Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


Snow began to fall before I knew it, and the ground was covered with snow, so I made a kotatsu with the [Equivalent Exchange] and ate some mandarin oranges while warming up. It was a quiet and restful time.

I can’t remember the last time I spent this kind of time in a room with a kotatsu. That was when my parents and Ayumi were still alive, so it must have been about six years ago…

I’ve been alone since my parents and Ayumi died in a car accident, but now I’m surrounded by Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Sanya, Ichinose, and Allie like this. The girls are all around me, but this wasn’t my intention, it’s just the way it happened naturally.

The place where we’re relaxing right now is in the mountains that Canaan has connected us to from the other world. It’s our base in Japan, where I built a log cabin-style house with [Equivalent Exchange] and used [Dark Magic] to block recognition and Ichinose’s [Holy Barrier (5)] to prevent people from entering.

“Tsukuru-kun, what are you contemplating?”

“O-oh. I just thought that we are really back in Japan…”

“You’re right… I was shocked that my mother and father didn’t remember me, but I was relieved that we were able to come back to Japan like this…”

Hirume-san erased the memories and records of us summoned people, but Ichinose broke down in tears, relieved to see her parents from afar. Now two days have passed, and Ichinose is finally recovering from the situation.

“Is it possible to bring Miki and the others back to Japan?”

“I don’t mind bringing them back, but no one will remember us anymore, you know? We may have the memories about the time before we got summoned, but the people on the other side won’t have it anymore.”

“Un, you’re right…”

“Well, after I’ve settled the matter with the old bastard, if anyone wants to, I’ll send them to this world.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I wonder how many of our former classmates that Ichinose mentioned will want to be brought back to this world? Beeze reported that the classmates occupying the Dell Kingdom’s town are still looting and kidnapping young women and doing whatever they want, so does anyone even have any desire to go back to Japan?

Also, about 30 people are being held captive by the demons and giants, but so far, they haven’t been treated too severely. Some of them might want to return to Japan after we rescue them. And, well… most of the others are dead, so it wouldn’t be too much trouble to talk to the survivors. The only thing I’ll do is send back to Japan the ones who said they wanted to go home, and I don’t plan on taking care of them after that.

Well, now let’s get Kurogiri back to his original form. I hope he reflects on what he’s done. I don’t want my arm to be eaten like that the next time we meet with Shamanile.

“Canaan, I’m sorry, but could you send me back?”

“Tsukuru-kun, aren’t we going back to Japan again?”

“We will, instead, we are going to settle down here, we’re just going to get Kurogiri back to normal and then come back again. Sometimes it’s important to have this kind of relaxing time, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Ichinose seems to have an attachment to Japan for some reason. Well, even though they don’t remember, she still has her parents here, so she’d like to come back from time to time.

“Canaan, please.”

“Yes-nanodesu! [Space-Time Magic]-chan, please!”

After passing through the still-ominous vortex, we arrived at the Twilight Labyrinth’s audience room, where I fought with Shamanile before. The reason I came here is because I got the title [Twilight Labyrinth’s Keeper] after the battle with Shamanile. It seems that after Shamanile escaped from this place, the [Twilight Labyrinth’s Keeper] was transferred to me.

However, since I can use the Twilight Labyrinth as my base of operations, it’s not bad. In this place, I can do whatever I want with the living space, and it has a high level of defense. Most importantly, all the monsters in the dungeon obey my orders. They won’t complain about their salaries or betray me as humans would.

“Welcome back, Milord.”

A skull sitting on a throne greeted me. It’s not Shamanile, but Beeze.

“Yeah, I’m back now. Is everything all right here?”

“There is nothing wrong here.”

“I see, how’s Israfel doing now?”

“There have been reports that Israfel has already taken over the existence of important people in thirteen countries. We are also controlling the transfer gate.”

“Oh, all right. Good job. Also, how’s the old bastard doing?”

“He is holed up in the great temple of the Rade-Crude Empire, and has never left the great temple.”

“You still can’t get in there?”

There is a special barrier in the place where Temas is supposed to be in the great temple, and even Beeze can’t get inside.

“My apologies. I still can’t grasp what’s going on inside at all.”

“No, it’s fine. Just let me know when the old bastard gets out. And kill all the old breeds that come in and out of the great temple.”


It was Allie’s idea to crush all of the old breeds and let the old bastards hunker down in the great temple until they ran out of time. I guess I need to look at the barrier of the great temple once. Because if I get in and the barrier obstructs me from getting to the old bastard, that won’t be good.

We changed places from the audience room to a Japanese style room that could be accessed from behind the throne in the audience room. In my mind, the audience room is the dungeon boss’s room, and this Japanese style room is the dungeon master’s room.

It’s perfect for me as the last boss or a hidden boss, right?

“Hey, Canaan. Can we put a transfer gate in this Twilight Labyrinth as well?”

“Transfer gate? Hmm, I can set up a transfer magic circle, but I don’t know about the transfer gate~.”

“Just a transfer magic circle will do. The point is, as long as we don’t have to rely on Canaan to transfer from one place to another, then it should be fine.”

“It’s all right then. Where do you want it to be placed?”

“Wait a minute… okay, how about this?”

I used my administrator’s authority to set up a transition room next to this last boss room.

“Please set up the transfer magic circle in this room.”


That’ll make moving around a lot easier. And to come back, I can just use the nearest thirteen countries’ transfer gate to return here.

I’ve finished what I need to do here for now. So, let’s get my partner back to normal.

“Hey, have you finished reflecting on this by now?”

It’s not like I’m going to get a response back because the other side is a wriggling lump of meat. I wasn’t even expecting it.

“I’m going to get you back now, and the price of that is the loss of one of my senses for a day. Be thankful.”

I wonder what I’m saying to that lump of meat…

I took out the meat of an emperor dragon from the [Material Storage]. Since it’s the meat of an emperor dragon, it’s something ordinary people wouldn’t be able to eat in their lifetime, and when I activated the [God’s Supper], the emperor dragon’s meat emitted light. O [God’s Supper], give me the power to turn Kurogiri back to normal!

When the light subsided, a small piece of grilled meat that was about a tenth of its mass was formed. I hadn’t noticed it last time I was fighting Crafton because I threw it into my mouth without looking at it, but I didn’t realize how much it could change in size.

“Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Sanya, Ichinose, Allie, take care of the rest.”

“Yes.” said the girls in unison.

When I threw the grilled emperor dragon meat that I made with the [God’s Supper] into my mouth… Like the meat I ate when I was fighting Crafton, it’s disgusting!

How do they call it a [God’s Supper] with this? Do gods have a stupid tongue? No, the tea I drank at Hirume-san’s place was so good, it was super good that I had ten of them, so it wasn’t because they have a terrible tongue, right?

Let’s put aside the taste for now…

The unique skill [God’s Supper] temporarily grants an unlimited amount of “MP” to the individual name Tsukuru Sumeragi. The effective time is five minutes.

Okay! Now I can do anything I want with [Equivalent Exchange]!

“Activate [Equivalent Exchange]! Restore Kurogiri to his original form!”

A dazzling light emitted from the mass of writhing flesh, Kurogiri, and it made us unable to keep our eyes open. The luminescence lasted for about a minute. During that time, I felt it sucking up my “MP” like a bottomless bucket.

“It’s an incredible amount of magical power!”

Canaan was surprised, but even I didn’t expect it to take such a massive amount of “MP”. Probably more than ten times the amount of “MP” I possessed was sucked away. No matter how infinite the “MP” is, it’s still tough to lose this much “MP”.


“Tsukuru-kun, are you all right?”

Ichinose asked me with concern, but right now, I was too busy doing my best to maintain the “MP” being sucked out and also keep myself conscious to respond. When about two minutes had passed, I opened my eyes as the “MP” being sucked out was gone.

Kurogiri was still emitting a dazzling light, but not as bright as the first. Moreover, in the beginning, it had a sticky shape like a metallic slime in a certain game, but now it was definitely in the shape of a long, thin sword. [T/n: Probably dragon quest.]


But the light showed no signs of subsiding; on the contrary, the light became more intense.


I screamed out in surprise. And I experienced the sensation of an enormous amount of “MP” being sucked out of me again, even more so than before.


Hey, what the hell is going on! That Kurogiri bastard, if he returns to his normal state, I will beat him to a pulp!




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