Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 – Beasts and Goddess


I spent some time with Ellen and Elise and after a while back at the place where everyone was waiting, Amalie-san―no, Amalie also gave birth safely.


“Thank you, Amalie.”


The color of the baby’s hair held in her chest was black. Originally, Amalie was a woman with chestnut hair that was almost black, the so-called brunette hair, but the baby she was carrying had black hair just like mine, no matter how you looked at it.

“It’s a baby boy.”

Amalie smiled as she held the sleeping black-haired baby to her chest. What is this divine, sacred, inalienable atmosphere that the woman holding the baby gives off? Is this motherhood?

“I see, it’s a boy. Then he must be Elise’s little brother.”

“So you’ve decided on a name.”

“I suggested it, and Ellen agreed. So, what should we name him?”

“I’d like you to decide, Kosuke-sama.”

“I see… I guess so, hmm. I can’t think of many Western names that sound like Kosuke, aside from a Japanese-sounding name.”

Aside from Constantine, Conrad, or Collin, I don’t hear many names that start with Ko or Kou. *[T/n: He phrased it using K or コ, but well, I think it’s just better with C instead.] If it is a Japanese-like name, I can think of many names like “Koutarou” or “Kouki.”

“What’s a Japanese-like name?”

“I mean names that are used in my country. It’s quite different.”

“I see… Then, this child should be given a name like the one used in Kosuke-sama’s hometown.”

“No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give him a name that is unfamiliar over here. It’s going to be with him for the rest of his life, so let’s just take the first letter of my name and make it something that’s familiar here.”

“I see. I understand if Kosuke-sama says so.”

After the two of us had discussed various options, we decided on Conrad as the child’s name.

“Conrad is a good name, I think.”

“Yeah, right. Would you nickname him Connie?”

“I think it’s cute.”

We both watched Conrad sleeping peacefully. As we were doing so, Sylphy and the others came into the room again.

“Thanks for the hard work. You did a great job.”

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”

Amalie bowed with Conrad in her arms.

“You, who gave birth to Korske’s child, are now one of my relatives. From now on, you may call me Sylphy.”

“Yes, Sylphie-sama.”

“Amalie, you should never call your family members with ‘sama’ like that.”

“Then I’ll call you Sylphy-aneesama.”

“Good grief… I got it. You can call me that, then.”

Sylphy looked into Conrad’s face with a bitter smile on her face. Sylphy’s cheeks relaxed when she saw the sleeping Conrad up close.

“Yeah, boys are cute too. I can’t wait to hold my own child in my arms. What do you think, Kosuke?”

“It’s a gift, you know. I mean, why are you saying that at this point in time?”

“What are you talking about? It’s because of this timing, isn’t it? If the baby is born within the next year or so, we can have Amalie serve as the nursing mother. It would be convenient if it happened to strike soon, wouldn’t it?”

Saying that, Sylphy puts her hand on the lower part of her stomach. I looked around and saw that Isla and Melty were also looking at me. So did the other girls.

“I’ll do my best to make it positive, so please go easy on me, please.”

“After all, wouldn’t it be better to have Kosuke stay at the castle instead of letting him go outside? We’ll rotate him morning, noon, and night.”

“Are you trying to kill me?”

I’ll dry up if I have to be rotated from morning to night. Sylphy, Melty, Grande, Shumel, and the rest of the oni girls are all bottomless. Isla is not bottomless, but she uses suspicious medicines and magic, and the harpies come in packs. In a sense, only Ellen, Amalie, and Bertha-san are very normal.

Eh? Seraphita-san, you ask? She’s… yeah, she’s tough. And Driada-san, too. I wonder what those two are. Not powerful, but tough as hell. They are bottomless swamps, so they are rather dangerous.

“That’s not what I’m saying, Kosuke. Lately, Kosuke has been out and about and hasn’t spent much time with me, Melty, and Isla in Merinesburg, has he? This is not going to allow us to do what we need to do, is it?”

“That may be true, but it was Sylphy and Melty who gave me the job, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, but when I see the baby like this…”

Sylphy’s gaze glanced at Conrad. Melty and Grande have been glued to Conrad for a long time. Sleeping peacefully without worrying about being gawked at by a demon species and a dragon, Conrad is going to be a big shot in the future.

“Kosuke-san, I want it. I want a baby.”

“Kosuke, I want a baby, too.”

“Did you hear what I just said? We were talking about how these babies are a gift, so let’s take our time and do our best, okay?”

“Yes, it is important to take your time. So, let’s do our best.”

With that, Isla grabbed the hem of my plain clothes and started to pull it. The eyes of Sylphy, Melty, and Grande are blazing. Ack. This is not good.

“Wait, I’m not in the mood right now. I’m in Papa mode right now. I’m in fatherhood mode. I’m not in sexual mode.”

“Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to motivate yourself.”

Isla smiled as she said that. Okay, okay, let’s calm down. Let’s calm down and talk―Wa-wait. If Melty and Shumel start using their arm strength, there will be no room for resistance! Stop it! Stop pulling me!

“Aaaaaaahhh, w-wait! Amalie! Help me!”

“Uh, I wish you good luck. I’m sure Kosuke-sama will be fine.”

Amalie said, smiling with a troubled expression as she held Conrad to her chest. Yeah, you’ve sent me off to protect our child. I’ll interpret it that way!




For the next three days, I was locked in my room. The reason? You can guess. After all, there is no shortage of partners. And since many of them are extraordinarily tough, this is a natural progression. Recovery magic is great, isn’t it? Really. No matter how worn out, sore, or battered you are, you can recover in one fell swoop.

“That’s enough!”

“I can understand your desire to have children, but why don’t you think about Kosuke as well?”

My confinement was ended by the thunderous voice of the goddesses.


“This is exactly what I mean about being drained to the bone.”

“Perhaps I was mistaken.”

Now I was being protected by two goddesses. The Red Goddess and the Blue Goddess protect me.

“What mistake?”

“I thought he was a good-for-nothing womanizer.”

“That’s just one side of the issue, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I suppose it is. But there’s more than that; there’s also a lack of discipline around him.”

“That’s true.”

“It’s just the seeds that he sowed, though…”

“Yes, well, that’s what he gets for spreading it around.”

“If-aneesama, you’re being vulgar.”

Iphrita shrugged her shoulders as Aquawill-san looked at her with a stern look.

Well, yeah. It’s the result of Sylphy and the others’ desire to have a baby running rampant after the actual birth of the child.

“You too. If you really can’t handle it, just refuse it. Everything should be done in moderation.”

“If it’s impossible or not, it’s not impossible, and after all, I like everyone, too…”

“There are limits to what you can do.”

“To be honest, I don’t mind situations where I’m forced to do something half-heartedly.”

“I don’t like it when people reveal their sexual tendencies to me.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t necessary to help him.”

Both Iphrita and Aquawill-san look at me with cold gazes. Don’t say that. If you don’t help me out, I feel like I would have been squeezed the same way for another four days or so. A week’s endurance is like death. I’m still missing something level-headed.

“Sigh, well, that’s okay. Anyway, come to my room tonight. We need to talk.”


Iphrita begins to create a fiery atmosphere at Aquawill-san’s sudden invitation at night.

No, even if you’re staring at me. I don’t know.

“Of course, it’s not just the two of us. Leviera will be with us. If you want, you can come too, If-aneesama. There’s something I’d like you to see.”

“Something you want me to see?”

She tilted her head. Did she get something interesting? If so, why doesn’t she show it to her now?

Maybe it is possible to see it during the day, but it is more convenient at night. If I tell you this much, you might be able to guess what I’m talking about.

“At night, that means it’s astronomical. Did you find anything?”

I made an astronomical telescope for Aquawill-san before. She was interested in Omicrule, a celestial object that floats in the sky.

“I wouldn’t have called you otherwise. If there is any progress, it will make sense to report some results to the patron.”

After saying that, Aquawill-san turned away with a tsun. I see. I was hoping that it would be something that would help us get along, but I guess it’s a big step forward just to be able to help out in this way. Before, she just looked at me coldly from afar.

“Wait, isn’t that a little unfair? I’ve been helping you a lot more than you’ve been helping me, and you’ve never mentioned patronage or anything like that.”

“Well, no, but do you need one? You have a budget through the Research and Development Department.”

“If it’s through the R&D department, it’s a hassle to report how the money is used. You have to go through all the procedures. You should give me your support too.”

“Well, what should I do?”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve coming at the benefactor who rescued you from those wild beasts. I hope you’ll be able to find someone who can help you next time.”

“Okay, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk, and we’ll figure it out.”

“Good boy.”

She smiled at me, but what was she going to use that gas-burner-like fire in her fingertips for? She’s a horrible woman, this fellow. And why does Aquawill-san look uninterested? There’s nothing to be angry about, is there?

“But how about a princess who begs for money in exchange for rescue?”

“That’s one thing; this is another. If you fund my personal research, I will share the results with you.”

“Sharing the results, huh? What is it you’re working on?”

“Oh, that subject――”

Aquawill-san tried to stop me, but it was too late.

“I am so glad you asked! The field I’m researching, you know!”

Iphrita’s eyes lit up, and she started a fast-talking, terminology-filled magic talk. Yeah, I don’t get it.

“Once this happens, she won’t stop for a while.”

“I see…”

After that, I spent some time with Aquawill-san drinking tea until Iphrita’s magic talk calmed down.

Ah, tea is delicious. I don’t understand the talk. Please stop using a lot of professional terminology.


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