Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93


I was carrying my bags again as I headed for the city of Berkle.

“…Are you sure you’re coming with me?”

“Yes, I wanted to see a hero once, too!”

Ristina-san smiled as she said that.

“You may not have any work at the inn, but how about the theatre company?”

“There are no plans for a while. What is it? You don’t want me to come?”

While saying that, Ristina-san puffed out her cheeks.

…Well, it’s not that kind of thing, though. It was more comfortable to travel alone.

Ristina-san would be absolutely swollen if she knew that, so I didn’t say anything else.

The luggage was ready now. I left the inn with Val and Ristina-san. After leaving the inn, we got into the carriage. We paid the money for the ride to the town of Berkle and then sat down deep in our chairs. Then I glanced at Ristina-san.

“Speaking of which, can you fight, Ristina-san?”

“I suppose. But I’m not that good at it, though. Well, I’m good enough to defend myself!”

“…I see.”

“How about Relius-senpai?”

“Well, more or less.”

“I see. I’ll have senpai to protect me if something happens.”

“Well, you have to defend yourself to some extent.”

“I understand.”

…Does she really understand? With a small sigh to the smiling Ristina-san, I stroke Val’s head. We’ll probably get to the city of Berkle in the evening.




Before reaching the city of Berkle, we were attacked three times by monsters.

…However, the adventurers who were riding in the carriage were reasonably skilled, so I did almost nothing.

…But it’s rare to be frightened by monsters like this. There’s no doubt that the number of monsters is increasing, that’s for sure.

That’s why I think some heroes are here, right? When we reached the city of Berkle, Ristina-san and I got out of the carriage and stretched out.

“Hmm, that was exhausting!”

“…You’re right.”


Val also moved his wings close to us and squealed once.

“So what do we do after this, then?”

“We’ll have dinner, and then we’ll go find a place to stay.”

“Oh, that sounds good. Let’s go!”

Ristina-san smiled and started walking. It was a smaller city than Carras, but it was still full of activity. More than anything else, right now… it seemed to be more than that.

“Hero-sama is really popular…”

“…I suppose.”

“I’m pretty popular in the theater company, but that’s just a small part of it.”

I think Ristina-san was quite popular, but she still seemed to get hazy in front of the heroes. All over the place, the topic of the hero is being talked about.

“…Ah, I wanted to see a hero too…”

“Haha, it looks like they’re leaving tomorrow to hunt monsters, so maybe we can see them then as well?”

“I wish that were true.”

…If I listen a bit, I can hear those conversations. They are really popular, aren’t they?

I’m sure Lynn must be getting pretty strong. There should be a clear difference between Lynn and me. Even though there were differences in occupation and divine treasures, it was still a bit of a shock.

“Senpai, shall we go to this restaurant?”

“…Hmm? Ah, yes. Is this a good place?”

I looked at the place Ristina-san pointed to and saw that it was a very disreputable store. When I looked at Ristina-san in surprise, she puffed out her cheeks and put her hands on her hips.

“Geez, you haven’t been listening to me at all since earlier, have you, senpai?”

“I-I’m sorry…”

…That doesn’t mean you have to play such a prank on me. As I looked at Ristina-san, she took my hand.

“Now, you just enjoy your date with me!”

“D-d-date! We just went out together…”

“What do you call it if it isn’t a date? Come on, let’s go!”

Ristina-san puts her hand around my elbow. A soft touch touches my arm, and my face involuntarily tenses up. Seeing this, Ristina-san loosened her cheeks.

“Geez, senpai. Are you nervous?”

When I looked closer, I could see that her cheeks were red, too. When I pointed it out, Ristina-san bit her lip.

“I-it’s embarrassing, but I have to do this!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It means I’m embarrassed, but if I don’t do my best, I’ll lose! Come on, let’s go!”

…What does that mean? I had no idea what she meant.

With Ristina-san, I went to a nearby restaurant. Then, after we ate dinner, we looked for an inn.

“…We can’t find a room anywhere.”

I nodded at Ristina-san’s words.

“It looks like it’s occupied by people who have heard the news that the heroes are coming here.”

“I thought we were already doing that, but… we’re kind of the same way, aren’t we?”

“That’s exactly what it is. That’s not something I can say about anyone else.”

“… Shall we find an available inn?”

We go into the next inn and talk to the clerk.

“We have a double room available… is that okay?”

“Huh, a double room?”

Ristina-san shouted out. Then, she glances at me and then buries her face with her cheeks blushing.

…No, no, it’s not good as expected. When I was about to say no, Ristina-san giggled and raised her head.

“That’s okay! That’s great for you, senpai! You can stay in a room with me!”

“No, no, that’s not…”

“What is it? Are you going to do something to me?”

“Well, no, I didn’t mean to do that at all.”

“What? Don’t you have any nasty thoughts? I’m not happy about that, but…”

“Should I think about it?”

When I retorted, Ristina-san went red to her ears and squeezed out her voice.

“As I thought, please don’t think about it…”

…Of course. My cheeks get heated because I’m embarrassed too.

I pay the clerk, who was smiling bitterly, for our lodging, and we move to our room. There are two beds lined up in the room. It was a little cramped, but still, we got a beautiful room to rent.

I released Val into the room, and I sat down on the bed too.

“Well, for now, let’s rest here for today, shall we?”

“That’s right…”

Ristina-san also sat down on the bed, but she was somewhat hesitant.

“Well, if you don’t want to, should I go outside to sleep?”

“That’s okay! I mean, I don’t hate it! I’m rather happy about it!”


“I don’t mean that in a weird way! I’ve never slept in a room like this with a man before, so it’s a great experience!”

Good experience, she said. Ristina-san, who was clearly feeling out of control from earlier, seemed to be embarrassed by her statement, and her face was red.

…And anyway. It would be better if I didn’t touch it any further. I’m starting to feel a bit weird, too. Let’s just give Val a hug and calm down.

Oh, it’s nice and smooth to the touch…


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  1. I finally managed to catch up to this chapter from the first chapter in two days (I think I broke the guineas record for reading more than 90 chapters quickly).and this happens.


  2. Hehehe. Poor Ristina is having trouble keeping up appearances. It seems it’s a bit harder to tease someone in a flirty way, once you realise you probably liiiike them.
    Thank you for all the chapters.


  3. Uuggh could be travel to ONE PLACE without one of these morons bugging him?! Much less one of these petty jealous bitches. This should have been a nice excursion to a distant city to meet a friend but this idiot waitress just HAD to tag along. No doubt she’s going to bitch up a storm when she meets Lyn. So fucking annoying!!

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    1. Exactly, I am so sick of this b!tch.

      She just had to insert herself in what should have been a pleasant reunion with Lynn. Just so she can cause unnecessary drama.


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