Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 12 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Demon Invasion

Part 1


Hundert, located on the outskirts of the Third Imperial Capital, was one of the forts built on the border with the Grand Duchy of Drall in the western part of Grantz.

Currently stationed here are the First Imperial Army led by Prime Minister Rosa, private armies of nobles from all over the west, and an army from the east led by Weiss, one of the five great generals.

The reason for their gathering here was to intercept the Vanir Three Kingdoms that were passing through the Grand Duchy of Drall.

Last night, however, Rosa and her men were attacked by the free people at night, and although they succeeded in intercepting them, the gates of Fort Hundert were burned down, and the soldiers were also damaged to a small extent. Nevertheless, they were able to exterminate the free people who attacked them, and their corpses were piled up in the corner of the fort. After being collected in one place, they were burned. In contrast, the corpses of Grantz soldiers were not handled roughly but were carefully carried out of the fort by the soldiers.

“…That’s terrible.”

While walking along the outer wall of the fort, Weiss let out a sigh of distress.

The fire was so fast that about a third of the encampment had been consumed by the fire. The bodies caught in the fire had to be disposed of, and considering the removal of the burned and rotting tents, the regrouping would be delayed considerably.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, we are in the Great Grantz Empire. Let’s hire some people from the surrounding area to help us organize this place. That way, we’ll have more time.”

The person who approached her was Rosa, the prime minister of Grantz.”

“When you say time, isn’t that not enough considering what’s going on in the north?”

“General Weiss, you have a point. But we can’t start with the problem in the north until we eliminate the enemy in front of us.”

Rosa said, then checked her surroundings and lowered her voice.

“And only a few people know that the spirit wall has collapsed.”

The news arrived from Aura after the night raid. However, Aura did not know the details of the damage in the north, and since only fragmentary information was written, Rosa told only those close associates whom she could trust, including the information she had gathered.

“The decisive battle against the Vanir Three Kingdoms―we can’t afford to upset the soldiers too much before that important battle. At the very least, we want to keep it a secret until the battle is over.”

“Is there anything that could be used against us by the Vanir Three Kingdoms?”

Rosa sighed at Weiss’s words. It was not because she was bothered by her worrying. 

“…..I see no problem with being taken advantage of.”


“It depends on where you’re from.”

“Oh… I see what you mean.”

Weiss nodded in agreement.

Indeed, it did not seem to be much of a problem, considering where they came from.

The Great Grantz Empire was divided into five regions.

North, South, West, East, and Central.

“Population and finances―if we look only at the territory without paying attention to the details, each of the five regions of the Grantz Empire is large enough to be able to survive on its own. That’s why customs and ethnicity differ from region to region…”

Rosa, who had once cut off her speech, looked at Weiss with a sideways glance.

“Some may feel as if they are in another country, such as the North, just as this is home and not home for soldiers from the East who have come to the West. In short, because they live in different places, even if they belong to the same nation, they have little awareness of other regions.”

“So if it doesn’t affect their own families, they don’t get upset?”

“The same is true for the recent war against the Vanir Three Kingdoms. The soldiers in the east can fight without being nervous, but the soldiers in the west, who have their families behind them, may become nervous. If we do not pay attention to this, no matter how strong they are, they could easily fall apart.”

“I see. Then we must also be concerned about the demoralization of the soldiers in the east.”

Eastern soldiers will think of their hometowns in the far west. If the war drags on, some will be driven by nostalgia.

“Not all of them, though―that’s how big the Great Grantz Empire is.”

Rosa glared at the sky and began to walk as if resenting the territorial expansion of the previous emperors.

“It’s just a matter of time. The fall of the “Spirit Wall” also depends on whether you tell them now or later. I don’t want them to be upset now after the night attack, even if it is small. Once the battle begins, they will have no choice but to focus on what is in front of them. Then, as I said earlier, many of them will just split off, saying it doesn’t matter.”

Weiss followed Rosa’s back but suddenly recognized the parchment in her hand. Rosa, perhaps noticing her gaze, smiles wryly and lifts the parchment to eye level.

“This is most likely the current trouble.”

“Did it say anything that bothered you?”

“Yeah, about the free people. We were told that they were invading the Republic of Steichen, but apparently, that was a lie.”

If the report had come a little earlier, they might have been able to prepare for a night attack. They might have been able to repel them without any damage to the Grantz. Rosa sighed deeply, regretting this.

“But it’s not completely a lie. There was a small clash in Steichen. Now that we’ve been attacked at night, I’m sure it was a diversion, and the main goal was this way.”

“I’m sure it was… If they were fighting Steichen, they would not have launched the night raid.”

That’s why some of them spread false information.

Someone lied about a clash between the Republic of Steichen and the free people.

Rosa and Weiss are well aware of this person.

He was the one who always preached that the Vanir Three Kingdoms was a threat and made them turn away from the free people.

“Could Vetu still be connected to the Vanir Three Kingdoms?”

“It’s a definite possibility. There have been rumors for some time that Vetu is connected to the free people of the Vanir Three Kingdoms. That’s why I have been in close contact with someone I trust… but nothing has come of it yet.”

“――Mrs. Muzouk? She contacted me while I was staying in Sunspear.”

When Weiss said this, Rosa looked lost but quickly affirmed it.

“Ah, Serphina, Vetu’s wife. I know a little about the secrets of the Muzuk family.”

“It doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it?”

“I suppose so. Big or small, everyone has their own problems. It’s just that whether or not it gets out or not can have an immeasurable impact.”

“So you’re saying that… Prime Minister Rosa brought the problem to the surface?”

“Well, it is true that I used this information as bait to bring Serphina into our camp, but it is also true that things have turned out quite differently from what I originally intended.”

Originally, the plan was to have Serphina, Vetu’s wife, become the head of the Muzuk family and intervene in the governance of the south after Vetu’s downfall, but the invasion of the Vanir Three Kingdoms forced them to change their plans. If Vetu betrayed them in response to the Vanir Three Kingdoms, she told Serpina to capture him and buy them some time. If Vetu went out of control, there should not be many nobles who would agree with Serphina since she has been entrusted with the task of laying the groundwork among the southern nobles for such an event.

“Even if a fire breaks out in the south… if we can stall Vetu, that would be good enough.”

“I’ve left the eastern army and General Robert in charge for the time being, so even if the worst should happen, we should be able to avoid a pincer attack with the Vanir Three Kingdoms.”

“I am not worried about that. For the time being, we will leave the problems in the south to Serphina and General Robert… Now the question is how many of the free people who have joined the Vanir Three Kingdoms will swell in number?”

“Even with the forces I’ve brought with me, the Grantz forces are around 70,000.”

“The Vanir Three Kingdoms, on the other hand, are said to number over 100,000.”

The Vanir Three Kingdoms, when marching on the Grand Duchy of Drall, divided their army into three parts so that the Grantz would not know the exact number of their troops, and for this reason, they did not have a detailed count.

“According to preliminary information, the Free People must have brought about 20,000 men with them.”

“At least 120,000, at the very least… A difference of 50,000 is very dangerous.”

“It would be nice if there was some strategy…”

Rosa muttered, annoyed, but immediately narrowed her eyes.

Her gaze looked across the horizon―she saw a horse galloping toward them.


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