Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


The café terrace where Ain arrived was also enveloped in an unnatural silence. At the end of the terrace, there was a man near a large tree and a small lake.

“This academy has changed.”

The man muttered mournfully as Ain approached him.

“The commoners who are not worth bringing up have spread, and the boundary between the nobles and the commoners has become blurred… and even people like you have been corrupted. It has become such an academy.”

He could see the man’s appearance at a glance. He is a nobleman.

His lavish cloak and the prominent jeweled ring on his finger indicate that he likes to dress in such a conspicuous manner. However, flashy outfits are not Ain’s taste.

“…This academy is so wrong. Why should people like commoners and noblemen with precious blood like us stand shoulder to shoulder together? What I did is not wrong; it is those… who harbor corrupt ideas that are wrong.”

The intonation in each verse had a captivating charm to it.

“In other words, it is necessary to oppose the monarchy with its corrupt ideas… yes, the current monarchy.”

The disturbing words were spoken with calmness.

It’s not that the man’s appearance is bad; it’s just that the words that he believes to be true about himself are irritating to Ain.

“Don’t you think so, Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince? You can change the future of Ishtalika.”

“I like the current Ishtalika. Therefore, I can’t agree with you, Wolf.”

Although Ain had never met him before, he was definitely the mastermind behind this incident. It seems that Ain’s predictions were correct, and perhaps because he had guessed correctly, Wolf’s expression changed to a look of surprise.

“So you know me, huh? I don’t think we’ve ever met before.”

“No, it’s just a guess, that’s all.”

“Your Highness seems to be a wonderful man. I would love to have some time to share my thoughts with you.”

“…I don’t want to. Meanwhile, you’re going to blow this place, aren’t you?”

Wolf’s eyebrows raised. The time passes even as they speak, and Ain doesn’t want to keep talking too long. Ain clicked his tongue and asked Wolf.

“What did you set up? Where did you put it?”

“Have you met with Freed? No, if you had met him, you wouldn’t be──.”

“I already beat him. You’re the only one left.”

“…It’s hard to believe. I thought the only person at this academy who could defeat someone as powerful as him was Kaizer.”

“Yeah, I guess so. That’s why you targeted the time when Instructor Kaizer was not around, right?”

Ain told Wolf to mock him.

“In other words, Your Highness is strong. That man was a skillful adventurer who had dealt with several adventurers, but Your Highness is even stronger. Hmm…”

He distanced himself from Ain as he said that.

…The only reason why he distanced himself slowly is so that he could escape and not be defeated here.

“…I heard he just escaped from jail the other day.”

“Yes, that’s right. I helped him to escape.”

How on earth did he do that? But Ain was clear-headed today.

(What did Dill say again? He was put in an off-duty position to manage the knight’s work schedule.)

Perhaps on the day of the jailbreak, someone who was under his control was assigned to guard the prison. And he made it as if it was destroyed from the inside. He must have taken advantage of the fact that he had been sent to an off-duty position.

“This plan was very difficult. I had to buy several new magic tools, and it cost me a lot of money… So I won’t let you interfere.”

“Oh, so you mean this is the plan of the entire Marquis Magnus family?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. My historical family is already contaminated. …Today’s plan is something that I, here, have carried out alone, you know.”

Even though he was a rotten man, he was a teacher at the Royal Kingsland Academy. His well-planned work is superb, and the brains that set up the entire academy deserve recognition.

“I had a hard time keeping my family members from interfering.”

“…You’re familiar with monster poisons, aren’t you? So maybe you’re trying to poison them to make it look like they’re sick in bed?”

“So what do you think? However, our family chef has been thrown into jail.”

“Oh, I see. What a terrible man you are, making someone take the blame.”

That’s enough. When Ain heard the truth, he clenched his fist so hard that his fingernails sunk into it.

“You’re so wrong. That’s why I’ve decided to stop you.”

Ain said as he pulled out his jet-black dagger; Wolf suddenly became furious when he was told he was wrong.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d spare me from that. I still have a lot of work left to do…!”

Wolf shamelessly throws a sphere-shaped magic tool from his pocket.

When it fell to the ground, the explosion’s impact was simple, but a direct hit would be a considerable blow. Ain dodged and breathed in to finish the job quickly. Realizing that he could not escape, Wolf continued his attack.

“I’ll prove to you who was really the worthless one! My father, my brother, and the entire academy board will learn…! And finally, I will have to teach the eldest son of the Glacier family to the bone!”

His resentment began with Dill’s report and was directed at Sylvird and the others who had decided to terminate his position as a teacher. The smart Wolf, who showed a calm demeanor, but his pride was immediately apparent. He must not have the slightest loyalty to the royal family left in him.

Now, his only principle of action is to satisfy his self-esteem.

“…What are you talking about? You’re the wrong one!”

Ain was dumbfounded. There is no saving the foolishness of actions born of biased thought.

“Today will be the birth of the new Ishtalika…! I will lead the noble blood…”

“That day will never come. Enough… I don’t want to hear your words anymore.”

Unlike Freed, Wolf is not used to fighting. Ain doesn’t have any particular difficulties when it comes to fighting him, and without any kind of resistance, Ain is able to approach him.

“I’ll ask you again just in case; what did you set up, and where was it?”

“Now, what exactly are you talking about? I didn’t──.”

This is something so obvious; he wouldn’t tell Ain. It would be the last thing he would do if he did not get distraught. Ain smiled and held the dagger in his other hand.


Ain’s dagger’s hilt slammed into his belt buckle… making a dull sound. The impact is considerable.

Wolf collapsed to the ground with blank eyes, and the fight was quickly settled.

“I’ve got to hurry up and look for the device…!”

But there is no noticeable device when he looked around. Only the reaction of the magic stone can be felt nearby, “Where the heck is it…?” said Ain, growing impatient.

There are only a few minutes left…

“Hey! Where the hell did you plant it?”

But no matter where he looked, in the shade of a tree, on top of a tree, or inside a building, there was nothing that looked like a device.

Is it all over? He thought so and looked down.

(What was that…)

As soon as he doubted his optical illusion, Ain bent over and squinted his eyes.

“There it is…!”

It’s in an unexpected place, in a small lake. The water is clear, and the bottom is visible. However, the visibility is not very good because of the water plants.

Between the water plants ─ there are shadows of impurities.

How do I stop it? How do I absorb the magic stone? It only took a moment for Ain to think about it, and then his body moved before his mind.

He threw off his jacket and jumped into the water with vigor.

(I’m glad I figured it out.)

Thinking back, this must be the first time he had swum since his reincarnation. The fact that he was able to swim without any difficulty must be due to the fact that he had trained and strengthened his body.

(It’s a magic tool like the one in Katima’s lab, but with a bigger furnace.)

The furnace looked like a wood stove. It connected to an all-black monolith, from which rays of light, like flares, leaked out.

Ain reached out to the furnace.

(It’s over!)

Ain absorbed the magic stone with vigor and without the slightest hesitation.

He was gradually getting sick of it because the magic stones in the furnace were not the cheap ones; it contained a number of good quality magic stones for the runaway success of the magic tool.

The miscellaneous flavors made Ain feel uncomfortable.

A dozen seconds passed, and he finished absorbing it. The light leaking out of the box disappeared, confirming that the situation was no longer something to worry about.


His breath was heavy as he jumped into the water in a hurry. He quickly rose to the surface and raised his body from the lake to the ground.

“I-it’s over… I don’t know; I really don’t know, but…”

Shortly after, Ain, whose whole body is tired from the sudden commotion, collapsed his body like 大 character.

“──Ain-sama! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine… I’m just tired.”

Chris, who came to where Ain was, took the collapsed Ain in his arms and raised his upper body. Roland had called her to help.

“I’m sorry, I know you probably want to be angry with me, but… you have to rescue the professors first.”

“The knights are already on their way! We’ll have them under control in no time!”

“Ah, that’s good… It was worth the effort.”

“I’m tempted to be angry, but you’re acting like a hero. …Can you stand up?”

“No problem, I’ll stand up.”

The ruckus should have stopped by now, but Ain’s mood was not refreshed for some reason. He couldn’t help but think that he was mistaken about the fact that the ruckus was over.


He stood up with the help of Chris. He glanced at Wolf, who had collapsed nearby, but he still did not feel better.

“It was supposed to be revenge. But it’s just for this academy… And he’s not stupid. He’s not stupid enough to think it’s all going to end this easily…”

“A-Ain-sama? What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just strange. It’s not that I don’t understand it; it’s just that he was more interested in getting revenge on Dill and grandfather than the school. And yet… he was satisfied to target the academy…”


──Today will be the birthday of the new Ishtalika …! I will lead the noble blood──.


It was Wolf’s declaration that came to his mind. In order to achieve his plan, the most effective move is…

“Chris-san! It’s not over yet!”

Ain picked up his cloak and ran out. This was the moment he realized why he hadn’t felt better.


Chris followed behind him, running out of the academy. Before they left the school, Ain told Chris about Wolf’s intentions and what he would do.

“So, you said there’s another magic tool planted…?”

“Yes! The magic tools here are only for revenge against the academy! His real goal is to take revenge on Dill and grandfather! If that’s the case…”

If so, his real goal is the arena of the academy district.

It’s not just Dill. If he could create many victims there, where Sylvird, Lloyd, and many other important people gathered, then, as Wolf said, “the birthday of the new Ishtalika” would no longer be a false claim.

Ignoring Chris, who said that it was dangerous, Ain just frantically stepped into the arena.

“Everyone is in danger…!”


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