Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 4 Part 5

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Part 5


“I wonder how the battle with the Six Kingdoms is going right now…”

Selene muttered as he looked up at the starless night sky. The sound of sparks from the bonfire filled his too-small voice. This was the Scharm family camp, and although there were many guards, many of them refrained from private conversation due to the cold and solemn atmosphere.

“I hope Liz is all right.”

Selene’s words of concern for his younger sister were drowned out by the sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

“It seems that Selene-sama was right.”

He turned around to see Proditos. Selene’s expression was not as somber as it had been a moment ago. He was back to the stern Selene of the second prince and acting head of the Scharm family.

“After all, the head of the Bromell family was not in the main camp…”

“Hah, he seems to have disappeared somewhere, which is the reason for the confusion in the main camp―the reason why the noble lords cannot move.”

“Is it because of the absence of the head of the family that they are reluctant to attack and slow to make decisions…? Then there is the movement of the noble lords, but I am surprised that they are still in doubt at this stage of the game.”

“The soldiers of the Bromell family have not disappeared. I guess you can’t conclude that he has run away. But there must be a hesitation developing in their minds, and I think it would be effective to continuously shake them up!”

“I’ll leave that to Proditos. That is your area of expertise.”

“Understood. But where has the head of the Bromell family disappeared to?”

“Are there any reports from the scouts?”

“There are no reports of any suspicious activity in the area. Should we consider the possibility that they are headed for the White Silver Castle?”

“I’ll send a message in the meantime, though it seems unlikely.”

“Does Second Prince Selene have any idea where the head of the Bromell family might have gone?”

“I have some information… but I’m not sure yet, so I’m afraid there’s not much I can do about it.”

“Is that why you have formed a detachment of 2,000 men?”

“Just in case. If that’s true, I just hope it’s not a wasted effort.”

“But if it is not the White Silver Castle, what is the head of the Bromell family after?”

Proditos’ probing question, which, once you get to that point, seems to have been answered.

“Of course, it’s the place where he could definitely stop the Grantz from breathing.”

“No way…”

Proditos’ expression turned to one of astonishment as he reached the answer. Then her brother, Helma, arrived.

He approached Selene, put his face close to his ear, and spoke in a whisper.

“A messenger from the ‘Raven Army’ has arrived.”

“…..From the Black Dragon King?”

“Yes, he seems to be in a hurry. What should we do?”

“Let’s hear what he has to say. After reinforcing security, let him pass through to my tent.”

“Yes, sir. I will send the guard to take a look around the area immediately.”

Helma nodded deeply and quickly disappeared into the darkness. Selene looked at Proditos and returned with her to his tent. A few moments later, footsteps could be heard at the entrance, and Helma’s stern voice rang out.

“You may enter.”

The entrance to the tent opened, and a messenger quietly stepped in.

“It is a great honor to have an audience――”

“No need to be polite. You can tell me what you want.”

When Selene stopped him with his hand, the messenger nodded and opened his mouth.

“The “Spirit Wall” has collapsed. The ‘monster’ avalanche has destroyed Molaren.”

“Wha――Nonsense, my father is… One of the five great generals was guarding there.”

When Proditos approached, the messenger was puzzled but turned a serious look at her, saying that it was not a lie or a falsehood.

“It is true. This is a letter from Ghada-sama, the commander of our ‘Raven Army.'”

Selene took the letter in his hand and immediately read it over. A strange calmness came to the tent, and sweat slipped down the cheeks of the messenger, who sensed the tense atmosphere. When it trickled down his chin and fell to the ground, Selene’s gaze turned to the messenger.

“…Alright. It seems to be true that the “Spirit Wall” has been breached.”

“Do you believe it? Even though we are allies, isn’t the credibility of a report from another country questionable?”

Proditos looked at Selene as if to cling to him. The feeling of not wanting to believe in her father’s defeat was painfully understandable. Still, the fact must be accepted as a fact in order to move forward. There was no time left to be troubled.

“There is nothing that the small country of Baum would benefit from such a lie.”

“But I find it hard to believe that the Spirit Wall can be breached so quickly in the presence of Father.”

“I know, but… there is no mention of what happened to Hermes. Do you know anything about it?”

When he asked the messenger, he opened his mouth as if he was reluctant to say anything.

“‘The body has not been identified, and we don’t know if he is alive or dead.”

“I see… So the situation in Molaren is that bad, huh?”

“Yes, the people have fled to the south, but the soldiers of Molaren who fought so hard have died bravely. The strength of the ‘monsters,’ led by the Marked Tribe, is extraordinary.”

“Do we know where the monsters are headed?”

“They are moving south.”

“If they are not aiming at the White Silver Castle… are they aiming toward Felzen in the west?”

That’s unlikely for sure. There was nothing in Felzen that the Marked Tribe would want. No one wanted a land that has already been devastated. If so, where was it that they were aiming for?

“The target is….. The great imperial capital!”

Selene stood up unintentionally, but it was Proditos who looked skeptical.

“Certainly, the collapse of the Grantz would be quicker if they attacked the thinly spread center of the country rather than the north… The ‘monsters’ are not that smart, are they?”

“If it were only the monsters, yes. But they are led by the Marked Tribe.”

If the Marked Tribe, which was as intelligent as humans, was thinking of destroying the Grantz, there was a good chance that they would go directly for the heart. Rosa was leading her troops south to take on the Vanir Three Kingdoms. Even a large, impregnable imperial capital was meaningless if the number of soldiers defending it was small.

“I was too preoccupied with preconceptions. The collapse of the north led to the collapse of the Grantz―it did not. What if, in fact, the collapse of the “Spirit Wall” was the pathway to the destruction of the Grants…?”

The people gathered here, including Proditos, were puzzled by Selene’s muttering to himself. But, without seeming to care about their reactions, Selene arrived at a certain answer.

“I see… the aim of the Bromell family, or rather, Tupoeus… from the very beginning.”

Just as Selene looked up, a soldier rushed into the tent, covered in wounds.

“E-excuse me, sir! We have found the head of the Bromell family!”

“Where is he?”

The soldier’s voice was choked out as he gasped for air.

“Heading south―he seems to be heading for the Great Imperial Capital with 3,000 soldiers.”

With that, the soldier collapsed. Selene thanked him and stood up.

“Everything connects. Take care of him, and I will take two thousand with me to the capital.”

“Wait, what about the Bromell family?”

When Helma raised his voice in protest, Selene silenced him with a sharp look.

“I order you, Twin Wolf General, as acting head of the family. I want you to finish the battle with the Bromell family as soon as possible and come after me. There is no doubt that the head of the Bromell family is absent. If we spread this information, most of the nobles will join our side. With your abilities, it shouldn’t be difficult.”

Both Helma and Proditos nodded their heads in agreement. Selene, who had taken his eyes off the two who did not object, turned his attention to the messenger. He straightened his posture and stood erect.

“Tell His Majesty the ‘Black Dragon King’ of the ‘Raven Army.’ I will join him immediately.”

“Yes, absolutely!”

“After sending off the ‘Raven Army’ messenger, Selene also started to move.”

“Well, I’ll be on my way, too.”

“May the fortunes of war be with you, Selene-sama.”

“Yeah, you too… bring good news back to each other.”

Selene waved them back as they saluted and stepped out of the tent.

“Queen Claudia… what are you going to do?”

What he was wondering was what she was going to do. Depending on that, control of the north would be in her hands. If Claudia launched an invasion of the north, the twin wolf generals would not have enough power. The situation was now a race against time, and above all, now that they were aware of the aims of Tupaeus, the head of the Bromell family, there was no turning back now.




November 12th, 1026th year of the Imperial Calendar.

A fortress was built on the border between the northern part of the Great Grantz Empire and the Kingdom of Levering.

It was now in flames before Claudia’s eyes. Soldiers buried in rubble moan beneath the crumbling walls. Exposed to the relentless attacks of the Levering Army, the fortress of the Grantz Army had collapsed. Claudia, who was watching the scene from the main camp with eyes that held a ruthless light, caught a glimpse of the staff member who was rushing toward her.

“Your Majesty Queen Claudia, we have captured about a hundred soldiers from the Grantz side; how would you like to proceed?”

“Yes. Let two or three escape and behead the rest.”

“A-are you sure, Your Majesty?”

“Fufu, what a strange thing to do… invading the border and even destroying the fort; there is no turning back now.”

“Then shouldn’t we just take all their heads off?”

“If we kill them all, we won’t be able to convey the horror of the demon race.”

“I see. Then let’s instill fear in them.”

“Let the men be afraid of the demons, and let death befall all who stand in our way.”

Claudia’s cold command was met with a good, cheerful reply, and the staff member left. Claudia took one look at the collapsed fortress, then turned away as if she had lost interest and mounted her horse.

“Send out scouts to all parts of the country. The Levering Army will continue to move south.”


Stroking her chin, she formulated her future plans in her mind. The road to the final goal was already laid out, but who knows what might happen in the war. It was no good to think too much, but it was folly to stop thinking.

“Shall we head for the Great Imperial Capital after we occupy the northern black soil area?”

The staff member who overheard this soliloquy with an ear full of intelligence gave her an anxious look.

“The logistics will be stretched… but as expected, it will be difficult even for us to maintain it.”

“I don’t think that any of the northern nobles who have been dominated by the Bromell family have the backbone to stand up to the ‘demon race”… Besides, I have insurance, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Even after listening to Claudia’s explanation, the staff’s expression did not clear up. However, if the queen has made a decision, she must be obeyed, and the staff member, not daring to argue with her, nodded in agreement. Claudia was inwardly disappointed by this reaction but smiled without showing it.

“From now on, looting is forbidden. And we will not plunder nor harm the people. We will only turn our blades against those who come at us, and those who break the law will be severely punished. Make sure that this is done right down to the last soldier.”

Claudia continued to speak, her finger on the tip of her chin.

“After that, you should send out a surrender notice to the surrounding northern nobles. We need to make sure that as many people as possible know that the demon race has attacked.”


“Now then… I have chosen the third option, and only God knows if it will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing.”

Claudia took out a single letter and threw it into the smoldering rubble on the ground.

She squinted at the letter as it began to burn.

“I have to ask His Majesty the Black Dragon King to take responsibility for this.”

A cruel and beautiful smile bloomed on her face.


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