with the darkness of the Grantz, you will naturally see the irony entrusted with it.”

“Hmm… if you know so much, then there’s no point in hiding it…”

Shrugging his shoulders, Vetu kept his voice down to avoid the eyes of those around him.

“I’m sure General Weiss understands that very well.”

Sighing sadly, Vetu held up two fingers.

“The first is the mystery of the “successive princess shrine maiden”―the women who received the oracle of the “Spirit King,” the God of the “human race”―belong to the long-eared race. The second is why no one questioned why the “first princess” was entrusted to the small country of Baum. It was all very interesting, so I certainly looked into it.”

“I see you got your answer.”

“Yes, coincidentally or intentionally… the former and the latter are connected―ultimately one and the same, and all the answers were buried in the darkness of the Grantz Imperial Family. For that should not be the case in great millennial power.”

“But it was impossible to keep it completely hidden, thanks to the existence of the Spirit King.”

Weiss added, and Vetu nodded his head and leaned his back against the wall.

“General Weiss, that’s what made me realize it. Fortunately or unfortunately, the small country of Baum has been protected by the absolute existence of the ‘Spirit King.’ With God as the opponent, even the power of the Grantz is powerless.”

“Is anyone else aware of this?”

“Well… anyone who is the head of one of the five great noble families would have noticed, and anyone who knows history would have felt uncomfortable. But the Krone family, who would have known the truth, fell, the Scharm family also lost their family head, the Kelheit family also lost their former head in an accident, and the Munster family of the third prince also fell due to the Six Kingdoms. And our remaining Muzuk family is facing a crisis of survival with the armies of the Vanir Three Kingdoms and the free peoples closing in on us.”

“It seems that all of them are bigwigs who have been heavily involved in the dark affairs of the Grantz Imperial Family.”

Weiss gave him a probing look to see what he was hiding, but nothing changed in Vetu’s expression, and he blurted out a deep breath through his nose with a bland look on his face.

“…..I don’t deny it. And it can’t be a coincidence.”

“How could it have been distorted so badly? It’s so selfish and foolish.”

Having succeeded in getting what she wanted out of Vetu, Weiss was about to leave, but he held her back.

“I have one question for General Weiss.”

“What is it?”

“How much do you know?”

“Lord Muzuk, you said yourself. It’s simple. I know more about history than you do.”

At the rejection, Vetu cleared his throat with amusement.

“I’m not well-liked, am I? Oh well, it seems we’re on the same side, at least for the moment.”

“Don’t get me wrong. You are standing in the middle of my lord’s path, and I don’t know what will happen to you when it passes.”

“That scares me.”

Despite his words, Vetu seemed to be truly happy. Weiss told him.

“But before you think about what will happen later, you must first deal with the enemy within you.”


“Don’t forget your name.”

Vetu stared at Weiss’ back as she left.

“…..What an eerie existence. I might have to look into it again.”

Still, information about the east was limited. The extreme would be about her. The only thing known about her was that she fought against General Robert and won the position of the five great generals. Even with the Muzuk family’s intelligence, that was all they could get.

“And while we’re at it, let’s look into the first princess.”

This one might be promising. At that time, there was the “wind” of the previous emperor, Greyheit.

It was even dangerous to investigate the details because of that.

If he saw him as an enemy, he was relentless. Therefore, he could not make any rash moves.

“The Krone family, which had gone too deeply into the matter, fell and destroyed itself…”

The darkness of the Grantz Imperial Family―it was something that should never be brought to light.

But because it never came to light, it also became the cause of things getting so complicated.

When the darkness grows, even the greatest shining light can easily be swallowed up.

“…..I can’t speak for other families either.”

The darkness that a family holds in proportion to its status is also great. The Muzuk family was no exception.

“If anything were to come to the knowledge of my subordinates, everything would be…”

Among his subordinates, there was a man named Rozl, who was loyal to the Muzuk family. What would happen if he were to learn the secret that Vetu harbored?

“Huh, that’s not like me. Whatever happens, I’m just going to keep pushing forward.”

He smiled to himself, imagining an impossible future.


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