Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Part 2


The Great Empire of Grantz, the supreme ruler of the Central Continent. Its capital is called the great imperial capital, Cladius―located two days’ walk away from the eastern side of the city, Fort Taoen.

That fort is recorded in history as the most important fort for the first emperor. The reason for this is that the country was on the verge of ruin, and from here, the country began to march forward.

The successive commanders of such a historical and important stronghold were appointed only by those linked to the Grantz imperial family. Right now, Celia Estreya Elizabeth von Grantz, the Sixth Princess of Grantz, holds the grand appointment. She was currently holding a meeting with her entourage in the operations command room inside the fort.

In the center of the room―Liz and two men surrounded the desk.

“All of the luggage is loaded into the wagons. Now all we have to do is figure out when we’re going to leave for Fort Berg…” said the man with a large scar on his cheek, Dios von Michael, the Hundred Banners chief.

“We cannot dismiss the possibility of an attack.”

Following Dios’s words, the one who spoke up was Tris von Termier, the Five Hundred Banners Chief. Despite being a senior warrior, he still exuded supremacy from his muscular body even in his old age. He didn’t even try to hide his confusion as he continued to speak, scratching the back of his head.

”The Princess’s move is known throughout the Empire. There is no guarantee that someone will not come up with something insolent.”

“As expected, a hundred cavalry and two hundred infantry aren’t exactly reassuring, huh?”

Liz’s face turned grim as she met Dios’ gaze.

“It can’t be helped. Most of the soldiers in Fort Taoen are the First Imperial Army. We can’t take them with us. Besides, if we go to Fort Berg… Nah, if we go into Margrave Grinda’s Territory, we’ll be safe.”

The Fort Berg in Margrave Grinda’s territory is ruled by Liz’s uncle―Margrave Luzen Kiork von Grinda.

“My uncle would be happy to receive me… But I’m concerned about what’s going on in the Principality of Lichtine.”

To the south of the Margrave Grinda’s Territories is the slave state of the Principality of Lichtine. Depending on how the desert starving wolf moves, the future policy will change.

When Liz’s worried expression appeared on her face, Dios reassured her by saying emphatically.

“We’ll be fine. I can’t imagine an attack by the Principality.”

The Principality of Lichtine has been under the strong influence of the Great Grantz Empire for many years. Therefore, despite the fact that Margrave Grinda’s territory and the Principality of Lichtine shared a border with each other, it was still a peaceful area that hadn’t seen any conflict in the past few decades.

“Indeed. This time the problem is with those who have a negative view of the princess.”

Tris joined the conversation and continued with his words.

“The most troublesome thing is the interference from the other heirs to the throne, I suppose.”

This move was due to the plot of the other heirs to the throne. She was transferred to a fortress in a peaceful area where there is no battle―which means that she was cut off from rising to the top because it’s equivalent to not being able to take credit for it.

“I don’t understand that. Milady is the eighth in the order of succession, you know. There’s no point in interfering with her.”

Dios avoided stating it explicitly, partly because of Liz’s presence, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was left out.

“That’s because… she was bestowed with one of the Five Emperor Spirit Swords.”

“What does it matter? It’s just a sword, isn’t it?”

At Dios’s abusive words, Liz gives him an accusing look.

“Ara, if father hears you, he’ll put you to death for disrespect, you know. Or maybe you’ll be cursed by the Spirit King.”

“H-Hmph, If I’m afraid of the spirits, there’s no way I can wage war.”

Dios said strongly, but his face was drawn with fear. Tris laughed vigorously at the sight of him.

“Gahahaha, make sure you apologize before you go to bed.”

The Five Emperor’s Spirit Swords. These are the five treasured swords that were refined by the first emperor after receiving power from the Spirit King. It is said that the will of the spirits dwells in the Spirit Swords, as the name implies.

They will never appear unless they acknowledge you as their owner, and if you try to force them to appear, you will be cursed. However, if you are recognized, you will be given an immense amount of power.

For that reason―they were also called a “Gift” from the Spirit King.

The Spirit Sword Flame Emperor is a sword in which the spirit of fire resides.

The Spirit Sword Ice Emperor is a spear in which the spirit of ice resides.

The Spirit Sword Thunder Emperor is an ax in which the spirit of thunder resides.

The Spirit Sword Wind Emperor is a bow in which the spirit of wind resides.

The remaining spirit sword has been lost in history for so long that there is no documentation of what kind of weapon it was. It was only mentioned in the legends that the second emperor favored it.

Among those, the Flame Emperor was the first emperor’s favorite. However, no subsequent emperor was ever selected as the Flame Emperor…

A thousand years have passed, and the owner of the Spirit Sword Flame Emperor finally appears. She is Celia Estreya Elizabeth von Grantz, the Sixth Princess.

Unable to give the princess who possessed the Flame Emperor to be married off to another country, her father, the Emperor, gave the Sixth Princess the rank of Major General and appointed her as the commander of Fort Taoen, which was under the jurisdiction of the First Imperial Army. So far, it was fine, but there were those who couldn’t sit idly by and let this happen.

―The heirs to the throne.

As the centripetal force of the Sixth Princess, who was chosen as the Flame Emperor, grew stronger and stronger by the day, and at the same time, the people began to rumor and support her as the reincarnation of the first emperor.

Deciding that it was dangerous to keep the Sixth Princess near the Great Imperial City, the First Imperial Commander, First Prince Reinhardt Schtobel von Grantz, decided to move her left to the frontier.

Normally, this is where the other heirs to the throne would be criticized for using the military for personal use, but that was not the case this time. This was because the other heirs to the throne were in sync with the First Prince. They worked together to put pressure on the nobles who had lifted Liz up.

After losing her backing, Liz ended up as the commander of the remote fortress―and along the way, there’s no guarantee that the Schtobel’s faction won’t send an army to try to make her a deceased person. It’s also possible that another heir to the throne will send their private army. So, she would have to pass through those dangers to reach Fort Berg.

Dios scratched his head and pointed at the map spread out on the long table.

“There are two roads to the Fort Berg. One that goes straight south, this one can be considered a complete trap. Assassins, troops, thieves, and bandits of all sorts. The other is to the east, beyond Mount Himmel in the Glaozarm Mountains, on the side of Baum’s small country, into the territory of the Margrave Grinda.”

“We have horsemen, too, you know. They can’t cross Mount Himmel.”

“If we choose to go south, we won’t be able to avoid total annihilation. The only way to improve our chances of survival is to cross Mount Himmel.”

Following Dios’ words, Tris next to him placed two pieces on the map.

“Let’s split up. We can’t just send all of our men to Mount Himmel; we need a diversion. Dios, I want you to lead the fifty infantry with the cavalry to the Berg. If you meet the enemy on the road, abandon your wagons and do all you can to get assistance from Margrave Grinda. Is that alright with you, Princess?”

Liz looked unconvinced, but after a moment, she gave a small nod. Dios let out a sigh of relief at having successfully settled on a policy, and turned to Tris.

“What about you, old man?”

“I will cross the mountain with the princess.”

“You’re an old man, so don’t push yourself…”

“Hmph, I’m not ready to let a greenhorn beat me yet.”

“Is that so? You’ve got a lot thinner around your arms lately, you know?”

“What? Really?!”

Liz’s joke brought a bit of brightness back to the operations control room.




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