Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 – Back Room Meeting


There is a word, ‘productivity.’

Just hearing this word makes my brow wrinkle, and a bitter feeling wells up in my chest, but to put up with that and give a simple explanation of the word itself, it is about how much value can be created with less labor and materials.

In today’s harsh world, it is not a word that conjures up a good image, as it is used as an indicator for cutting off heads―a figurative expression, of course―but, to put it simply, it is a word that originally indicates such a relationship between resources and returns.

“I still think it’s best to have him fly around to prepare the pioneer land.

“That would be reasonable.”

Sylphy makes a suggestion about my treatment, and Isla agrees with it. Melty also nodded at the side. Well, these three know my abilities better than anyone else. It’s not surprising.

“I suppose it’s reasonable, but as for me, I don’t want to agree.”

It is Ellen, whose belly is getting bigger, who expresses her disagreement with the opinions of the three of them. Amalie-san and Bertha-san were quiet without any reaction, but I guess they basically had the same opinion as Ellen. They seem to think that it is not good to abuse my ability―what they call the miracle of a saint―so lightly.

“But it’s a job only Danna-san can do…”

Pirna, a representative of the harpies, is reluctantly in favor of the project. However, the children are gradually growing up, and they are also attached to me. I think she really wants me to stay close to them if possible.

“I have no problem with that, though, because I’ll accompany him.”

“We will, too.”

“Well, I have no complaints either way.”

“I’ll do my duty anyway.”

Grande and the oni girls are almost certain to accompany me as my bodyguards, so it doesn’t matter which option they choose. If I go away, they will spend more time with me as a result, so there is no reason to oppose it. However, they are also neutral because it would be a cornerstone to affirm it positively.

“I also…”

“I have a lot of work for Mother to do here. You too, Dri-aneesama.”


It seemed that Seraphita-san and Driada-san were going to announce that they would go along with me, but they were quickly stopped by Sylphy. That’s why Driada-san booing her.

“If we put Kosuke into the pioneering work, the pioneering work that fifty people have to do for several years will be finished in less than half a day. Kosuke’s productivity is extremely violent.”


It’s a terrible thing to be called.

Well, it’s true. If I wield my mithril tool, any wilderness or deep forest will be transformed into a farming village of reasonable size in half a day. And with an unlimited water supply, there would be no need to worry about water for domestic or agricultural use.

“The project to support adventurers through the Adventurers’ Guild and the Merchants’ Guild would proceed even without Kosuke’s presence. Even if someone else takes over, it is a project that can be carried out. The magic power gathering system, if realized, would greatly develop the country, but it would require time for both basic research and actual operation. Even if Kosuke were to be involved in the development of such a system, it would take time. Furthermore, I heard that there are some technologies that need to be researched by Isla, Iphrita-aneesama, or the Research and Development Department. Then again, it would be best to have Kosuke open up more villages for the sake of domestic stability.”

No one could deny Sylphy’s words. Thus, at a meeting attended by Sylphy, the queen of the Merinard Kingdom, and other women, mostly women who had relations with me, it was decided where and how to operate this powerful pawn called me.

Incidentally, there is a separate meeting to decide the national policy of the Merinard Kingdom. The women, as well as civil and military officials from each department, are invited to participate in the meeting, and Sylphy, the queen, makes the decision.

This meeting is only to decide how to operate the strategic unit that is me and is ostensibly a meeting to decide on things in the queen’s “inner room.”

Well, I have been rather open about my abilities, and this meeting itself will probably become a kind of foundation to support the power of Sylphy, the queen, in the future. I don’t know if I should say it myself, but I’m like a wildcard now in both military and domestic affairs, demonstrating abilities far beyond the norm in this world.


Ellen, who was having some maternity blues, was not happy, but it would be fine if I managed to follow up on that. All of the long-lived species will tolerate me giving some weight to Ellen and the harpies, who are the short-lived species.

Of course, I have to follow up with the long-lived species to some extent. I’ll swallow that to a certain extent because I’ve been careless in messing around―although I do feel like I’m only getting eaten halfway by force. I’m happy, too, after all.




“But a pioneering project is a big undertaking in its own right.”

“Of course, I’m not going to tell you that tomorrow you’re going to fly out there and start clearing out the wilderness and forests.”

An hour after the conclusion of my “operation,” I was taking a bath in the daytime with Sylphy. We decided to make today, the day of the meeting, a “day off,” so my time was divided into several hours, and we decided to do family service.

Incidentally, this “day off” is to be held over several days in rotation, and today is allocated to Sylphy, Ellen and the others, and the harpies. So the others are still going about their normal business. Especially, Melty is going to be busy with the large-scale development project that suddenly came up, and her turn will come the day after tomorrow, which is the last day of the project, and she will be in charge of the project for a longer period of time.

“There will be a selection of places to work, too.”

“If they have not already been selected, they need to be selected urgently, and if they have been selected but the information is out of date, they need to be re-examined. We also need to gather settlers.”

When establishing a new village, it is necessary to consider access to existing villages and towns in the vicinity, as well as the creatures that inhabit the area, especially dangerous monsters. No matter how good the other conditions are, there is no point in developing a new village in a remote area where it is difficult to get to and from other villages.

“How luxurious it is to take a leisurely bath in the light of day.”

“And drink in moderation.”

The temperature of the water in the large bathtub for royalty was lukewarm as if it had been intended from the beginning to take a long bath. Moreover, the temperature is maintained by the use of spirit magic.

“Then I’ll ask Kosuke to substitute for the alcohol.”

“Yes, yes, massage or whatever you want.”

I made love to Sylphy in the bathtub from the light of day as Sylphy wished. These days, both Sylphy and I have been so busy that we haven’t had much time for this kind of thing, so we should make a “day off” like today and spend time like this on a regular basis.


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