Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 12 Chapter 2 Part 5

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Part 5


There was a country despised as a slave state. It was the Principality of Lichtine, located southeast of Grantz.

While most countries abolished slavery, only the Principality of Lichtine continued it.

The reason was simply the lack of resources.

It did not have a vast territory like the Grantz nor fertile land like the Republic of Steichen. It did not have the blessing of the “Spirit King” like the small country of Baum, nor did it have established trade routes like the Grand Duchy of Drall. The only resource was the “resting place” where “spirit stones” could be collected. However, the conditions for the production of “spirit stones” were very strict, and the absolute prerequisite was a clean and beautiful body of water. However, since the Principality of Lichtine is entirely covered by desert, most of the people live in the “resting places” where the “spirit stones” were generated. Therefore, the number of “spirit stones” that could be harvested has been drastically reduced since the spirits left. That was why the Principality of Lichtine continued to protect its slaves, a valuable source of income, while other countries were liberating their slaves. It had never changed. Everyone had given up on the idea that this would ever change.

However, an opportunity presented itself.

The Great Grantz Empire, the dominant power on the central continent, was on the verge of collapse.

They could abandon the barren lands and move to more fertile ones. The opening of the Empire created an opportunity for the nobles to come to the royal palace, where the Duke of Lichtine lived every day. [T/n: Changed it from Prince to Duke.]

“Now is the time to attack. We lost the last battle, but this time we will be fine.”

“It is time for us to take back our lands, Your Excellency.”

The one being courted by the nobles is a young man called Karl Olivara Lichtine.

He was a young man who had been unwanted as an heir because of his illness and weakness, but since his father was killed in a slave uprising and his older brother and younger brother also lost their lives in a battle against the Great Grantz Empire, he had succeeded to the title of duke.

“I know how you feel, but you must calm down. We must assess the situation; this is the time to think. If we make a bad move and provoke their anger, the Principality of Lichtine will be destroyed the next time around. There is no way we can make such a decision so easily.”

Karl, while silencing the nobles, turned his attention to Ranquille Caligula Gilberist, who stood next to him. This man, who would be thirty-seven this year, was once called the “the eagle of the turning heaven” by the neighboring countries because he had defeated a 30,000-strong army of Steichen, a neighboring country that had invaded Lichtine, with a mere 2,000 men. However, despite his talent, he was shunned by many of the nobility for his character, and because he spoke out against the previous duke, he was forced to leave his career path and become a border guard commander. He was not on the road to success until the death of the previous duke and his heir, a legitimate son. In order to renew the rotten center of the country, he used his brilliance to push through reforms at a dash and succeeded Karl as duke. He had to suffer a bitter defeat in the battle against the Grantz, but now, as the duke’s right-hand man, he was responsible for most of the state’s administration.

“Gentlemen, calm yourselves. As the duke said, now is not the time to make a decision.”

“Lord Ranquille, you know this. Now is the time to go on the offensive.”

“Certainly, I think it is an opportune time, but I’m still not comfortable with it. It’s not a good idea to move unless you can shake off the discomfort.”

“What a coward!”

“We mustn’t forget that we are dealing with Grantz. We’ve been through this many times before.”

“That is probably true. That’s why we must not let this opportunity pass us by!”

“Five years ago, we attacked in haste, and as a result, the northern part of our country was cut off. As His Excellency the Duke said, next time, we will lose our country.”

“Only if we lose. We will never know unless we try.”

The nobleman’s bloodlust was so great that Ranquille felt a headache and put his hand to his forehead.

“There are still some forces left in the southern region of Grantz. Moreover, one of the former five great generals, Robert, is still there. Lichtine has only about 20,000 troops at hand, and that’s not enough to win the war.”

“That is only if we lead the army. If only Lord Ranquille commanded 20,000 men, you could win. With a military strategy like yours, you would be no match for the five great generals. Above all, it was the former. There is nothing to fear.”

“Indeed, I might even be able to defeat a veteran former five great generals.”

With sarcasm on his face, Ranquille snickered and shook his head.

“But we will not have enough strength left to hold the lands we have taken. What may be a big deal to us is only a locality to the Grantz.”

“Even if the Grantz collapse?”

“That’s what I’m worried about. If it does not collapse, we will be strangling ourselves.”

In the first place, although they claimed that Grantz would collapse, it would not disappear from the map immediately after losing to the Vanir Three Kingdoms. Even if the dignity of the nation had been lost, the people were still alive and well, and there were still nobles who had some strength left over. It was not impossible to gather soldiers and fight again. Above all, it would take time for the effects of the defeat of the main Grantz army against the Vanir Three Kingdoms to spread throughout the entire country. The question was whether the Principality of Lichtine could hold out until then.

“It also depends on how the Republic of Steichen reacts. It is said that if you get ahead, you will control people, but if you do it too soon, you will lose the advantage. War is not a game.”

Looking at the silent nobleman, though not convinced, Ranquille turned to Karl.

“I think it is premature to make a decision now. If we move, there will be no second chance for us, the Principality of Lichtine.”

“I understand. But let’s just get ready for it. We cannot afford to fall behind the other countries.”

“I think that’s good.”

For the time being, the nobles had no choice but to agree to this.

The situation in the country was still not stable. If they were to attack Grantz, they would have to be prepared accordingly. Above all, Ranquille had one thing to worry about. He still had a thorn in his heart that had been there for three years.

“What a terrible thing for Grantz to think up.”

He had heard and seen many times the great map spread out on the floor, the situation surrounding Grantz. He has always been searching for the best path for Lichtine to take.

“…No, not the Grantz?”

But one day, when he found the answer there, Ranquille stopped thinking. This was a battle that was beyond human knowledge. Then, as a “human,” he must not intervene. Once he entered, he would be in agony that no human being could endure. Ranquille’s body trembled as he imagined the worst.

“Since when did this plan start…? There’s no way this could be a ‘human.’ I can only think of it as the work of the gods.”

Marveling at the nobles still arguing, Ranquille laughed sarcastically.




Snow was falling. It was not so heavy as to cover the visibility, and as soon as it fell to the ground, it would soak in and disappear. The snow was falling weakly, rising and falling as the wind blew it, hitting the soldiers standing on the ground hard and depriving them of body heat.

In the northern region of the Great Grantz Empire, near the “White Silver Castle,” the armies of the 60,000 Bromell family and 40,000 Scharm family were engaged in a staring contest.

The lineup had not changed since the beginning of the war, but there were many dead bodies of soldiers left between the two armies as if there had been several skirmishes.

Both sides were in what could be called a stalemate as they continued to watch to see what the other would do.

Both armies were reluctant to fight. However, there was a reason for this.

The commanders of both armies were absent. Therefore, neither side was willing to move aggressively.

If they made a poor move, they would surely be reprimanded, and if they made a blunder, the survival of the family would be in jeopardy. The complex interplay of self-preservation and honor led them to be reluctant to fight.

Other than that, with only the private armies of the Scharm family and the Bromell family fighting and the other nobles keeping an eye on the situation, it could be said that the Bromell family, fearing a turnover, etc., was the first to retreat from the battle and take a weak stance, creating a stalemate.

In the midst of this standoff, a messenger visited the main camp of the Scharm family.

“So you don’t know whether my father is safe or not.”

The one who said this was the Heimdall family’s eldest son, Helma, who was trusted by the second prince Selene and is currently leading the Scharm family’s army, having been entrusted with the affairs after Selene went to the central region.

“Yes, according to the survivors, he escaped from the “Spirit Wall,” but they don’t know where he went from there.”

“I see… But more importantly, are the people safe?”

The message was more about the safety of the people than the search for her father, and the messenger looked surprised.

“F-forgive me for advising you. Why don’t you organize a unit to rescue General Hermes?”

“Why should I send the precious soldiers entrusted to me by Selene-sama to their deaths in search of my father, whom I do not know where he is?”

Helma was disciplined and unselfish. Even if he did not know whether his father was safe or not, even if the situation ended badly, he did not have time to grieve. Helma had many responsibilities. Even if it was his family, his priority was the people and the country, and protecting the main family, the Scharm family, was the meaning of his―the Heimdall family’s―existence. But even if he killed his heart, he was still a young man, gripping the armrest of his chair tightly as he looked at the messenger.

“And what about the people?”

“I think many of them were saved thanks to the evacuation that General Hermes had done in advance.”

“I see… I hope they got away safe and sound, but where are they headed?”

“The people seem to be fleeing over a wide area… Please forgive me… for not going into more detail. The “monster” has become so active that we have not been able to survey the area as much as we would like.”

Helma puts his hand on his forehead and turns his face down when he hears this reply.

“We are no longer in a situation where we are fighting with the Bromell family…”

“Brother, shouldn’t we set up a negotiating table? The Bromell family had no choice but to comply under the circumstances. If the Spirit Wall has collapsed, their territory will not be safe.”

Proditos, the younger sister, who had been listening to the conversation in silence, voiced her opinion,

“If they would just listen to us, we wouldn’t have any trouble. We have crossed blades many times, even if it is a skirmish.”

Helma shrugged his shoulders with a troubled smile.

“Despite the looming threat, there is no way they can just say, ‘Oh, well, we have to stop fighting.’ We cannot let the men who died in this battle be forgotten. Above all, it is important for us to be proud of our position as nobles.”

“…Do you intend to give priority to your pride at a time like this?”

“That’s what being a nobleman is all about. Above all, the Scharm family is the great house that governs the north, and in the absence of Selene-sama, I cannot make a truce based on my own judgment. Even if Selene-sama were here, the leader of the northern region should not bow down and say that we will deal with the threat together.”

Proditos was put off by Helma’s strong tone of voice.

“Is that how it is…? I think Selene-sama would put his country before his own pride.”

“Perhaps, but I would not allow such a thing. I must have Selene-sama stand tall. Once he shows a soft side, he will be easily betrayed by someone like the Bromell family.”

Proditos’ anger swelled at her brother’s stubborn attitude.

“You mean to tell me that you are going to let this monster kill all of the people?”

“Proditos, you are mistaken. Selene-sama will never allow people to be sacrificed. If he were to abandon his people, even by our choice, he would be ashamed of his failure to protect them and might even commit suicide.”

“If so! Then we must put aside our pride and self-esteem, make peace with the Bromell family, and exterminate the “monster” with the full force of the northern army!”

Proditos was pressing him, but Helma did not waver in maintaining his calm demeanor.

“We will not bow down to them.”


“Proditos, listen to me until the end. I told you, we will not bow down to them.”

“I don’t understand.” Proditos tilted her head as if to say that.

“What exactly do you want to do, Brother?”

“What I want to do is to make the Bromell family bow down to us.”

Proditos’ eyes brightened as Helma confidently declared that.

“What do you have in mind… Brother?”

“Once, His Majesty Altius, the first Emperor, twice forgave the treachery of a certain nobleman.”

Proditos looked skeptical as her brother began to recount an old story but said nothing. This is because her brother’s words must never be interrupted. If he says it is right, it is right, even if it is incoherent. If anyone could deny it, it would be the emperor or the Selene-sama.

“That noble family is now in decline, but it still has a name even today.”

“Could it be the Krone family…?”

“Yes. A thousand years ago, the Krone family was a human country. However, they were defeated in a battle with the “God of War” and were annexed, but they were afraid of the demon race and rebelled against His Majesty Altius.”

“They’ve always been a bunch of unprincipled people… I guess you could say that blood can never be denied.”

Proditos sighed in disgust, and Helma also lifted the corners of his mouth sarcastically.

“Even so, they were once again utterly defeated at the hands of the God of War. But the Krone family was not destroyed. Something more important happened…”

The literature omits that part of the story, only mentions that the Krone family was forgiven, and then only describes the “God of War” who defeated the Twelve Demon Lords with a great surge of power.

In any case――,

“The second time, they took action at the birth of the Great Grantz Empire, at a time when the “God of War” was said to have left the stage. I heard that the first emperor saw through this, too, and crushed them, but because they were a big family, he had no choice but to forgive them. In addition to confiscating their territory, they were told there wouldn’t be a third time.

“I see, so if we count from a thousand years ago, this is the third time?”

The first prince’s rebellion five years ago is still fresh in people’s minds. In the history of the Grantz, the rebellion by a member of the Grantz family is the first time since the third emperor’s younger brother that it has happened. Even Proditos could not believe her ears when she heard about it for the first time. It was such a horrifying incident. The Krone family tried to replace the Grantz family, but their ambitions were crushed by Hiro, who was welcomed as the fourth Grantz prince.

“Huh…That reminds me, the fourth prince Hiro is…”

“Fufu, it is ironic, isn’t it? It was the descendant of the “God of War” who led the Krone family to their death. In any case, as His Majesty Altius said, the third time was not allowed.”

Nowadays, the real power in the central region was in the hands of the Kelheit family, the leader of the eastern region, and those who were related to the Krone family were living with tight shoulders. It was no wonder that they have lost all the treasures, power, and position they had accumulated over the past thousand years. It was a wonder why the sixth princess, who was entrusted with handling the situation, did not tear down the house, but it was an effective enough demonstration.

“We must follow suit. Just like the imperial family, we also need to have the decency to forgive. If the first emperor tolerated them twice, and the sixth princess let them live even if it was the third time, then we, who are entrusted by Selene-sama, cannot destroy the Bromell family, can we?”

“You mean to say that you forgive the first betrayal of the Bromell family?”

“Yes. Of course, we will make them pay, but for the time being, we have the “Spirit Wall” to deal with. The punishment will come later.”

“But what are you going to do?”

“I’ve already laid the groundwork for that.”

Helma stood up from his chair and turned his attention to the messenger.

“I’d let you rest, but I have work to do immediately.”

“Not a problem.”

“Then we shall work for Selene-sama.”


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