Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Part 2


Katima returned to the inn just before sunset. She then retired to her bedroom. She ate a room-service dinner and spent several hours looking through the books she had just purchased.

Dill had already gone to bed, and it was almost four o’clock in the morning.

“I don’t get it-nya.”

Katima said in disgust.

“What? Why am I awake? Or…”

“I know you were up late reading the material Professor Oz gave you-nya. But I don’t get the whole clumsy sleeping on Ain’s lap thing-nya.”

“Mmm… still sleepy…”

The place was a lounge set up in the room, just like Ain said as he sat down on the couch.

“Chris-san was like this about an hour ago.”

Chris’s figure, breathing regularly on Ain’s lap and dripping with gold thread, was somewhat lustrous.

“It hadn’t been two hours since I turned in the documents, but I guess Chris-san was tired.”

“I’ve never seen a royal guard fall asleep in the lap of the crown prince before-nya. Nya? When I think about it, she’s not just a royal guard; she’s a marshal-nya.”

Katima sighed as she sat down in front of Ain.

“I wonder if that’s what a bad older sister looks like-nya.”

“What’s that? Are you talking about yourself?”

For Olivia, Katima is her older sister, and that’s exactly what she is.

“…Are you really-nya?


“Oh, you’re talking to me like that-nya? I’d like to see your parents’ faces-nya.”

“You saw her every day until yesterday.”

Neither of them could stop themselves from acting out due to the overproduction of drugs in their brains caused by staying up late.

“You should be ready-nyaaaaa!”

Katima jumped up using the springs of the sofa.


“Yes, that was a shame.”

Ain used the illusory hand. Dullahan would never have thought that his power would be used for something like this. Of course, Ain never thought of using it for such a thing either.

It’s the kind of thing that could only happen in the middle of the night, and Katima, who was caught floating in the air, let out a grudge.

“I-it’s not fair-nya!”

“Let’s sit down. I’ve won this one.”

Ain continued to use the illusory hand to get Katima to sit in the seat in front of him.

“Rather, what do you want me to do at this hour-nya?”

Katima weakens and lies down on the sofa like a cat.

“So, what was in that document that was given to you-nya?”

“Hmm, I think it might be easier if you take a look at it.”

“Then give it to me-nya…”

Katima’s tail twitched and stiffened when she saw the title of the document that Ain handed her.

“In the past, they did some pretty radical research, didn’t they?”

“…Well, I’ve heard a bit about it myself-nya.”

“Although I’m surprised to see it. Now I understand why Professor Oz said it should be kept under wraps.”

“They would never do it ─ That’s what I want to believe now-nya.”

She looked again at the stack of papers in her hands and read the title without saying it aloud.

It said, “Experiments in the monsterization of different races. Research to reach the goal of an artificial demon king.” What it meant was nothing more than a human experiment.

“Fumu… Different races should be treated as a type of monster because they have the potential to become a demon king-nya. I see. So they were using the existence of the nucleus-nya.”

“The experiment was simple. Melt the energy of the magic stone into the different races and aim for the enlargement of the nucleus. Then the nucleus is artificially forced to grow. That’s it.”

“It’s not just about pain-nya. Considering the burden on the body, a lot of test subjects must have died-nya.”

“It says here that 99.9% of the subjects died.”

“Of course-nya. But 99.9%? Was there even one successful case-nya?”

Katima stopped reading and looked at Ain.

“I’ve read that they transformed into some pretty powerful monsters. The result was that they were killed.”

“…I see-nya. I guess it got out of control and got out of hand-nya.”

“By the way, there’s something I noticed when I read the document if you don’t mind.”

“Umu. Continue-nya.”

Ain stood up as soon as he heard that. He went to a magic tool in the corner of the lounge and poured a glass of water for both of them. When he touched the diamond-shaped stone, water came out of the void and filled the glass with water.

He returned to the sofa, drank the water, and opened his mouth.

“What I’m doing is probably the same thing as that research, you know. I’m absorbing the energy of the magic stone. The only difference is that there is no pain in the process.”

That’s why the word “Named” appeared on his status card, and now the letters are messed up. He says that it is the result of his growth as a monster, not as a human being.

Katima nodded back, “That’s true-nya,” and the air in the lounge changed even more grimly.


“By the way, what are the disadvantages of being a monster-nya?”

The atmosphere changed completely when Katima suddenly asked.

“Isn’t it that you can’t talk?”

“That’s a misunderstanding-nya.”

Then Katima smiled, regaining her usual tone.

“It was written at the beginning of the document-nya. Nowadays, people call them different races, but there was a time in history when different races were defined as monsters-nya. Don’t forget this-nya.”

“Ah, yeah… you’re right.”

“If Ain were to evolve, it wouldn’t be a small fry that doesn’t know the language-nya. It reminds me of Dullahan-nya. It’s a monster, but you can’t tell if it’s a monster if it’s wearing normal clothes-nya. The same goes for the Elder Lich-nya.”


“When it comes down to it, we can just register Ain as a new different race when Ain evolves.”

This is a very powerful skill, but even Ain doesn’t understand why he felt like it was a serious problem when he thinks about it.

“Well, that being said, not everything is a problem-nya! Not everything-nya. As Warren said before, this is a symptom that has never been seen before, and you never know what might happen-nya. You can’t be too sure-nya.”

“Yeah, I know. But I feel a lot better now.”

“Don’t overthink it. You should feel a little more comfortable now-nya.”

“I’m glad you said that. …I feel like I need to go to the bathroom, so I’m going to go now.”

Ain gently lifted Chris’s head and used the cushion as a pillow, and leave the lounge.


Katima, who had settled down on the sofa, looked at Chris.

“Chris, you can’t tell anyone about what we just talked about-nya. Even if it’s my father and the others-nya.”

“…So you noticed that I was awake.”

In fact, Chris was awake.

“It must have happened during Ain’s illusory hand-nya. You’re sensitive to such things-nya.”

“Um, I lost the timing to wake up… And if His Majesty asks, I can’t keep quiet about it…”

“Then I will make it easier-nya.”

Katima stood up with a glass in her hand and approached the magic tool to fill it with water.

Chris, who was quietly watching her walk, suddenly noticed that the presence of Katima had changed. She looked back at her, and her face had a somewhat divine expression that even Chris, who had been in the castle for many years, had never seen before.

Without paying any attention to the confused Chris, Katima announced.

“Christina Wernstein. The first princess, Katima von Ishtalika, is issuing a royal decree to you. It is forbidden to divulge any information about Ain’s monsterization that may be obtained during your stay in Ist. It shall not be divulged to any other beings, including other royalty.”

Katima, who used the royal decree, gave off an unusual air of supremacy. She must not forget that she was also a member of the royal family of Ishtalika.

Without any chance to argue, Chris nodded involuntarily.

“I’m glad you agreed to it honestly-nya. Seriousness is tiring-nya. Geez.”

“I never thought I’d see you use a royal decree…”

“It’s for my cheeky nephew-nya. I’m sure Ain has a few things he wants to hide-nya.”

Kakaka, Katima was always the usual Katima, smiling in a good mood.

On the other hand, Chris, who smiled in a distracted way, noticed Ain’s footsteps returning and began to fix her messy hair with a hand comb hurriedly.

“At worst, history may repeat itself-nya.”

Katima’s murmur didn’t even reach Chris’s ears, and Ain returned in a flash.

“I’m back, eh? Chris-san, you’re awake.”

“Y-yeah, good morning… Um, I’m sorry about all the things I’ve done…”

“No, no, no, you apologize too much!”

“Ain. Chris is embarrassed that she fell asleep on your lap-nya.”

“Yeah, but! But you don’t have to say it!”

In the end, as usual, the three of them exchanged lively words with the same attitude as before.

Thinking about it, they were planning to start investigating the kidnapping tomorrow, but they decided to move it to the afternoon. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough time to sleep.

Soon, Dill noticed the liveliness of the lounge. He suggested that they should get some rest, and the three of them went to their private bedrooms.

As soon as Ain entered the bedroom, he went through the pockets of the clothes he was wearing. He pulled out the message bird and noticed that it was glowing pale white.

“She answered me right away.”

The corners of his mouth naturally lifted.

Holding the message bird in his hand, he let the magic flow through him as he had done when sending it.


“I’m so relieved that you arrived safely. When I told His Majesty and the others, they seemed to be as relieved as I was. I wonder if it will be at night when my reply arrives? I’m sorry if you’re asleep. Oh, and don’t catch a cold where I can’t take care of you, okay? …So good night for now. Call me another time when you can spare the time.”


After Krone’s voice finished, Ain let loose for a while.

How should he express this feeling? He felt warmed by Krone’s words, which were somewhat teasing and concerned about him.

He wanted to reply immediately but held back desperately. There was a limit to the number of times he could send the message bird.

Ain then went to bed and let go of his consciousness, recalling Krone’s words.


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