Maseki Gurume – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


“Fumu, it seems that you admire His Majesty the First. That’s great, but… well, yeah…”

The first king’s accomplishments are immeasurable, a hero who unified the continent and defeated the Demon King. When asked how to become like him, Lloyd was at a loss for an answer. However.

“…You can’t do the same thing as His Majesty the First. But you can reach the same peaks as him.”

Warren said.

“However, that peak is so far away that it is impossible to reach it with a single person’s effort. In other words, you will have to be even more skilled with your sword and in your studies than Lloyd, who has reached the rank of marshal through hard work.”

“…Yes. I understand.”

But still, Ain wanted to be a person like the first king. It seems that all emotions and feelings can be resolved collectively, but it is also true that he had a longing for it.

Ain didn’t give up and gave Warren an intense look who had a testing look in his eyes.

“──Very well. Then this Warren will help you as much as he can.”

“Re… really… !?”

“Yes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The knowledge that has been accumulated will become a weapon and may also be useful in wielding a sword.”

Ain was pleased to have such a reassuring ally. It was not difficult for him to study hard now that he had a clear goal.

“Well, we better get going-nya!”

And then Katima stood up vigorously.

“Ka-Katima-san? Where are we going?”

“Nyaaa? Of course, we’re going to see the power of Dullahan-nya!”

“Oh… I see.”

She, too, had lent a hand in verifying Ain’s power. It was typical of a researcher to want to see for themselves what the results were.

“Please wait! I still have paperwork to do…”

“I’ll tear it to pieces-nya! Just go with us now-nya!”

She replied forcefully to Lloyd, tossed the tea cakes into her mouth, and walked away. Then, with a lumbering sound, she headed out of the salon.

“Warren! I’m going to have Lloyd practice with Ain-nya. Is it okay?”

“Hahaha. Actually, I was planning to ask Lloyd-dono and Chris-dono to be Ain-sama’s sword instructors, so this is just perfect.”

The Prime Minister, the Marshal, and the Vice Commander of the Kingsguard. The three mentors that Ain had obtained were all heavyweights of the great nation of Ishtalika.

And so, Ain felt a shiver of joy run through his body.

“Please take care of yourself. I would appreciate it if you could report back to me later.”

“I’ll report to you. Then let’s go.”

In this way, Ain’s life in Ishtalika began to unfold in earnest.

When the three of them had left, Warren leaked a happy soliloquy.

“Now, let me think of some assignments, too. For the sake of His Majesty in the future.”

He, too, thought of a few things to do in order to raise Ain as a splendid king. As soon as possible, he would have to start Ain’s studies this evening. Everyone understood that Ain’s goals were high and that it would not be easy.

“Good grief. Ain-sama is truly a man who resembles him very much.”

Muttering meaningfully, Warren eventually left the salon.


◇ ◇ ◇


It was the night of the day when Ain absorbed Dullahan’s magic stone.

At the same time, in Augusto’s house, Krone was alone on the bed, immersed in thought.

“…I wonder if it’s because I was too shallow.”

It’s not a lie that she’s in love with Ain. What she can’t stop thinking about is how easily she lost her heart to him.

Sigh… Even though I once told other people that… only prostitutes who feel that way.”

She mocked herself as if to apologize to them. Then she gets out of her bed and goes to her desk. She opened the locked drawer and took out the jewelry she had carefully stored inside.

Unlike before, it was stored in a solid box, which she hugged carefully and returned to bed.

“…Geez. I can’t believe he’s just leaving on his own.”

She grumbled weakly and smiled despite her feelings. She thought back to that day and that night over and over again. She could not get rid of the image of Ain’s kind face as he offered her the star crystal.

And then there’s a knock on her room’s door.

“Who is it?”

“Please excuse me, Ojou-sama.”

“The person who came to see her was the mansion’s servant.”

“Master has asked me to check on the progress of your assignment.”

Father? Said Krone as she sat down on the bed.

“How is the assignment that Master gave you last night?”

“It is already done; you can take it with you.”

“…Yes? By finished, do you mean all of it?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. You can bring me the next assignment.”

The servant was amused to see Krone talking as if it were obvious.

“It was surprising. Master said it was supposed to be for a week.”

“Well, it was easy if I concentrated on it.”

Besides, she promised ─ she promised that by the next time she saw him, she would be even better…

The words and content were vague, but this promise was one of the remaining links between her and Ain, who was now royalty. It gave her the emotional support she needed to work hard.

“U-understood… Then, I’ll tell the Master about it.”

“Please do. Oh, and can you tell father to make the next assignment a little more difficult?”


The servant thought. Even this task should be difficult for the young Krone. The young lady was always out of the ordinary, the servant thought, smiling inwardly.

“Are you done here? I’m sorry, I was in the middle of some thinking.”

“N-no. Actually, the head of the family has informed me to…”

“From grandfather?”

She gave the servant a suspicious look and asked to continue.

“He told you to prepare a letter for him… that’s what he said.”

“──Y-you should have told me that first! Now, I have to hurry up and get it ready…!”

She stood up with vigor and went to her desk. She also put down the star crystal with great care.

“Oh, but… what should I write… I’ve never written a letter to the opposite sex before…”


NyX Translation


She had been so confident earlier, but now she was confused by just one letter. The servant found it adorable, chuckled, and offered a helping hand.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t you ask the head of the family? He knows a lot about poetry.”

Besides, he would also want Krone to rely on him.

“Y-you’re right…! Thank you, I’ll go to my grandfather’s room then…!”

“Understood. Please be careful.”

She walked hurriedly, her glossy, pale blue hair swept away. It was a rare sight for Krone, running in a hurry. Her expression was stricken with several emotions, but it was clear at a glance that she couldn’t hide her joy. She was more happy to be able to send the letter than to answer it.

“Oh, dear… Good luck with that, Ojou-sama.”

The servant cheered her on from the shadows as she displayed the charm befitting her age. With this support, Krone’s steps became even faster.

“Yes, I’ll also write a letter to Olivia-sama… Oh, no, I’ll have to consult with grandfather about this…!”

There are so many things she wants to write. There is no limit to the number of things she wants to say. She thought of him, who was far away, across the sea, and her steps were light. Her cheeks flushed, and she wondered in her mind what he would be doing now.


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