Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Part 2


The next day after school, Ain remembered a question.

“Do you know why my homeroom teacher suddenly changed?”

He was on his way outside the academy. When he asked Dill, who was walking next to him, he stopped and wrinkled his brow deeply.

“This is not something that can be made public yet, but that man was fired from the academy.”


“Yes. He had behavioral problems, broke the academy’s principles, and discriminated between commoners and nobles. So I helped with the investigation and reported the results to my father and the others. Incidentally, the subject he was in charge of was pharmacology, and he was an expert on the poisons possessed by monsters.”

As a result, taking into account the reports of the other professors, the supreme director, including Sylvird, decided.

─The man’s name was Wolf Magnus.

“His family is a marquis family, and Wolf is the third son. His family is also a friend of the Duke Glacier family, and my father has informed me that he will be fired. …Although it is considered a concern of the nobility, I think that my father should have behaved more resolutely.”

“…It can’t be helped. It’s about marquis’s family and all that.”

“Sitting on the sidelines, not knowing the responsibilities of a nobleman. I really don’t like that kind of man.”

Dill had a dark expression on his face as if he was disgusted with the trouble of dealing with a famous family.

“That man named Wolf… what is he doing now?”

“Even if he is rotten, his bloodline is excellent. He was sent to a quiet position to manage the schedule of the knights.”

It’s an important job in its own right, but it’s not very rewarding. Ain also knows that he had no choice but to be sent to that job because of his excellent bloodline.

(Dill is someone who rarely smiles, but maybe that’s because he has too strong a sense of justice.)

The fact that the man named Wolf was arrogant because he was a nobleman. Ain can understand why Dill hates it.

“I don’t think I like it either… I’m royalty, but I’ve never wanted to be domineering. I mean, I don’t want to.”

“Yes, that is wonderful.”

Dill replied in an unusually cheerful voice.

“Thank you. So Dill and I can call each other by name and get to know each other better…”

Now, you can call me by my name. Isn’t that a good idea? Ain had a faint hope.

“I don’t think that’s relevant at all. I’m a guard, so please forgive me.”

“You don’t have to respond like that… it’s alright.”

“I’m sorry, but it seems that Christina-sama is already here, so I’ll be leaving now.”

As soon as they were near the school gate, Dill bowed his head and parted ways with Ain. Ain decided that one day he would make him call him by his name and walked to the place where Chris was waiting…


─In the academy district, on the main street crowded with students after school. Chris, who was walking next to Ain, opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

“Ah… excuse me, Ain-sama.”

“Yes, yes?”

“I have something to tell the knights on patrol, so would you mind if I took a moment?”

“Sure. Oh, that’s the knight.”

The knights who patrol the castle town regularly wear different uniforms than the castle knights. It’s not silver or white, but a blue-based knight’s uniform and light armor.

“I apologize, but… Ain-sama, please stay in the vicinity.”

Chris approached the knight standing by the street tree. Ain looked around as the two began to converse.

(There are so many people.)

After this, there would be a heavy traffic rush at the station, which he didn’t want to think about. It’s a little depressing, but he can’t help it since he has to get home, so he lets out a sigh.

Suddenly, he saw some unfamiliar figures in this academy district.


The distance was less than 20 meters.

Three men were approaching two girls wearing uniforms from the prestigious school ─ Liebe Girls Academy. They didn’t bring any guards with them, and they were both cowered, their bodies trembling as they looked at the men.

“─I guess I have no choice.”

Without even bothering to tell Chris, Ain headed there. There seemed to be other people who were looking at them worriedly, but he moved before any of them.

“They’re scared. Can you please stop?”

Laughing inwardly at the somewhat goofy line, Ain stepped in between the girls and the men.

It’s okay; you can go now… Ain gave the girls a look.

“T… Thank you!”

“Thank you…”

Although it was a little cold for Ain to barge in like that, the men’s mood seemed to be showing on the surface. Did they get annoyed at being interrupted? Ain thought, looking at the men.

(No, no, no. Nothing is in the way… The age difference is too significant for a pickup.)

The age of the men is in the late twenties at the lowest estimate. The schoolgirls seemed to be about three years older than Ain. They were the same age as Krone.

Of the three, the man with the biggest body said.

“A nice young man pretending to be a prince, huh?”

“Nothing pretentious about it… Oh, well. The girls didn’t seem to like it, so I stopped it.”

“We had an important conversation. It’s a costly and important thing to talk about.”

So, it wasn’t a hook-up?

Ain was somewhat relieved, but that was a problem.

“But the girls didn’t like it, did they?”

In the end, it came down to this reply.

The people around were leaking worried voices, and their attention was focused on Ain. What will these men do? Just when it seemed reckless to take on a group of three ─ the huge man stretched out his arms.

“You were the one who made the first move.”

“Shut up. So what──!”

The strong arm reminiscent of a log increases the momentum toward Ain’s cheek.


(The knight in the castle is faster… of course…)

It’s not enough for Ain to pull out his dagger.

When he turned his face away and dodged the arm, he pulled it back.

“Wait… wha… it hurts!”

He made a dull sound and was knocked down, and the man agonized over the pain in his jaw and arm that had been hit hard.

“Wait, this guy is a Royal student!”

“…So what! He’s just a child, so if the two of us take him at the same time…!”

Even if there are two of them at the same time, Ain can still deal with them. Because he can even beat the knights, he can not be outdone by a mere thug.


“Aah… S-sorry…”

Ain says with a drawn-out smile.

The men smiled ugly and thought it was a plea for his life, but the truth is, it was different. Ain looked at a pair of eyes that were even colder than ice ─ they were filled with murderous intent.

The owner of those eyes disappeared the moment Ain blinked. The next time she appears, her murderous intent has dissipated.

“I am not sure how I should lecture you. Despite your admirable deed, I think you should have at least said something to me, don’t you?”

“…You’re right.”

Before anyone realized it, Chris was standing right in front of Ain. The two men thought that Ain’s attitude was begging for his life, but they were blinded by the beautiful blonde woman who suddenly appeared. But soon after, they lost consciousness and fell down on their faces, blowing bubbles stupidly.

“…So, when did you defeat them?”

“By the time I stood in front of Ain-sama, they were already on the ground. Huh… Why are you so naughty…?”

The killing intent in her eyes seems to have been unleashed on both men.

“I couldn’t leave it alone. But I should have said something to Chris-san.”

“I’m glad you understand. However, I’m going to tell His Majesty, Olivia-sama, and Lady Krone about it, okay?”

Ain wanted to beg for mercy, but there was no excuse. In the end, Ain nodded as he hung his head, but Ain and Chris were showered with many cheers from the surrounding crowd.


◇ ◇ ◇


─At night.

In the castle library, Ain piled up a pile of papers on which he had written his reflections.

“Finally, I’m done! Fifty sheets is too many, isn’t it…?”

With a thumping sound, Chris gathered up the reflection papers that Ain had finished writing, and Krone, who was sitting across from him, smiled weakly.

“Thanks for your hard work. But I also think that Ain is at fault… What do you think?

“I think you’re right, Lady Krone. I think the punishment from His Majesty is rather gentle.”

“Fuh, you two are talking about me…! He’s very angry with me, so give me a break.”

Fifty remorseful letters are to be submitted by the end of the day. Silvird gave Ain the punishment. Olivia is not able to protect Ain, and she also scolded him lightly for today.


─The time was just before the sun changed, and he managed to submit his work in time.

“Would you like me to say something to His Majesty?”

“Please tell him that fifty pages are too many.”


“I made a mistake. Tell him I’m sorry.”

Sigh… Yes, I understand.”

Chris gave a final word of thanks to Ain for his hard work. Ain stretched his back, letting out a hmm.

“You can’t do that again, okay? I think it’s dangerous too.”

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t leave them alone. But I should have told Chris-san in advance.”

“Yes, you should have. Next time something happens again, make sure you do, okay?”

He nodded back at Chris’s words, and after a short pause, Krone said.

“…I think it’s typical of Ain, though.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“I don’t know? But I don’t think I hate it.”

“I see… It sounds like a compliment then.”

But Krone also has a big weakness for being in love.

Oh, for goodness sake. From Chris’s perspective, she would like Krone to scold him more.

“You’re both smart, but… Geez… why…?”

Chris’s helpless muttering faded into thin air, and the remaining two smiled happily at each other.

“How’s your school? Are you having fun there?”

“Yes, the people are nice. Thanks to Warren-sama, I haven’t fallen behind in my studies.”

“That’s good. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Fufufu… Thank you.”

“Well, I’m off to deliver these reflections to His Majesty.”

Chris couldn’t resist the air between them and tried to leave the library. Ain also had nothing to do after he finished his reflection, and Krone also left her seat since Ain was leaving.

When they left the library together, they happened to meet Warren.

“Oh, Warren-san.”

“Well, well, well. It seems that His Majesty’s punishment is over. It seems to have come just in time.”

Was there something he wanted to do? Ain thought.

As Chris handed Warren the letter of reflection, Warren cleared his throat and straightened his appearance.

“It’s just as well that Ain-sama and Lady Krone are here, too. In fact, we just finished interrogating the thugs during the day, and I wanted to give you a report on that as well.”

The casual expressions disappeared from everyone’s faces.

“The daytime assailant was an adventurer. They said that they were once active as adventurers.”

“Oh, so they were no ordinary thugs.”

Chris said lightly as if she had already imagined it. When Ain and Krone had a question mark on their faces, Warren sensed it and continued.

“Those who can’t make money in the adventuring business are often looking for work that uses their strength and doesn’t involve the danger of monsters. They may be bouncers in shady deals, or they may want to work for good citizens.”

There are many such cases, though not all of them.

“It’s strange that they would go all the way to the academy district, though.”

“Yes, as Chris-dono said, there are many nobles’ guards and patrolling knights there. It’s rare for them to be free for a long time like today, but…”

“Let’s increase the number of patrolling knights. There are also Ain-sama and Lady Krone in the area.”

It seems to be troublesome. Ain quietly listened to the conversation between the two of them and exchanged glances with Krone.


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