Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108


Everyone was looking at the town in surprise.

That’s right.

I need to prepare lodging for everyone.

…For now, should I just build something like an inn?

“Camilla-san, I’m going to go prepare lodging for everyone.”

“Okay. I’ll prepare dinner, and we’ll meet at the inn that Relius has prepared for us.”


Camilla-san said so and took the rescued group to the inn.

…Well, let’s make it quick.

There will be similar situations in the future, so it might be better to make it similar to the Migratory Bird Inn that I built before.

I put my magic power into it and started to make it in detail. It didn’t take long, probably because I had already made it once.

This time, the size of this Migratory Bird Inn 2 was smaller than the first.

…The exterior of the inn was also slightly modified. I thought it might be a bit inconvenient if they looked exactly the same.

“Wow! There’s another new one!”

“This is going to be the home for the people we just rescued, so be mindful when you go inside.”

I told the child who was watching me build, and we headed back to the first inn. Dinner was already being prepared, and a delicious smell soon drifted through the dining room.

I had prepared the ingredients, and it seemed that the children who had stayed in town had used them to prepare the meal. I entered the dining room and moved next to Camilla-san. Bard-san and Bian-san were with us as well.

“Well then, let’s eat!”

We all paid respect to the meal and ate our dinner.

…Especially the rescued people, they were eating at an incredible pace.

“I-I can’t believe I can eat this much food…! Is this heaven?”

Well, if that’s the case, then you’re already dead…

“I really didn’t expect to find a place like this in this country! I wish I’d found it sooner!”

A young man gobbled up the bread and pasta with tears streaming down his face.

…There’s plenty of food for seconds, so they can eat as much as they want.

There were many different kinds of pasta, rice, and other foods prepared and stored in the kitchen.

It was the same in the second inn constructed earlier.

After the rescued people had settled down, I approached them.

“Hey everyone, I have a question for you…”

“What is it, Relius-san? No, Relius-sama!”

“…No, you can just call me whatever you want. Well, I’m looking for a woman in this country. Her name is Lynn…”

“Eh? L-Lynn-san… No, what is your business with L-Lynn-sama?”

“…D-do you know her?”

As for Lynn, she is a hero and can be called as such. The person herself may not like it, though.

“Y-yes… Lynn-sama came to us when the town we lived in was attacked by monsters. . …At that time, thanks to Lynn-sama stalling for time, the people who did not have the ability to fight were able to escape. …Well, there were so many monsters that, in the end, we couldn’t escape and were attacked…”

“…Then, is Lynn in the village where you all were?”

“…She was there. I don’t know what she’s doing now… though.”

“W-where is the village?”

“We were living in a village further north than here.”

“…I understand. Thank you very much.”

…Lynn may be there. And she could be in danger even now. I have to go.

“Relius. It is dangerous at night. …I know you’re worried, but you shouldn’t push yourself too hard.”


Camilla-san quickly took my hand and squeezed it to calm me down a bit.

“Can you just send the golem first?”

“…I think I can.”

“Then why don’t you put a letter in the golem’s hand and send it first? Then we’ll leave as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow.”

“You are coming too, Camilla-san?”

“Relius might lose his way. Besides, I have told you already. I said I would help you to find Lynn.”

“But, there’s also the matter of this village…”

When I said that, Bard-san came in front of me.

“There are golems that Relius-san prepared for us. And there is also this sword. …You shouldn’t worry about us, Relius-san, and be tied down to this place. You can use this place as your base and move freely.”


After saying that, Bard-san smiled, and then Bian-san came up to us slowly and added.

“I-I will also do my best to protect this place… So, you don’t need to worry about it!”

“…Bian-san, too. Thank you, both of you.”

As I bowed my head, the children approached us too.

“Relius Nii-chan! We’ll do our best too!”

“So please don’t worry!”

“Yeah, but… We’d appreciate it if you’d leave us some food before you go!”

I chuckled at the children’s words.

“Of course. I’ll leave enough food, including some emergency preserved food, to sustain everyone for a month.”

…The smiles on their faces made me smile too.

I should try and avoid being reckless – I reminded myself.


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27 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 108

  1. Some time ago it was said that in the past a blacksmith iced off some heroes, i can see how… All the stuff he can make and the way enchanted items work in this world make that fight look like a bunch of high tier adventurers against an f-ing spacemarine. Power armor, huge cannon, oversized sword – all the jazz. Except the power armor is covered in all kinds of magical trinkets and has chains made of enchanted rings hanging off of it. A bling marine… More of a chaos marine really… And is followed by a whole army… Ok maybe heroes should have taken much better care of the blacksmith, or just let him take care of everything.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed! Hes already a one man army and hes still improving. How long before hes equipping those golems with the firearms he already knows how to make? Enchanting bullets so they explode on impact. Wouldnt be surprised if eventually he gets a ranged version of his disassemble enabling him to take apart an enemies armor and weapons at range.

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      1. at this point I feel that the only logical conclusion is that all blacksmith classes were erased till now because the world is in such a big crisis that they sent out their deus ex machina


  2. Thanks for the chapter! Waiting for more. I think MC will be some kinda divine entity for this children (And in future for everyone)


  3. 😭thanks for the chapter. I’ve been waiting for this update for such a long time. Latest chapters are not reflected on the novel page though


  4. It hasn’t been dropped, it’s up to 112 on patreon, but they’ve been translating other series and are doing rl job related stuff that has them in an area with lackluster internet access.

    So expect more updates eventually.

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  5. Just checked the raw. Seems like the author hasn’t updated it since December last year when he’s been consistent on releasing at least once a month. Did he dropped this?


    1. Almost a year on now, and still no new raw chapters. Think the author dropped this after writing himself into a hole with weapon break shenanigans into power reset into this whole world warp situation that meandered off somewhere else while he immediately forgot his initial motive.


  6. Its been 7 months already, no update anymore? sorry if sound rude, but please update more, it was interesting story. if need for donation please let me know , and make sure have the chapter thank you.


      1. Hey there! Any chance we can get the last 4 chapters, up to 112, since it’s been 9 months with no updates from the author?

        And thanks for translating, I absolutely loved this series, and the translation was outstanding!


  7. It seems like the author is focusing on the Manga adaptation for now… hopefully he is able to get back on the Novel track.

    I presume that we are reading the WN? Since the Author has released 4 chapters which isn’t here. Unless I’m missing something?
    And please do update your table of contents. As there’s missing chapters


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