Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


On a certain day, Ain had a participation-required homeroom.

“The details are in the document I distributed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.”

In Ain’s hand was the document handed out by Luke, the professor.

(What is this? Amazing.)

It looked like just a piece of paper, but the illustrations and the text moved. He was surprised by the academy’s use of such mysterious technology to make it easier to read.

“W-wow… I’ve never seen anything like this…”

Roland, sitting next to Ain, shook his fluffy, furry dog ears. When Ain turned in the documents, there is a lot of interesting information there.

(──Academy district competition?)

A week from today, all the academies in the academy district will be holding an event for students to exchange and compete with each other. The students will be competing in several disciplines, including oratory, sword fighting, and magic.

Ain wondered why they would announce such an important event a week in advance.

“…Well, that’s just like this academy”.

“Huh? Ain-kun, did you say something?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing important.”

He answered Roland, who had his ears up in a good mood.

“──Ah yeah. I’m sorry it took so long, but I actually had something I wanted to give back to Ain-kun.”

“Return to me…? What is it?”

“This is it! It’s the pen that you lent me on the first day of school!”

Roland took out of his uniform a pen in a brown paper bag.

“I completely forgot about it. But you don’t have to take the trouble to clean it up like this.”

“We’re friends, after all ─ eh, but Ain-kun is the crown prince, and if I call you a friend casually, you might be offended…”

Ain’s eyes turned black and white.

Friends? Yes, he is my first friend, if that is what you call it. Ain thought.

It was only when he said it that Ain slowly became aware of it.

“…No, we are friends. I’d be more than happy if you’d just say it.”

“Oh, really? I’ve been thinking about our status for a while now.”

Roland was hesitant to say that he was friends with the crown prince. However, Ain was quick to dismiss it, saying, “It doesn’t matter.”

“I’d be happier if you treated me like a normal person, but I think we should probably move now.”

“That’s right… I’m going to Professor Luke’s lab. What about you, Ain-kun?”

“I think I’ll go to the training ground. I want to swing my sword again.”


The training ground. This is the place where Ain basically goes every day. As the name implies, it’s a facility used for training in swordsmanship, but this academy is different.

Mainly because of the facilities, there are only a few magic tools on the continent. In addition to that, there is an arena with cobblestone pavement and a human-shaped model for striking. Ain went alone into the training facility where all of this was housed.

“…Oh, you’re here.”

Ain was greeted by an instructor, who had a cigarette in his mouth. He mainly teaches swordsmanship and has a good reputation for being close to his students.

“I wonder if I can train again today… Are you free?”

“Yes, I’m free. It’s the summoning platform, right?”

The instructor pointed his thumb in the direction of a corner covered with glass.

“Yes. Rather, I feel like I’ve been coming to school to use it lately.”

“You’re as cheeky as ever; you know that? Come on, get ready.”

Wearing a worn-out shirt and stubble, the man whose name is Kaizer and who Ain injured during the entrance exam is now an instructor with a reputation for taking good care of his students.

(I missed the moment we met again when I came here.)

When he casually spoke to Ain, “Oh, it’s you,” Ain was so surprised that he opened his mouth wide. Now, he only has the impression of being a good teacher.

“Hey, what are you up to today?”

The reason why Kaizer’s attitude is so light is because this is an academy, and Ain is a student. In the school, the status of the student is irrelevant. It’s Sylvird policy that the crown prince is no exception.

“Um… Red Bison, please.”

“You’re a real smart boy, aren’t you? Wait here.”

──Red Bison. In the past, Ain absorbed the magic stone of a monster called White Bison.

Compared to that which was delicious, the Red Bison was a sub-species and tasteless. According to Kaizer, “Red bison are bison that have awakened to the wave of the will to kill,” so they are treated as a different species.

“Instructor Kaizer, may I ask you a question?”

There were several shelves of armor and wooden swords. Ain looked up and wore something that suited him and approached the corner where Kaizer was.

“Huh? What is it?”

“How dangerous is a Red Bison to a full-fledged adventurer?”

“For two mid-level adventurers, it won’t be a problem. Well, one of them will act as a decoy, though.”

“Heh… I see.”

“That is why for a boy of your age… No, it’s not something an academy student should be dealing with in the first place.”

“Then why is it allowed to fight in the school’s training grounds…?”

Ain opened the glass door, and they entered. There’s a single board reminiscent of an LCD screen. Kaizer operates by pressing down with his fingers on the letters and illustrations that appear on the screen.

(It’s still too mysterious technology.)

What Ain is dealing with is not a real monster, but something that looks like an illusion. The name of the magic tool is “Summoning Platform.” It uses magic stones like hot water to summon the stored information of the monsters.

Even if it can be summoned with the current technology, Red Bison is at the highest level. The maintenance cost is ridiculously high, and there are only three of these cutting-edge magic tools in the entire continent of Ishtar.

“A royal knight can defeat it by himself. Furthermore, it’s still relatively light for a royal knight.”

“In other words, two mid-level adventurers are equivalent to one royal knight?”

“More or less. Besides, a royal knight is about as good as four or five ordinary knights.”

The royal knight is as powerful as any high-level adventurer. Kaizer added.

“So, what about Instructor Kaizer?”

“If I don’t have to stick to swords, I can handle a dozen or so royal knights. In the first place, adventurers don’t fight to rely only on swords. They fight with whatever they can get their hands on, sometimes cunningly.”

“Wow… amazing.”

Kaizer responds with a sigh, speaking with a smug expression.

“Ain too, you have such incredible skill, don’t you? You should be able to do more with it. Or rather, you’re beating the royal knights in swordsmanship alone, aren’t you?”

“…I’ve been able to win since the beginning of the year.”

“Hah… what a non-standard crown prince we have! Well, are you ready?”

As soon as Kaizer says, the magic circle on the ground glows pale white. Soon, the Red Bison that Ain requested will show up.

“This is supposed to be something that was summoned by a magic tool, but why is there a shock?”

“I don’t know. Just leave such difficult matters to the researchers.”


Kaizer was an adventurer who was highly regarded even by Lloyd. This is the reason why he was recommended to this academy. After he was injured and retired from adventuring, he immediately worked as a teacher here at the Royal Kingsland Academy.

(──It’s coming.)

The Red Bison began to appear from the ground. The cow’s body was covered with crimson fur, and its knobby limbs were muscular and strong. The two sharp, thick, twisted horns at the front of the huge body seemed to be over two meters tall.

Bushururu, it snorted and targeted Ain.

“You won’t get hurt by the attack from the illusion, but if you get blown up and bruised, it’s your own fault.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful!”

Kaizer left the room, leaving the two facing each other. He can safely watch from outside the glass because the safety of the magic tools is sufficient, and the illusion does not cause direct damage to the human body.


The sound was similar to that of a cow. The difference is the power and the depth of the step. The Red Bison, with its twisted horns, pointed at Ain, lowered the center of gravity of its huge cow, and rushed forward.

Ain calmly watches the situation.

“…I’m already used to it!”

A few tens of centimeters away. When Ain jumps to the side with all his strength in one leg, the Red Bison cannot cope and change its angle. With a single flash, Ain’s wooden sword sharply slashes at the Red Bison’s feet. There was a dull thud and a wail of pain.

“There’s a lot of openings when you turn around…!”

The Red Bison turns around in a panic. Ain has learned from his past training that it is surprisingly difficult to turn around, and there are many gaps.

As a result, Ain’s swing to the head will be a fatal blow.


The Red Bison let out an earth-shaking sound and fell sideways, quickly turning into a cloud of light.

The training did not end with just one battle, and Ain fought the Red Bison three more times. He was already used to it, but the tension was not bad.

“I’m done! Give me your evaluation for today!”

He worked up a good sweat. With a fresh smile on his face, Ain left the room and asked Kaizer, who was watching from outside.

“Thirty points. You idiot.”

Ain was not satisfied with the low score.

“I beat them all! I-isn’t that really too harsh…?”

“I’ll give you a perfect score for the third one. You sealed off its legs. And you shock its head. All of those are good, but…”

Taking a quick breath, Kaizer presses his index finger against Ain’s forehead.

“Who the hell will do that! Who, I’d like to ask you? To take the Red Bison’s charge head-on… it’s just a fool!”

At the fourth one, he changed his mind, dexterously grabbed the Red Bison’s horn, and defeated it head-on with brute force.

“Oh hey… it hurts! I said it hurts!”

“It’s only natural for me to complain!”

“I-it might come in handy one day! What am I going to do? What if I have to stop a bigger and stronger monster head-on!”

“Then you’d better use your brain and work hard to make sure that time doesn’t come!”

Ain held his forehead with his hand and made a dissatisfied face.

However, Kaizer laughed half-heartedly and reconfirmed the non-standard character of the crown prince.

“Hah… was that hurt…?”

Then, a boy looked at the two of them from nearby.

“I-it was a great fight… Stopping a red bison head-on is too cool…”

Ain is familiar with this boy. His bright red short hair and mischievous face have been seen several times in the same classroom.

──Unfortunately, he has never heard of his name.

“Oh, Batz. Are you going to train too?”

(So this boy’s name is Batz, huh?)

“Yeah, I want the Red Bison, too!”

“…I don’t mind it. But I just don’t think you’re ready for it yet.”

“It’s okay! Every man should try it!”

Kaizer shakes his head in disbelief and begins to prepare. Ain had a good impression of this boy Batz. He was a very pleasant man.

“You’re going to do it, so do it right. Here, wear your equipment… And do some exercises, so you don’t get hurt.”

“No! I was exercising before homeroom, so no problem!”

“…You should get some rest first, you know.”

(This boy is so energetic…)

When Ain laughed at the somewhat manga-like dialogue, he locked eyes with Batz.

“I’ll defeat it too, so please have a look at it if you’d like, Your Highness the Crown Prince!”

“…You don’t have to use honorifics. We’re classmates, after all.”

Even so, he still will probably use honorifics. He’s in the position of the crown prince. It can’t be helped ─ that’s what Ain thought.

“Oh, I see. Well, I guess I’ll do that! Nice to meet you!”

He replied, and Ain felt that he could get along with him.

In the end, Batz went over to the magic circle in response to Kaizer’s voice, and Ain watched him.


Shortly after Kaizer operated the magic tool, the Red Bison was summoned, just as with Ain. The Red Bison that appeared directed its natural killing intent at Batz directly in front of him.

“H-hey! Batz, you can’t possibly be…!”

Kaizer was surprised. Because, just like Ain did, Batz was trying to take on the Red Bison head-on.

“Come, Red Biso──… W-whoaaa…!”

Batz looked as if he had received the Red Bison’s thrust head-on… However, it seems that Batz’s strength could not withstand it, and he was blown to the wall. The safety mechanism was activated, and the illusion of the Red Bison vanished.

He staggered and stood up, and for some reason, he said proudly.

“…T-that was a close one…!”

“It wasn’t close, you stupid idiot! Geez!”

When Kaizer hurriedly approached and confirmed that Batz was safe, he swung his fist down, making a dull sound.

Ain laughed when he saw Batz rolling around on the floor in agony.

“What is it? It seems like he has a thick personality, or is it the other way around…?”

Ain muttered to himself and walked out. He opened the door and walked in, standing next to the fallen Batz.

“That was cool, Batz.”

“Ah? Really? Well… it seems that we can get along very well!”

“He didn’t say that you can get along, you idiot! He said you should take it more seriously!”

At the end of the training, he was scolded in a cheerful manner. Afterward, Ain took a shower and left the academy to meet up with Chris.


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