Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 352

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Chapter 352 – Baby’s First Cry


A light tenten tenten tenten sound can be heard. The source of the sound is a baby toy that Shumel dexterously plays with her large hands―a so-called ‘den-den daiko.’

“Heh? Kosuke knows some interesting things, doesn’t he?”

“This looks like a good way to soothe a baby.”

“The material is a little bit out of the ordinary, though…”

“It’s high quality.”

Tozume and Isla both look at the den-den daiko that Shumel is playing with their big eyes. The wood used for the drums is black forest wood, the leather is a wyvern wing membrane, and the balls used to beat the drums are polished jade.

“Since it is possible to make the drums without being so particular about the materials, it might be a good idea to have them made in a workshop somewhere if they seem to be well received. The jade part could be made of wood.”

“Please make a sample for it later.”


Melty, who joined me after finishing her work and holding the baby clothes I made, said this with a smile, so I nodded my head in agreement. Beside her, Sylphy, who had also finished her work, was holding a rattling hand toy―a so-called ‘rattle‘ in her hand and was making a rattling sound.

“Kosuke, there are two kinds of these; what’s the difference?”

“The big one is used by adults to soothe babies. The little round one is a toy for babies to hold in their hands.”

“I see. That’s why they are round and have no corners.”

“It’s still a while before the baby will use it, though.”

A newborn baby will not swing a rattle by themselves out of the blue. By the way, Grande and the harpies are looking at the “something spinning on the baby’s bed” that I made, and they’re just sitting there looking at it. I wonder if it has something that attracts dragons and harpies. It’s a golem-type thing that keeps spinning endlessly until the magic power of the magic crystal runs out. The next task would be to install a music box function.

No, I can make a music box function, you know? But the song… that thing that is spinning on top of the baby… what is it called again? Baby merry? I don’t know what kind of music would be appropriate for that thing, and I have a hopeless sense of sound, you know? That’s why I’m not very good at music. Therefore, I decided to make a prototype of the music box and leave it to Melty. I hope Melty will make a good music box with the help of musicians and metal carvers.


“Don’t sigh so much. Ellen and Amalie are doing their best.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Ellen is not the only one who is working hard to deliver a baby right now. Amalie-san also went into labor at the same time I started making the baby items, and she was about to deliver her baby in a room nearby. The castle was in turmoil because of the simultaneous birth of two babies. The beastmen maids are also busy helping out.

“I was surprised at how difficult it is for humans to give birth.”

“Because we just feel like we’re being popped out.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

For some reason, the harpies are having an easygoing conversation while looking up at Baby Merry. Yes, you people seem to be. Maybe you’re the only ones who feel that way.

Finally, I heard a cry that I thought belonged to a baby. The baby’s cry is often described as “ogyaa ogyaa,” and it really sounded like that.

“Eleonora-sama has given birth safely.”

Leviera, dressed in a maid’s uniform, came out from the room where Ellen was holed up. It’s interesting that she, a stereotypical demonic beauty, was helping Ellen, a saint, give birth.

“Is she all right?”

“Yes, she’s fine. With the miracle of recovery, healing magic, and the presence of Lime-san and the others, there was not the slightest danger.”

“Even so, I’m worried about something. Can I see her?”

“Just a few more minutes, sir.”

After just reporting, Leviera retreated back to the room. After a while, the helpers, including Leviera―including the priests of the Adol religion―left the room, and I was invited inside. Inside was Ellen, who was lying on her bed, the baby in her arms, and High Priestess Katerina by her side.


“I did it.”

“Yes, you did it. You did a great job.”

I came close to Ellen and looked into her face as she held the baby in her arms. The newborn baby is really small and adorable. No, I don’t know. When I look at it calmly, I don’t think it looks cute at all, but I can’t help feeling it’s adorable.

“I wonder if the baby is already sleeping. The baby was crying so much when it was born.”

“It must be a calm child. Like me.”

“Maybe so.”

Whatever the case, if both mother and child are healthy, there is nothing to say. I was relieved.

“Amalie is doing well now, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is. I’m sure Amalie-san is fine.”

“Right? There are so many priests, magicians, Lime-san and the others, and there are also alchemists.”

As she said that, Ellen’s crimson eyes turned to the baby she was holding in her arms.  Their appearance is as beautiful as a painting.

“It’s our baby.”

“Yeah, that’s right. We have to decide the baby’s name.”

“Since it’s a girl, let’s give her a pretty name.”

The baby’s hair is a grayish brown. Maybe it will be blonde. She was sleeping peacefully with her eyes closed, so I couldn’t see the color of her eyes.

“I guess so. How about Elise or Elizabeth, which is similar to Ellen or Eleonora? I was thinking about a name with a similar ring to my name if it’s a boy or to Ellen’s name if it’s a girl.”

“Elise, Elizabeth, that sounds good. Would the nickname be Ellie?”

“That’s right. I think Elise and Elizabeth should all be nicknamed Ellie. What do you think?”

“Well, Elise, Elizabeth… yes, let’s go with Elise.”

“I see. Right, let’s do――”

I was about to say, “Let’s do that,” when my eyes met those of High Priestess Katerina. She is silent, but ‘won’t you ask me my opinion?’ I felt a silent pressure that says that from her.

“Well, what do you think, High Priestess Katerina?”

“Yes, indeed. I think both names are elegant and pretty. I agree with the name Elise.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Do you agree? Then what was the pressure just now… Did she just want me to simply ask her?

“I’m going to go check on Amalie. You two take your time to talk to each other.”

Perhaps satisfied with being involved in the naming, High Priestess Katerina strode out of the room. Everyone entered quietly at the other end of the room.

“Oh… she’s so cute.”

“It’s so cute, isn’t it? How nice.”

“Eleonora, good work.”

“She’s so tiny.”

“It’s not so different from our baby, isn’t it? She doesn’t have wings, though.”

Sylphy and the others surround Ellen’s bed where she is holding Elise, looking into Elise’s face, relaxing their cheeks, and sighing enviously. The larger Shumel and the others are looking down at Ellen from behind them.

“Hah, she’s really tiny, isn’t she?”

“Yes, that’s right. I think our baby will be a little bit bigger.”

“Maybe twice as big as Ellen’s.”

The three oni tribe members also looked at Elise’s face and were interested in her. Are the babies of the oni tribe twice as big? Well, they are big, too, so it’s not surprising that they look like that.

After watching Elise’s face for a while, Sylphy and the others left, and Ellen and I spent some time quietly watching Elise’s face as she slept. Although we did not have a conversation, we shared a feeling of happiness. It was a time when I could be sure of that.


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