Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


There was another student who had also come to the academy to pick up something he had forgotten. It was Roland, the boy who had become Ain’s first friend at this academy.

He is now trembling with fear in the classroom he has grown accustomed to.

“W-what do you want from me…?”

He, too, like Ain, had stepped into the academy to retrieve something he had forgotten. But as soon as he stepped into the classroom, he was detained by a man who was there.

“Well, it’s not in the request. I’ll let you go later.”

“R… Really?”

“Ah, yeah.”

The man in the gray robe said languidly. However, he looked at Roland, who had just been relieved, and gave him a vulgar smile.

“I knew I shouldn’t do this. But, this is like a reward for my work, so I can do whatever I want with you, okay?”


“Have you ever heard of vampires? Oh, I don’t want to bother explaining it to you.”

“I-I-I-I… I know, but…”

You know what? I’m a vampire. It’s pretty rare, you know? I was in jail until the other day, and now I’m finally free…”

The man removes the hood of his robe. What appeared was unhealthy-looking pale skin — two white, sharp fangs.

“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you? I’ve never sucked one before… It’s okay, right?”

Looking at Roland while licking his lips, the man suddenly reached out and grabbed Roland’s neck.

“Wha… Guaaahh.”

“It’s okay, isn’t it? I’m sorry, but… you know, I often suck too much and end up killing people, and I hope you’ll forgive me if I do.”

” …N-no… I don’t want it!”

He resisted desperately. In a desperate attempt to shake off the man’s hand, Roland broke away from him and ran to the window. He intended to break the window and escape, but…

“Hey, you. Why are you trying to make trouble for me… Ah?”

It was easy to chase after the young Roland. The man quickly caught up with him, and before Roland could get out, he grabbed his clothes and threw him down.

“I haven’t had blood for weeks. This is torture, you know? Nothing could be more tedious and disgusting than this… so stop making trouble for me.”

The man approaches Roland leisurely. Roland had already given up and was finally bursting into tears and peed his pant.

How delightful! The man let out a vulgar laugh.

“Then, itadakima…”

It’s over. Roland closed his eyes, thinking that… and at that moment.

Giiiiii… The door to the classroom opened with the sound of creaking wood.

“Fumu, when the door does not open automatically, it makes this sound, huh?”


The man’s hand leaves Roland’s and points at the person who came into the classroom.

“Huh, Roland… w… w-whoaa… he looked dangerous…”

The person who came in was Ain. When he saw the man standing beside Roland, he knew at once that Roland was in trouble.

There are two main emotions he has.

The first was, “What are you doing to my friend?” It’s obvious anger. The other emotion is a simple disgust that he’s someone that he shouldn’t get involved with.

“…By the way, outsiders are not allowed in here, you know?”

He asked, just in case. It was only a question, but he could predict what would happen next.

“…What did you do with all the adults outside?”

“Adults? Ah, if it’s about those who suddenly swung their swords at me, I beat them without a second thought.”

While speaking calmly, Ain’s heart thumped uncomfortably. This man is definitely more dangerous than those who were outside. It seemed as if the exchange of lives was about to begin, and as expected, Ain did his best to keep his composure.

A bead of sweat ran down his neck.

“Hmm, a kid defeated my friends? You better stop lying; you should stop offending adults.”

“…Go check it out if you’re curious. That person over there is my friend. Why don’t you stay away from him?”

“What if I say no?”

Just as Ain thought, he wanted to ask who exactly he was, but before he could, he had to do something to him. Ain prepared himself and pulled out the jet-black dagger he carried at his waist.

“I wonder if I should force you to leave…!”

“…Heh, you’re fast…”

The man sensed the danger before Ain could close the distance. He stepped away from Roland and adjusted his stance.

Then, as he was relieved that help was coming, Roland fainted and collapsed.

“Who the heck are you? What are you doing here at this school?”

“You’re curious about me now? It can’t be helped… I’ll at least tell you my name.”

“Why do you act so proud now…? ──!?”

The man throws a white ball the size of the palm. At the same time as it falls to the ground, a thick cloud of smoke surrounded Ain.

“I’m Freed. A vampire, pleased to meet you.”

He flashed a sidekick. Ain’s defenseless side was struck hard.

“Kuh… haahh…!?”

“I’ve been working as an adventurer for a while now. Maybe that’s why I’m learning to be wary of people like you.”

When he thought about it, Kaizer had once said something similar to this. For Ain, it was a way of fighting that he had never experienced before.

(But… Roland is asleep. Then… it’s okay to use it.)

He nodded, saying that he would use the Dullahan’s power and that there was nothing more he could do. Ain woke up and regained his composure.

Freed disappeared in the smoke. Ain concentrated all his attention on his presence.

“If so, I wouldn’t hesitate either.”

“Huh? Hey, hey! What did you just say so suddenly, kid? Don’t get too carried away. I’ll bind you and suck your blood until it runs dry.”

“…I feel sick just thinking about it, so I think I’ll pass.”

Ain’s usual tone begins to return. The thought of using Dullahan’s power acted as a tranquilizer. He calmly produced an illusory hand from his back, and the whole hand pulsated as if his blood vessels were contracting.

“Do not hesitate, you say? I will take you ─ Hmm? What’s that?”

The hand there…

Before Freed could ask this, the illusory hand slammed him against the wall.


“I’m not done with you yet.”

He had done terrible things to Roland. And tried to suck his blood. In a fit of rage, Ain’s illusory hand reached out in a straight line for the man’s stomach.


But the feeling was hard. There was no sense of touch as if he had struck an iron shield.

“Adventurers are very cautious, you know!”

A metal plate was placed in his stomach to match his body.

He’s indeed cautious, but it doesn’t mean that the situation has changed for Freed. As soon as Ain reached out his illusory hand and broke the window glass in the area, the smoke in the classroom gradually disappeared.

“Surrender. You can’t win anymore.”

Ain, who can use the power of Dullahan, has the strength to say so.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey. You want me to go back to that stinky prison again? It’s impossible, so stop saying stupid things…!”

The man threw the iron plate at Ain and tried to escape.

“I won’t let you escape!”

On the contrary, Ain grabbed it with his illusory hand and threw it back. It smashed Freed’s leg, and with the momentum, he slammed his head into the ground.

Eventually, he lost consciousness due to a concussion.

“Huh… my head… what on earth is going on?”

As Ain approached Roland, he shook his body.

“Ah… Ain-kun, what about that man?”

“I’ve already defeated him. So don’t worry about it… But can I ask what happened?”

“Is it true that you beat him?”

Roland made a surprised voice, but now Ain has something more to ask.

“Roland! Who is that guy? There were others out there, but…!”

“I-I don’t know if you’re asking me that… but that guy said he was a vampire! And he was coming here on business. And… that’s right! It seems that the professors are being held captive too!”

The only thing he knew was that it was dangerous to stay here. Ain had to get outside and tell Chris first.

“You little bastard, what are you doing… Shiiiit!”


He’s a lot tougher than expected. Reflecting on the fact that he was not able to finish him, Ain put his hand over Roland’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t show you.”

“What do you mean you can’t show me…?”

“There is no need for your blood anymore! Just fucking dieeeee!”

Freed jumps at Ain from behind. However, Ain didn’t even look back as he unleashed his illusory hand again.

The next time, there is no need to hold back. With more magic power flowing, two new strong and thick illusory hands appeared on his body at the same time.


NyX Translation


──It’s a powerful blow with no mercy, and there’s no room for dodging.

“Tch… you… what a pain in the ass…”

As he plunged into the ceiling of the classroom. Freed was swearing, losing consciousness, and eventually falling without power. He slammed down on the desk, and this time he was definitely unable to fight.

“I think I’m getting pretty strong… Alright, it’s okay now. Roland, can you stand up?”

“I can stand up, but… what was that noise I just heard…?”

Roland shouted at the sight of the devastated classroom. When he looked at the half-destroyed classroom and the collapsed Freed, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

“I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t shout too loudly…”

But Ain was also right, and Roland put his hands over his mouth.

“We should leave the academy for now. We should call Chris and the others than for us to do anything.”

Roland nodded back, and Ain led him out of the classroom. The man that Ain had just defeated was lying nearby, but that was it; no reinforcements had come.

He secretly patted his chest.

“Let’s hurry, follow me!”

“Y… yeah!”

Ain left the classroom with great energy. The professor and others who had been caught were a concern, but first, he had to get Roland to a safe place.

After a few turns, they reached the exit to the outside of the academy when they heard two men’s voices.

“How much longer until the activation?”

“About ten minutes. If we don’t meet up with Freed-san before then, we’ll be caught up as well.”

That sounded very disturbing. They are just ahead of another turn. Whatever it is, it’s inevitable.

“Roland, stay hidden. Okay? Don’t ever show your face, okay?”

“I understand… I’m sorry, I can’t do anything.”

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back.”

With deliberately loud footsteps, Ain appeared in front of the two men.

“Can you tell me what you just said?”

He’s calmer than he imagined, probably because he’s been through the fight with Freed. The unpleasant throbbing in his chest had somehow subsided, and now he could calmly watch the men’s movements.

The men looked at Ain.

“How did you get here?”

“I beat that guy, Freed. So what are you talking about before, something until it activates?”

“Hey! I don’t know what that is, but…!”

“He’s just a kid. Why don’t we just beat him up?”

They underestimated Ain. In contrast to Freed earlier, it is clear that Ain is not alarmed by any of them.

Ain put out his illusory hand to decide the battle quickly. The men all looked up and backed away in a panic, but it was too late.

“If you think you can get out, then try it.”

The illusory hand wrapped around the two men as if a serpent were strangling its prey. The men’s armor made a creaking sound…

“Who are you people? Answer quickly, or I’ll squeeze you harder.”

“…W-we’re just hired… we’re just broke adventurers…”

“H-hey! Why did you tell him that ─ Aguahh?”

One of them is pretty smart. Ain was grateful that he could get an answer so quickly.

“What is your purpose? What are you doing here?”

“I-I don’t know! We were just hired by that noble… I-it hurts…”

“He said he had a grudge against this academy… Yeah! That’s all I heard…! Oh right! There’s a device out there near where people eat, and there’s a bunch of magic stones there.”

Since we have answered the question, please spare us, said the two of them, frustrated.

Ain couldn’t take it anymore; he put all his strength into his illusory hand.


The men all lost consciousness. I’ve done it. I should have been able to ask more questions. Ain thought.

“…Someone who has a grudge against this academy, huh?”

He folded his arms and thought about it, and a person quickly came to his mind.

However, Ain can’t stop thinking about what they said earlier, “In about ten minutes.” The fact that he continued to say that they would get caught up in it, he could tell that what was being planted was dangerous.

(But what could I do…?)

If it is an explosive device, he doesn’t have the knowledge or skills to disarm it. But even if he did, it was heartbreaking to think that he could just run away.

“What on earth should I do…?”

He was confused and worried and almost gave up. But then, along with the exhaustion in his body, he felt his body start to seek out the magic stone, regardless of his will as before. Like a child who notices a fragrant smell, he was drawn in a certain direction.

“The sign of magic stones…? N-no, no, no… I shouldn’t be able to detect such a sign…”

Yes. With Ain’s power, it’s not surprising that he knows the direction it’s coming from, given his past history of unconscious absorption. For example, suppose it is emitting a huge amount of energy. In that case, it is not surprising to find that his body is seeking it.

Perhaps, he said… And Ain started to look around and found that it was at the cafeteria. The man had said. The device was set up near the place where people eat.

“Could it be that the device that has been set up is something that uses magic stones…?”

It makes sense. In the past, Katima has caused magic tools to run amok and blow up.

“If the quality of the magic stone used is high, it can be used to intentionally create a large explosion… leaving a large damage not only to the academy but also to the academy district itself.”

The man who fainted a moment ago mouthed the words, “The magic stone.” If the magic stone and the device were prepared separately, the explosion scale would not be small.

“I’ll do it… I have to do it, besides, if it’s that man…”

The desire to act precedes thinking as if there is no time left to think. And Ain thought of the person he admired and made up his mind.

“Surely, If it’s His Majesty the First…”

He would not run away. He was the man who had defeated the Demon King. If Ain left this place, he would be the opposite of the person he admired…

As the crown prince, it was the right decision, but the inside of his chest tingled with discomfort.

“Roland! Hurry up and come here!”

He hurriedly called for him. If the time is about ten minutes, there are less than nine minutes left.

Ain grabbed Roland’s shoulders as he ran up to him and said.

“Listen carefully, go outside… and tell Chris to come to the cafeteria.”

“Eh… how about Ain-kun…?”

“Just listen to me. And then tell her about the commotion in the academy. That way, Chris-san will be able to contact the knights who should be nearby. Now, hurry up!”

“Understood…! I’m not sure, but it’s the blond lady who always comes to pick up Ain-kun, right? Hold on! I’ll tell her right away!”

Roland started to run again in a hurry as he could sense that Ain was serious.

“I wonder if what I’m trying to do is selfish.”

Maybe this sense of justice is not right. It’s his duty as the crown prince. At the very least, it is a foolish act to take such a risk. But Ain shook his head to left and right.

“There is no time left. Some professors are also being held captive. …And I’m the only one who can help them.”

What if the first king came across the same situation? He would have faced it. He’s a man who has stood up against a Demon King, so this is nothing more than a trivial matter for him.

“I wonder if it’s too much to ask for an excuse.”

It’s just a way of behaving as the first king would have behaved. The convenient excuse made Ain’s heart shake and rage intensely.


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