Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Tower of Wisdom

Part 1


After Ain opened the door to the inn.

The inn where Ain was staying was also used by Dill and Lloyd, or in other words, the duke family, and as soon as he stepped inside, he was greeted by an array of luxurious furnishings.

The paintings on display move like they were natural, and one painting of a horse running leisurely across a meadow caught Ain’s eye. It was like a common television set in Ain’s previous life, a thickly painted oil painting moving around at will, which could only be described as magic.

Just as he was about to return to his room, Katima said, “Well,” and grabbed the hem of the robe Dill was wearing.

“──I’m sorry, Katima-sama. Why are you grabbing me?”

“I’m going into town-nya. I want to go shopping-nya.”

“I see. You want me to accompany you.”

“Thank you for understanding so quickly-nya. Come on! Let’s get things done quickly-nya!”

Katima said with a snort and walked off with a big stride. Dill looked at Ain, and when Ain nodded back, he followed Katima.

“Right, Chris-san.”

“It’s okay. Katima-sama will not be as reckless as Ain-sama…”

Without needing to say all that, Chris had guessed.

“That’s fine then. ──There seems to be a lot of noise.”

Ain noticed a well-dressed, middle-aged man making noise at the front desk.

“Why? Why aren’t the usual rooms available?”

The man’s voice was hoarse and low. A greasy beard marked his face, and his red cheeks and neck showed his anger.

The few knights and servants who had followed the man crossed their arms in annoyance.

“I-I apologize, too… There are other guests staying over today.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! This is happening because you didn’t leave the room open for me! Yeah, what a pain. I’ll pay you extra and get rid of that guest!”

At the same time, Ain laughed at the nobleman’s outrageous argument.

“Maybe the room he’s talking about is our room?”

“Y-yeah… I think so too.”

“What should we do? We could give it to him.”

“It’s not something you should worry about, Ain-sama. But it’s a little too much to overlook.”

The front desk clerk shook his head in rejection of the man’s words. The man couldn’t take it anymore and slammed the counter hard.

“Enough! I’ll never use this inn again!”

“P-please wait, Viscount!”

Chris heard the voice and remembered.

“I thought I’d seen him before, his name is Sage, and he’s a Viscount.”

“Oh… is he famous?”

“It’s a famous family with a long history. The previous generation was an excellent one and was well remembered by His Majesty. However, the family’s finances have been in decline since he took over.”

Ain nodded approvingly, thinking that he would be in trouble if he had that kind of attitude.

“You people, let’s go home!”

Viscount Sage turned around with even bigger strides than Katima.

“You’ll regret it! You will regret that you have lost a guest like me, who can take on Wyverns and Kraken!”

Ain was surprised to hear that.

“A Kraken?”

“I think it’s a small Kraken. There are several types of Kraken, and there is no way to keep a large Kraken in the first place. I think they’re about thirty meters long at most.”

“Oh, I see. I mean, do they sell Kraken?”

“There are merchants that sell them. Or, if you’re a nobleman, you can request an adventurer to capture the monster you want… Nevertheless, the owner will also be punished if it harms people.”

“I see. No wonder he can keep monsters.”

“But his family didn’t have enough money to buy such a monster…”

Chris seemed to have come up with something, but Ain confirmed that the commotion had died down and said.

“Let’s go back to the room for now.”

“Oh, yes. Let’s have a short break.”

The two of them rode the elevator, which was a combination of pulleys and magic tools, to their room on the top floor of the inn.

The room they rented was spacious.

They didn’t have time to check the room because they left their luggage at the front desk and headed down to Oz, but when they entered, they found that the luxurious furnishings blended in with the atmosphere.

When Ain walked with Chris, his eyes lit up with a new discovery.

“Eh, what’s that? It’s a magic tool that makes water come out, right?”

There was a large crystal floating on a small table in the corner of the lounge.

“There are glasses lined up next to it, and there’s a circle in front of the crystal, so I guess we should put the glasses there.”

But there was no faucet and no water tank in sight.

“I don’t understand.”

Ain said and sat down on the sofa. Perhaps it was because he was tired, but he sank into the softness of the sofa and surrendered to it.

“Fufu, I’m sorry you had to go on such a long journey. Would you like me to get you something to drink?”

“Thank you. I’ll have a glass of water, then.”

The one he was looking at was the unidentified magic tool from earlier.

“Haha, I knew you would say that.”

Ain watched Chris’s movements. She, too, was enjoying herself, and her cheeks were tearing up.

“I guess I should just put the glass down and touch the crystal…”

There was no explanation, but Chris placed the glass on the circle as expected. The moment her hand, which she extended quickly and quietly, touched the crystal floating in the air.

“T-there’s water coming out of nothing!”

“It’s really… amazing, isn’t it?”

Right after a round lump of water appeared on the glass, it was poured into the glass with great force.

Chris, who had been looking at it curiously, picked up the glass.


He let out a scream that sounded a little higher-pitched and weaker than usual.

“What, maybe it’s too cold?”

“Ugh… How did you know…? I was a little surprised.”

“The glass was white and cloudy, so I figured it must have been pretty cold.”

Ain chuckled happily.

“It’s not bad to see Chris-san like that sometimes.”

“Geez! Ain-sama…!”

After saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” lightly to Chris, whose cheeks were flushed, they decided to have dinner at Ain’s suggestion. They had just received some information they were interested in, but first, they needed to eat.

They ordered room service and enjoyed an idle conversation and a meal.


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    1. For a supposed superpower, Ishtalika sure has a lot of social unrest. Like coup-de-tats, prison escapes, hostages, terrorist bombings, kidnappings, wandering criminals, national calamities, etc.

      Could be fantasy-world level-normalization. Very few stories manage to tune power creep well.


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