Maseki Gurume – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Extraordinary Power & Magic Stone Store

Part 1


The season changes, and it is now in the early summer. It was a fine day with sunlight streaming in. Chris was walking into the castle with a letter in her hand, wondering what to do with it. It was addressed to Ain, but because of the particular circumstances, she was wondering if she should give it to him.

For now, she needed to find Ain… and was walking around the castle when she heard…

“Nyahahahaha…! The crown prince, the crown prince did such a technique… nyahahahaha!”

“At any rate, it’s a success, so I guess it’s good.”

“There are some monsters that are considered national disasters-nya. What would happen if you absorbed their magic stones-nya…?”

Ain, who is Chris’s objective, tossed his brown hair, which was inherited from Olivia, and stated happily. The place was in the courtyard, where he was doing something with Katima, who was laughing hysterically.

“Huh? What were you two doing?”

Actually, Ain had plans to visit the outside of the castle with Chris and Lloyd after this. There was also the matter of the letter, so it was fortunate that she was able to find him right away like this.

“Fufufu! Eight months of hard work. After eight months of hard work, our research has finally borne fruit! Yes, let’s celebrate!”

“Co… Congratulations…?”

Chris clapped his hands with a look of incomprehension on her face to get Katima in a good mood.

“I see… Come to think of it; it’s been eight months already, hasn’t it?”

She felt sentimental about the fact that it had already been eight months since Ain’s arrival. She remembered that a lot had happened in those eight months. Chris and Lloyd had been his teachers, teaching him the sword and training him to control his absorption powers, and Ain’s life at the castle had been vivacious.

Then, over the winter, Ain turned six years old and grew to a reasonable height. Chris couldn’t help but smile when she saw how much taller he was than when they first met.

“By the way… what research is this?”

“I’d like to explain in detail, but I’ve got other work to do! Chris! Take care of Ain!”

“Y-yeah… Leave it to me.”

Then, Katima suddenly stormed off. The way she carried one of the crates as she left made everyone feel hurried.

“Ah, Chris-san. How was the meeting?”

Chris gave a pained look at his words.

“…The report was not one that made me feel good.”

Rather than a gloomy expression, she seemed to be tormented by negative emotions such as frustration and regret. They say that a beautiful woman is powerful when she’s terrified, and one could feel that power coming from Chris.

“Warren-sama’s subordinates are currently hiding in Heim. According to the report from them──.”

According to them, the Roundheart family has been destroyed, but the story doesn’t end here.

“I see. It was a punishment for breaking the secret agreement. But is that the end of it?”

“…No. Logas-dono was then appointed as a viscount from a commoner for bringing a child with a holy knight skill to Heim. The name of the family that he wished to have remained the same, Roundheart.”

When Ain heard this, he nodded deeply, looked up at the sky, and spoke.

“I knew it. I couldn’t believe that the country would abandon Roundheart after what happened.”

The head of the family, a man named Logas, is a great general who has made a name for himself in the surrounding countries. Ain thought that after everything that had happened, there was no option but to desert it.

“They lost their territory, but they received a mansion ─ this is too…!”

It was too lenient, and it seemed like they were just mocking Ishtalika.

Chris wanted to say that. But.

“I don’t care about that. My mother and I are both happy to be separated from them.”

Ain said that, but Chris’s expression was still stern. The only punishment they were given was a demotion to viscount and confiscation of their lands. This level of punishment wouldn’t lower the mood of not only Chris but also Sylvird and the others.

“It’s probably because they understand that we won’t start a war that they’ve come to this level of punishment.”

This is the sweet behavior of Ishtalika, who adheres to the will of the first king, knowing his attitude. For Ain, it was questionable how he could believe so much in the affairs of another country.

“But Warren-san is going to take retaliatory measures, right?”

“──Yes. Of course, diplomatic relations will be severed. If Heim’s ship comes, he will deal with it reasonably. And about the matter of Euro…”

The deal that Olivia personally finalized. The detailed terms of the agreement were also reported at today’s meeting.

“The amount of the deal, the mining technology to be provided, etc. We’ve also agreed to Euro’s demands.”

“What were the demands?”

“Euro is doing business with us. They want us to announce it to the public.”

They’re not asking us to back them up. Euro didn’t ask for backing, but they did ask for a hint of it. The mere disclosure of this would be enough to put other countries on high alert.

In fact, Ain could not help but smile at such a reserved request.

“It turned out to be fruitful enough, and our ship will be heading to Euro soon.”

“That’s good to hear ─ well then, it’s about time to meet up with Lloyd-san… Huh? Chris-san. What’s up with that letter?”

“…Oh, you know… this is…”

She was too distracted. She should have put the letter in her pocket before she called out to Ain. It was already too late. Chris was lost for a reply.

“Is that, by any chance, a letter from Heim?”

Chris’s body twitched, and then Ain noticed it and got to the heart of the matter.

“Um… It’s not that I don’t care about it, but…”

Ain gave Chris a helping hand, who was lost and asked her to look him in the eye.

“──Actually, the letter is not from Heim, but from Euro.”

“Yes? A letter from Euro to me?”

Chris gave up. No, Chris, who had decided to tell him, opened her mouth. On the other hand, Ain had a puzzled look on his face.

“I don’t think I know anyone from Euro, but…”

“I… I apologize. The correct one is, it’s a letter from a Heim nobleman who came through Euro.”

“A certain nobleman? Didn’t you hear the name?”

To the unsure answer, Ain wrinkles his brow.

“…Instead, I have been instructed to tell you this: “I always keep the beautiful flower that Ain-sama gave me,” do you remember about this?”

Eh, what does that mean? Ain didn’t seem to get it, so he crossed his arms and thought about it.

Sigh… As I feared, it is a deception. I’m going to destroy this letter.”

A Heim nobleman’s harassing us. Chris secretly clicked his tongue. Eventually, she tried to put the letter away in her pocket, but at that moment.

”──Could it be. Sorry, Chris-san! Please let me see that letter!”

He realized that there was only one possibility. At least, there was only one person to whom he had given a flower.

“Y-yes… I can show it to you, but…”

Chris handed the letter that she had almost put away to Ain, who was suddenly very excited. He broke the seal with his fingernail and excitedly took out the paper inside.

“Haha… a flower, so that’s what it means, huh?”

He unfolded the paper and looked at the words on it. Then, as if immersed in a nostalgic moment, a soft expression appeared on his face.

That night. I spent a time when all jewels were hazy. But the only thing that reminds me of that time is the flower that you gave me ─ so that’s it.”

“A-Ain-sama? It’s like a love letter… Is that what it says?”

It was a letter that took a lot of effort to be delivered across the country. If it were just a love letter, Chris would have been disappointed.

“The rest of the letter said, I apologize for not being able to tell you my name. I would like to say my name again when you reply that you will accept me in Ishtalika.”

The passionate content of the letter made Ain embarrassed. He laughed and hid his embarrassment, then handed the letter back to Chris in a good mood, who looked it over as well.

“It’s really a love letter, isn’t it…?”

As Chris said, diplomatic relations would be severed in retaliation, which is probably why it was sent via Euro.

“…Do you want to respond to this?”

“I will. Since she treated my mother so well, I would like her to come, as she wishes.”

Then Chris, who had been puzzled, suddenly felt better. If the other party were also close to Olivia, it would be a different story.

“I think she would be welcomed if she was also close to Olivia-sama. I’ll let Warren-sama know about this.”

She ruminated in her mind, trying not to forget. Then she remembered the conversation between Ain and Katima.

“By the way, what are the results of the eight months of research that you and Katima-sama were talking about?”

“Oh, that’s… well… this is it.”

Chris asked, and Ain took out a large claw from his pocket.

It was a special thing covered with metal.

“Chris-san, you know what an illusionary hand is, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. It’s supposed to be the primary technique used by the Dark Knight… Dullahan.”

It is a third arm that is created using magic power. Ain has been training for a while now, and this is the only technique of the Dark Knight that he can use.

Attack power, endurance, and the arm’s length vary depending on the user’s spoonful magic power. Depending on the magic power put into it, the illusion hand alone can wield incredible power.

“And this claw is a thing that Katima-san has specially made, and when combined with my illusionary hand, it can be used as…”

Then Ain put his strength into his body. A black tentacle-like arm appeared on his back, and he attached the claw he was holding to the tip of it.

“I was experimenting before Chris-san came, and I found that if I pierce a monster with this, I could suck out the contents of the magic stone while the monster was still alive…”

“Huh… How did you come up with such a crazy idea?”




She wondered if he had spent eight months on this crazy thing, and she could not say a word. As always, the crown prince has no shortage of stories to tell.

Chris realized that and said, “That’s good then.” to Ain with a dry voice. Then Ain announced.

“Oh, the name of it is Darkstraw. It fits, doesn’t it?”

“…I’ll refrain from answering that one.”

This was the reason why Katima was laughing so hard.

Chris muddled up her answer and then regained her composure and led Ain downstairs to see Lloyd.


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