Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


November 10th, 1026th year of the imperial calendar.

Inside a fortress built on the border between the Kingdom of Levering and the northern part of Grantz, a woman with purple-silver hair sipped tea and quivered her eyelashes. The men watching her silently were strong-looking “demon race” men. She looked out of place in the midst of all these strong men. But no one could resist her. No, they all served her with absolute loyalty. However, even their expressions were slightly clouded, and their gazes were somewhat piercing as they stared at Claudia. Still, she did not lose her calm face.

As if to tighten the relaxed air, one of the nobles tapped on the desk and asserted himself.

“Her Majesty Queen Claudia, it seems that the Scharm family and the Bromell family have clashed.”

“I see… How is the situation at the Spirit Wall?”

“We have no news from there yet.”

“That’s what I’m most worried about. Now, what should we do?”

There was no point in staying here any longer. It was time to make a decision. There might be some of them who would run ahead and attack Grantz. Although it was unlikely that any of his subordinates would be so foolish, he understood that they were reaching the end of their patience.

Claudia turned her attention to the officers surrounding the map.

“May I ask your opinion? What is your opinion of the future if we attack Grantz, and what is likely to happen if we support Grantz?”

“Yes, with all due respect, it seems to me that there is nothing to be gained by antagonizing the Grantz. Therefore, I think it would be better to side with the Grantz.”

“What are your reasons?”

“First of all, the food problem, the land we live on is barren. We are largely dependent on the Grantz, and if we are hostile to them, in a prolonged war, we will destroy ourselves with hunger.”

“I see… Even if we were to take the black soil areas that extend south of the north?”

Claudia threw the question happily. The nobleman explained with a snort, trying to live up to expectations.

“If we can hold it, we have a chance. But even if we occupy the northern black soil area, it would be difficult to defend it due to logistics and other problems at such a distance from the home country.”

“Hmm, is that the only advantage of siding with the Grantz?”

“Secondly, we can sell our favors to the Grantz. The current problems surrounding the northern part of Grantz will be solved if we lend a hand. Then, depending on the demands, it would be possible to get the land as well. At the very least, the Great Grantz Empire, which cannot afford to ignore the Kingdom of Levering in the future, will be very generous in their cooperation.”

“I understand perfectly. Then, let’s hear about the advantages of antagonizing the Grantz.”

Claudia clapped her hands, and a nobleman stood up.

“I think it will be an expansion of our territory. I predict that the battle between the Bromell family and the Scharm family will be a prolonged one. In the meantime, we will conquer the black soil areas in the north and create a buffer zone by cutting off the surrounding areas.”

“If it ends in the short term… then endure. So that’s what you’re saying?”

“As expected of Your Majesty Queen Claudia, you are right.”

The nobleman places the pieces on the map with a confident smile.

“If the battle between the Bromell family and the Scharm family ends in the short term, they will try to take back their lands. But our soldiers are strong. There is no way we can lose to these exhausted men. Above all, they have no prospect of reinforcements. Then, even if we can’t win, we shouldn’t lose.”

“You mean we wait for the Grantz to collapse?”

Claudia leaned forward on the desk as if interested, and the nobleman nodded vigorously for one more push.

“That’s right. It is an opportunity for us that the Vanir Three Kingdoms, the free people, have mobilized their armies. While we are fighting in the north, the strength of the Grantz will run out first. If that happens, the nobles will begin to fight in various places. A rivalry of local nobles―that is where the Kingdom of Levering will come forward.”

‘My opinion will surely be adopted’, the nobleman sat down in his chair with a face full of confidence. Claudia was also smiling with satisfaction.

“I see, and as queen, I am pleased to see that everyone is thinking things through.”

“Well then?”

Finally, the time wasted was over. Many must have been relieved. They were secretly happy that they could move before the time was up, regardless of which opinion was adopted. However, contrary to their expectations, Claudia went against the odds with a big smile on her face.

“Yes, we will wait for a while longer.”

“If we wait here any longer, we might miss this opportunity…”

“I suppose it might be. But if we make the wrong decision here, the Levering Kingdom will be destroyed.”

“Your Majesty Queen Claudia says that you will still seek other means?”

“Yes, that’s right. Then three days, three more days, and I will make a decision.”

“If that’s the case….. Understood.”

While smiling at the increasingly impatient staff officers, Claudia herself thought that there was still plenty of time. Whether siding with the Grantz or against them, they could still take the initiative. Should they be satisfied with a localized victory, or should they look at the big picture and take action without regard for risk, or should they choose the third option and push forward in the darkness?

“Fufu… a move that could benefit us either way, and there is still time.”

In three days―she would surely receive a call.

“I will be waiting for you. Your Majesty, the Black Dragon King.”


NyX Translations




There was no moon tonight. The stars were covered by a black sky, and the world was painted in black.

The only light on the unlit road was the feeble bonfire that each of them held in their hands. The sound of metal scraping against metal echoes as they walk, the small neighing of horses cuts through the night air, and if they all step out together, the world would be filled with a sound loud enough to crack the air. Marching down a single road is the “Raven Army,” an elite force from the small country of Baum. Their commander was in the carriage driving in the center of the road. The woman accompanying him, Luca, tilted her head and turned her dark, lightless eyes toward the “Black Dragon King”―Hiro.

“Where are we headed?”

“The rendezvous point with Ghada.”

Hiro answered shortly, and Luca’s brow wrinkled.

“Then what?”

“I intend to settle the past.”

“…..Past? Your words don’t quite make sense to me.”

“Everything is connected.”

After saying this, Hiro opened the window of the carriage. A slightly chilly wind was coming in, but Hiro didn’t seem to mind and threw his words into the darkness.



Munin, one of the members of the entourage riding alongside him, pulled up his horse.

“Can you join Ghada first and make the preparations?”

“Yes, sir.”

The window closed, and the glass shook with the next roar of the horse’s hooves. Luca speaks to him as if she couldn’t stand the silence that has returned.

“It seems that the “Spirit Wall” has collapsed.”

“Yes, that’s right. I read it in a letter from Ghada.”

“Will the northern part of the Grantz collapse?”

“I think that the Scharm family and the Bromell family should have joined forces to deal with the problem, but with the current war, it is very likely that it will fall apart.”

“Is there no way to call a truce?”

“The Bromell family turned on their master’s house. They must have entered the war with the appropriate resolution, and a truce would not eliminate their crimes.”

“So even if they conclude a truce, punishment awaits them afterward?”

“The fall of the Spirit Wall and the resulting invasion of the ‘monsters’ will not be easily subdued. The battle with the Vanir Three Kingdoms is likely to be over in the meantime. It is needless to imagine what would happen to those who turned their blades against the main house. Whether they signed a truce or not… it’s called getting what they deserve.”

Hiro tapped his own neck and said, Luca, sniffed in boredom.

How can self-preservation be more important than national security…? If the ‘monster’ spreads, death will be waiting either way.

“That’s the way it is with people, not just those in power.”

Hiro, who said this in a dismayed tone, reread the letter he had received from Ghada.

There was one sentence that caught his attention.

(He was saved by Meteor…?)

It was hard to believe. She was a person from a thousand years ago. She was once one of the “Five Black Heavenly Generals” who worked under Hiro.

(But she died.)

She was supposed to have died in the trap of the Faceless King, one of the Five Great Heavenly Kings.

The battlefield where she died was a miserable place. There were no survivors, and her body was so damaged that it was impossible to identify her. In order to find her, they went around to destroy the strongholds of the demon race in various places, but there was no one captured. Above all, Hydra, the Twelve Demon Lords, had stated that he had killed her. After that, Hiro captured him and tortured him to make him pay.

(I’d love to meet her and check on her, but… I don’t know where she is.)

Meteor was said to have disappeared after treating Ghada, who was wounded in the battle with the princess shrine maiden―or rather, Nameless. Her purpose was unknown. Why did she hide from Hiro instead of appearing in front of him?

(It is possible that she is lying about her true identity, but if she possesses enough power to fight off… Nameless, it is quite possible that she is the person herself. Unless I meet her in person, it’s hard to say.)

The new problem that has emerged is troubling Hiro, but it is Luca who cuts through his thoughts.

“Is there something on your mind?”

“No, it’s just a minor issue.”

“I see…”

Perhaps it was a bad idea to push her away as if she had nothing to do with it, but Luca looked at him suspiciously.

To cover his mistake, Hiro decided to ask the question in the opposite direction.

“Do you think it is possible for a dead person to come back to life?”

“Yes, there is.”


Hiro rolled his eyes at the unexpected answer.

“Eagle was actually reincarnated as Hugin.”

“Oh… that kind of―Oh, I see….. that’s how you look at it, huh?”

If not revived, then reincarnated.

(If it’s the Spirit King or her power, then it makes sense.)

Hiro was brought back to this world again, and her presence was confirmed in Liz.

If so, it was not surprising that Meteor, who was supposed to have been killed in battle, would be reborn in this world again.

(After all, Meteor was… Rey’s right-hand man…)

Her feelings for her lord were strong. The “Spirit King” may have taken advantage of that.

(However, I don’t know where she disappeared to… The “Spirit King,” who does all sorts of tricks behind the scenes, has yet to show up―or maybe she’s met her a few times…)

She had appeared in front of Hiro many times. However, she never took any noticeable action. She appeared in front of Hiro once in a while and continued to dazzle him in a mocking manner.

She really hasn’t changed. She thinks that everything is going her way. It was true that a thousand years ago, he was treated well as her pawn, but this time it was not so.

“What are you laughing at…?”

“Oh, am I laughing?”

“I don’t know what you’re up to, but it’s creepy.”

“Hahaha, I’m not up to anything.”

Hiro stroked his face and was more than a little surprised that he was laughing. But it couldn’t be helped. Finally, he would be able to meet the person he had really wanted to see.

“I wonder if it’s because I’m going to see her soon… Maybe it came out in my face unintentionally.”


“Yeah, I’m really looking forward to meeting my former ally.”

Hiro was smiling. But his back teeth clenched and rattled with regret.

A thousand years ago, he danced on without knowing the truth. A thousand years later, he was still dancing.

The feelings left behind by his brother-in-law, the illness the girl was suffering from, the spark inside Liz, the meaning of his being summoned back to this world, the person who held the truth behind it all.

“The Spirit King… the one who holds the answer to all of these questions.”

All in all, the only thing that remains to be seen is what path she chooses to take after that.

His own path was set. No, it’s already been decided, yet he knew what awaits him.

“Liz… I would have loved to see you on the throne.”


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