Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 3 Part 4

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Part 4


Today was a full moon.

Weiss, sitting on the grass with a chilly breeze, looked up at the sky.

This view was the same as it was a thousand years ago. The wind was the same, the night sky was the same, and the stars were still twinkling.

It was while looking up at the night sky like this that she met her.

She was a strong and resilient woman who would not give in to ruthless fate. She extended her hand to the oppressed, and if anyone suffered, she would help them even if they were her enemies, and she never questioned their status.

She was a woman who followed the path she believed in, made quick decisions, and never regretted her actions.

“I don’t know when it started. I became aware that you were an ordinary woman…”

She thought she was a special woman. She was truly revered as a deity in the stories of posterity. No wonder, since she achieved a feat that no one had ever accomplished before. Her exceptional beauty attracted many men, and her dainty appearance aroused their desire to protect her. Despite her appearance, however, she was a warrior of many battles as she strode valiantly across the battlefield. She was truly a perfect woman with no flaws.

But when was it that she realized that she was different…? Away from the battlefield, she was just a maiden on the inside―a new side of her appeared one after another after she met that boy.

“I thought it would last forever. I thought it would be enough if I could see her smile forever.”

But the reality was harsh. By the time she realized it, it was too late.

She was gone, the boy had broken again, and the world was changing rapidly.

Having fallen behind the times, the boy’s minor mistakes had led to irreparable consequences.

It must have been another heartbreaking experience for the boy.

“This time… Even if I try to, the current situation is tough. The same thing is about to happen again.”

A sigh of sorrow. Weiss, who looked down at the ground, touched the grass.

“What are you doing here?”

A hoarse voice reached her, and she turned around to see Robert, a former five great general who supported Weiss, standing there. In his hand was a huge piece of meat with a bone, apparently the thigh of a “monster” that had been rampaging in the vicinity. Receiving it, Weiss chewed the bone with her strong jaw and decided to answer his question.

“It’s a beautiful day. I thought it would be nice to eat under such a night sky.”

“I see… then, I’ll go along with you.”

Robert, sitting next to her, slurps down a bottle of wine with a thud.

“Why not stay at the palace in Sunspear? It seemed comfortable to me.”

Weiss shrugged her shoulders at the suggestion. She was in the Fifth Imperial Army encampment built around Sunspear. Around her, perhaps because there was no sign of war yet, many soldiers were making a lot of noise with drinks in their hands. Some of the soldiers on patrol were returning to their guard duty, looking on enviously.

“If you were in my position, would you have stayed at the palace in Sunspear?”

“Haha, no way. With a stinky guy like that, any luxurious room would be the worst place to sleep, no matter how comfortable it is. If you are not careful, you could get your head snapped off in your sleep. I would rather sleep in the washroom than in such a place.”

“Then don’t ask me trivial questions.”

“You still don’t like to talk. Well, it’s a fact that you can’t trust anyone who talks too much, but Weiss-dono is a little too quiet. I think you could be a little more open.”

“If you put it that way, General Robert would be the same way…”

“It’s the booze. It’s because of the booze. Nowadays, I have been ridiculed as an old general who lost his fangs, but in the past, I was the most powerful of the five great generals. I often talk out loud, because I have the ability to do so. Above all, I have been responsible for every word I have spoken and accomplished. I’m not just a clown―Cough, the booze is in my windpipe…”

Laughing with his big mouth open and coughing up his drink, the man did not seem to have the slightest bit of the dignity of a general. Yet everyone, both self and others, recognized his abilities. His words were not exaggerated. But from Weiss’s point of view, he looked like a clown.

“So, General Robert, have you found out anything about Nameless?”

The icy gaze pierced through, and Robert sobered up as she continued to act indolent, coughing awkwardly and then straightening his posture.

“No, I still don’t have a clue. The north and west sides are the same. I can’t find him at all.”

“I see… but I’m sure he’s still up to something. Keep looking.”


“There’s not much we can do. And when we have no information… all we can do is watch the night sky with anxiety.”

“It means that the times have begun to move. Once a dam has been cut, there is no way to stop the muddy waters.”

Robert looksed into the distance, carefully choosing his words, and slowly continued.

“It happened just as His Majesty Greyheit said that day.”

“Despite his premonition, he was unable to stop it. It was Greyheit’s fault for pushing the Grantz this far.”

Robert did not blame Weiss for not honoring the former emperor, and he did not deny her words.

“When he was young, His Majesty Greyheit was really a selfish person, you know. If only he had met the mother of His Highness Celia Estrella a little earlier… it might have been different.”

“A life without freedom, one’s whole life is determined from the moment one is born. If that meeting was also a set-up…”

Weiss muttered, but her small voice did not reach Robert, and she continued her words with a dark expression on her face.

“Still, Greyheit realized too late―or should I say, tried to resist his fate… But though various steps were taken, they were not very effective.”

The previous emperor, Greyheit, had expected Weiss to be a great general and had elevated her to the position of the Five Great Generals. Perhaps he must have seen through her identity as well. Otherwise, he would not have favored Weiss, who could not move as he wished due to “restrictions.” Furthermore, Hiro became the fourth prince because of the advice of the princess shrine maiden, or “Nameless,” but it was also to protect Liz. As one could see, it was ironic that the result was the cause of the distortion of everything, but there was still hope.

“I have not been as useful as I should have been at the most important times… but finally, I can move with satisfaction.”

When Weiss, with her hand on her chest, looked down with deep emotion, Robert nodded happily.

“It is a pity that you have been accused of so many things in the world. If you insist on going wild, I will go along with you to the bitter end. Let’s show those who have been talking behind your back what you can do.”

“Of course. That is why I came here.”

Weiss nodded, but to be honest, she had never cared what the world thought of her.

But if she―Liz―was willing, she vowed to give it her all. Weiss clenched her fists tightly, but then she suddenly felt a strange presence and looked up.

“…There’s an intruder here. Two of them.”

“Right away――”

Weiss lightly waved her arm in front of Robert, who was about to call his subordinates, and then pointed her hand as if to restrain him.

“I’ve already got them. If you search south, you’ll find them lying around.”

“As usual… I’ll send a soldier there right away.”

Robert raised his hand and called for the soldiers on guard. In the meantime, Weiss stood up and gave a sigh of relief, which Robert noticed and called out to her.

“Where are you going? Are you alright with the interrogation?”

“I’m sleepy, so I’m going to bed. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Understood. Have a good night’s sleep, and let me know if you need anything else.”

Weiss waved Robert back and turned her head to the tent that had been prepared for her. The soldiers noticed her and bowed to her. Weiss finally entered her own tent, making a gesture of effort with her hand each time. Then, a mysterious phenomenon occurs. Her body seemed to emit light, and as soon as they converged, she became a single white wolf. Pawing her neck with her hind legs, she jumped onto her bunk and curled her body up, and with one more absent breath, her sharp fangs were exposed to the outside world.

(It was bothersome. I don’t mind this form, but it’s so useless.)

In this form, it was impossible to have a conversation. When a strong enemy appeared, she couldn’t fight them off with her weak strength. The same was true in the previous battle―when Rosa was attacked. If Skaaha had not come to her rescue, she would have died. She was unable to protect herself by her own strength alone. If she had been able to return to her original form, she would not have been defeated by an enemy of that caliber.

(The “Spirit King” had bestowed upon me an abominable curse.)

It was the “Spirit King” who orchestrated the whole thing. But it had been many years since he disappeared. Even so, Weiss did not believe that the “Spirit King” had disappeared. He must be somewhere lurking in the shadows at this very moment. He was probably watching the situation of the world and waiting for the time to come.

(If he doesn’t make any major moves, things may be go in your favor.)

Making fetters, giving trials, imposing difficulties, and looking on from a high place. Everything was a sacrifice to reach God, and it was the role of the pawns to move by it. If they acted differently from his will, he came out and corrected them.

(He was very upset when His Majesty Altius created the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword, though.)

The ‘heretic’ Altius was born without the knowledge of the ‘Five Great Heavenly Kings.’

The “Spirit King” took notice of his talent, and with his lavish love for him as his own pawn, he made him the first emperor. But even he was not just used.

He left behind a sword that could kill even a god, the “Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword.”

(As a result, the “Spirit King” played tricks on him, and His Majesty Altius was further bound by the fetters of Hiro.)

Even so, Altius did not hold a grudge against Hiro. They were like brothers in arms, and together with the first princess shrine maiden, who was Weiss’ master, the three of them were striving to fulfill their ideals. However, the reality was very harsh, and they could not be free.

They remain bound, now and forever.

(Restraint―a curse that forever did not allow them to be free.)

That was why, a thousand years ago, a young man rose up in search of freedom, and those who sympathized with him rallied under him, leading to the victory of the humans. Although she was not able to witness the whole process, it was not difficult to imagine the many sacrifices that were made. Above all, not everyone was happy. The story that was created a thousand years ago ended badly.

(How long must she suffer…?)

Upon waking up in this world and seeing the first girl he met, the young man realized that he had failed.

And although Weiss knew everything, she could not save him, and the boy was forced to suffer when he appeared in this world again.

(Hey… Hiro, are you still crying? Are you still carrying your own responsibility?)

The white wolf laid face down and closed her eyes, and was lured into slumber.

(Oh―… this time, this time, I must save you.)

That was the reason why she was here.

For the sake of the one special above all else, she had returned to this world again, just like him.

(I want to make the promise of that day―for you, I want to make him bloom a smile)


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