Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 5 Part 6

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Part 6


After safely leaving the hall, Ain is running to the castle gate. He couldn’t have taken out a carriage, and indeed, he wouldn’t have been able to use it.

Then, he had no choice but to run as fast as he could, but…

“Damn it… this castle is ridiculously large! Even though it’s my own house, I feel like an idiot!”

The White Knight is so big that it requires a certain amount of distance to go outside. This seemed to be very uncomfortable for Ain at the moment.

It was only a few tens of seconds later that he finally made it to the castle gate, where another person was waiting for him.

“Ain-sama… I didn’t expect you to be here. How did you escape my father’s blockage?”


He has had many opportunities to escort Ain since he graduated from the academy. Although he’s still an apprentice knight, he’s grown into an accomplished knight and is recognized by the royal knights.

“You can’t stop me. I’m heading straight for Magna.”

However, Dill, who is riding a horse, never said anything to stop Ain.

“It’s a misunderstanding… I will accompany you from here. Please use this horse.”

To Ain’s amazement, he called for another horse from the shadows.

“Y-you’re not here to stop me, huh…?”

“I serve Ishtalika, but before that, I serve you personally, Ain-sama.”

“No, no, no, no! But that doesn’t mean you should…”

“I would like to at least say something lightly at a time like this. If I am to be fired, I would appreciate it if you could hire me as your personal knight.”

With a refreshing smile on his face, he urged Ain to hurry up. How reassuring. It looks like he will be able to reach the White Rose quickly.

“I’ll hire you as much as you want…! If you’d like, I’d be grateful enough to appoint Dill as the leader of my own knightly order when I eventually create one!”

──It was fortuitous that he was able to get a horse.

The reason is that he was able to arrive at the White Rose earlier than expected. Both Ain and Dill dismounted and stared at the entrance to the station, where there was a commotion because of their arrival.

“We can only bring the horses up here! We’d better hurry and get inside!”


They moored their horses together where the carriages usually stopped and proceeded through the station.

“…Ara ara, Your Highness! What happened?”

They met with Majolica, who was just coming out of the station and asked Ain, who looked very worried.

“Majolica-san, I’m sorry! I have to go to Magna for an emergency!”

“The port city, Magna, right now…? Your Highness… you can’t be serious!”

Majolica, who goes to and from the castle, must know what’s going on in Magna. He seemed to understand what was going on, and he nodded to the reason why Ain was in a hurry to take Dill alone, and then he put his hand in his pants pocket.

“Your Highness! Take this with you!”

Majolica threw a cloth bag to Ain. The only sound that could be heard was the scraping of a hard object inside.

“I will charge the castle for it, so feel free to take it! It’s a fresh Heal Bird magic stone that I just bought yesterday!”

The heal bird’s magic stone can be used to heal the body. Majolica decided to give it to him as a parting gift at the very least.

“Thank you! Majolica-san!”

“No, it’s okay… good luck.”

Then Ain continued to run for the train, but now he had to do something to get the royal water train up and operating it. Normally, it is necessary to go through the steward’s office. The question now is how to do it.

“Ain-sama. I’m sorry, but there is one thing I need to say.”

“W… what…!”

Dill spoke to him while running.

“It will take time unless we use the royal water train. But there are a lot of procedures that need to be followed to get that water train going!”

“Yeah! I was thinking about that too!”

“But there’s only one possible solution to this problem.”


It’s a godsend.

Ain looked at Dill’s face while running.

“It’s to use the royal decree. It’s an absolute right of command allowed only to the royal family. However, if it is judged that the use of the royal decree was inappropriate, in the worst-case scenario, you will be expelled from the royal family…!”

In the worst-case scenario, it should be a near certainty. It is only natural that Ain disobeys the king’s orders and exercises his right to go to dangerous places, despite his position as the crown prince.

But Ain’s face broke into a smile.

“So I can move the water train?”

“Yes, you can. But after taking you this far, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it! You know why, don’t you?”



Ain thanked Dill in his heart. He eventually averted his gaze from his face and looked in a straight line to where the royal water train was.

“Continue with my escort. We’re heading to Magna as planned!”

Dill knew this would happen, but it was his last stand and advice. But now that his Lord had made up his mind, Dill decided that he would do everything in his power to make Ain wish come true.

“As you wish, Ain-sama.”

The White Rose continued to be in turmoil. The stationmaster had put the royal water train into operation without complaint because of the royal decree.

However, after the train departed, Sylvird and the others received the call and used a liaison device to order the train to stop ─ but the call never arrived.

Strangely enough, it was like radio interference.

They overworked the furnace. They were using it as if they only wanted it to last until Magna, and it would probably be difficult to get it working again without replacing the furnace when they arrived.

A few minutes after the water train departed, Ain asked.

“What do you think the chances of Chris-san and the others winning are?”

“I think they can manage with one… Every time a sea dragon appears, it creates a lot of damage, but we also prepare for it. As a result, the Ishtalika fleet was created…”

There are two sea dragons this time.

“Tell me, don’t muddy the waters. It is more likely that they will be wiped out, right?”

Then, Dill nodded back without saying a word.

“Right… Well.”

How can we defeat them? Ain thought, but there’s no way he could take down a giant that’s bigger than Princess Olivia’s battleship with his tiny body.

Ain now has more worries about what to do than fear. Perhaps it’s because he’s resigned himself to the fact that the trembling fear he felt at the castle has faded, and he now has the luxury of worrying about how to attack it.

“By the way, how are you planning to fight the Sea Dragon? If it is a Dullahan, even a sea dragon might be manageable. However, Ain-sama is not a Dullahan.”

The dark knight is strong. But as Dill said, the current Ain is too lacking in decisiveness.

(The way I can fight… is not with a skill learned to the stopgap, but to do what I can only do with my power…)

There is only one thing. When he noticed this, Ain looked up with a gasp. He incidentally rummaged through his pockets and was relieved to find that he had the things he needed.

“Dill! Where is the magic stone of the sea dragon…?”

“…It should be hidden in the forehead area.”

Then what about it? Dill replied in such a manner.

“…Then, there’s a way for me to counteract it…!”

“Ain-sama! So why is the magic stone…?”

When Dill asked the question, Ain did not answer but replied with a question again.

“Dill. What do you think we should do with the ship?”

“Hah… I understand. It’s the ship, isn’t it, that Ain-sama wants?”

“Hahaha, thanks, Dill. I’m counting on you.”

Ain smiled at Dill, who was half-amused. His presence was reassuring, as he was willing to protect him.

“Let’s use the Glacier family’s ship. It’s the only way.”

“That’s helpful. I don’t know what would have happened if Dill hadn’t been here.”

“Not at all. So please tell me the last thing. If you just want to throw away your life, I have to stop Ain-sama here. You do not intend to do that, do you?”

This was his final confirmation.

Dill was serving Ain and trying to make his wishes come true, but if he were just going to throw away his life, he would stop Ain. He would stop whatever he did, no matter how far he had come.

“…Don’t worry, I’m not going to die. I have to go back to the castle after defeating the sea dragon, and then my mother will praise me for it!”

Dill was slightly relieved to see Ain expressing his love for Olivia, even at a time like this. He doesn’t know what kind of method Ain will use. But he could trust that it would not be a way of throwing away his life.


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