Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 312

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Chapter 312 – Not Everything Goes Well


When the family service was over, the delegation from the Holy Kingdom also returned to their country.

“In the end, things ended badly.”

“The return of the people taken away by the Holy Kingdom is an absolute condition for us. If they are dead or irreparably injured, we will ask them to pay compensation accordingly. This is non-negotiable.”

Beside Sylphy, who said so with a discouraged look, Melty and Seraphita-san were making difficult faces.

“There was absolutely no sign of concession on their part either, so it can’t be helped.”

“They have pride as a great power, you know.”

“After being beaten to a pulp like that, I don’t see how they can have any pride now.”

Everyone in the room, including Sylphy, nodded in agreement with my words. Well, I guess you could say that face is important when you are a nation. Moreover, the other party is the Holy Kingdom.

“And what about the treatment of the prisoners of war?”

“They are willing to pay a ransom for them. They will send an envoy with the ransom money at a later date.”

“I see. But no truce, huh?”

Will that delay the development of the new land, you ask? No, the magic rifle is getting ready to be mass-produced, and I have overheard that the people who have gained actual battle experience in the northern war have begun to train magic rifle squads as an instructional unit. Unless something happens, I will not be attached to the Eastern front against the Holy Kingdom, I think.

The North has settled down, and the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom is keeping an eye on the western countries. The south is almost our territory, and the Kingdom of Merinard is ready to focus on the front against the Holy Kingdom in the east.

“I don’t think they will make a move anytime soon. They will not want to fight us again without any countermeasures.”

“So you want to take advantage of that?”

“That’s one way to go…”

Sylphy crossed her arms, looked up at the ceiling, and pondered for a moment.

“I’ll wait and see how it goes for three months. It will take time to deploy and train the entire Merinard Royal Army with magic rifles, and right now, we have an urgent need to take measures against the liberated subhuman slaves in the country. Besides, the other side may change their attitude after seeing the results this time.

“I see. Then, I have to somehow settle the matter of the pioneer village before then.”

“I have already sent a messenger to the various regions to quickly select a pioneer village. As soon as the information is available, I will ask Kosuke-san to go on this business trip.”

“Okay, I’m ready to go. I would like to go to the nearby area at some point to do some collecting. It would be better to prepare a lot of materials.”

“Right, let’s adjust the schedule.”

“Oh, that sounds good.”

While I was talking about collecting, Seraphita-san approached me from the side.

“Speaking of collecting, I would like you to take Aqua with you. Is that okay?”

Seraphita-san tilted her head. I’m glad to see that you’ve become so open these days, Seraphita-san.

“I don’t mind that, but why?”

Aquawill-san clearly harbors a grudge against me, so I don’t think we need to go out of our way to work together. Ah, no, maybe that’s why she wants us to work together and get along with each other.

“I want her to see Kosuke-san as he is.”

“I don’t mind, but…”

I glanced at Sylphy, and she nodded with a wry smile.

“It must be depressing to be cooped up in a castle, so it’s good to get out once in a while. And with Kosuke, there would be no danger.”

“Isn’t there another danger?”

“If it comes to that, I’ll think about it when it happens.”

Sylphy shrugs at Melty’s quip, saying so. No, I don’t want you to talk about people as if they’re unprincipled… Well, I can’t deny that strongly, considering the current situation. I admit I’m easy to get carried away. The only one who has been proactive is Ellen… or is it enough? It’s enough. Yeah. Well, in terms of chastity in this world, or rather, in terms of marriage, I’m probably the heretic.

“Kosuke is making his usual face again.”

“It’s hard to get used to.”

“The values that have been imprinted on us since we were born don’t change that easily.”

Isla, who has remained silent until now, joins the conversation between Sylphy and Melty. Unless it is a topic related to magic, she doesn’t open her mouth at all in this kind of situation. I wonder if she’s making a clear distinction between what she’s in charge of and where she’s not.

“If that happens, we’ll all be a family.”

“I’ve been feeling a little overweight in my responsibilities lately, so I hope you will give me a break.”

This is undeniably my true intention. Even if it doesn’t go that far, it’s enough to at least get Aquawill-san to open up to me and treat me normally. I’m almost completely her enemy right now.




So, the meeting was over, and I was walking alone in the hallway of the castle, thinking that I would proceed with my research on mana traps for today.


Ahead of me, Lime sprang up in the literal sense. Did she come out from the gap between the stones? You guys spring up from places where it looks like there are hardly any gaps, don’t you?

While I was thinking about this, I heard a loud “splash” from behind me. I turned around to see what it was, and there it was, spreading out in a bubbling green mucus that was gradually taking on a human shape. It was Poizo.

Before I had time to think about it, a door to my immediate left opened.



The one who came out of the door and gazed at me was a woman with a shiny, red, jelly-like body―in other words, Beth. When both Lime and Poizo show up, it is to be expected that Beth will show up as well.

But what is this atmosphere of the three of them? Aside from Lime… who is always smiling even now, Beth and Poizo give off a subtly disconcerting or sulky vibe.


“Hmm? What is it?”

“We are?”

Lime says with a smile, tilting her head. We are? Yeah? What do you mean?

“You’ve been taking it slow with the rest of us, and you’re ignoring us?”


“This is the guy who totally doesn’t count us, isn’t it…?”

Beth’s question caught me by surprise. Poizo pointed out that reaction to me.

No, I mean. Eh? Well, it’s true that you guys did get that feeling, but it was mostly predation!

“What about us?”

Lime, who had been right in front of me before I knew it, looked up at me with a grin. I noticed that Beth and Poizo were also close by. I could already touch them without having to reach out my hand.


I turned my head to look for someone to help me, and just as I did, Melty came around the corner. Here she comes! Melty’s here! We’re going to win this!


“Oh, please take your time.”

Melty smiled as she said this and walked right past us. This is the one we’ve already talked about, right?

I’m screwed… it’s over…! There’s no way I can escape this situation…!

“Of course, I haven’t forgotten about Lime and the others. I am always grateful to you.”

I said, and the three of them put their hands tightly on my cheeks and neck. What the hell is going on?

“No lie.”

“Not guilty.”

“I see-nanodesu.”

This can’t be a true or false judgment…? Eh, scary. Can you judge if it’s true or false just by touching one? Scary.

“It’s not scary, you know?”

“Your heart is in turmoil.”

“People sweat when they’re scared or impatient, right-nodesu?”

“Okay, okay, I get it. It’s my fault. I surrender totally. So let’s stop saying such scary things. Yes, stop.”

Perhaps my surrender with both hands raised lowered their spirits, and all three of them stopped putting their hands on my cheeks and neck.

It is true that compared to the others, I was a bit neglectful in my response to them. I thought that although all three of them adored me, they thought of me more as a playmate or an object of predation.

Despite my thoughts, the distance between us has grown even closer… and we are already in close proximity. They are pressing on me from three directions. Yes. I won’t say what it is.

“Then, it’s our turn.”

“Prepare yourself, okay?”

“See how serious we are-nanodesu.”

“Gently, please do it gently. Not to be undone or anything like that. Hey, are you listening to me? What’s your answer?”

Beth dragged me into the room from which she had just emerged. Inside the room was a staircase that seemed to lead to the basement. Oh, this is a bad idea. This is definitely a bad idea.

“Hey, wait, wait, wait, promise me, time up! Stop! Noooo! Somebody help me!”

My cries were in vain as the door to the room slammed shut behind me with tentacles made of blue slime.


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  1. “I’ve been feeling a little overweight in my responsibilities lately, so I hope you will give me a break.”

    I believe the expected term is overwrought, not overweight (archaic, wearied or exhausted by overwork), according to a dictionary.

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