Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 307

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Chapter 307 – Difficult Mana Trap Development


The results of the experiment showed that there was no problem, even if the fin was very thin. The mithril silver alloy could be one or two millimeters thick or even so thin that it could be torn by hand like aluminum foil, and there would still be no difference in the efficiency of magic collection.

“It is good to know, but it is not so good for practical use.”

“Hmm. The physical durability is too low to be of any practical use.”

“Right. Well, even so, it’s not a problem when used as a component of mana traps like this.”

If the drop is the same, no matter how thin the material is, the thinner it is, the cheaper the cost of the material can be. The problem is the technology required for processing. It would be impossible to make it so thin and flimsy by hitting it with a hammer. Ah, no, but the gold leaf is finally put between tanned leather or something and beaten with a mallet, right…? I think I saw something like that on TV once.

“Well then, let’s call the next one a developmental type, so let’s make an automatic collection device using the technique.”

“Hmm, I’ll give it a try.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy, though…”

In contrast to Isla, who is very motivated, Iphrita is a bit negative from the beginning. You can’t start anything until you try.

However, as Iphrita said, this was a very difficult task.

We picked up some of the typical drain-type magic formulas and also picked up other magic that removes the target’s magic resistance and gives it abnormal conditions. I tried removing and modifying the formulas for removing the target’s magic resistance from the common items in the formulas and for specifying the target, but I couldn’t get it to work.

“It’s not as simple as it seems.”

“Unlike the wind magic at that time, it is a far more complicated technique.”

“It won’t be that easy.”

The three of us were at a loss. In the end, we would like to apply the drainage technique somehow, but it might be better to consider a different approach.

While it’s important to stick to the original plan, it’s also not good to get too hung up on the initial concept that stops you in your tracks. Since we have just started, it won’t hurt too much to change the direction of our research.

“Let’s consider another approach.”

“Another approach?”

“Stop focusing on drainage magic. The goal is to extract magic from the atmosphere and turn it into usable energy, so if we can achieve that goal, I don’t think we need to be concerned about drain magic.”

“I see. That’s certainly true.”

“Hmm… but what do you want to do?”

Isla tilted her head. Sure, it’s good to stop obsessing over draining magic, but without the next guiding principle, it would be a setback to the plan.

“Can you think of any magic that restores or temporarily gathers magic power?”

“There is no magic that restores magic power, you know.”

“I have no idea either.”

“There’s no, huh? Speaking of which, how do you refill the magic crystal stone with magic power?”

“You hold it directly in your hand and put magic into it.”

“Hmm. Release magic power.”

“I see… That means you can also suck the magic out of the magic crystal stone, right?”


“So, humans… or rather mages, have some sort of organ in their bodies that can absorb and emit magic power.”

The same as the lungs that breathe in and out of the air, they probably have what I would call a magic organ that inhales and exhales magic power. For some reason, the two of them caught my gaze, and took a step back.

“No dissection, ever.”

“No human experimentation. It’s forbidden. It’s forbidden.”

“What do you people think I am… or rather Isla? Didn’t you try to dissect me when we first met?”

“That was a mage joke.”

After saying that, Isla turned her gaze away from me with a twitch.

“Haha, a mage joke, huh? Well then, may I also suggest a mage institution with a living mage at its core as a joke?”



Since she apologized sincerely, I forgave her. In the back of my mind, the image of Isla running and frantically spinning the hamster spinning thing was passing through my mind, but I decided not to do it. I can only see a future where she falls down, and the whole wheel spins.

“There are two things to do: manipulate magic power and magic tools related to magic power. I’d like you to look into any technology that could be used to store and replenish magic power, such as magic stones or tools to fill magic crystals with magic power or any other magic tools that store and replenish magic power. I’ll use my knowledge of my former world and crafting abilities to try and perfect the mana trap.”

“Hmm, okay.”





“So I’m developing something called a mana trap.”

“I see. You mean to tell me you’re not just dawdling with the harpies or simply flirting with other women.”

“That’s very aggressive.”

“Eleonora-sama is very lonely.”

Amalie-san stops mending and giggles.

After taking a break from magic lessons with Isla and Iphrita and mana trap development, I made my way to Ellen and Amalie-san’s room, which is prepared at the back of the castle. So that’s how we were talking about doing this today.

“Recently, Kosuke only shows your face a little in the morning and in the evening, but you don’t give me much attention.”

“I’ve really been a little busy lately. I’m sorry.”

“Mm… I’m not trying to annoy you…”

When I apologized, Ellen’s momentum suddenly disappeared. I wonder if she is somewhat mentally unstable. She has a baby in her belly, right? Is that natural?

“Eleonora-sama just wants Kosuke-san to take care of her. She has no bad intentions, so please forgive her.”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I’m sorry, Ellen. I should be more considerate.”

“Mm… you don’t have to apologize.”

Then Ellen squeezed my hand and put it on her own cheek. I don’t know what it is, but I wonder if this calms her down.

“Well, Kosuke hasn’t touched me much since I… became pregnant, has he?”

Then Ellen looked up at me with her crimson eyes as she laid her cheek on my hand.

“Y-yes… No, I’m just worried about the baby if I touch you too much, isn’t that right?”

“Neither my body nor the baby is so fragile that a little skinship will do anything to it.”

Before I knew it, Amalie-san had moved in next to me so that she was in close proximity. With Ellen on my left and Amalie-san on my right, I was completely surrounded.

“I’d like to have some skinship like a married couple.”

“Since this tea table is too much, how about we move to the soft sofa over there?”


After this, we had a lot of skinship. Specifically, I lay on Ellen’s lap and cuddled on Amalie-san’s chest.

“I’m here too, you know?”

While we were doing this, Bertha, who was waiting in the room as a caretaker for the two of them, got mad. With Bertha-san joining us, I was spoiled and pampered to the core.


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