Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 5 Part 7

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Part 7


A short boat rides away from the port town of Magna. This is where the sea dragons appeared this time and where Chris and the rest of the team were dispatched to defeat them.

There are many adventurers in Ishtalika. In terms of quality, they were incomparably more fierce than Heim’s. Yet, there were many adventurers who were reluctant to participate in the battle to defeat the sea dragons.

The battle at sea was overwhelmingly disadvantageous for humanoids, and above all, the sea dragons were strong. In a battlefield where sea creatures have an advantage, taking on a sea dragon, an existence that could be called a ruler of the sea, is tantamount to throwing away one’s life.

Nevertheless, many adventurers who met the request from Ishtalika participated in the battle. Therefore, the damage was somewhat more controlled than expected.

Several battleships had already been sunk, and countless others had lost their lives. In a war, the damage would have been catastrophic. Still, everyone in the fighting team shared this painful feeling that it was a necessary sacrifice if they were to take on the Sea Dragon.

“Commander! It seems that the sea dragons are hiding under the sea and observing the situation!”

“No need to report the damage! Hey! Let’s start the pursuit, you guys!”

“Keep oiling up! The sea will be polluted, but that’s no matter! Burn it! Burn it!”

The sea dragons have a strong aversion to fire. It’s not clear if it’s a weakness or if it’s simply an aversion.

However, it’s the knowledge that has been effective for the previous sea dragon defenses. By filling the sea’s surface in this area with oil and setting it on fire, the sea dragons will be led to a situation where they can be attacked easily. This is the best way to attack the sea dragons.

Chris, the operation commander, was a little relieved that things were going well for the moment.

“One of those huge dragons was wounded to a certain extent, but the other one is almost unharmed…”

One of the two sea dragons had one of its eyes crushed and its fin nearly torn off by some well-placed magic. The other one, however, is not damaged in any significant way.

“It’s okay. We still have more than half of our… strength left…!”

Then it is certain that one of them can be killed. However, when Chris thought about the second one, the remaining strength made her want to give up.

“Commander! The sea dragons are coming to the surface!”

“──Prepare to attack!”

When the sea dragons rushed toward the bottom of the ship or bit it, Chris dealt with them by using magic tools that were thrown into the sea to release electric shocks.

As they rise to the surface, it is time to unleash an attack.

“Hurry up! If we don’t defeat even one of them quickly…!”

Before the sea dragons attack the ship, they must attack the weak points such as the eyes, throat, and forehead where the magic stone is located and reduce their strength. However, with their current strength, unless they are fortunate enough to have many attacks on the same spot, they will not be able to inflict damage such as destroying the eyes.

That’s why it was necessary to adjust the timing of the attacks as much as possible.

“Artillery, take the throat! Magic and archers, aim for the forehead with me!”

Chris gave the order, and the target was decided. When the sea dragons approached without pulling back, the spears would be thrown at them.


The sea dragon’s roar rang out as it surfaced. It was one of the blinded ones, and perhaps because it was on the verge of death, it unleashed its most powerful attack and rushed at the ship.

“It’s about to die! Do not cease your attack!”

“Keep going, keep going!”

The rush that the sea dragon risked its life for was simply terrifying. It’s not only the knights who participated in the defeat but also the adventurers who always risk their lives to hunt monsters that feel fear.

The sea dragon continued to rush forward, emitting a dying roar. As they continue to attack, they can only hope that the sea dragon will fall…

──And then the time comes.

The tired and badly wounded sea dragon could not protect its forehead well.


Not wanting to be bombarded by the fleet, it tried to protect its throat and didn’t notice the magic and arrows heading for its forehead.

The people who looked at it all rejoiced at the sound, which for once today sounded like gospel as if they had stepped in a winter puddle and cracked it.

“We did it… We did it! We broke the magic stone!”

“Yeaahhh! What’s it like, huh, you bastard!”

“There’s still another one! We’re going to get this one as well…”

The broken magic stone can only shed its contents, and the sea dragon’s body convulsed greatly. Chris’s face brightened in anticipation, thinking that they might be able to kill the other one.

However, the members of the defeating team seemed surprised and let out a cry.

“…H-hey, what’s that guy doing?”

“T-the sea dragon is jumping…?”

The shine of the magic stone is already almost gone. Just when they thought that the sea dragon had sunk a little into the sea, it jumped up like a dolphin. There’s no such thing as a sea dragon jumping in the past.

“Wait! That way…!”

If it’s just a jump, all you need to do is watch out for splashes and waves. However, there are three battleships lined up in formation underneath the sea dragon.


──Stop it! Stop!

The shouts of the knights and adventurers echoed despite the distance. The sea dragon will simply crush them. When the screams became higher and higher, the sea dragon finally fell on top of the fleet.

As expected, the huge body was quite heavy, and if such a thing fell from a high place with great force, the battleships of Ishtalika would have had no chance.

“This is something…”

There is no such thing as a sea dragon leaping out of the water. Is this just a coincidence, or has the sea dragon evolved, like the technology that Ishtalika boasts?

“Commander! There’s another one coming to the surface!”

A sea dragon, still full of power, appeared in front of the defeating team, which was reeling from the devastation that had just occurred. It was a very strategic move, and Chris felt a twinge of resignation.

“…We’ll attack as before! Get ready!”

But there was nothing they could do about it.

There’s an impact that can’t be broken up, but if the same action is taken, it can buy time and reduce the strength of the sea dragon. However, the fire that had been lit in the oil on the surface of the sea had been extinguished due to the Sea Dragon leaping into the sea. The sea dragon swam on the sea’s surface with great enthusiasm and attacked the battleships around Chris.

“Hey, it’s a lie, isn’t it!’ You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Run… escape! Please!”

The knights around Chris let out a cry of grief, but the Sea Dragon, which was full of energy, easily turned one of the ships into pieces.

If this happens, the balance will collapse. Even though they’ve been able to maintain their front line on the edge until now, they no longer have the strength to do so.

“…It’s coming this way! Hurry up and get ready!”

Chris, who was still standing strong, did her best to hide the trembling in her hand, even though she had no way to do anything about it. Eventually, the sea dragon dived into the sea again and came closer, escaping from the magic and bows that were released on the surface of the sea.

Perhaps the sea dragon understood.

With the opportunity created by the other sea dragon, the opponent no longer has the strength to stop its attack. Then the sea dragon resurfaced. In order to destroy the battleship that Chris is riding with his huge body…

(Hah… I wanted to see the forest of my hometown at the end… I also made Olivia-sama cry at the end, and I wanted to talk to her and Ain-sama properly.)

Even though Chris did not show the knights that she had given up, she whispered her regrets in her heart. She then took out the necklace she wore around her neck from inside her armor. It was a gift from Ain, a precious memory for her.

(Ain-sama… just one word, I wanted to hear your voice at the end. Please get along with Olivia-sama and Krone-sama for many years to come.)

The fact that she enjoyed every single day with him is burned into her mind, and she can’t get rid of it. She put her helmet back on profoundly so that the people around her would not see her tearful figure.

“──Give it a shot with all of your might! Do not let such a monster get close to our continent, where the soul of the first king lives!”

Hearing the announcement, the attackers shouted strongly.

We will not die in vain. If we can’t kill it, we’ll gouge out its eyes like we did the other one! And with that, they were ready to intercept the sea dragon. Eventually, the sea dragon came to the surface and aimed. Ahead of it was Chris, who was in command.

But just as the strike team was preparing to die…

“Eh… fog?”

There was a thick fog on the sea. When they looked at it, they saw that it was only around the sea dragon, and the sea dragon, startled by it, let out a different kind of bewildered roar.

It was thick, white fog with a somewhat sweet scent.

Many of the adventurers and Chris recognized it. A deep forest and a dangerous area inhabited by monsters. There are plant-based monsters that deceive and prey on living things, but there’s no way these forest-dwelling monsters would appear at sea.


A ship was approaching from the other side of the Sea Dragon, deep in the mist. Soon after Chris noticed it, the ship fired a cannon at the Sea Dragon with a roar, and the Sea Dragon turned its body away from the battleship Chris was riding.

In the silence that had appeared on the battlefield, Chris used her wind magic and focused her ears…

“Ain-sama! What’s that mist? If you don’t tell me first, I won’t be able to do anything!”

“Ah, I’m sorry… But look, the sea dragon has turned to me, so please excuse me…”

It was the kind of talk that wouldn’t be out of place in a place like this, where anyone could be distracted.


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