Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 308

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Chapter 308 – Provocation


“From what I hear, you had a lot of fun with the saint and the others after that, didn’t you?”

“We were working on a project Kosuke had assigned us.”

“I’m willing to admit that we were having fun. But I’ve heard some things that might be useful in the development of the mana traps.”


The next day, when I visited Iphrita’s private office again to proceed with the development of mana traps again, the two of them gave me a cold stare. Certainly, I’ve had enough skinship, but there is nothing obscene about it. In fact, it’s healthy. But yeah. I’ll just say one thing: boobs are the best. I’ll refrain from commenting on Isla and Iphrita’s chest in their honor, though

“You know about the Adolian cathedral, don’t you?”

“Hmm, I know. There’s one in every town.”

“Before I knew it, there was a big one right here in Merinesburg.”

“Yeah, it’s that cathedral. It is said that miracles of healing are more effective in the cathedral, and the clergy’s magic power is restored faster.”

Isla’s eye widened at my words, and Iphrita’s long, pointed ears twitched.

“I don’t know if it’s limited to clergy, but it’s interesting to know that it speeds up the recovery of magic power, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. I’ve never been near an Adolian cathedral, after all.”

“It’s the home of the subhuman oppressors, isn’t it? But if we can analyze the cathedral’s effect of restoring magic, it might give us a clue to the magic gathering system.”

Isla and Iphrita nodded their heads in interest. A magic power gathering system, huh? Apparently, Iphrita decided to call the mana trap that. It is certainly a straightforward and easy-to-understand name, isn’t it?

“But what are you going to do? Do you want to visit?”

“Kosuke may be fine, but I’m afraid we’ll get into trouble if we go.”

“Don’t worry. I told Ellen and the others yesterday and had them talk to the high priest Caterina about it. If we go there now, the morning service will already be over, and there should be some free time.”

“Kosuke, I’m ready.”

“That’s good. Shall we head out then?”

“Let’s do it.”

We headed to the drop-off point where the carriages were prepared. It was the first time the three of us had ever gone out together… I thought, but when we got into the carriage for the pick-up, a problem arose.

“I don’t think you should do that.”

“Me and Kosuke are like husband and wife. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

I was about to start pampering Isla to the fullest by sitting down next to her and put her head on my lap when Iphrita made a comment. I was naturally stroking and rubbing Isla’s silky hair and plump cheeks as she lay on my lap, so I had no questions about the situation until Iphrita’s comment. Habituation is a scary thing!

“This cat mode is only allowed to me because we are as close as husband and wife. Iphrita-sama doesn’t have that kind of relationship with him, so it’s not allowed.”

“It’s not that I want to do the same thing to you or anything. It’s a matter of modesty.”

“It is natural for us, who are like husband and wife, to bond with each other in this way. It’s not like we’re in a carriage in public. It’s appropriate.”

“You know I am here, too, don’t you?”


Iphrita’s anger gradually increased as Isla looked at her with a “What’s wrong with that?” Why are you suddenly provoking Iphrita here, Isla-san? Only Iphrita’s mouth is smiling, and it’s incredibly scary. Her eyes are not smiling completely, but only her mouth is smiling, and it’s really scary. It shows that a smile is essentially an aggressive expression. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s scary anyway.

“Are you jealous?”

“Wha…? I didn’t say anything like that!”

Gaoo! Iphrita roared. But Isla didn’t seem particularly frightened and grabbed my hand, which had stopped patting her head with both of hers, brought it to her cheek, and started rubbing her cheek against it.

“Um, Isla-san?”


“Uh, what’s going on?”

Isla’s sudden and violent behavior (?) raises a genuine question. I really think it’s too abrupt.

“I simply want to be spoiled. Also, I’m provoking the simmering Iphrita-sama.”


Iphrita, who was clearly declared to be provoked, gets angry. No, isn’t that exactly what Isla wants her to do?


Perhaps noticing this, Iphrita dropped her hips, which had almost floated off the seat, back onto the seat, and turned away with a grim expression on her face. However, her sharp pointed bamboo ears, characteristic of elves, were bright red.

Ehh… no, I thought it was thinly disguised, but that’s what you mean? I wonder, is there some kind of weird pheromone coming out of my body? No, it’s not the first time it’s happened, though.


“Shut up! Don’t talk!”

“Ah, yes.”

I couldn’t do anything but shut up when she pointed her finger at me with a bright red face and told me so. As she watched this situation from my lap, only Isla’s mouth was loose and smiling. I thought, “I’ll give her a little punishment,” and when I tried to lightly pinch her cheek, she snapped my finger into her mouth. Stop it! Stop it! Don’t suck my fingers so hard!




“C-come on! We’re at the cathedral! Let’s take a good look around!”

“Okay, let’s check it out.”


Isla was in her usual mood, but Iphrita was in a very bad mood.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing at all.”

High Priestess Caterina, who greeted me, gave me a quizzical look, and I involuntarily straightened my back to answer. High Priestess Caterina is a bit of a strict lady, and I’m not really good with her. She doesn’t seem to like the fact that I have a relationship with Ellen while also having relationships with Sylphy and other women, and I feel that she is subtly hard on me, or rather, she seems to be harsh in her dealings.

I don’t think that’s actually the case, but it might just be because I feel guilty about it.

“How are you and Eleonora-sama getting along?”

“Well, we spent a relaxing day together yesterday. She seems to be in good physical condition, and the child in her belly is doing well.”

“Well, that is very good. I wonder if it would be a good idea to take another woman to the holy cathedral for a visit the next day.”

“A-ahahaha… This is an academic survey to promote important research that will support the future development of the country. They are both very talented mages.”

“I know that.”

With a crisp remark, High Priestess Caterina turns on her heel.

“Come in; I’ll show you around.”

“Thank you very much. Come on, you two, let’s go.”



I wasn’t worried about Isla, but I was relieved that Iphrita nodded her head. I was seriously worried about what I would do if she got angry here. If the two of them started a lover’s quarrel in front of High Priestess Caterina, I would surely be lectured by her.

I prayed that everything would end without incident as I stepped into the Adolian cathedral.


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